Diary of a PUA

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Bad body language Can’t dance Unconfident Petrified of public speaking Low Self-esteem CV lacks qualifications Live in a boring small city

Ouch. Okay, the good news is that they are all taken care of. So what did I do?

Evolution Of A PUA: Part 1 – The Ugly Shy Introvert
As you might know, I was not a natural with women. I wasn’t even a natural with friends. I had bad social skills, was generally shy and introverted, and basically avoided social situations like the plague. Because i’ve gone from having nothing to being successful with women and good socially in a short space of time, I thought it might be valuable to document the steps I took and my influences along the way. Back in 2003, I got out a notebook and wrote down my problems and what steps i’d take to address them. Back then, I hadn’t heard of game, so it was just focused on my perceived weaknesses: Here’s what it said: • • • • • • • Shit fashion Shy Bad social skills Ugly Not funny Quite voice Can’t hold eye contact

1. I signed up to a TEFL course in Seville so that i’d be in a foreign country and be forced to speak in front of a group of people (the students), interact with a bunch of strangers (the other trainees), and also get a useful qualification and get to visit a cool city. I committed the money and time and it paid off. I was shaking and nervous in the first class. 6 hours of teaching time later and I was almost smooth! 2. I started slowly building a wardrobe of nice clothes and throwing out all the ill-fitting sporty rubbish that i’d worn for the past 5 years. I found the best brands for me, learnt about fit, materials, quality etc. Over 2 years I filled my wardrobe with great clothes (mostly at discount prices) that i’d be able to wear for years. I avoided obvious labels like Burberry and got classic stuff like Zegna and Ralph Lauren Purple Label. I now have a wardrobe that will last me a long long time and rarely buy clothes. Having done these two I already felt more confident. But there was still a lot to learn.

3. For my general self-esteem, happiness, and mental state, I read a lot of very useful books. I read everything out there on, by, or about Milton Erickson. I read all the old Bandler NLP books. I read buddhist stuff. I read Robert Anton Wilson, Tony Robbins, and Alan Watts. I stopped watching TV so much, stopped reading and watching the news, and spoke less to negative people. This made me happier through toning down my competitive side, reducing my need for material possesions, curing me of envy, and generally made me more content and happy. I came to understand that I was in control of my mood and happiness. Nowadays my mental state is solid and I am calm and not easy to affect emotionally. (picture, Cambridge, 2001)

Evolution Of A PUA - Part 2 - From Ugly To Model And More
So I was making progress, and that made me happy. I was able to talk to people without going red, I got admiring looks for my clothes, and I felt good inside. I still had a lot to work on though. 4. Next came my physical looks. I was called ugly at school and college. So what steps did I take to fix my looks? I’ve already mentioned the fashion. Next came: eyebrows, I had hair in the middle a monobrow, so I had them shaped. Hair: I asked the best hairdresser I could find (www. neilcurryhairdressing.com - thank you Neil!) if I could have hair like Tom Cruise in The Last Samura. He said “Yes” and 18 months later that’s pretty much what I have. (picture, Cambridge, 2006)

(picture, Cambridge, 2002)

I modeled actors and now I can resemble Colin Farrell, Tom Cruise, or Orlando Bloom. Women will say I look like these poeple when i’m doing it. I worked hard on body language to look more cool. From being called ugly by average girls, I now get asked every week “Are you a model?”. 5. One thing that held back my confidence was my lack of qualifications. I was born in London but lived in Cambridge, place that prizes academic achievement. I signed up for lots of courses and bulked up my CV with some impressive stuff like being a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). Not at all related to PU but it gave me confidence. 6. By studying NLP, psychology, and hypnosis, I became more artful in my use of language and used the techniques of influence to make people like me. I was good on job interviews and started to make connections and have some success socially. By this point, I was still useless with women, we are in mid-2005 now. I’d only slept with one girl! I started approaching sometimes in bars, very rarely got numbers, and never progressed things to a physical level. Then in September 2005, I met Tyler Durden in Starbucks, Leicester Sq, London, and it all changed…

We happened to be sitting next to what I would later find out to be an RSD bootcamp. Tyler was there, and about 7 students. I was listening in trying to figure out what the hell was going on. My best guess was speed-dating. I asked Tyler (who was kind of overseeing things) and he broke it all down to me. Told me to buy The Game, etc. At the time, it was interesting, but I couldn’t imagine any of these guys being good with women. Fast forward a couple of weeks, i’ve read the game and now have the idea that there are these superhero PUA dudes that can have any woman they want. With this as my new end-goal, I decide to gobble up, packman-style, all the information I can find on the subject. Right after reading the game and a few other things I take a trip to Singapore. On the trip I get my first one night stand. She basically PU’d me 60%, but at least I didn’t make the mistakes of old. She was hot-ish, I was attracted to her. I was very proud of myself. I came back to England and carried on with the theory. I used to watch DVD programs on the PC whilst watching the stock market and making the occasional trade (my job at the time). I kept a notebook of all the cool ideas. I’d listen to

Evolution Of A PUA: Part 3 – Game Time
So I was sitting in Starbucks, Leicester Sq, London one day in September 2005. I lived in Cambridge at the time but used to come down to London every 10 days or so to hang out with my cousin.

audio products before sleeping, when cooking and eating, cleaning, travelling, playing playstation, etc. Between November 2005 and March 2006, I must have gone through a thousand hours or more of products.

Some of my favourite ones at the time were David Deangelo’s audio series - Interviews with Dating Gurus, his DVDs including Double Your Dating, the Mystery Method ebook (but not so much the DVDs), Swinggcat’s Real World Seduction audio, and RSD/Tyler’s Surviving the Game of Dating. During this time, I didn’t do much in terms of PU. I came to London to visit my cousin and did the occasional approach. The problem was that all this theory was difficult to structure, I basically had a collection of cool lines and fun things to say. I had no idea how to link them all together.

them go with a goodbye. This counted as my first real approach. Before that, i’d talked to a girl on the train and n-closed but it was not really a cold approach because she came and sat next to me. I’d n-closed a couple of girls in bars over the previous two years (literally less than 5!). It made me grow in confidence.Around this time I had the dream of being the best PUA in London and training people, and even having a Project London. I talked about this with my cousin. I made the plan to move to London in March 2006. On 24th March 2006, I moved into my place in

I remember a turning point for me. I was in Starbucks, mixed 3-set, I sprung into action using a situational opener - “Can I look at your tube map, I need to get to errrrr… Kentish Town!” They helped me out, I transition into what they are doing in London etc. I ask boring questions, but then something happened, they said they were learning English. I talked about how I trained to be an English teacher, how I did it in Seville, and how people come to learn English and then they live with people from their own country. I was talking for 30 seconds, they were listening with interest, and laughing a bit, I felt a buzz. I’d never had 3 people watching me and listening to me talk with interest before. I went red and was sweating but it was a great result.Small talk continued, then they said some tiny objection like “we are meeting our friend soon”, so I made an excuse to leave (I was looking for one I guess!). Sat back down, they seemed to linger around suggesting “please n-close us, please!” but I let

Leicester Sq, London. My goals: to become great with women, to meet cool people and develop a social circle, to have a blast!Cambridge allowed me to find myself, study hard, improve, now it was time to put it into action.

Evolution Of A PUA: Part 4 – Make Or Break
I wanted to move to London for years. I was never happy living in Cambridge. Ithought it was too small, I thought the people were unfriendly and boring, and I didn’t have the kind of social life that I wanted. Why did I wait so long? I found out the real answer, and thismight be the same thing that holds you back in many areas of your life, it was a HUGE realisation: I was afraid that if I moved to London and it was a failure, i’d be back in Cambridge AND I would no longer have thedream of something better to hold onto.

We went to some bars. It was new and it was good. So these nights would normally entail us opening 20 or so sets. . and was completely uncomfortable in the environment. I was getting no touching from her. I basically didn’t know anyone when I moved down. I was in a Sohu club with Conor and the person I took over my room from and Conor approached a Swedish 2-set. Over the next few weeks. I went out on some group “sarges” and met them and gave them the kind of respect i’d give Mystery himself. and a couple of times I did get into sets that hooked and was ableto have a nice conversation using my pre-existing skills in one-on-one conversations that comefrom having the introvert qualities of being a good listener and being empathetic. What happened was thatI found some London PUAs (from The London Seduction Society/LSS) and hooked up with them. I said to myself “fuck it” and put my arm around her and went for the kiss. They didn’t convert and I had no idea to kino-escalate to a k-close in the club. the girl looks at her friend. I was going out 4 nights a week. not many would hold. but they didn’t seem to be able to open. Most of them I didn’t really want to hang out with. have an alpha-handshake and a cool walk. My one night stand in Singapore only happened because she touched my leg first and I just matched her kino-escalation and then lead with the kiss. The next big realisation happened about 3 weeks into my London adventure. The girls I was approaching were often hot and they did compliment me on my looks. who were “cool guys” and I tried to go out with these guys to clubs as much as possible. I had a regular night out in Covent Garden with my wing Conor where I started to get some good results. It didn’t go too far.So at it’s core. hold. then I told her to move up and sat down next to her. because when those moments where the conversation dips happen. and close a set. It was an 18 year old Swedish chick. and we got on. Holding on your own requires a lot more skill.I have to say that by now I was pretty confident. she is in set and happy so she re-engages. carried on talking.Eugene andConor. it is pretty easy not to get blown out. and didn’t know what the hell to do. but they had no social cirlce so I didn’t get to meet people that way. Look at any bigsteps that you have avoided taking and maybe it is the same reason. When you are winging. Pretty cute. so I decided to go and wing him. I was overcoming my AA.. i’d been to a club less than 30 times. But I finally did do it. I hadto ratchet down my expectations a little bit.Anyhow. I was there for AN HOUR talking to her. My flatmates were cool. I was able to get a few number closes. We’d run some good wing game with each of us isolating a chick and i’d try to connect and get a number close. look alpha. I didn’t go and wing straight away because I was having a go at an Australian chick. At this point. but I quickly foundout that most of these guys could talk a good talk. I met some more of theseguys. but I did meet two . it was fear of failure.

When they left. blue eyes. I lead her around the club -”lets go get a drink. During that time I think I only k-closed one other girl and that was when I trained with Brent (from various Double Your Dating video series’ and as . Got the wine out and smoothly escalated with no resistance. in terms of lines used. but at the time. looking back. blonde. I’ll leave out the details! Met her for a date another day and the attraction had vanished. I learnt way more from going out and doing stuff. I tried some light kino . it would have been an easy f-close with my girl (other one was happy to leave her in my care!) and even a pretty simple 3-some. toned & tanned body. Over the next month I got plenty of k-closes and a couple more f-closes. I sat next to her.I was now happy in London. but the point was that it shifted something in my mind . I had a lot of confidence and was on a high because I now was able to attract and seduce women. We got quite hot and heavy and then I just got up and said “let’s go”. she was into it. I went for the kiss after about 5 minutes. Now she’d be average. I had friends and I felt like I was in control of things a little more. haven’t used this stuff since ust because it hasn’t been necessary). she started walking with me but asked “where” and I said “somewhere else” and walked her out of the club to my house. just chatted. Conor left early because his chick didn’t pan out. I did about 4 salsa classes. We used a lot of canned material .Lo-and-behold it worked. lets dance. maybe some C&F and I did bust out one of my own speed seduction patterns when I had her isolated (I accent. I didn’t PU any girls in the class because they were generally not up to standard but Idid devise my “salsa escalation” where I go and ask the girl if she can salsa and then salsa my way into a k-close. Now I know I probably could have done it after 30 seconds. thin. I didn’t like her shoes or the way she walked.touching her leg and arm and she reciprocated. I got a Serbian chick in 1-minute with this and she was a virgin. But I didn’t because I was probably buzzing from the k-close and didn’t imagine it was possible.you don’t need to ask if it is okay to kiss. I didn’t like that she smoked. My first fclose came one night in a Covent Garden club. I didn’t like her Evolution Of A PUA: Part 5 – Loser To PUA To Natural I learnt the basic structure of a pickup from 6 months of theory and a few weeks in field. let’s sit down”. It worked to hook the sets. best friends test.blue eyes. blonde. palmistry etc. I spent the next month going out and refining my approach.should I die my hair blonde. My friend identified an HB. she was very hot.6 foot tall. Admittedly I spent way too long geeking out on the material. She was tall. I felt like Jerry Seinfeld for dumping the girl for silly reasons but I didn’t call her again. 7 hours of LMR before she slept with me and then she was my GF for about a month.

I paid $1000 + expenses for an evening from 7pm to 2am. non-verbal pickup. rapport and deep rapport.com and had been doing 1-on-1s. BUT I DON’T USE IT! I want to be able to game naturally. confident and cool. Pretty simple right?My Direct game is: force IOI. He was good looking. DHVs. Win Win! Over the next few months I improved my game. it makes me more confident”.He only said I should talk louder and escalate faster. In June I had started Puatraining. We went out a lot and gamed together. Through teaching. one that uses an unbreakable opener. kino-escalation. I saw him do things a couple fo times on holiday that gave me the shivers! Next level game. and met various influential charatcers. This was the first time I was disappointed with the skills of a well-known guru. and was able to analyse the person’s strengths and weaknesses very quicly and give them practical advice. could clearly communicate things. Fast forward to today. NLP. During this holiday my kino. I learned by stuff way more tightly and was forced to game. close. gained more confidence. I might use routines again at some point in the future. Of course. afc fluff with sexual undertones. I was a skilled teacher. calculated responses. I learnt how to control my state instead of only being able to game when I felt like it. . quick close. How do I pick up chicks now? I have an unbreakable routine stack that can get me laid every day of the week. I want to make a better self instead of making a character that I can step into and act out. Steve is a legend and few people have seen his skills when he is at the top of his game. I like to test my intelligence and exercise my mentalmuscles. kino opener. dance-floor game. I am going to parties with celebrities to learn how to game in those environments. My indirect game usually involves a situational opener.He couldn’t hold the rest of a 3 set when I engaged one of the girls (they dragged her away). if they are great i’ll learn something and if they aren’t. In July I went on holiday for 2 months with Steve and we went out 40 out of 44 nights in 11 countries. most importantly . There were many more to come in the next few months! My attitude now when I meet famous PUAs is “Hey. That was his only advice. I pulled a nice HB that night. The training wasn’t very good because:He didn’t demo anything cool. Anyhow. etc all got a huge boost. I don’t wantto know what i’m going to say next. push-pull. He came over in May and I decided that either i’d learn loads or i’d realise that I could do it too.seen on Cliff’s List). i’m travelling to different countries to test my game internationally. my SS patterns. had more hot girls. built in emotional spikes. cocky funny.Steve Jabba AKA Vertex and Anthony P. i’m working with the guys here to further refine the system. Very nice guy though and maybe my level was already just damn high.

