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PREFIX, ROOT, SUFFIX -ache aden(o) aer(o) alg-algia angi(o) anteantiarteri(o) arthr(o) -ase audi(o) bradybronch(o) carcin(o) cardi, cardia, cardio -cele -centesis cephal(o) cerebr(o) cervic(o) chol(e) chondr(o) -coccus, -cocci col(o) cortic(o) cost(o) crani(o) cyan(o) cyst(o) cyt(o) -cyte dentMEANING pain gland, glandular tissue air, with air, with oxygen, in gas pain pain blood vessel before, forward, in front of against artery joint enzyme hearing slow bronchial tube, bronchus cancer heart hernia, protrusion, tumor surgical puncture head cerebrum, brain neck, cervix bile, gall cartilage bacterium, bacteria, organism colon cortex rib skull, cranium blue, blueness bladder cell cell tooth EXAMPLE headache, backache, earache, toothache adenitis, adenotomy, adenoids, adenocarcinoma aerobic, aerate, aerosol, aerocele algometry, algogenic, algesic gastralgia, neuralgia, arthralgia, fibromyalgia angioplasty, angioma, angiogenesis antepartum, anteflexion, anteversion antihistamine, antiinflammatory, antipyretic arteriopathy, arteriosclerosis, arterial arthritis, arthrotomy, arthralgia protease, urease, amylase, lactase audiogram, auditory, audiology bradycardia, bradypnea, bradyphasia bronchoscope, bronchospasm, bronchitis carcinogen, carcinoma, carcinogenic cardiac, cardiotonic, cardiovascular, cardiopathy cystocele, meningocele, encephalocele amniocentesis, arthrocentesis, paracentesis cephalogram, cephalalgia, cephalic cerebrospinal, cerebral, cerebrovascular cervical, cervicectomy, cervicitis cholorrhea, cholecystogram, choleresis chondral, chondrotomy, hypochondriac pneumococcus, gonococcus, streptococci colitis, colonoscopy, colotomy corticosteroid, cortical, adrenocorticotropic costal, intercostal, costectomy craniometry, craniectomy, cranial cyanosis, cyanobacteria, acrocyanosis cystoscopy, cystocele, cystitis cytology, cytoplasm, cytosome hepatocyte, leukocyte, microcyte, monocyte dental, dentist, dentistry

derm(o), dermat(o) dipl(o) dors(o) dys-ectomy -emia encephal(o) end(o)enter(o) epierythr(o) euextragastr(o) -genic ger(o) gingiv(o) gloss(o) gluc(o) glyc(o) -gram -graph hemo-, hemahemat(o) hemihepat(o) hidr(o) hist(o) homohydr hydrohyperhypohyster(o) -iasis

skin double, twofold back difficult, abnormal, bad, painful excision, removal, to cut out blood condition brain, inside the head inside, internal, within intestine outer, upon red normal, well, good outside, beyond stomach producing, originating, forming old age gum, gums tongue sugar sugar, sweet picture, graph, record recording instrument blood blood half liver sweat, sweat glands tissue same, alike, similar water water, fluid, liquid excessive, high, above, upward deficient, low, below, down, under uterus, womb condition of disease

dermis, dermatologist, dermatitis, acrodermatitis diplopia, diplocardia, diploic, diplegia dorsal, dorsispinal, dorsolateral dysfunction, dysplasia, dyspnea, dyschromia appendectomy, thrombectomy, gastrectomy anemia, septicemia, leukemia, uremia encephalitis, electroencephalogram endaural, endocrine, endoskeleton enteric, dysentery, enterocele epidermis, epibulbar, epidural erythrocyte, erythrosis, erythrocytopenia euphoria, eupnea, eupepsia extrauterine, extracystic, extrahepatic gastrostomy, gastrointestinal, gastritis pyogenic, carcinogenic, nephrogenic geriatric, gerontology, geratology, geroderma gingivitis, gingivoplasty, gingivostomatitis glossitis, glossal, hypoglossal, glossopathy glucose, glucagon, glucosuria hyperglycemia, glycosuria, glycogen encephalogram, cardiogram, cholecystogram polygraph, cardiograph, craniograph hemorrhage, hemoglobin, hemostasis, hemal hematoma, hematemesis, hematogenous hemiplegia, hemianalgesia, hemicrania hepatitis, hepatotoxic, hepatomegaly hidradenoma, hidrosis, hidradenitis histogenesis, histamine, histology homologous, homosexual, homogeneous hydration, dehydration, hydremia hydrocephalus, hydronephrosis, hydrotherapy hypertension, hyperglycemia, hypertonic hypoallergenic, hypocalcemia, hypodermic hysterotomy, hysteroscopy, hysterectomy trichomoniasis, giardiasis, amebiasis

