Pillai’s Institute of Management Studies and Research Course: MMS HR – III Semester Subject: Organization Development Faculty: Prof

. Krishna Sawant Lecture Plan Date & Time 01.30 p.m. to 04.30p.m. 27th July ‘12 03rd Aug ‘12 Lecture Number Topic Duration Marks: 100

1 2

Introductory session Overview of the field of OD, definition, characteristics, value, assumptions and belief’s in OD, early statements of OD values and assumptions. Lecture / discussion / presentation.

3hrs 3hrs

10th Aug’12


Planned Change: Kurt Lewin Change Model, Action Research Model, Positive Model, Different types of planned change managing the OD process. Lecture / discussion / presentation and Tutorials.


17th Aug ‘ 12


OD practitioner, professional values and ethics, entering into an OD relationship. Lecture / discussion / presentation.


24th Aug ’12


Entering and Contracting. Lecture / discussion / presentation and Tutorials.


31st Aug ‘12


Diagnosing Organizations. Lecture / discussion / presentation. Revision and class test.


07th Sep ‘12


Diagnosing Groups and Jobs. Implications of OD values and assumptions, implications for designing and running organization, approaches to OD. Lecture / discussion / presentation. Lecture / discussion / presentation


large-group interventions. Classifying OD interventions. Interpersonal. Open system model. 05th Oct ‘12 11 Leading And Managing Change. . 3hrs. and Group Process Approaches. 3hrs. 12th Oct ‘12 12 Evaluating and Institutionalizing OD Interventions. Diagnosing diagnostic model. 3hrs. Group level diagnosis. technique for analyzing data. methods for collecting data. 28th Sept ‘12 10 Designing Interventions. 21st Sept ‘12 9 Feeding Back Diagnostic information. Individual level diagnosis. 3hrs. 02nd Nov’12 15 Organization Transformation Lecture / discussion / presentation and Tutorials.and Tutorials. intergroup relations interventions. Lecture / discussion / presentation. managing the transition. Lecture / discussion / presentation. overview of change activities. Lecture / discussion / presentation and Tutorials. 19th Oct’12 13 Individual. Organization Process Approaches. organization process approaches. diagnostic relationship. 3hrs. 3hrs. Motivating change activities. 26th Oct’12 14 Restructuring Organizations Lecture / discussion / presentation. Lecture / discussion / presentation and Tutorials. Organization level diagnosis. 3 hrs. Lecture / discussion / presentation and Tutorials. Lecture / discussion / presentation. 14th Sept ‘12 8 Collecting and Analyzing Diagnostic Information. 3hrs.

Final Assessment – 60 Marks Bibliography: • Cummings. Thomas G. Organization Development. Class participation /Class conduct / Class Test/ – 10Marks d. Tutorials+ Presentation + Viva – 15 Marks c. Essentials of organization development and change. French. • • .Internal Assessment – 40 Marks a. Essentials of Organization Development. Anjali Ghanekar. Attendance – 15 Marks b. Worley. Wendell L.. Dr. Christopher G. Mrs.

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