We come to know about these people and they can exert just as strong an influence on us as our peer group does. canned openers. He didn’t expect that he could be married to a beautiful or upper class woman. but now there are also people we know of and know about. The only things that hold me back are:Busy with the business. Success?Email me for my HB pics! I meet a girl of high quality once every 3 weeks. like celebrities. Can f-close multiple times a week. 90% of people are educated up to a point where they consider themselves literate. Global travel means people from different cultures live in one place. Gambler’s Philosophy Of Happiness: Part 1 In the past. a person’s frame of reference was his peer group and the people he came into personal contact with. they are not robotic. Now I have confidence and an energy that projects from that confidence. He didn’t expect that he could ever be the factory owner. routines are the fastest way to get improvement and that’s why we teach both on our courses: routines. London. Because our peer group is subjected to the same onslaught.Not enough hot girls in London clubs!Sex drive is not so high that I need 7 girls a week.My ex-students all game differently. First the world is brought into our lives through the internet and TV: amounting to 1385 messages a day. and was married to a woman who he thought could be a good carer for him and their family had everything he thought life had to offer. Can k-close any time I go out. the man in the village who had a full-time manual labour job.I get more out of a loving relationship than lots of casual sex. He didn’t expect that he could live in a mansion. unlike himself. because there was no frame of reference of a normal working class person who had achieved that.The skills that you need to be a natural. before mass communication and globalisation. 2007) . In modern times. because he was working class and not so financially secure. our peer group is still our primary frame of reference. and some have gone the natural route and some the routine route. because that man was educated and had inherited wealth. Today. In the 1900s example. even if we could avoid it all. had a healthy family. (Picture. I just want to round-out my game some more and learn from guys that have something unique to offer. I used routines when I first started and many high-level guys still use them. A structure for any pickup.Right now. It’s a personal choice. For a newbie. we would are ‘infected’ through them. Class lines have been blurred and wealth and class no longer correlate to the same extent. All of them seem to improve markedly for months afterwards.

with no hobbies. interesting person and still keep the same friends. and considered themselves to have had a good life if their children were married and healthy. or super hard work. Whatever you do and think. they will support you. People today would find it difficult to be content with a life like that. If you live in the city. electronics. and only while you continue to legitimise their life style. We are presented with an infinite amount of choice. and stayed in that profession until they died. they will discourage us because it would make them feel bad if you could do it. the same is true for drug addicts or criminals. Politics – people focussing on wealth and other distractions suits politicians. Media. It is common to say “but person X is even worse”. to a serious. This means that the people we use for support do not always genuinely wish us well. Getting rich with no talent is a new phenomenon. Media mainly shows positive side of shallow materialism instead of chastising it and promoting intelligence and wisdom. Most people are not surrounded by positive influences. took on the trade of their parents. which is some ways is good. you can always find similar people to legitimise it. . and shelter are almost guaranteed. Advertising. we take them for granted and they are not enough to make us happy because our frame of reference does not include contact with people who don’t have these basic needs taken care of. Relationships are over complicated with games and what you should/not do dictating events. There has been a role reversal in the gender stakes with the feminisation of men and masculinisation of women. We generally do not have the grounding of a close extended family.Because our basic needs of health. When people were born. isn’t. because it is a way of avoiding progressive change. Try going from a party animal. Choices make people unsure. Cheap media set the agenda. but probably only until you start doing better than them. This mindset does not serve you. like make a big change. because they are aware of all the choices that now are possible. Sure. Every person knows of a story of someone getting rich very quickly and easily by a method that seems in reach of the average person. they are unhappy with their job because they know that there are other jobs that might be better for them. Maybe if we do something they are scared to do. and in others. Easy money is only available to the top percentile but the whole population aspires to it. recreational drug user.Casual sex is promoted and means people in settled relationships cheat more and are not as easily satisfied with what they have. There has been a degeneration of language and values. Wealth and success are no longer confined to inherited wealth. jewellery? Was the need to buy this item driven internally or was it by external influence? Gambler’s Philosophy Of Happiness: Part 2 Your peers are your peers because they legitimise your lifestyle. the lack of choice meant constant contentment. food. you know that you could live in the countryside and vice versa. When you buy something is a big motivating factor the expected response you will get from other people? Do you imagine what they will say when they see your new suit. clothing. hard working. genius.

How you feel from day to day is simply a matter of this changing focus. After you spend an hour with someone. This inspiration is what will allow you to break out past your perceived limits. you can perform the following simple task that you will find very powerful. etc will be inspirational. your focus is on the things in the negative list. Most people believe that it is like a sine wave. and media. I am ugly. Notice how you feel when you write these statements. and can show us better ways to live through example. There are two steps that will allow you to conquer 90% of these negative emotions that are thought of as ebbs and flows. just as you might be any day when you “are having a bad day”. and people like to be around me. I am intelligent. and the second is to be able to disassociate from the emotion and understand and control it. . your self) in pencil: I am funny. The first is to become aware of the base cause. you will want more for yourself. I am poor. “Oh I am having a bad day”. Da Vinci. It is possible to surround yourself with models for success through books. I am outgoing and friendly. and feel like you would if you were “having a good day”. and then the next day. I am single. I am popular. Notice how you immediately feel better. You can be happy one day. the answer will be no. we need to make changes. Every person will be able to list at least 10 positive things about themselves. I am fat. Generally people stagnate and don’t progress as their peer groups will too. in 75% of cases. On a negative day. I believe that the ebbs and flows of mood are not a necessity. you are now at a low ebb. I am a good mother Gambler’s Philosophy Of Happiness: Part 3 I have an even keel philosophy. ask “do I feel more positive for spending that hour with that person”. audio courses. People will have more trouble with the second list in general. Once you know what is possible. with nothing new happening. Tesla. Now do the opposite and write all the positive things on a different sheet of paper. and that they are held hostage to their emotions. Take a sheet of paper and write down all the things you are unhappy with about yourself (not your possessions. as if you are at a high ebb. Try to surround yourself with models for success. Read the positive list again. your focus is on the things on the positive list.When we do not have the peer group that is positive about what we want to do. I am lonely. because our culture does not promote bragging. on a positive day. Try to find as many things as you can though. Knowing the stories of Edison. you can be unhappy. To ‘become’.

the things that I cannot change all relate to physical appearance. watch and listen to a lot of comedy. internet. Do TEFL course in Seville for 5 weeks. do not say – I am not stupid.e. read NLP & psychology books. With physical appearance. Also include other things that didn’t make you unhappy but that you would like to do. the answers were: read book . study high status and cool role models on film & television and try to see what they do and copy it in the mirror! Read books and watch videos on body language. and sign up to voice workshop. and study the area. I want to be more outgoing and comfortable in social settings. drinking. how many would be happy? Gambler’s Philosophy Of Happiness: Part 5 . i. not I want to do. The list included things like: achievement – improved English grammar skills. say I am clever. whiten your teeth. I want to learn about and improve my body language. teaching and working with strangers forcing social interaction and public speaking each day – additional Gambler’s Philosophy Of Happiness: Part 4 Let’s start a new list that reframes any negative things in a positive way – instead of saying “I’m stupid and don’t know anything” say “I want to learn interesting things and be more educated”. On my personal list. Normally when people talk about what they want. I want to improve my posture. have a great haircut. If everyone was in a darkened room with no sound and thought about themselves and their life.TV. lose weight. get in better shape. Fix your fashion sense. Every person has issues with their physical appearance. Rules: do not use negative contructions. Write down your goals in this way. I want to understand relationships better. talking on phone. no matter how attractive you might think they are. I want to have a better voice. they start with I want to have. I did this for the first time 3 years ago and have done it every 18 months since then. socialising.comedy writing secrets. read book – Set your voice free. I want to learn psychology.Your next goal is to restrict the things that you are unhappy about to things that you cannot change. get a tan. For me. The next step is to make a plan of how you can achieve each of these aims. Take a lesson in Alexander technique. Most people use distractions from themselves. start with book – Emotional Intelligence. You will NEVER be 100% satisfied with your appearance so you need to accept yourself. It’s moot to say “that’s just the way I am” I want to be funnier. All these will make incremental improvements that will make you happier. it is possible to make incremental improvements. sign up for courses.

this requires me to be intensely interested in what is going on outside my head. They get bad breath. They urinate. so its natural mechanism is to pull me out of the moment and back into my head.Most people say I want to have. bad people. Being in my head – or thinking – relies on the reasonable assumption Steve: What are girls all about? Consider girls. affirmations. not I want to do. performing magic tricks. These players are able to see being in the moment as an act of will. Negative messages – advertising. This saves the brain a lot of work. is therefore something like an act of will where the will persuades the brain that each moment is actually fatal. subliminal stuff. Once you understand what is going on inside. Maybe worse…We live in a society that BREEDS them. Top players often report on how they see game situations open up as if they were in the matrix. lifestyle. having exciting hobbies. at least I have my stamps. Many of the techniques of pick-up purport to teach a man how to be interesting – telling stories and jokes. film. in each and every moment. music. Hev you ever opened a really hot girl . Collecting material goods so you have them in the “bank”. We do not need to be “feeling down today” and “feeling great” the next with no changes. surround yourself with positive role models that become like friends. that nothing particularly fatal is likely to happen over a period of several moments and that the brain can use that time to put its feet up and generate a response to a chunk of moments rather than create each moment from first principles. We are not slaves to our emotions: we are in control of them. What are girls all about? Hot girls are human beings. and being interested in the world outside our head as a simple discipline which can be developed and strengthened. and to live each moment as if it were my last. same as me and you. It is the fist step. but the argument which follows here is that we are never more interesting than when we are interested in the other person. attention as something we really do pay (for). Anthony P: Being in the moment – why it is so difficult Being in the moment is in many respects the opposite process to the normal functioning of the brain. Take two people in the same situation except one that is happy will have a different focus to one that is not. Complete arrogance inside leads to much better results. which appears to be the chunking together of moments into familiar scenes and patterns to be matched with familiar responses and solutions.can always be found and those who are successful are always at risk of being undermined by jealous rivals. Strive to seek out the positive. Same as me and you. Being in the moment. you can disassociate and take control. To balance all the negativity. sports players talk about how time stands still and suddenly they see the playing area as a space without time. cars. These are very weak compared to internal displays of confidence that can be steadfast in any situation without the need for flashy clothes and a Ferrari. They eat food and they shit it out. They have insecurites. Externalised showings of confidence include clothes.

or put your hand up for the high five. 1. think to yourself. Force the IOI. When they shit test you. A cheeky grin. why is she smiling? Is she laughing at me? Sit still. look at her body. Don’t do this. Take in the environment. If she is nervous or skittish. Don’t imagine or consider that she is thinking badly of you. So Don’t worry about what she is thinking. So many people are putting on an act. If she smiles or in any way gives an IOI from step 1 then simply raise your class to clink. Get kino. notice what is going on around you. convincingly that YOU CAN HAVE HER. no matter what you’re level.. Beckster’s classic hide-behind-the-hand manoeuvre. why is she quiet. what kind of girl you are used to. I tell you with full truth that even the hottest girls have all sorts of funny shit flying around in their head.Really really try to just live in the moment. ‘how soon is too soon’ etc. An HB walks past you at the bar: force an IOI. I’ve seen them work and they are good for students because they give you a set speech to make. Ask the question of yourself . 2. She is a girl. Reflex’s fast escalation bar-game Guys Here is one basic method I use to go very quickly from meeting an HB in a high-energy bar to going straight to kino. remember that they are living inside their own head. I don’t always use routines for bar game – opinion openers. don’t allow yourself to indulge in negative and debilitating thought loops. You can have her. Do with a BIG SMILE! If she clinks your glass or returns the high five then IT’S ON. thereby removing the anxiety of ‘not knowing what to say’. or when they look at you in a particlar way. a point. I promise you. She will sense it. is she offended. Move quickly to no 3. anything.Often you will be wrong. bear all of the above in mind. Remember it. Don’t get me wrong.. open. But if you’re feeling confident try this 4-step approach. You can. they are powerful. If they are quiet. DONT think does she like me. Don’t think about what she is thinking…. or when they go quiet. like a rock and nothing else matters… Forget everything else. They long for a man that will take her and ravish her. and she is faced with her own pressures. I WILL NOT let myself think badly of myself. rapport and quite often a k-close at super-fast speed. Keep that one simple truth in mind and all other stuff becomes irrelevant…Just be strong in yourself. ‘wanted or needed’.and been AMAZED at how she reacts to you? Friendly. your best self. I AM A MAN goddamit. Be yourself.do I like this girl? Why do I like her? Look at her face when she is talking. . Really try not to put her on a pedastal. Do you want her? Then just try and imagine. girls are AMAZINGLY perceptive about this kind of stuff. even a little insecure? maybe a LOT insecure?? When you’re dealing with girls. Smile at her. girls want to be taken. quiet your revving mind. And worse : if you imagine these things you will MAKE HER THINK THEM.

