Project No: Client: Design company: Date of verification: Design Overview: Width (mm) ❶ Kitchen floor area size : 4500 Operation type: ❷ ❸ Kitchen equipment type : Kitchen equipment characterstics : Length (mm) 5000 Eating room kitchen (schools Casion etc) Height (mm) 2800 Nr. Daily servings: Kitchen Volume (m3) 63 Qty 150 up to 500 1 height difference to hood (mm) 1050 Exhaust hood Over head wall mounted Conopy Both end opened Buffel filters Powered by Gaz Qty 1 Qty 3 Conopy factor 1.25 01-V-11-11-011 Mrs. ANCA BIRIS Romeg instal Engineering 9/11/2011 Project name: Project location: Design by: Form submitted: kindergaretn - Kichen Exhaust St Polona 4A. Ahmed Ewis - Florin Lupan Memorandom + offer price

Open Top Range and Oven / Single stack oven Width (mm) 1300 Length (mm) 900

Kicten exhaust system type installed :

System type type Position Cofiguration

Exhaust Air Calculation conform DW/172 - Specification for Kitchen Ventilation ❶ ❷ Cooking center dimensions : Recommended hood dimensions : Recommended overhand to all sides : ❸ Existing hood dimensions measured : 1300 mm X 900 mm 1600 mm X 1200 mm 235 mm 1500 mm X 1100 mm 1100 mm / upper edge height under hood ❹ ❺ ❻ Simultanous effect factor : Exhaust air m3/h required / Calculated : Exhaust air m3/h Selection : 0.8 1474.2 m3/h



.Exhaust Air Calculation based on site measurements ❶ ❷ ❸ Average Air duct speed measured : Duct connection diameter (Round duct) : Estimated flow rate from measurments : 6. The price estimation for the works is attached to this report.683 160 m/s mm 483. the scope of work and the time of execution which shall be included in the contract which will be provided in case if the offer will meet the client and the contractor acceptance. The Client shall refere to the conditions of payment.486 m3/h Recommendation: The measured flow rate showed a lowered value of around 65% less than the design or calculated one so a newer fan must be installed to increase the flow rate value The duct works also have to be changed and installed a bigger duct to correspond with the new flow rate.

25 € TOTAL OFFER COST IN EURO (EXCL.200 Pa 5 Convertizor de freqeventa al ventilator 6 Cutia si lampii de comanda 7 Cablu de alimentare electrice CYYF 3X1.25 € 1.797.00 € 26. System usage was declared by the client during the day of verification and according to this declaration the desing value was obtained.00 € 448.75 11/11/2011 Price in € excl VAT 80. any modification for such usage can affect the desing value will not be considered in the area of responsibilities of the contractor.00 € 225.5 mm TOTAL SUM Unit sqm sqm buc buc buc sys ml QTY 8 16 1 1 1 1 15 unit Price in € 10 28 20 911 225 87 1..25 € General Notes: The offer is valid for 30 days from the date of submission to the client The prices in this offer are quoted in Euro!! Offer price does not incl.00 € 911. VAT) 1. Page 3 / 4 .00 € 87. VAT The client responsibility is to give an access to the contractor after defining a date for the start of the works The man power price estimated and incl in the offer price is quoted according to a normal working program (8:00 am till 18:00 pm) The offer does not incl any civil work like walls opening screed floor cuttings drilling digging hydroinsulation opening Design Calculations: The design values calculated in this offer were developed according to the exisitng system location and components in the day of verification done by the contractor Any change in the system componenets ( adding new equipments to the existing kitchen or changing position or type etc.797.ROMEG INSTAL ENGINEERING TECHNICAL WORKS FOR KITCHEN EXHAUST OF KIDS GARDEN Nr ITEM 1 Demontare tubulatura existenta de evacare D= 160 mm 2 Porcurare si montare tubulatura rotunda de ventilatie D = 250 mm si grosimea de 1 mm incl accessorii de montage si manopera 3 Demontare ventialtor de evacure ( din hota) 4 Ventilator de evacure hota Q= 1500 m3/h si Press = 150 . can affect the desing value suggested by the contractor and the contractor does not assume any responsibilities for such kind of modifications done after the day of verification mentioned in the design report).00 € 20.

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