immun(o) infrainterintraiso-itis kerat(o) lact(o) laryng(o) leuk(o) lingu lip(o) lith(o) -logist -logy -lysis macromal-malacia mammmegalo-megaly melan(o) men(o) mening(o) -metry micromy(o) myc(o) myel(o) nas(o) -natal nephr(o) neur(o) non-

immune below, beneath between, among within, inside equal, same inflammation cornea milk larynx, voice box white tongue fat stone, calculus one who studies or specializes the study of breakdown, destruction, dissolution large bad, abnormal, inadequate soft, softening, softness breast, mammary gland large, enlarged, grandiose enlargement dark pigmented, black menstruation, menses meninges process of measuring or counting small muscle fungus, fungi bone marrow, spinal cord nose birth, infant kidney nerve not

immunodeficiency, immunization, immunity inframammary, infracardiac, infrasonic, infrarenal intercostal, intercellular, intercerebral intravenous, intramuscular, intrarenal, intradermal isotonic, isometric, isomorphic arthritis, colitis, rhinitis, bronchitis, laryngitis keratitis, keratotomy, keratoplasty, keratocele lactose, lactase, lactosuria, lactic laryngitis, laryngospasm, laryngoscope leukemia, leukopenia, leukorrhea, leukocyte sublingual, linguiform, lingual lipid, lipoprotein, liposuction, lipoma nephrolithiasis, lithotripsy, urolith cardiologist, anesthesiologist, urologist biology, gynecology, dermatology neurolysis, urinalysis, histolysis, thrombolysis macrocyte, macromania, macromolecule malnutrition, malpractice, malformed encephalomalacia, osteomalacia, chondromalacia mammogram, mammography, mammaplasty megalomania, megalocephaly, megalocyte cardiomegaly, acromegaly, hepatomegaly melanoma, melanoderma, melanogenesis menopause, dysmenorrhea, menorrhagia meningitis, meningococcus, meningeal audiometry, pelvimetry, biometry, fetometry microscope, microgram, microorganism myocardial, myalgia, myofibroma, fibromyalgia mycosis, mycelium, mycology, dermatomycosis myelopathy, myelocyte, myeloma nasal, nasosinusitis, nasogastric prenatal, intranatal, neonatal, postnatal, perinatal nephrectomy, nephropexy, nephrolysis neurology, neurosurgery, neurotransmitter nonsteroidal, nonallergic, nontoxic

odont -oma oncoonychophthalm(o) -opia optorchi -osis oste(o) ot(o) -pathy pelv(i), pelv(o) -penia -pepsia peri-pexy phag(o) pharyng(o) phleb(o) -phobia physi(o) -plasia -plasty -plegia -pnea pneum(o) pod(o) polypostprepresby(o) proct(o) psych(o) -ptosis

tooth tumor, abnormal growth tumor nail of the finger or toe vision, eye vision, eye vision, eye testes, testis condition, increase, disorder bone ear disease, anomaly pelvis deficiency, low number digestion near, around, surrounding fixation eat, swallow, consume pharynx vein fear of body function, bodily process development, formation surgical repair or restoration paralysis breathing, breath air, lung foot much, many, several, excessive after before, in front of, earlier than old age anus, rectum mind, mental prolapse, sagging, sagged