got her name. Try it with people you meet in other environments – the office. I’m !!” I sometimes don’t go for small talk. bar. If there is an HB in the queue in front of you as you join here are a few options: 1. it relieves some of the tension and will relax her (and you). So that’s it. had some kino and shown you’re confident and humourous. but I’ve closed very quickly from this. After she’s taken your hand and said her name say “Nice to meet you . she will be impressed by your confidence. Those 4 steps. or whatever you want. No matter what else. in any environment. If she is. “Thanks for offering. If you meekly offer a limp handshake while stammering your name. smile. It works. You must speak loudly. it is easy for her to shrug you off and walk on. The critical thing with step 3 is CONFIDENDCE. Where you go from there is up to you. Obviously with most girls you’ll need to go into rapport at some stage but a lot of the work has already been done. just make one up. it makes them feel good (isn’t that what everyone wants?) It’s also paying them a subtle compliment. Salesmen in shopping centres or the street use this technique to get members of the public to interact with them. and I see them do it all the time. confidently and act as if you will not tolerate refusal! Offering a handshake with a big arm movement is almost impossible to ignore. Humour. Introduction. You could use your own bit of humour. This should get a laugh. 4. It could be for a But confidence is the key. no matter how grumpy. sour-faced or closed they might look. You see.3. IOI-kino-introduction-humour. You’ve broken the ice. This is the crucial part. If you stand tall (no side approaches this time. I just introduce myself. and say “Hi. “Is this the queue for the good looking people??! D’you mind if I join it?!!!” I use this one all the time and it NEVER fails to get a smirk. But the key here is HOW you say it. or wherever. cafe or checkout at Tescos. It’s hard not to smile when someone says it. Offer a HANDSHAKE with a BIG SWEEPING GESTURE. The point is you’re compressing many of the elements of a pick-up into less than 10 seconds. It’s also very good for when there’s a group of girls. It doesn’t have to be absolutely hilarious. but I’ll get my own drink”. asking opinions etc. I was worried. then it’s on. Have fun with this one! Reflex’s situational openers : Queues For queues. The good thing is you can tell from her reaction to step 1 (the forced IOI) whether she is open. if you’ve got an IOI and a glass clink that means she is ‘open’ and so introducing yourself will not feel ‘odd’ to her. but needs to relax the situation. laugh or verbal response from a woman. It puts enormous pressure on the person to offer their hand in return because ignoring it will leave the person feeling as if they’ve been terribly rude! It’s a very British thing that’s ingrained into all of us. for a minute I thought you were the bouncer”. cash machine. be direct and dominant) and loudly and confidently offer your name and hand she will return the shake and tell you her name back. It’s hard to describe in writing but . cloakroom.

Bollocks! If no other guy does that. is this. it’s just for us you know! 2. Plus HBs won’t be expecting an approach on their journey home! 2nd guideline: ignore other passengers. I say ‘guidelines’ rather than ‘rules’ because you need to be flexible when you do pickup! 1st guideline: ignore what everyone says about the underground – that everyone’s miserable. If by contrast the next train is due in 5 minutes or more. Reflex: Gaming on the tube . whichever way you look at it. check on the electronic board to see when the next tube is due. That’s a lot of HBs. that you must never talk or make eye contact with anyone. 3rd guideline: don’t linger and let a girl see you 4.part 1 4th guideline: if you want to game on the 2 million people a day use the tube. and a glint in your eye. as if you’re sharing a conspiracy theory with someone. great. You can combine it with a subtle finger-point and head-tilt. As soon as she sees you. you lose what little rapport you’ve established and it’s hard to restart again on the train. If you’re feeling bold you can continue the joke by asking them if they could please keep all those people over there away from our queue. etc. people get on and off tubes all the time and your eavesdroppers will always get bored lose interest – after all. Simply say “Who’s playing?” Say with faux seriousness. Through trial and error I’ve found that’s the key. Contrast that with a nightclub when every chump is hitting on the girls.you should say it playfully. For a very very long queue you’ve just joined. then ok – that should be enough time to . well. one that will take ages –ask the girl if they’re providing deck chairs for us while we wait?! 3. I’ve started gaming on the tube in earnest in the last few months and have started getting numbers and dates. that means less competition for you! platform. they have their lives to get on with. and other things to do. Sometimes when I’m gaming I get a little audience listening in over the tops of their newspapers. after such a brief conversation she may not be comfortable with you sitting next to/opposite her. then in the confusion the girl’s ‘state’ will be broken. The reason. Also. Always try and make it look SPONTANEOUS. If it’s less than 2 or 3 minutes you might want to wait until you both get on the tube itself. you MUST talk. but it looks like it must be interesting so I thought I’d join”. I’ve found. That’s the value of the ‘3-second’ rule. For long queues: “I don’t know what’s going on here. with a slight smirk. If you show your nervousness you will communicate that to the girl. Blank them out and keep going. Especially on platforms. Conversely if you show you’re comfortable with the situation then the girl will share your confidence. Remember. If you chat for 30 seconds and then a train comes roaring in to the station and there’s lots of hustle and bustle as everyone gets on and off. I’ve put together some guidelines that I’ve found useful. A girl with a sense of humour will get the joke! checking her out before you approach.

this works for seats anywhere. or is annoying other passengers by talking too loudly on their phone . By the way. cool ipod. You may get a one-word answer – yes or no – so the important thing is to plow with talk about trains: how awful they are. so it’s very solid. start talking.” This usually gets a laugh. In part 1 I discussed timing and attitude. “I think we’re standing in the best/worst place to get a seat”. hold eye contact. Get it? I find this works well at initiating chat. You can more easily pick up where you left off. right? Me too. like someone won’t move down. maybe share a joke etc. If there is a seat next to her. This is good because when the train comes the two of you can put your prediction to the test and therefore have something natural to talk about. it’s not Ok. girls find it impossible to ignore. I was basically a little shit.” Really?! “No. even if she hasn’t said much about it on the platform. I bet you pirate your music. The guidelines are the same: you really do have to do virtually all of the talking for the first 30 seconds or so. Don’t worry.) Reflex’s Tube Game . If something happens. speak with confidence. were you saving this seat for me?!”If you get a laugh. But this ALWAYS gets a response. Here are some examples: “Is this the train for Hammersmith?”Yes/no/etc “Are you sure?!! I hope so. “Did you hear that busker?! He’s pretty good. It doesn’t really matter where you do it. they ALWAYS take their earphones out if they can’t hear you! Eye-Coding: This is a good one for packed tubes Better than ‘have you been waiting long’ which has pick-up written all over it… (or trains or buses). did you see that mouse?! I saw it just now…” (You don’t have to actually see one. But thanks for believing me. what do you pirate?” This has to be spontaneous. how you have to get to suchand-such etc Other platform openers: “Don’t jump. that’s the guidelines done. plow through if she is unresponsive. I used to be one myself. You’re not like that are you?!” ‘Do you know how long the train takes to reach x?’ you’re walking towards it :“Oh. feed off any verbal hooks you get. make your approach look spontaneous (don’t linger). If she has an ipod: “Hey.establish some rapport on the platform. Then when the train comes and there’s a break in the conversation she’ll feel comfortable continuing your chat and comfortable sitting near you. on the tube or anywhere else. and she’s noticed So let’s get into what to say.part 2 Game is game. Cos when I was a kid and people used to ask me that I’d deliberately tell them the wrong thing to screw them up. obviously. Now what do you actually say?! Sorry to keep you in suspense but…tune in next week for part 2 of my post for the answers! worth it!” (If she’s close to the platform edge) “Oh my God.

But about 2 months ago she annoyed me so I dumped her. I am one of the bootcamp instructors and specialise in Inner Game. . or wait till you both get off. I have gamed girls successfully by looking for situational stuff to open with . And ignore the other passengers who may eavesdrop on you. Dominance.she sent me a text out of the blue saying hi.or causing a problem by having too many bags – then you can sort of look at her. or apparel: “You look like you like shopping!” Plow with chat about shopping: “I bet you’re one of these girls who pushes people out of the way in sales!” Making assumptions is one of the keys to getting over awkward silences and keeping the conversation going. I know!” then you’re good to go. By the grace of God I some how managed to meet Vertex (Steve Jabba) and Beckster.I’ve asked girls if they want to swap papers (or even books!) that they’re reading. Unfortunately I found that the community in London is comprised mostly of key board jockeys who spend the majority of the time bickering on internet forums and theorising as to the best way to get a woman as opposed to going out and actually f*cking some women. She is pretty hot and a model. told them not to use that vending machine because it will take their money. bag. Sexual Confidence and Female Ejaculation. Cardenas: Owning the frame Last Sunday I went on a date with a girl that I’d actually dropped a while back. as if she’s saying “Yeah. Introduction to Dirty Cardenas Hi I am Dirty Cardenas and I am an evil PUA.if you are nervous you can wait until you are just about to get off anyway. Start talking. I came into the community a year ago with the intention of meeting some absolute heroes and going out and having threesomes with super models every week. If she has funky clothes. I will bum your mother. I am a natural and have pretty much always been good with girls. it’s been a long time. asked if they have something with just celebrity photos in it for me to read because I’m sick of reading books with words…the key with all these is delivery with cheekiness and a grin. and raise your eyes to heaven as if to say : “For God’s sake! Some people!” If you get a reciprocal eye-code back from her. They will get off soon anyway! whatever it is you hope to achieve as a PUA. Last week guess what . I hope the stories I share help you achieve And don’t forget forcing IOIs like we show you on the bootcamps! If you’re eagle-eyed you will see girls checking you out! Finally : don’t be embarrassed to ask for a number or a date . how are you? I could tell what she was angling for so I thought I’d meet her. Later on Vertex introduced me to Gambler and so here I am.

I’d moved on from being besotted and no longer felt that way. We eventually went on to a nightclub and I finally k-closed her etc. Never be talked out of it. The more attractive the girl. This is vital. blowing hot and cold. you will. trapped in a relationship you feel is controlled by a woman who knows you will always come crawling back .and when she didn’t change I dumped her. hobbies. where. If she doesn’t then she’s not worth your precious time. but I ended it for similar reasons to the girl above. I didn’t say “Oh it’s so nice to see you again” or any such thing. Another story: This weekend I’m going away for a few days with another girl. Know when to draw the line. as do I. the You must know some men who have fallen into that. I’d dumped her because she had shown a jealous streak and had annoyed me. if the girl wants and values you SHE will re-initiate things. Don’t go chasing like a desperado. I had moved on and she had faded from my mind. I’m still considering what sort of relationship. saying she’d missed me etc. Otherwise you will end up like so many suckers out there.On the date I didn’t make any ‘move’ on her early on. Until I’d dumped her she had been in complete control of me . Don’t worry. whatever. interests. I decide when to see her. just don’t let yourself be taken for a ride (no. Make her wait if necessary. She went pretty hysterical when I gave her the news but I refused to buckle or relent. but was ok with seeing her again. and after dropping her I made sure I didn’t contact her for a few months at all. so she had to get in touch with me if she wanted to. Now she’s bought into my frame and I have more control. It left me in the supplicating role in the relationship and demoralised me completely. Now it’s me that is in control.she’d left me dangling as if I were on a piece of string. I just kept my distance and talked politely. and for how long. . YOU and not her. Quite a few months of no contact went by and I moved on . That way you will keep your self-respect. my friend. mates. Same principle: always own the frame. not THAT sort of ride!) Remember. And that. She used to be my girlfriend way back last year. I’m not suggesting you just dump a girl at the slightest thing that annoys you or that you don’t try to work things out.career. and entered the world that you too have now entered. 2. And if she does come back. Then I discovered ‘Game’. the PU community. All your self-respect will dribble away pitifully. She’s not used to being dumped. telling me when I could see her and deciding when I could visit her. if any. She was not averse to flirting with other men either (she is tall. She said I was different and that I was hard to work out. are in control.then she got back in touch. as I had totally fallen for her. Find someone else. I told her I was going and left early. If you know for sure that a girl is simply using you and playing you: tell her point blank that you won’t stand for it. I want from her. I knew I’d allowed her to set the frame and dominate me. constantly changing her mind about me. I think. There are lessons in all of this: 1. blonde and very attractive). So when she continued to mess me around I gave her an ultimatum to start treating me properly . is a very very bad place to be. But I didn’t try and get her back to mine. Always have things you can fall back on . After all. BREAK IT OFF. asking to see me again. If she continues.

