Avicenna The Law of Logic and Moslem Sharia Law By Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D., M.B.A., J.D., Phd.

, Coif Perpetual ©Copyright (2011 C.E.) by Anthony J. Fejfar and Neothomism, P.C. (PA) and The People of God as a Public Domain Copyright. The Arabic Moslem philsopher, Avicenna, followed the Ancient Greek philosopher, Aristotle, in asserting both the validity of logic, but also the legal requirement that a person not commit the crime of Sophistry. You see, as Avicenna would tell us, logic is defined as that which is not illogical. That which is illogical is defined as that which involves a logical contradiction, such as attempting to assert that a person could have both an (A)pple and no(t) (A)pple in his or her or hae left hand in and at the same time and in the same place. Following Aristotle, the famous Moslem Scholar Avicenna taught that it is both evil and a criminal offense under Moslem Law for a person to be a Sophist, that is, for a person to commit sustained, intentional acts of sophistry. The psudeo philosopher, Sophocles is seen by Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Avicenna as being demonic. Thus, we can see that modern Moslem Sharia Law is based upon and is only valid, if it involves the Law of Logic.

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