"Ask not what your country can do for you

- Ask what you can do for your country"
You are tired of running from pillar to post trying to get things done. You are
harassed at every step in getting your work done. Don't know where your file
or application is gathering dust. You are disgusted of having to deal with
corrupt and inefficient officials….
You always wonder…
Why the streets are dirty? Why the street dogs are not controlled? Why the
foot paths are encroached? Why the road works never end? Why people are
dying of starvation? Why prices always go skywards? Why the municipality
always complains of lack of funds? Why you have to spend thousands of
rupees in private hospitals when thousands of crores are spent on
government hospitals? Why you have to pay hundreds for tanker water?
You're disgusted of SCAMS and LOOT of the Nation?
You always find yourself HELPLESS in this rotten system and suffocating
situation? You want to do something to change the system but don't know WHAT
to do and HOW?? You think you are a common man, who cannot do anything to
change the system?? You think you don't have time to change the system?
Then RTI is for YOU! A Seminar on Right to Information (RTI) Act,
2005 at 4:00 pm on 15-Aug-2012 / Wed is brought to you by

at #1190, 6th Main, D-Block, A.E.C.S. Layout, Near Kundalahalli Gate, Bengalooru
Rashtrotthan Sankalp is a citizens' movement to rid our society of all forms
of corruption and to establish a happy, prosperous and progressive Bharat.
Participation by Registration Only; Call 9916135836 now to register, because
Evil Triumphs around us when Good People like YOU and ME Sit Quiet!
If you think this information is useful and wish to help RASTR, pass it on…
www.rastr.in info@rastr.in
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