Went out with Lord o Lust or LOL for short. because of her suit and that she was surveying the area.5Slovak and HB7Polish. she smiles and nods. not much live but I see one bar and in the window a lone girl so I enter and as I walk in I give her a wink then up to the bar order a drink. HB8Scandi: No way! Me: Yes way. I open a 2 set HB7. told her I’m going to a better club in Chelsea and she’ll be lucky to see me again. she laughed and said “I know. neg her. LOL told me some great stories which we will develop into spiked stories. Run some stuff on her. and I saw in this bar watching her country place on TV so I thought I would incorporate this in to a mind reading trick. I ask her if she lets in boys that she fancies for free. this should be fun. I ask her if she is a secret agent.Beckster: Game Science Formula These are new techniques which a small team of us have been developing and using over the past 2 years. I let you because I like your eyes” (she said this in a jokey way). she is still watching me. . etc. I told her as I let that I’ve been stealing glasses from her bar for 5 years and that if she wants them back she’ll I can have this instantaneous connection with someone and something strange will happen. So I said give me your hand blah blah blah. still holding up my fish as if it were real. she said its happened once or twice. I neg her about it then tell her fortune. and I catch you checking out my ass all the time!” and walk out without a good bye. she walks over and imitates me with a finger motion. Lord o Lust says his goodbyes and I head to Chelsea. Some people come in so we move to the cash register so she can charge them admission. I said “yeah. I anchor it in case I want to talk to them again. can speak a few sentence in both languages make them laugh. I walk over and Me:Do you know what……. HB8Scandi: Really what? Me: Well I now can speak in your language. just for a few drinks to chat to him about DeepGame. oh sorry are you with you boyfriend as I point to the pint glass near her (you all know what I doing in that one sentence right? Interest and analysing the situation. sometimes like 1 in a thousand I run my famous fish routine on her as it’s in her palm more customers come in but she doesn’t put it down she admits them. HB8Scandi: Wow that’s amazing Me: That’s not all. HB8Scandi: NO No that’s my flat mates. have to drive over and collect them. taking cash and giving hand stamps with one hand. I say to her “great I’m in free all the time then”. but not really my type. Left it at that as its better not to pull her as she can be more useful letting me in for free. Turns out that I lived in her country for a while Turns out she is the manager’s top hired gun. We decide to go to a salsa place. Beckon over a well suited girl HB8suit with my finger.

start being a bit more serious ask in the sentence) now to confirm it before they realise. but you wouldn’t be interested as your Not once did they ask why I was by myself think hard why that is… I will arrange to meet her at a later date when I’m free… friends. quickly say before they speak again. Then do it to each of them again. do the other one too. Kino both HB’s a lot and build it up. some people can be soo boring and miss out on fun and great opportunities.but in a way that makes everyone happy. she laps it up. Her male house mate comes back he is Russian and doesn’t like me being there. he doesn’t even break the ice. they have said yes to everything you Beckster: 3 Way Kissing Technique First you must build up the comfort with wit and humour. blah blah blah” Me: “There’s this test to find out which are better kissers.be cocky too. but in front of each other so it seems to the other HB that it’s the first time your turning on the charm with her mate and how easy you do it will attract her then again.Talk to her in her language for 10mins about her remote town (which I have been to) tell her about the shops and station there. I use some new GSF stuff on her then she agrees to come home with me. but it way you have asked them. now you can say something like this: (Use this old one first) Me: “Who kisses better. Plus he knows he’s beat as she keeps saying “he’s just jealous of you because he’s in love with me” and “you must go to the gym a lot you have big muscles” while she squeezed them. even though everyone at my Uni parties use to test the theory and it worked soooo well? …… Are you both open minded?” HB’s: “Yes” (Now you have just got them to say “Yes” to doing the game. then do the other when she’s free. men or women?” HB’s: “Women blah blah blah” Me: “So you have kissed a women before?” HB’s: (Always seem to say) “Yes. you both grab on for life right?” . I play good cop bad cop with him and he chills out a bit. but I tell her another time (as I have an early date Thursday and need some rest as I’ve been on it for a week solid. Me: “I knew you two would be cool and open minded. The attraction will be high also the competition between women will also be strong. give them both intimate time with you when one goes to the toilet/bar/use phone. like when seducing them. try’s to AMOG me. No I wrestle bears like your flat mate probably does right Ivon? He laughs. every time he try’s I speak to her in her language he get pissed of asks us to stop it.

the close will be natural. just aim to open as much as possible. 2. Do you like being amazed by new and exciting things?” (REMEMBER PAUSES). If you frame an approach as a do or die situation in which you are desperate for a close. 3. I wanna try that again. Don’t over think. Me: “OK. Find simple reasons to start conversations to start with. Instead.” Go through the motions and turn it into a snog. If you feel one was kissing you more. this is high pressure. Now girls shut your eyes and as we kiss on 3 (seconds) hold it there for 5 seconds try to feel who is giving off more power. Conquering Approach Anxiety (AA): 2 Perspectives Gambler: 1. the yes ladder is so powerful). just say hi to strangers or cheers them. if it’s the same we all our compatible. Also you can get 3somes from this. I have and I Me: “OK. Me: “Now this may seem weird to hear. When you are comfortable opening. she should say yes as she was kissing you more then the other HB. but to feel how it works afterwards you will be amazed. now we must connect our lips together much like a kiss and the currents in our bodies will be attracted to the most strongest current (you can add this bit to if you want but don’t kill the moment “did you know each human body gives off enough electricity to power a light bulb”). tell her you felt it more with her. or wave. If this doesn’t work either blame them for trying to snog you or say. you have a lot more to think about and you will have more AA. Reduce the pressure. Opinion openers are low-pressure and a much easier way to start a conversation. did she with you. then you’ll be able to kiss her as soon as you alone with her.HB’s: “Yes” (they normally giggle or something. remember you don’t have to say this word for word). are you ready?” HB’s: “Yes” (Now I have made them say yes 3 times. Frame it like this: You are being the fun sociable guy who will talk to people and have fun. and nothing is going to stop me getting you” would be pretty cool if it worked but is going to give you huge approach anxiety because there is too much pressure. in the early days. Frame it differently. Going up to a girl and telling her “I want you. HB’s: “Yes” (one more yes for luck lol. Take baby steps: If you are going in to close. haven’t even experiment much with it. you can make them say yes them all day if you like and anchor it too). all hold hands in a circle (you can be sitting or standing). and if you happen to be in an interaction with an HB (Hot Babe) that is going well. or ask a simple question then leave. . you can work on progressing things and actually start opening to close.

to exaggerate or put emphasis on our emotions. Touch gently with the back of your hands and do not linger. so why won’t you stand up to him. until it’s so powerful that pretty much nothing but hypnosis can cure it!!! If you fight it every day. We when get (to) excited or sad. So some quick tips: And it’s not the same as sling your arm around everyone and shouting hey buddy. Its natural to breed. there and the other oooppss. wave at people. it will take you years to get over your approach anxiety simply because there aren’t many about. only open! You will still conquer your AA and then you can raise your standards again. because you know in your heart that every time you have stood up to your (bad) inner voice you have felt powerful and great. do crazy things. minute. The more you let that voice control you the more it will. I’m a man. wink and smile little things to start with until the voice dies out to a quiet murmur. lets get breeding. stick your tongue out. Don’t look where you are touching her. pull away slowly other times quickly. if you stand up to him you can stand up to anyone. You may win or lose this battle in your head but even if you win your inner voice has spread doubt in your influenced mind. We use it to push our point. it’s a man’s right. once you think about it longer then 3 seconds (hence the 3 second rule was invented) your inner voice takes over and you first have to have a debate with your inner voice to see if you will or will not approach. feel us. you will never get better or good at it unless you practice. Beckster: Kino Is King Beckster: So we touch to feel someone or to make someone It’s called analysis paralysis. You can battle this inner voice with your own voice and also using an anchor.4. Lower your standards for starting interactions until you can find 20 sets a night to open. . it’s the most powerful instinct so why fight it? why let that little voice that has been the bane of your life? Don’t let it mess with you anymore. hour. But a blue print can be used to help you along your way and you know what. You don’t need to close them. Don’t be too fussy. to express what we can’t say without words also. To me it means be the man. I like to squeeze my fist and say in my head or out loud (for special) occasions) “MAN UP”. We use kino to say things without using words. so you will be going in not the full ticket! So it’s not just as easy as saying touch her here. If you only approach SHBs (Super Hot Babes).

I say long. Leading is fine once enough kino has be installed. but you must keep swapping each side with each touch. Use your heels or toes to pivot away while you kino then pull yourself in again. It all came flooding back. no socialising even with people I already knew. My sudonym is Megadirt. Push away from her as you do this. as most 16 year olds do. 6 months at best. root this with a routine to. I did everything half-assed. or MD if you wish. Don’t be scared to take a HB’s hand just root again why you are doing so. I will leave you with a little game to practice which I call 3 touches in a minute. second only to Douglas Adams. yes I said boob-kino. sort of push pull but with body language. please ROOT why you are doing this otherwise she will think you’re a perv. So think of a routine to allow you.. I was the type of guy who would end up falling into lucky relationships with 7s or 8s and they would last a long time…. “ is that David Beckham over there” as you point in at some random person and put your arm around her or on the small of her back. Use indirect kino Use misdirection kino. Earlier this summer my AFC friend got dumped just before taking his CB4 girlfriend to NewYork. by then. everything I’d learned all of a sudden seemed to make more sense. favourite author Neil Strauss. Hard to explain I have a rough quickly knocked up u-tube video of it to help you get an idea. Along with boob-kino. Up up and Kino’s away……… Kino is King Megadirt: The Underestimated Benefits Of Going Out Bit of background info to start you off. sometimes 2 years of nothing.Use the back of your hands even better the finger nails. The repercussions of the break-up however lasted a LONG time. it’s none threatening and it confuses her mind if you like her or not. you will even be able to look her it the eyes and stick your arm out for her to link on to then parade her around the place. So I went with him instead. you can really pull her leg on to your lap and inspect them. If it’s a 2set touch one but look at the other. also let me know how you get on. I looked at my friend and his CB4 ex-gf (who came anyway) and all the acronyms and sudonyms patterns. I fell into another relationship and just forgot about it. I discovered the community when I was 16 (5 years ago) but when I was 16. this works wonders it also conveys a lot of balls doing this and how different you are to other people. Touch her shoes not many people do that. and at a Playboy book signing picked up a book by my. This is a long and advanced one for another time. You must touch her 3 times on each side of her body in a minute. For fear of being chastised I left . Touch non sexual erogenous zone behind the ear for example.

High five people without drinks. youve a great sense of tact…” basically I just kept talking as I walked him and his friend over to the other side of the bar. Ive been at the game for 3 months. I went to see Gambler and by the end of the day I was approaching like a motherfucker. but she didnt recognise me. Not enough to make me leave the game. fired an opener at them. high five if they went right then my relationship ended.. I went out that night. “hey man hows it going I really love your tie. making up scenarios. but they invited us out the following day. 7 billion people in the world ive still most of them to meet. reading E-books. pushed for the number close she “couldnt remember her number”. AMOG the drunkest of guys and we were all really pleased with ourselves…. Another set I opened later that day had someone in it I already recognised. c&f all was going well. So I read it tried and tested a few wings and have whittled it down to 3 very good eager to learn guys. We have had to incorporate negs. one of the girls was really shy and submissive. got a half assed relationship outve it. Every week was the same. just out drinknig on the pull? Thats really cool. youll go really far. I watched the loverboy tribute to sarging video. say cheers or happy christmas. closing shouldve been no problem. Early in the week the sets wouldnt hook that easily. teased her. The interaction went quite well. Ive internalised . where you guys out for tonight. thats for next week. and everynight until tonight. or would go dry but we opened loads of them. work the room. whered you get it. their shields where up a bit cos of the guys. These two really drunk guys where diving right into the seduction stage hanging off girls and making them feel REALLY uncomfortable. but I just didnt. false takeaways. There got to a point where I realised that I could get past any womans LMR. but I dont think I displayed enough personality and it was quite near the end of the night but thats another step up. clink glasses. theyd get slightly bitchy after a while but the interactions where fun. and the past 9 days. The commonalities? Approach everything.the book down and vowed to get it once I got back to familiar bookshops. Gamblers workshop. got rid of the AA which was the point.all those little decorations for the stages and as of last night AMOGing. 9 Days. I then opened the two set Id just saved. if not. and then laugh it up when they went wrong. so I opened them and told her what her name was and she got a bit scared. alpha handshake. First week back out I email close and F-closed a fortnight later. thats the next stage I have to get to. besides Ill see her again.but we couldn’t approach anyone. DHVd took a while. C&F.. We went out once a week did one approach maybe. I figured out since last week Ive approached about 150 people. I guessed her friends birthday to “proove” I was psychic. maybe open one or two sets. It ended on a Thursday. TBH. Then isolated her friend. and I find that Ive had to extreme progress points. I walked up. its really cool I had one just like it. Middle of the week wed hold sets for ages. the other quite dominant and playful. 9 Nights out. but would spend the rest of the week watching DVDs.

I hope other people get this and I’m not just mental. Not because she isn’t giving me enough IOI’s or is being bitchy. where’s there thats good to go on a Saturday… that isn’t here or the Limelight?” ” Erm….” I cut her off here and looked offended “What are you trying to say?” in a cocky funny way. ”Hey guys. These are all pretty generic.” . Guy wearing your favourite bands t-shirt? Talk to him about them. her friend will think you’re weird. I started talking to WING.5 long legs. She laughed and continued “No no no. or a girl working in a bookstore. We went in said hey to the bouncers and headed on down the steps and approached the bar. He asked me if there was anywhere around for food that wasn’t takeaway crap. old lady serving you in a shop wearing an odd scarf? Talk about it. Creating attraction because I didnt understand about kino etc. what about my personality makes you think I’m gonna try and go in there in a mini skirt?” She laughed and lightly Kino’d me. shes probably just putting all this on anyway” Ill give you guys a better idea by being more specific. a half-Italian HB8. Game the world. it’s one of our regular establishments. Keeping high energy because I was thinking negative thoughts. I looked around. and set. Today me and WING went out to a bar called Stiff Kitten. I mean if you go in wearing a mini-skirt sometimes they…. “Hey guys. most of which was yesterday and the previous day. she is feeling me up. sometimes they wont let you in…. But recently Ive hit an odd one. I briefly considered pawning them but just grew some balls and went in to the two set with no idea of what I was gonna say. there was a set near them… a guy Megadirt: Fear of success I’ve had many sticking points in my three and a half months of gaming. Building comfort because I talked about myself a bit too much and didnt really care about them. if you tease a guy working in a pizza shop. but because its going so well. you were so much help the last time Im gonna let you consult me on my next problem. were can we get something to eat around here that isnt greasy and burger king-y. this is the point when my that evil little man who lives in my head steps in and suggests “Look at her shes so hot. So I asked the set.more in the past week than I have in the apst 3 months just because of this.There’s the beach club…but they’ve got a really strict dress code. a hypnotic walk and most importantly a life with a me-shaped hole in it. Approach anxiety because I was new to the game. they all make sense.” “Wow wow wow. I took a quick peripheral look around. thanked her Kino’d the obstacle lightly and went back to WING. if you ask for her number. guy sets and couples all the way. I noticed a two set a tall brunette HB7. as I ordered my Vodka and red bull. nothing to be ashamed of. they probably aren’t going to accuse you of gaming them. rubbing against me. easy to get past. holding my hand from time to time and shes looking at me with those DDB eyes.. I let her finish waht she was trying to say. I look at the girl who is hotter than anyone Ive ever spoken to before. while indicating how well I was dressed. Being able to talk in sets because I was so nervous. and leading her down the steps. Girl walks into you in the street? Bust her on it. I cant number close. eyes you could lose yourself in. Just talk to everyone.