odontitis, odontology, orthodontist carcinoma, osteosarcoma, adenoma oncology, oncogenic, oncogene, oncolysis onychectomy, onychauxis, onychodystrophy ophthalmology, ophthalmoscope, ophthalmia myopia, presbyopia, nyctalopia, diplopia optician, optical, optometry, optokinetic cryptorchidism, orchiectomy, orchidopexy halitosis, leukocytosis, neurosis, acidosis osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, osteoclast otic, otitis, otalgia, otorrhea, otoplasty, otoscope neuropathy, myopathy, osteopathy pelvimetry, pelvic eosinopenia, thrombocytopenia, erythropenia dyspepsia, eupepsia pericardium, periodontal, perineurium hysteropexy, orchiopexy, gastropexy phagolysis, phagedena, phagocyte pharyngitis, pharyngeal, pharyngoesophageal phlebitis, phlebotomy, phlebosclerosis hydrophobia, acrophobia, necrophobia physiology, physiopathology, physique neoplasia, myelodysplasia, hyperplasia arthroplasty, osteoplasty, rhinoplasty paraplegia, diplegia, hemiplegia, monoplegia apnea, hyperpnea, orthopnea pneumonia, pneumothorax, pneumonocentesis podiatrist, podiatric, podalic, podagra polyuria, polycystic, polyarthritis, polymorphism postnatal, postcoronary, postoperative prenatal, preoperative, premature, preanal presbyopia, presbycusis, presbyophrenia proctitis, proctoscopy, proctology psychology, psychotropic, psychiatry blepharoptosis, nephroptosis, proptosis

pulmonpy(o) pyel(o) pyr-, pyroradi(o) ren(o) retrorhin(o) -rrhagia -rrhea salping(o) scler(o) -scope -scopy -spasm spondyl(o) -stomy subtachythorac(o) thromb(o) thyr(o) -tomy toxitrachetrans-trophy urethr(o) -uria vas(o) ven(o) PREFIX, ROOT, SUFFIX

lung pus pelvis of kidney, renal pelvis fever, heat x-ray, radiation kidney behind, backward, in back of nose excessive discharge or flow excessive discharge or flow fallopian tube hard, hardening instrument used to exam or look examining, viewing involuntary contraction spine, vertebra, vertebrae surgical opening under, beneath, below fast, rapid chest, thorax blood clot thyroid incision, incise, to cut into poison trachea, windpipe across, over, through, transfer growth, development urethra urine blood vessel, vas deferens vein MEANING

pulmonary, pulmonology, pulmonectomy pyorrhea, pyogenic, pyemia, empyema pyelonephritis, pyelitis, pyeloplasty pyrogen, pyrolysis, pyrogenic radiology, radiograph, radioactive, radiotherapy renogram, renal, renoprival retroocular, retrocolic, retroflexion, retrolental rhinorrhea, rhinitis, rhinoplasty enterorrhagia, metrorrhagia, menorrhagia gonorrhea, diarrhea, leukorrhea salpingitis, salpingostomy, salpingectomy atherosclerosis, myelosclerosis, arteriosclerosis microscope, arthroscope, otoscope, anoscope arthroscopy, endoscopy, colposcopy, anoscopy angiospasm, vasospasm, bronchospasm spondylosis, spondylopathy, spondylolysis enterostomy, colostomy, gastrostomy sublingual, subcutaneous, subcostal tachypnea, tachycardia, tachyarrhythmia thoracotomy, thoracodorsal, thoracoscopy thrombosis, thrombogenic, thrombus thyroxine, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism gastrotomy, duodenotomy, laparotomy toxic, toxicology, toxicity tracheitis, tracheoscopy, tracheostomy transdermal, transfusion, transthoracic, transurethral hypertrophy, hypotrophy, dystrophy urethritis, urethrotomy, urethroscope pyuria, nocturia, polyuria, albuminuria vascular, vasospasm, vasectomy, vasodilator venipuncture, venous, venopressor, intravenous EXAMPLE