Minor Project- Mango Mercury Studios Narrowing down the project

Aim of Project: A full animation based on Thai Mythology (aprox. 2:00-3:00 min long) specifically focusing on character design and performance. Animating the characters will be the focal point of this project. The Characters- Aiming for two (A human-like one and a quadruped one) Kinnaree (According to the Thai Version) A half human half bird creature deriving from the Magical Himmapan Forest which will perform a solo dance. It is meant to be a young woman of sublime beauty wearing an angel- like costume. Her wings on her lower body part enable her to travel between the human and mythical worlds. When swimming, she shed her wings and tail, and she then
possesses a figure of an ordinary beautiful young woman. The Kinnaree is renowned for her speed of flight, which enables her to reach to many mysterious destinations where ordinary human beings can't go. The most famous Kinnaree in Thailand is the figure known as "Menorah" in a Thai tone entitled "Panyasachadok". The dance called "Manorah-Buchayan", featured as an integral part of this literature is one of the most esoteric among the high classical dances in Thailand.

Quadruped(Not yet decided) There is a whole list of quadruped creatures that live in the Forest. Before deciding on the actual creature its personality needs to be specified. If its calm and elegant it should be part horse or bird. If its playful it could be part dog, or if its majestic it could be a lion or deer- like creature. All in all, the story and the relationship between the 2 has to be worked on before we move on to design. Here is a small list of the creatures that seem interesting:

Ussa Don Vihok
Ussa Don Vihok is a mixed creature between a horse and a bird. The creature has the head and wings of a bird. The neck fur and wings are said to be red in colour. Its horse like body's covered with yellow fur. The hooves and tail appear to be black.

Durong Kraisorn
A Durong Kraisorn is a hybrid creature between a lion and a horse. According to the legend, the animal has a horse’s body with reddish skin color, black tail, black horse like hooves, and a graceful head of a lion. Durong Kraisorns are carnivorous in nature. They feed on various inhabitants of the Himapan forest ranging from small animals like rabbits and monkeys to large animals like pigs, deer, and cattle. Its main advantages are fast running speed which is the trait of a horse and powerful deadly bite of a lion.

Hemaraj is a mixed lion between a Hem and a Lion. The woird "Hemaraj" is a combined word from "Hem" and "Raja". It's hard to describe what a "Hem" is. Some say Hem is much like a Hong(Swan) But in some depiction the head of a Hem looks more like Cocodile's.

Possible Relationship Between the 2 Characters Kinnaree using quadruped to ride on? Quadruped stopping the Kinnaree from dancing- trying to be playful? Quadruped threatening the Kinnaree? Quadruped saving the Kinnaree from threat?

Environment- The Himmapan Forest
The forest is said to be located in the Himalaya Mountains. (The word "Himalaya" in ancient Sanskrit means "abode of snow". Perhaps that's also how the name "Himmapan" was derived.) It is also believed that the forests are located below the Buddhist heavens and are invisible to the eyes of mortals, who can never approach or enter. The environment designs will most likely be simple, using planes and drawings with shapes. Similar to Sectet of Kells.

Style of Animation The style will be based on Thai Art – mostly taken from murals, sculptures, jewellery and outfits. Thai art has a great attention to detail, depicts nature a lot, uses a lot of patters and god colour is dominant.

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