. as if it was a DHV to have read it and she HAD to make sure. We started talking she started to give me a bit of kino and she asked me what I did for work. but that love for women and the desire not to hurt them will make you more attractive and will earn you trust when you really want it. you look really sexy now. Gambler: The Importance Of Morals When Dealing With Women So you want the skill of a PUA which basically means you can have choice with women? You can have multiple long term relationships. we talked about her being half Itialian. I was gonna have to close her. Her next question knocked me off guard “Have you read the game?” I replied with a cool. I wasn’t sure if the truth was a good idea but I said “About 4 times a week cos I love meeting new people.we should hang out sometime…” She invited me to go with her to the bar she was going to. this time 3 months ago I definately wouldn’t have been talknig to you. you MIGHT sleep with less women. I really don’t feel comfortable doing it. you can have all the one-night stands you want. and she asked how often I am in the Stiff Kitten. “I can’t imagine you being shy. we should hang out sometime….” I also pointed out I wasnt an alcoholic and didnt drink everytime I was there. and where abouts she was from.” She was kinoing me so much at this point it was getting ridiculous. Im gonna have to get over that soon. we both left about the same time. I didnt go because I was so skint I couldnt afford it. This is messed up. and then WING took care of the obstacle. “yeah it’s cool” then she kept trying to make sure that I had constantly asking me questions about it. by being honest and having morals. You just need to follow a few simple rules: -If you just want sex. and it keeps work very seperate from my social life. my head kept saying “We should hang out sometime…. I didnt close her. She then was really interested in my path from being a nervos little boy to my current situation. you don’t need a conversation to set these rules. Sicily it turns out. Luckily most of our customers are good quality guys who love women and just want more control over their love lives. Ill keep you posted as I get better.” “Have you a photo of you with your hair longer. We fluffed for a while. it came time for both of us to go to our next destinations.We fluffed for a bit. Maybe they hate women for all the times they’ve been rejected and want to get their own back. and this time 6 months ago I probably wouldnt even have been out at the bar. . you just need to keep the intera -Now. or you can find a good quality girl and stick with her. It is possible (and not even too difficult) to make sure you never break a girl’ heart. I couldve real easily even when we left she looked back at us twice I couldve called her over and done it there but didn’t. With great power comes great responsibility as Spiderman says.” “Yeah this time 2 weeks ago my hair was long frizzy and I probably wouldnt be tlaking to you. The problem for me is when guys don’t consider the woman’s wants whatsoever.

Ask her name.-Keep the interaction light. she won’t be investing emotion in something that isn’t real. Don’t ask their name. it’s about not being nasty when you don’t need to. I wanted to be able to approach her. Deliver it deadpan. If you wait for her. I break other guys’ rules every time I go out and still get tons of quality girls. getting a name is powerful. don’t be it! -When you are dating. Better to let the girl dump you. not mislead her. Don’t be generic with the compliment. I wanted to be able to do day game. and don’t say it weakly. I’ve learnt how to turn on my extrovert skills. Don’t give a compliment. I didn’t know anything about this stuff until late 2005. I have worked on every aspect of my character. At that time. Gambler’s PUA Method Gambler: Seduction Tips – The Pick-Up Rules Don’t listen to the rules! You can’t buy drinks for girls. This isn’t about status. and not connect with her on a deep level. engage with her before she thinks you are interested in her ugly friend and decides to leave the two of you together! Take any rule with a pinch of salt. and you are both thirsty from talking for 30 minutes. basically anytime I saw a girl that I wanted to speak to. dance floor. night game. but I’m not. it’s an IOI if she asks. she is broke. if she is open to talking to you initially. Just be needy and clingy and unattractive. one of the first things I decided was that I didn’t want to limit myself in any way. do it early. but I was called ugly until my early twenties too. Compliments about character or something that she has done with herself that she wasn’t born with are always better. These rules should not be taken as law. I can do it When I got into Game. be honest. you can find another girl easily. but most of the time they are caught up in the conversation and will forget! Naturally I’m not high energy. and I’ve done everything possible to engineer my looks. If you are a millionaire. I didn’t kiss a girl until 21! People call me good looking. People think I’m a natural. don’t be distant. she might be heat-broken for months if you split up with her. chances are she will forget to ask. -You are a PUA. who wasn’t very sociable. I was a shy. Don’t pay attention to the one you fancy! Ignore all that rubbish. and don’t think of it as winning her over if you buy her a drink. You know what she wants in a boyfriend. You only need to play hard to get if she is. thanks. Give compliments. you don’t need to start being a bastard. Find out what works for you. If you tell her you are seeing other women or don’t want something too serious. but usually I’d prefer to not be too high energy. its fine. it’s fine to buy her a drink! Just avoid girls that ONLY want a drink. introvert. I’d only slept with 2 girls! . But do it right! Do it when you really feel it.

I can hold a 6 set on my own for 20 minutes. and do crazy flashy things. and it melts them pretty well. if you do it with doubt. Very direct and fast escalation. he just did it in this way. This is how I got a 20 minute street to bed with a genuine HB9 (on the Vertex & Gambler scale. your mind that the girl will come over to you. I can even have a little conversation non-verbally to warm the girls up. you need complete confidence and authority otherwise it just won’t work. I elicit and connect on this. at some point I switch to a sexual character and this brings in the sexual tension. “I feel like I’ve known you for 3 months”. If there is no doubt in By semi-indirect I mean I’m not putting on a show for the girl or using time-constraints etc. So I use this to get my girlfriend close. you need to connect with her. I’ll be semi-indirect to start. I guess these are skills that naturals don’t have. if I see a big set with a girl I want in it. I’ll go directly to her. I’ll attract the girl’s attention from a distance. etc. It’s up to me when I do it. This style of mine took a while to develop. Students like it. so it is a mark of a PUA. do this. passions. and that’s where I employ my second method. I have a rule on 1-on1s that I’ll open any set they tell me to. I game in different ways when I’m training. force an IOI (verbally or nonverbally). and they still are naked in bed within 10 minutes. 2. but I am just coming across like a sociable person that wants to chat to them. I aim to hook by being more funny and interesting than what they were doing and then get into rapport. then it will work. I do this crazy deep connection stuff. go in in a sexual state and escalate quickly. This style is good for fast escalation in clubs. so I’ll talk about how I game when I’m doing things for myself. Emotions are attached to memories. I’ve got two types of styles: 1. I only SAW three 9s in 2006). After doing 500+ hours of training. I can switch it on and off anytime. She knows I know that I can kiss her. and it’s not that awkward type because they know you are doing it on purpose rather than just being scared. Another facet of this style is my . she won’t come. whatever. haven’t kissed them at all so far. etc. and it’s how I got 2 k-closes at Movida on Wednesday without even talking to the girls first. When they know you can kiss them but wait. I’ve got a super high energy game. The example is beckoning a girl to come over to you. The GFclose is basically when they would move in with me. Slow burning girlfriend close. I use a lot of nonverbal stuff. and the tension builds. the tension builds. I have state control. More likely. and it’s there when I need it. he has. So I’ve got this connection. I focus on digging out real emotions. I’ve had girls I’ve brought back to my house. This is where the girls say “I trust you”. The girl doesn’t know you. so if you just want something casual. future dreams. just after a few hours. In the second style.however. commit to a relationship. ONSs. so I had to develop this skill. If you want something more. In the first style. when Steve/Vertex says he’s never done a mixed set and things like this.

I’ve spent no time schmoozing but still get film premieres. In my opinion.complete honesty. or yes. I can’t be fake with people who I’m just trying to get something from. I’m honest with them. they could have a dream of being a singer or model. a stripper can earn £1000 a night in a top venue. She can work for a few months and save up enough money to put towards a house or something else. Sometimes. I just will do what is in my power to not hurt girls. On bootcamps. etc. the girls are well looked after. If I got blown out. dance around like a nutter. since they apply to making people like you. there were more than 10 close-able girls. What I don’t do is talk to people who I don’t want to. This isn’t Zan level stuff of spending an hour with a fat girl just to make her feel better. when I don’t feel like it. do all that stuff. or whether it comes from you making friends with her boss? My morals also extend to demos for students. some ran after me to make me take their number. I’ll work the room. etc. Last bootcamp. It works fine for me. making a good impression. I got solid closes from only a couple of minutes. the girls . What this does is it makes my emotion for them and the compliments I give much more powerful because they are genuine. of skanky bitches. we teach the elements of social proof game. I don’t exploit them. they could be a skanky bitch. Can you say that game is getting the girls whether it comes from a cold approach. etc. I don’t play with them or take things too far. A lot of people view strippers as little better than prostitutes. This means that a hot girl can make a lot more from stripping than she could for most other things. if I have any other girls. Gambler: Strip Club Game Not many guys that come to bootcamps have considered stripper game. The point is. So. The thing is that in London. and when I left. Just like I can’t bring myself to use a routine or canned lines in a PU. They could be students. and how I treat my girls. if I don’t like something about them. it’s filled with generally good quality girls. on the Sunday night. social circle game is much easier so it’s worth trying to get HBs in your social circle. I just morally object to working people like that. 2 times recently I’ve done “The Takeover” where we will just take over a section of the club and create a bubble around us. Here’s my take on social proof game: I use it. VIP parties. I don’t n-close a girl I wouldn’t call just to demo it. I’d never do anything rude in response. I’ve never broken a girl’s heart! I manage relationships very very well. I don’t try and control them. the upshot is that the strip club is not full Sure you can. The owner of a model agency needs no game. Guys are not allowed to touch. I don’t use an unwitting pivot and then leave her to go off with an HB. I love women. be ultra high energy. and the crowd is much better than you would find in an average club. I will tell them my job. any girl in that bubble will be a warm approach.

But the average standard is much higher. there are some with ugly faces. buy our drink. Favourite strip clubs in London for gaming the girls are Stringfellows in Wardour St and Upper St Martin’s Lane (next to my house!). I went beyond that. I have loads of books I want to read. I’ve started going to the gym for the first time in my life which is good for my energy levels and fitness but haven’t done the other things I’ve meant to. I still prefer small groups. Something I need to do is bring back some balance. but I still am. and sit there for a few hours and game the girls. I wasn’t improving for myself. At that point. I want to learn Portuguese (for when I go to Brazil). So now I date fashion models and strippers. I’ll come back with a whole bunch of new refinements to my game and teaching method. I think the next step could be further research on state control. These are people that will always be part of my life now. I’ve met lots of good friends and girls through moving to London and dedicating my time to PUA. We get in for free with vouchers. I have meant to do lots of classes and courses but just haven’t had the time. and it’s amazing to see what big events small decisions have lead to. People that have read my story might imagine that I’m not at all an introvert anymore. 1on1 conversations. the kind of girls that are fitness. I want to do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for martial arts & Gambler: Looking back and forward: Personal If I look back at what I’ve achieved in terms of increasing my skill with women. but I do know that if I can take another PU holiday in a place with hot women. We spend very little money at the strip club (1 drink). If I had just learned game and never thought about training. I work almost exclusively on PUA stuff.will be no worse than the average that you find in a night club in character. there are some fat ones. and working on my character. Not all the girls are hot in a strip club. and Secrets in Chancery Lane or Euston. You don’t. I just have the extravert skills when necessary. and will be a LOT better in looks. I could go out a few times a week and get numbers to line up dates for the rest of the week. It is easy to get into this state if you’ve got a bunch of k-closes around a club. and chances are that out of 70 girls. The other misconception is that you are going to need to buy loads of dances. I kept on trying to improve because I wanted to be the best that I could so that I would offer the best service to customers. and need time to myself. . considered the hardest to pick up. Spearmint Rhino. building the business. I don’t really know what to work on next. I’m very satisfied. 2 or 3 will be HB8s (on our strict scale). I would have quit learning about 9 months ago. and Russian. I want to be able to generate the state at will that women find irresistible. I want to do some yoga/pilates classes because I am very inflexible. On an even more personal note. but I’d like to be able to generate it any time.

etc. I knew this already. It goes against conventional thought. . If you break it when there is a break in the conversation (end of subject. But I break it when there is not a conversational break. but he was nodding and moving his head quickly which both makes it look like he wasn’t listening well and made her think he wanted to jump in with something to say. When you break eye contact. they still have the words there to hold their attention so it is more acceptable and doesn’t create that break.Gambler: Eye Contact. eye contact is also essential for the seduction phase… Gambler: 93% Of Gaming Is Non-Verbal This is a recent realisation of mine. and it goes against all the guys that constantly ask “what should I open with”. We were in set together. Of course. aha”. you can create an environment where they forget about the whole room and everything going on for a few minutes. this told her that she should finish what she is saying quickly. Subconsciously. If you can keep eye contact and match their vocal tone and be relaxed in your body language. I was winging and observing my student whilst he was in set. I noticed that I was able to get my girl comfortable and in rapport very quickly but his conversation seemed to be a bit stop-start. It’s very difficult to do this if someone is holding eye contact with you. I used to have this problem. it’s almost hypnotic. I advocate constant eye contact. then it increases the strength of the break and creates the stop-start kind of conversation. it’s annoying and it communicates that they have something to say. thinking of what to say next). I’m not in my head wondering what to say. It will break them out of the moment. Another factor was that he nodded and moved his head a lot when the girl was speaking. He was breaking eye contact to think of what to say next. and they aren’t looking around getting distracted. I think this is what I do. yeah. this means that I only lose the attraction but not the flow. and this is why my conversation flows. but I notice that I break it when I’m winging. A lot of guys also tell me that they run out of things to say. or generally talking to people that I don’t want to be attracted to me. talking to guys. but maybe I wasn’t completely conscious of all the elements I have now that make this not happen anymore. but what I realised was the timing of the eye contact break. If you break eye contact when they are in flow or you are in flow. things will catch their eye. We all know what it is like when someone is nodding and saying “aha. They will look around the room. the other person’s attention can wander. He wasn’t verbally doing this. you might look away but you will feel drawn back in. the eye wanders and then the mind wanders. Rapport & Conversational Flow I was on a 1on1 the other day and had some deeper realisations on eye contact. We are focused completely on each other. It is powerful.

and they’d be the ones that I stay with for the rest of the night. I opened 20 sets or so a night. I’ll go to a club and get 5 or more numbers of the hottest girls. some models. Gambler’s take I have never directly commented on this For the past 6 months. and from Thursday another 2. partly to get lots of practice and partly because the sets weren’t lasting that long. sexual state projection. Recently I’ve been gaming with a different style. relaxed. but I think with some refinements I could line up dates for the whole week from just one night out. one constraint on this is the quality of the girls. and conveying attractive qualities (sexual confidence. and luckily now I’ve found the best places in London for hot girls so I can guarantee that I’m going to be attracted to quite a few of Gambler: Fast Closes And Text Game. this is similar to what Beckster has been doing for years. Because of the amount of time we are together. sexual tension generation. I might only be in set with them for a short time. Clubs are noisy. nonneedy). all meet my criteria of looking good without make-up. There is a shortage of day-game material. indifferent. Sexual tension is generated almost completely through non-verbal communication. and having other attractive qualities outside their looks. and it is kind of stupid that most of the pickup material is verbally heavy but focused on clubs. the girls have lower attention spans. I called this “the girlfriend close”.In a night club. The girls are hot. Assuming the basic rule that number closes are for the day-time and physical closes are for the night game (because one is a sexually charged environment with alcohol and the other isn’t) most of how night game is taught should focus on non-verbal communication. or is it better to try and be natural? On our bootcamps. My non-verbal game includes forcing IOIs. Of course. “Who lies more” doesn’t work in the street or supermarket. you can k-close without saying a word. it’s pretty much guaranteed that they’d want to see me again. Natural Game vs Routine-based. Of course. bening thin.is it better to develop a script and go out and use it to pull women. I’ll get the number and then I’ll send them the same series of text messages which is designed to get them back to my house. and in big cities there are often a large number of foreign girls. I’d go to the club and usually only open one girl. For my first time trying this style it went well. and only opened girls that I wanted. arguement . them vs none of them in the usual Leicester Square venues. Then I got good. day-game has a much larger verbal element. we take the view that it is easier to get started and build confidence if you . Normally all we have is attraction. Gaming The Lazy Way When I first started gaming. From Wednesday I’ve got 3 dates arranged. i’ve been going for solid closes with very targeted girls.

