The Validity of Universal Law A Legal Opinion By Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D., Coif Perpetual (C)Copyright and (P)Patent by Anthony J.

Fejfar and Neothomism, P.C. (PA) and The American People and The People of God and The People and all Sentient Existants. It is now clear that Sheriff’s Law, The Law of Logic, is in fact Universal Law, being Universally Valid, and Universally Objective. Universal Law starts alternatively with either Concrete Logic or Analytic Logic. Using Concrete Logic, it is apparent that using Sense Experience, one can see and feel by touch that an existant can only have an (A)pple or no(t) (A)pple in his or her or hae, left hand, at the same time. In other words, with respect to some existant’s body which has the sense of touch, the existant either has, or does not have, an Apple touching his or her or hae body at the same time and in the same place. The foregoing is Universally valid as long as the existant has a body with sense experience. Another approach is to start with Ideas and Analytic Logic. It is clear that (A) and (not A) cannot exist at the same time and in the same place. Assuming that in a logical argument, you must place (A) or (not A) in the first line of the argument then the following is true. In a logical argument, in the first line, either you can start with the logic assumption of (A) or (not A), and cannot have both at the same time and in the same place. Thus, it is logically imposssible to have a logical contradiction in a logical argument, such as, attempting to assert that you can have (A) and (not A) at and in the same time and in the same place in a logical argument. Now, Universal Law, The Law of Logic, states that it is illegal and fraudulent to attempt to assert that a logical contradiction is valid. Accordingly, certain illegal type of sophistric

argument are the basis for both criminal and civil liability. For example, Universal Law prohibits, both criminally and civily, the use a sophistry, such as, attempting to use, or using, the fallacious or fraudulent or sophistic fallacies of: The Fallacy of Shifting Ground; The Fallacy of Hypocrisy; and The Fallacy of Lying. Thus, any existant can be charged with the crimes of

Treason and or Criminal Nuisance for violating Universal Law. Also, any existant can be sued civally for the civil cause of action of Nuisance, which is defined as any existant who unreasonably interferes with the Liberty of Freedom of another to act reasonably. You see, Universal Law has the effect of manifesting the individual right of each existant to act reasonably on the basis of reasonable Freedom, Freewill, and or, Liberty. And, since Logic is Universally Valid, starting either with sense experience or ideas, then Universal Law, The Law of Logic is also Universally Valid. Thus, Universal Law, The Law of Logic, is cross culturally valid, and transpersonally valid. Finally, it must be noted that Logic is Universally Defined as that which is not illogical. And, that which is illogical is that which involves a logical contradiction, such, for example, attempting to assert that A or not A, can exist in the same time and in the same place, or, such as attempting to assert to assert, for example, that Apple and no Apple can exist at the same time and in the same place. Thus, Universal Law, based on The Law of Logic, is tautalogically valid, and thus cannot be rationally or logically or reasonably, disproven. = = = = =

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = X X

X X The End

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