Fake DHV stories. Steve: Sexual Escalation . Do we really want a girl that would fall for all this shit? I know it works on a lot of girls. or love you for who you are or not? feel a connection with you because you ran all this emotional stuff on them and you are going to break a lot of hearts. . manipulate. Assuming someone is a PUA or MPUA. do you want someone to be attrracted. There is a chance I could end up in a relationship with a girl I use a routine stack on. When you use a routine stack time and time again. why would they still use routines? Here are my problems with routine based game: 1. 3. Whether you just want to sleep with her or whether you really really like her. Either MM.have some material to fall back on. but it puts me off a girl when she falls for it! 4. Personally I used canned material and routines to begin with and it took a few months to completely leave them behind. So what happens? Girls that you don’t like too much lather some rapport on there sonny jim. you can’t calibrate to how much you like the girl. Does someone who is great with women need to do this? Shouldn’t he be better and more moral than the average guy. SS or whatever. This is the biggest of all. and that is why we teach some. otherwise you in fo a whole heap o flaking. steal.Gaming For Sex After Short Interactions I wanted to write this post after thinking about the 10 step guide to natural game. this stuff all has it’s place and i’m glad 2. Normally it is desperation that causes a guy to lie and use tricks (and even spike girls drinks). religiously. at all times. like. openers. cheat. Men that have choice and skills with women do not need to lie. Are you developing yourself and making yourself into a more attractive man if you are working so much on your outer game. or trick a woman into bed. and fo sho don’t game the target direct. Pulled a HB 8. dogmatically. The woman is being attracted to a fake you. could I live with myself knowing that I might not have got her if I didn’t use it? Can I look at her every day knowing she fell for “who lies more?” Do I want a girl that any routine robot might have been able to get? I had some openers and stuff when I first started but the goal of us all should be to leave it all behind as soon as possible. I’ve seen posts / spoken to guys about their view on game and have noticed that there tends to be a ubiquitous view that the “process” should be followed.5 and are attracting well? Better 5. you use the same shit. and specifically the script you use? Doesn’t that make you a weirdo? Of course. so why do these so-called PUAs still do it? 6. In a group situation? Better go in a take care of the CB’s first. etc are all fakery that substitute putting yourself on the line. kissclose techniques.

stripper girl. it doesn’t say on the boardHB 8. blah blah Me : Ah yeah.5 tall redhead at Cheltenham train station last Friday. tube. . In my view. etc etc. I’m speaking from my own personal experience on this matter. I thought I would game her for a laugh as I haven’t been doing too much recently. however I am posting this because I think it’s helpful in situations where : (i) There isn’t enough fucking time for rapport i. at least not to the degree that a lot of guys seem to think. Thus the convo was started NOTE : Obviously it’s preferable to have some kind of connection. I don’t know why but this came up) So I have about 1 hour to game her. doing this all the time etc…I eventually say to her that I think we should go to the toilets and fuck. she accuses me of being a player.. it’s not necessary. so what I wanted to talk about was the notion of having to have all this rapport / comfort in order to ensure the HB will meet you again after the first encounter. Started off brushing a bit of hair off her face and told her I love readheads. Attraction and fascination will do just fine.. plenty. Bollocks. wassa matta withchu? Come with me to London. forget abaaaat it. At this point we’re sitting opposite each other.HB 8. so I move across next to her and show her my expenses on my laptop (I also show her pics of HB Spanish model who I’ve been shagging. I tell her I have been to see my accountant and she tells me she is a trainee account. she says I’m cheesy but is loving it.cos she’ll blow you out and kick you to the kerb. Me : Hey how long does x take to get to London. I tell her that she is a naughty girl and a typical red head.e train station. We’re chatting like this for a while and then some guy sits opposite so I open up my laptop and start typing messages for her on the screen. keep busting on her about various things and then go kino. (Fake gangster accent a la Robert De Niro. she So we get on the train and talk more. with exaggerated hand gestures) Ehhh. work eh. what are you a gangster or something? You Italian? It revolves around star signs and sexuality. (iii) You get the point.5 tall redhead (laughing more) : Hey I’d love to but I’m tired from work. girlfriend. so where you goin eh? Hot damn.(ii) You’re in an environment where there are lots of HB’s and you don’t want to spend hours with her talking shite. (Puts hand under chin and gestures toward her. climing up that pole. Hah I bet you’re tired.5 tall redhead (laughing): I’m going to Swindon Me : Whatchou goin there for. gangster style HB 8.5 tall redhead : Er about 2 hours I thinkMe : Wow you’re really expressive with your hand gestures. with follow up: I met HB 8. Hardcore. Here is an example which illustrates the point.

They can’t see my hand under the table though… As she gets off I smack her on the arse (my speciality) and tell her I’ll be seeing her real soon…I have the number of course. She knows she wants to fuck but has to rationalise it to herself in some way. so will most nightclubs. I’m a good girl).. confidently and in a dominant way. however due to the time lag she might have flaked. right on the train This is a crowded train. however because the attraction and fascination was so strong she made it easy for me to progress things by making comments like “you’re a player. BUT WAS GIVING ME A CLEAR WAY OUT OF IT. part her legs etc and stroke thighs…Then lean in and nibble on her neck and earlobes… After more of this and more sexy talk I end up getting off with her. I know we got a bit carried away there on the train but I did really quite like you.Speak soon. and then later when she gives you a chance to make her feel a little special. (iii) Even though she probably knows it’s bullshit. I know you did. not hugely passionate kissing but proper.” The KEY points here are: (i) She was obviously very attracted and that alone may have guaranteed a shag AT THAT TIME (e.g at her house). So I play about with this for a while and then move my hand further up. THE REAL KEY TO THIS POST : I’ve had 3 minute. escalate smoothly. . all I had to say was that I felt something special with her.You felt it too babe didn’t you. I felt we had something there and I want to see where it takes us. in her mind she is probably resolved of all responsibility as I am the one escalating etc. So I sent her a txt. it’s not very often I meet someone I really like. You have to sense the energy of the interaction and leave on a high note when her interest is high…don’t let it flag and don’t talk too fucking much. along the lines of “Hey in all seriousness. sex.. don’t go shagging and leaving too many girls when you go out this weekend” etc etc.. you take it. I am escalating kino all the time. So try to get her down at the weekend but she doesn’t make it although she has rung me twice and will prob come down on Sunday.replies with something like (my heart says yes but my head says no…I can’t do it.(ii)This is absolutely key with quick seductions that of necessity have to lead to sex at another time – you HAVE to have MAJOR attraction. etc etc.. I put my hand on her knee and tell her that perfect symmetry is rare in nature. so I had to at least provide some sort of spurious reason for her to come down and shag me (ok she hasn’t yet but the fact that she has called twice now indicates to me that it’s on. If she does come down. hell 2 minute no closes from I could sense that she thought I was a player and not really faithful to girls and she felt like one in a long queue. there’s a guy opposite and to the other side are various other passengers. I am 95% sure I will nail her). she says one of her knees is bigger than the other as she had an accident once. She was making it clear that she thought I was like that. coffee shops etc that have led to prolonged contact and in some cases.

You look like a dork who is socially maladjusted. doesn’t matter that much where you are.s cringeworthy. Also. or is shit testing you or whatever. First thing you do when you see her – walk up to her. Example : HB : So why do I need you as a boyfriend? What “Yeah cool. the environment. and give your natural response with no regards to the consequenecs? Because you really don’t care? London Hunk has been posting every Tuesday Steve: A Powerful Natural Frame To Have I’ve seen a lot of talk on here about FRAME. I find this really cool. I will come back to it another time and reread to make sure it makes sense…anyway there have been other examples but I wanted to give a detailed breakdown so you could see what I was talking about Summary (i) Escalate physically. by the way. it’s a challenge to her. if the HB says something unnacceptable. What about if you could just say the first thing that comes into your mind. It looks WEIRD. IMHO. kiss her and grab her arse. what my body is telling me. this means just saying the first thing that comes into my head!! Listen to what your body is telling you. how tired you are. (ii) Leave the interaction on a high note (iii) There’s NOTHING wrong with her thinking you’re a player.definitely come down with the view “I’m not going to shag him”. Now. You will be found out eventually. but will do it and then rationalise afterwards that it was all my fault… I am typing this at work and my manager is watching me like a fucking hawk. I’ve seen this out there. It’s totally different from someone who GENUINELY can’t be arsed to listen to any bullshit and gives a congruent reaction. you FRAME CONTROL it away. but I was thinking : my response would be totally different depending on how I feel at any given time. what pops into your mind when someone says something to you? I think it depends on a bunch of factors : your state. trying to be “alpha”. Your frame in the interaction with HB’s. it. etc etc. CONFIDENTLY. She WILL be sucked into it if you do this. about responding when a HB hits you with THIS. To me. DOMINANT. she is turned on by it and will give you a way in by dropping little hints so that you can make her feel a little special (iv) When you see her again. anything that is not natural is WEAK. I’ve been thinking about game recently and a key part of having a natural style is living in the moment. so whatever” will you do for me? . escalate from where you left off. For eg. SMOOTHLY. if not done correctly it looks fucking stupid. what is going on here? Is it natural to do this are are you using a technique? A frame control technique? To me.

Further info: OK there are some valid points here and i’ll ignore the pointless diatribe against me…No need for it. Smack her arse again. Now shut up and grab my dick! Do you see where I am going with this? It’s amazingly powerful. there is NO reason why someone else cannot learn it too. Me (moody and pissed off state) . Now. An obvious one is : never fuck around with peoples religions. living in your own reality. SO this is stuff I HAVE LEARNED MY SELF. This is what I am saying. Only in nightclubs. if a girl is giving you shit.Wincing. sure. they don’t want a fucking invented personality! . You just wander through life. I had NEVER done a cold approach in my life : I used to wait for EC and then move in. what about if these guys try giving themselves free reign to let this personality come out. Have you ever noticed the nerdy guys who. Falling Down? The Micheal Douglas character is going insane. I am genuinely trying to help and am genuinely trying to break down how I game because I feel it’s valid : it’s not easy for me to do this. I am advocating doing exactly what your body and mind say at that point in time. But what’s he up to? HE’S ACTING AS HE WANTS TO!! It is fucking annoying to him that they are digging up the street. smack her on the arse. I was not a “natural” before I started : I wasn’t walking up to girls on the street and taking them home. who IS truthful. occasionaly come out with hysterical comments that have everyone rolling around the floor laughing? Would you ever expect that? No. past all the social programming. I think I am advocating something that is much more simple. Have you ever seen that movie. Be socially aware but live in YOUR reality. “Shut up silly girl”. Shut up. To my mind. You need to be socially adjusted and have respect for peoples boundries.“That’s a fucking stupid thing to say. Usually it worked. organic and natural that learning techniques. and yuo’re pissed 1st point : Frame control IS something that can be learned. So. I am not advocating hitting people or being criminal. Other guys on here can probably advise more technical ways of doing this : I am offering another alternative. But I managed to talk my self out of SO SO many lays merely by off. FUCKING TELL HER!!! Women want a guy who IS emotional. Don’t say stuff like that to me again”Me (Angry state) Shut up you stupid cuntMe (horny state) FUCK THE ARSE OFF YOU. being insecure. My game was 1 dimensional. when you get talking to them. Look at her . Let the real person come out. You wouldnt fucking believe it.Turn her over. so he blows it up with a fucking rocket launcher!!! So.Me (happy relaxed and playful state) .

how to project a sexual vibe These are general things that you can do. So. most alpha. If you want more Day 2’s then you need to TONE IT DOWN. like grabbing her arm. imagine sliding your cock into her. Go for more rapport once you have attraction. imagine her bent over with her pink slit on display. giving me IOIs etc. with a good body and good looks. Often with money. If you have good lay logistics and can extract well. then give it a try. sexy. spinning her round etc etc. It does usually work on girls who are giving you IOIs. c&f. it can get results like blow jobs on trains. practically ALL horny. direct etc. I see other guys discussing the merits of mini techniques. YOU HAVE TO STAND OUT!! I choose to do it by trying to portray the best looking. feel your balls. However in club game. it may not work for everyone. ALL wanting to get the girl. no bleating about “is this field tested. If you want to just roll around the club being wild. Feel the weight of your cock between your legs. You will probably find that if you do stuff like this. NOTE 3: Please. When you see a HB or SHB. sexually powerful. Imagine her sucking on your cock. a predator etc. getting off with good looking chicks left right and centre. I am a 6ft tall bloke. When I am walking round the streets I often get very good looking women checking me out. 2.Tactics And Techniques I see / hear a lot of guys asking about what openers are best to use in clubs. horny. you will get women calling you dangerous. . Elements of this should exist in ANY interaction with females. imagine her naked. stuff like that. and it works for me. NOTE: This does not work on all girls. to one degree or another. you may get lots on ONS by doing this. alpha guys. If you use this kind of stuff though. NON DRUNK. They will probably not trust you but they WILL find it sexy. 1. what method to use.Steve: Club Game Escalation . does it work”. it’s GREAT FUN!! Clubs are full of good looking. NOTE 2: You have to get into the right state to do it. I say this not to boast but to point out that the stuff I describe here WORKS FOR ME. of course its fucking field tested. dominant guy. you have to calibrate. Think of it as your big fat tool. Whilst this is all great I don’t see anyone talking about SEXUAL DOMINANCE/ PROJECTING A SEXUAL VIBE at all times. you can be EXTREMLY overt about it. Otherwise you need to be able to tell if a girl fancies you immediately when you open – look for the usual IOIs. I shall put this in context.

use something like “what’s your story then?” Say it in the right way. You have to swallow her with your eyes. use your eyes and whole body to capture her attention. If you do. Then alternate it later (usually after prolonged kissing). 7. its like you KNOW she wants you. it’s NOT like Liam Gallagher. Lean in softly. invade the fuck out of her body space. pull her hair and position her mouth where YOU want it. I’m serious. When you see her and are up close. really get into it. Your body language should convey this sexual vibe. Start off with extremely alpha stuff. Stare at her. Grab one of her arse cheeks and pull her into you so her pussy is pressed up against your cock. do not be a joker. study her whole face and look at her softly. she wants to feel your cock in her mouth). kiss her HARD. whole. almost like you are going to bruise her mouth. fucking sexy face (this is honestly how you need to be thinking). extremely suggestively. STUDY her for a while. make appreciative noises if you want. Grab the back of her head and pull her hair so that her head goes back. 3. BE OVERLY SEXUALLY CONFIDENT. Grab her and pull her into you and let her feel your cock rubbing against her. look at her and decide if you want to fuck her. I cant describe it better than that. If you are doing this right. you should be almost instantly hard and maybe have some precum coming out of your cock.think of how you can slam it into the HBS and make her wet. Rub noses with her and laugh with her about it. you have to show it who’s boss to start. At this point I am thinking – I am using my big brown eyes to show her my tender side. put one hand under her chin and lean back.. I mean SLAP it. and gentle and then when you get more into it. 5. SLAP her arse. 6. Usually then you can hug her and stroke her back. Fluff about bullshit but be invading her space and overwhelm her with masculine presence. start off slowly. this is how sexual you need to be. the deal is already done. . kiss her neck. When you first start to touch her. pull back. Its almost as if you are taming a wild horse. after you have kissed her. If you get the eye of a HB. 4. You should almost instantly shut out the rest of the club for her. one on each side. Say anything. You should be standing tall. TAKE UP SPACE. You can escalate extremely fast by doing this. you need to have her in the state where nothing else in the world exists in that moment except your beautiful. bump heads a little. Do something like put 2 fingers under her chin and just look at her. NO TIMIDITY CAN BE SHOWN. You should almost be sneering. Put both hands on her face. then you can show your tender side later. she is going to get some of my cock. alternate. When kissing. when you stand still stand with your legs apart. be sexually powerful. think to yourself mmm. Swagger over to her (you have to do this right. Stick your tongue in as you feel like it. hard. get in close. THINK SEXUAL.

IMHO.For eg. what pops into your mind when someone says something to you? I think it depends on a bunch of factors : your state. almost in an offhand way. do this. what my body is telling me.Example : . how tired you are. a gentle slap in the face if she gives you any shit. come here (then kiss her again) 9. more like an extremely confident. Even. Also. Be graphic. “Yeah cool. it. I would say that its easier to show you guys but I am still not used to gaming with other guys much and find it much harder. sexually powerful guy who gets what he wants from women. but hopefully when I wing some of you I can get into this state and do it naturally to demonstrate. You will be found out eventually. etc etc.What about if you could just say the first thing that comes into your mind. but stare her down and do not back down after you have done it. I am going to fuck you so hard. but I was thinking : my response would be totally different depending on how I feel at any given time. and give your natural response with no regards to the consequenecs? Because you really don’t care? London Hunk has been posting every Tuesday about responding when a HB hits you with THIS. So don’t be afraid to have fun with them!! I shall try and break this down into more specific techniques in certain situations with examples if anyone is interested. so whatever”Now. Be cool with it. Accompany it with little smacks etc. the environment.8. It’s totally different from someone who GENUINELY can’t be arsed to listen to any bullshit and gives a congruent reaction. It looks WEIRD. if the HB says something unnacceptable.I’ve been thinking about game recently and a key part of having a natural style is living in the moment. this means just saying the first thing that comes into my head!! Listen to what your body is telling you. 11. they are girls and they come out to meet and have fun with sexy guys. or is shit testing you or whatever. Be extremely fucking sexual. To me. Don’t be afraid to game her friends if there are two or more of them. anything that is not natural is WEAK. etc etc.s cringeworthy. In general just be extremely dominant. Tell her what to do. you FRAME CONTROL it away. Tell her what you want to do to her. If she objects with some feeble shit. by the way. You should be thinking of the women as little retarded girls who don’t know what they want and need a big guy to show them what the fuck is going on. tell her to shut the fuck up. Put your arms round both of them. I’ve seen this out there. you don’t want to come across like a school teacher. A Powerful Frame To Have : What Does Your Body Say? I’ve seen a lot of talk on here about FRAME. Your frame in the interaction with HB’s. feel their arses. I find this really cool. 10. get me a beer. trying to be “alpha”. I am going to make you scream. sit there. do that. You look like a dork who is socially maladjusted. at some points. what is going on here? Is it natural to do this are are you using a technique? A frame control technique? To me. have fun with them. Come here. if not done correctly it looks fucking stupid.

rapport stage etc etc. Smack her arse again. it’s just up there.(ii) It shows great confidence. Creating attraction There are numerous ways in which you can create attraction. however it’s useful because it illustrates the technique. once should be enough. Don’t say stuff like that to me again”Me (Angry state) Shut up you stupid cuntMe (horny state) FUCK THE ARSE OFF YOU. Now shut up and grab my dick!Do you see where I am going with this? It’s amazingly powerful. You need to be socially adjusted and have respect for peoples boundries.(iv) It shows you are sexually confident and direct. Ask as many attractive women as you can if they would appreciate being approached by an attractive guy who is direct and Steve’s Guide To Creating Attraction… Here is my guide to creating attraction. of course you can’t go around hitting people. living in your own reality. Be socially aware but live in YOUR reality. We all have boring. Using this kind of sexual misinterpretation is great because :(i) You can use it at ANY point in the conversation e. smack her on the arse.Turn her over. “Shut up silly girl”. as with the example below :PUA : So where you from?HB : I’m from LatviaPUA : Latvia . You’ll have to wait…. PUA : OK . Remember.. most powerful ways : Method one – Conversational jujitsu. It’s difficult to put an exact figure on how many times you should do this but in a 3 minute number close in the daytime. I used to post stupid stuff like this.Did you say you wanted to watch me wank? I’ve only just met you. as humourous. You just wander through life. An obvious one is : never fuck around with peoples religions.“That’s a fucking stupid thing to say. Try and use it directly after the opener as it’s a great way of flipping the attraction switches.HB : So why do I need you as a boyfriend? What will you do for me?Me (happy relaxed and playful state) . I am not advocating hitting people or being criminal. Shut up. turn left at the bank. my god you are forward…This is a rather extreme. this is a good start though. Anyway. There is a bunch of other stuff that I do that I am trying to quantify and break down.(iii) It immediately cuts through the bullshit and sets the tone of the conversation as sexual. just up there…PAUSE. Use it sparingly as overuse will reduce it’s effectiveness. Look at her . Now. Another conversational method is to use ANY hook to turn the conversation onto a sexual / dating plane. and if delivered correctly is very funny – 2 ideal ingredients you want to demonstrate to a girl. Again this is unusual and attractive. You wouldnt fucking believe it.Using this method you pretend not to hear what she is saying and misinterpret it in a sexual way.g after opening.Wincing.Me (moody and pissed off state) . a degree of sexual tension is a MUST in interacting with girls. anodyne conversations all day long : this is different and makes you stand out. and guess what? It was because I was feeling like it at that time and it amused me. The following are some of the best. in the following example :PUA : Hey can you tell me where the nearest hairdressers is?Her : Oh yeah. You can use literally ANYTHING to do this.This technique is a way of creating sexual tension and quickly changing the nature of the interaction and getting you talking as a man and woman who may be interested in sex.

Yeah. They get their arses smacked. women can and WILL pick up on this and it becomes a sort of game. it said that the girls from Latvia are all super hot…(IRONICALLY) – I couldn’t comment .. If they appear uncomfortable. which allowed me to get a solid number close and arrange to meet her for a day 2. whenever you’re in conversation with a girl.You’re very forward arne’t you? (Get closer). showing prolonged eye contact and using sexual humour. of course. This method is best used shortly after the opener. you can also use pauses and sexual innuendo. But you’d like that (sexual humour)PUA : Where you from??In the above example we have all of the techniques being used simultaneously. Don’t stare! You know you’re staring if she starts to say “what…” and appears to think something is wrong with her. whereas a sleazy guy has a running porno video in his mind and views women as a sex object.Here is an example. try to keep holding eye contact in every interaction with a woman. PAUSE…How strange. you can create attraction spikes by thinking of her in a sexual way and appreciating her beauty. but with sexual intent)…See any interesting guys in here (INNUENDO)HB : Not really.PUA : You look just like the cat that got the cream… (PAUSE. try and hold her eyes and smile at appropriate points.Except you (attraction gained within 2 seconds)PUA : (Ironic smile) – I see. try and focus on something that you find physically attractive about her and gain pleasure from it and SHOW IT to the girl. It was necessary to build up some comfort on text in order to solidify a day 2 but using these techniques you can get solid numbers very quickly as very very few guys out there are making this kind of impression so quickly. be careful NOT to appear sleazy. Method two – prolonged eye contact. To practice this skill.As a general principle. looking at her in smiling way. of course…PAUSE…And it also said they all seem to have a special interest in (describe yourself) e.To practice this. as every comment you make can become pregnant with sexual undertones.g 5”6 guys who wear brown courdroy pants and pink socks and matching pink underwear. Generally you should aim to keep eye contact as long as possible but NOT IN A THREATING WAY! When in conversation with a girl. I heard about that place…I read an article about it actually.When holding eye contact. it’s a bad night. you can let her in on the fact that you find her attractive and play with fake coyness. A bit of a naughty girl infact (Sexual humour). As you practice this.– oh yeah. A sexual man has an honest appreciation for beauty and gets pleasure from it.This technique is most useful throughout the pickup. cool. this is an actual transcript taken from a 2 minute number close. use this sparingly as you do not want to appear to be a clown by using too much humour. However. as there is a world of difference between a sexual man and a sleazy one. These techniques can be applied at any point during the pickup.. Method four – Raise your standards. Don’t look away and notice their reactions. which lead to an f close on a day 2. Use the powerful statements in method five to enhance the effect. Method three – pregnant pauses and sexual innuendo When you’re confident. Are you aware of this phenomenon?Your lucky day eh?Again. you need to keep 1 principle in mind : . Do you know what happens to naughty girls (Innuendo)HB : I couldn’t guess (fake innocence)PUA : (Grabbing her bum). in a genuine and sexually interested way. keep practicing and try to smile more.

after sexual tension has been created but before you have kissed. We’d be good together.know your standards and stick to them. then you’re much more likely to gain attraction. Here is the key : it’s how you show disdain that matters. . Use the conversational pauses.delivered at the right time it’s a devastating technique and can instantly transform an interaction and set the tone to whatever you want. can be used to create massive sexual tension.When in a conversation. When you’re talking. You’ll find that if she’s attracted. whilst invading her personal space.the combination of x quality and y quality. In the above four examples. Use your body and a quick word to convey distaste. in a natural pause in the conversation.You might use (iv) on a day 2. DON’T get into a prolonged logical debate about her behaviour or what she has said. In truth the opposite is true : if you show you’re a man with standards and will call her on shoddy behaviour. You can start off with the tamer ones and move up the ladder to the more powerful ones : (i) When was the last time you got really drunk? (Gets rapport and sets tone for day 2 meeting. in a very powerful direct way) You have to consider the effect that you want to achieve in order to evaluate the best time to use these statements. funny) (iv) This is getting boring – when was the last time you got fucked properly? (WHAM!! Very powerful. sets dating / sexual frame) (iii) There’s something about a girl like you that’s very sexy. (Gets personal. Method five – tell her what you want / shock tactics. is she displaying qualities that you don’t like? Has she said something that on some level pisses you off? Then SHOW IT!!This sounds obvious but it’s surprising how many guys will try to hide their distaste in the hopes of getting into a girls knickers.This technique is very powerful. imagine what our kids would look like (humourous) As long as they got my looks. and can literally transform the dynamic of an interaction with 1 clear sentence. This is a great opportunity to be won over (if you agree with what she’s saying) and gain control of the frame. It sends a very direct signal to her that you are interested and that you want her . gets personal) (ii) Those earrings (or X Y Z adornment) really say a lot about you (playful and slightly ironic)…What do they say?? Curious arnet you. Turn away from her a little if she genuinely pisses you off. I think it’s…. look directly at her and then deliver the statements. Write them down if you have to! What do you want in a girl? What qualities are an absolute MUST (try to be more specific than 32DD breasts!). just say “I see” as you backturn. gets her thinking of you in a bf / gf way.They tell me that (go into cold read). creates attraction. you can bust out these kind of powerful statements but they have to be used at the right time. gets her thinking of sex WITH YOU. she’ll claw at you and try to explain her position or apologise. it would be cool anyway (Immediatley sets tone for dating frame. Especially effective if you are talking about boring subjects that neither of you are interested in. instant DHV and shows you are paying attention. It’s not necessary to tell her off.. you might use (iii) immediately after receiving an IOI. or even “that’s a little weird”…Then fall silent.

then bringing them out at particular points in the interaction. So… (i) What needs further explanation / clarification Again. in that you invade their personal space in a dominant and congruent way. powerful statements that you want to achieve a particular effect.(ii) It shows that you are investing in the interaction and are not afraid to put your balls on the line.Traditional social dynamics literature will tell you that respecting another persons personal space is very important to avoid conflict and create rapport. It shows you are an alpha male and that when you see something you like. Kino lightly.You must use your judgement about when to use these statements. So how do you do it?Firstly. and women can sense this. Now it’s time to focus on building and escalating to an f close. you go for it. flaunting this “rule” can be extremely effective in creating attraction. use the techniques above. When you get one IOI. by delivering a powerful statement about how you like her. something that is lacking in most men. we’re messing around but…I gotta say I like you because of X Y Z quality (pick out a quality that’s unique to her – DON’T JUST SAY NICE TITS. you can be 90% sure the number will not flake if you use the techniques as directed. (ii) Is it well explained? (iii) How could it be improved for you?? e. when talking. you are not behaving in a wishy washy way and are clearly telegraphing your interest to the girl in a direct and powerful way. You can practice by writing out some simple. Method six– Invasion of personal space. More bar and club game techniques Although I believe game is game. Most guys are afraid of screwing this up and losing the girl. it’s established.as conversation fillers. you can get a number close and if you reach this point. it shows that you are not like most men and have more sexual confidence. however in pickup. especially if she is the nervous type. declarative. I think this kind of stuff is more suited to bars / clubs…Daytime is more about fast closes or longer insta dates (in my experince tho I am no day game specialist) See my blog for the club game and sexual escalation techniques….“In all seriousness.. you’re on. Or. move straight in. If you are different. you are less likely to receive a negative reaction if you act in this way than if you pussyfoot around and are scared to screw up or scare her away. Get closer to her. Try and think of something unique). start off by putting your hand on her arm and whisper in her ear. Immediately drop any cocky techniques and get serious with her. This is mostly true. Now you’re having a real interaction! Sexual interest is there. The main reasons why this works as a technique are (i) You show that you have the sexual confidence to escalate.g explain HOW TO in easy steps POST FOLLOWS!! . Displays like this send a very clear signal to her that you are the kind of man that can take her to bed and show her a good time. Ironically. this will be covered in later chapters.

. though the technique is different. forceful. You shouldn’t be thinking in terms of what can I do to impress this girl. IOIs are flowing. Step One : dominate and break her. You demonstrate physical dominance using the techniques described here. You should be living in your own reality but at the same time you are painfully honest with the HB and you give of yourself. Therefore in the early stages. slightly risky way that will turn her on. but in a confident. This mindset encompasses a number of sub elements You shouldn’t be thinking of what she is thinking of you. until you have gained mutual respect and sexual attraction is between both of you.e indifferent to outcome and knowning you have “broken” her.Key principles Indifference to outcome You must be coming from a place where you are not leeching off her. You must not attach your emotional state to how she reacts to you. it’s not something that you should be wanting to take from her. you cannot help but do this. you are demonstrating to her as a man that you are going to LEAD her. Sexual attraction and tension should be its own free flowing entity that exists between TWO people. . But it is a method that is employed on ALL girls in the early stages. sexual dominance. and finally mental dominance (breaking her and then the shift of mindset). slightly risky. quickly establish who is in charge. If you are acting in the moment. This is the stage when you are clearly attracted to each other. Breaking the girl is more overt and obvious for sexually agressive girls. so in addition to the “indifferent” frame that we are familiar with that has been discussed elsewhere. First step is that you must make a quick strike and break her. The idea of breaking the girl is that you have to Dominance The aspect of dominance is vital because it demonstrates that You are a man who will take charge and LEAD her in a way that is highly exciting to her : sexy. strong. You must not be WANTING or NEEDING anything off her. or TAKING SOMETHING from her that she doesn’t want to give. and NATURALLY i. You are overwhelming her in a short space of time and OWNING her in a sexy risky way. Putting your real personality on the line – adopting frame of doing what your body says. you must try NOT TO CARE about the outcome.

go a notch higher and then break her with your aggression and dominance. you are in charge. Ways of spotting her sexual agressivity: How hard does she kiss – is she a PASSIVE kisser (receiver). lots of energetic movements? As a basic principle. For other types of girls your approach is less aggressive but you are still physically demonstrating that you are in charge. pin them and push her back. At this point you are now going to reinforce what has just happened and assert your position further. sit back and look at her in a complacent way. If she doesn’t. .Sexually aggressive girls You have to make an assessment of the level of sexual aggression of the girl. GRAB her hands.. HUGE DDB eyes.Whilst doing so put your hand on the side of her face and stroke it gently. or does she push back with her tongue? Does she move your hands for you to where she wants them to be? : I am the man here. you must stop that immediately and physically and aggressively take charge: Put your hand on the back of her head. tilt her head back. pin her down. Put one hand under her chin. grabbing her face.e doing what she wants. When you do this you should find that you get If she is moving your hands. this girl will not tame me. and their eyes are HUGE and shining? This is what should happen… Phase two : The shift (now she is yours) You should find that she will submit to your physical will after a few push backs. I am in charge. get her doing what you want her to do. Does she grab you with force with her hands? Is she generally “feisty” i. This move shows her physically that you are in If she kisses you back hard. it’s the underlying MINDSET that is CRUCIAL. YOU HAVE to take charge and dominate her. and you will dominate her. withdraw and look at her. You know that look that women get when their mouths are slightly open and they look a but dumb. arrange it so that its in a good position for kissing then move in and kiss her. If she starts to dominate YOU sexually. I am going to break her. KEEP GOING. in a dominant but less sexually aggressive way than with sexually aggressive HB’s. For other types of girls. So when kissing her. stop her. NOTE : The “move” is irrelevant really.. this is just an example and one that I use. forcing her mouth onto yours charge. In your mind you are thinking Once this has happened.. study her…Then do a move that shows that as the man you are leading. you must always be in charge. If she keeps moving around. increase the tension by pulling back.

she is yours and you are steering the interaction.And you’re interested in her as a person too. But you should aim to be in the comfort phase within 5 minutes. Your mindset : This is my girl now. looking at her like she’s a little girl…Whats going on? You suddenly appear to be treating her differently… Some switch has flipped in your mind and she’s now certain that this is a man that she cannot tame. or may take up to 20.. Generally throughout the entire PU your underlying mindset is This is one girl. You can now AFFORD to be 100% genuine and natural with her . You must adopt the usual principles but also be indifferent to the outcome. Phase three : comfort Now that you are comfortable. you will reinforce this with PHYSICAL actions Your touch should be more tender Your faces should be physically closer Rub noses with her Stroke her face So within the space of a few minutes to half and hour you are sending her emotions on a rollercoaster ride…In her mind she is thinking: her. Then all of a sudden you are leaning back. you are coming from an authentic place as a man who has already DEMONSTRATED that you are in charge and you are aware that she is attracted to you (the mental phase shift)…Now you are showing that you like her too.Now is the time to ARRANGE her…Move her about a bit. there are millions more out there and I can get them I am the man and I am in charge Yeah I’m the shit. since you are not coming from a place of NEEDINESS. I’m confident. and you’re getting to know HOWEVER Put yourself on the line and don’t dick around… Tell her you like her and SHOW it.. a strong man with a tender side…She loves it. etc etc. then smack her bum. that she can never control. In comfort Whatever your style for creating comfort is. Don’t wuss out now. say come here. and you want to know more… Can you see how this rollercoaster ride can fascinate a woman?? These three phases can happen very quickly (literally within 3-5 minutes or even shorter). In addition to the usual rapport / comfort techniques. when you are in this phase you cannot backslide and contradict the impression you have already made. now you’re acting soppy.But wait. and have broken her.. you appear to be all man… You have lead her and controlled her in a way that she likes and that turns her on. I’ve broken her and she’s submitted. all pretence is gone. Then you guy roll up and take charge. There is NO QUESTION that she is mine.But the underlying FRAME shouldn’t change. in an offhand way. you’re tender too.

Strategy Before I will write something about strategy I would like to introduce myself. Mystery and Ross. you still love and who is with another guy now. The key in all cases is to break the frame. of strategy that you need to compete against competitors in the business environment. This is the key in every case. However interesting is that one thing always works with women all around the world: Strategy What is strategy? Of course there is the kind Anthony P is very sexually aggressive. It starts as you being the punter. He’ll be very intense. there is the kind of strategy that leads small countries to victories against big countries in a time of war. and it changes into you being a potential boyfriend/date/sexual partner. What I will write about in my posts has not much to do with the actual process of picking up. How do you do it? Well the guys here all have a different approach. These are tough girls so they respond well to this. The woman that has a boyfriend and who you cannot pick up in a bar. I give them something they haven’t experienced before. The last one is the kind of strategy that I have been studying since I got my first real kiss when I was 14. . He is very direct. Get Their Numbers And Close Them Okay so we’ve established that the strip club is a good place to pick up. France. I have been living in Germany. The woman that you have been knowing forever but that does not notice you because you are just not her type.and the PU will move along naturally towards it’s logical outcome…. but there is also the kind of strategy that is involved in seducing. and strippers are probably very happy to meet a man that looks like he can handle their sexuality because he has more than them. What I am good in is the long term seduction. My name is Strat. I go the rapport route and show difference from the usual customers. we don’t think it is necessary. He aims to be more sexual than the girl. I will leave that up to professionals like Gambler and his team. Strategically thought through. He is very sexual and manly. well planned and executed. he’ll grab them and mess with them. Steve/Vertex is more cocky/funny and uses his wit. the USA and Australia. I will write about getting the women that you cannot get. or the woman that you had been with. and get to their real emotions and the real person under the façade. Gambler: Strip Club Game: How To Game Strippers. keeping and winning women back. During that time I got to know a lot of different women in partially totally different cultures. None of us use the Mystery Method or Archer Sloan stuff for strip clubs. on the street or in a club. This kind of strategy is about psychology.

Most guys probably thing the opposite. Do they go out a lot? Is he taking her on vacations? Is he just lying on the sofa when he gets home? . If she is not then we need to demonstrate her that she is. But we all know that girls need attention. A girl that has been in a relationship for let’s say two years is definitely missing something. This is where we attack. However I am writing it as if you would be the guy how wants to seduce another girl. sex is almost a routine. Thus I will explain you why that is. Guys are kind of retiring after a couple years and think that they have the girl for sure because she is constantly bagging him for more kisses. It gives you an overview over the tools to attract a person that is in a relationship and to somehow manipulate her to be turned her away from her boyfriend. because that is the position that I know best. If you for example already know the woman for a while or you know that you would not be able to pick her up in just one night and you know that you want her as your girlfriend. If you just want to have fun for a couple nights. I don’t want to encourage you to actually use this strategy as I said I it is evil in my eyes. Mystery’s and Ross’s Methods definitely work better. This strategy is for boyfriends who don’t want their women to get slowly seduced by another guy out of their own arms. love and attention. I have done it and it worked over and over again but after a couple years I have realised that it is more important to know about this kind of strategy and to prevent it from happening once you have the girl that you really love. Especially girls between 17 and 26 have a intuitive drive to experience something. Therefore I am writing this post because I want you to see what other people might try to destroy your relationship by getting your girl. It is also a fact that most guys don’t care about their girl after two years as much anymore as at the beginning. but everybody has this drive build in by mother nature. Thus this is exactly our chance. This post is therefore designed to make you realise that especially a long relationship is not a guarantee for an everlasting relationship. The longer the relationship has been the easier it is. to spend a day with you or something else the first step is to: 1. but I think that you should at least not mess with an instance that is way higher then you. I don’t know if you guys are religious. kisses get shorter and less after a couple months and the attention they give her is not as high as it used to be. I always found that girls that are in a relationship are actually easier to get then girls that are not. then Gambler’s. Study her boyfriend What does he do? How old is he? How long has their relationship been going on for? Ask her simple superficial questions first. later on try to get her to tell you about their relationship. The goal is to find out if there are any weaknesses. This is where we win her over! Once you got the girl to go out with you. some more some less. They might argue a bit more. I was long thinking about publishing this post because it is somehow evil.Boyfriend Destroyer Strategy by Strat First I want to say that I am sorry for not posting anything in such a long time.

Make her realise that live can be so much more exiting. Don’t talk about him unless she brings it up After you have studied her boyfriend in the first part. She will project all the things that he is not into you by complaining to you about him and by you agreeing with her. fight for her! Her boyfriend is not fighting for her anymore. Just make sure that she hasn’t been there with him yet. 2. If she brings him up. If you walk next to her make your hand touch hers for half a second. “That is wired”. don’t ever mention him again. touch her gently every once in a while.” You can learn a lot . make her gentle compliments like: “Your hair is beautiful”. what is the difference between a good friend a boyfriend? It pretty much just comes down to the physical part. The goal is to make her as comfortable around you as possible and to make her fall in love with you. 3. Spend time with her From now on his weaknesses needs to be your strength. Hence. Demonstrate value Show her that there is a lot more to do in the world then watching movies. don’t bomb her with exactly those questions. Otherwise it will just remind her of good old times with her boyfriend. she knows how much time he has. Make her realise that she is missing out. I mean. If she tells you that they are usually at home watching movies. to just enjoy her time. “I love you fingers. The trick is to do that without her even recognising it. listen to her. take her to a lake rent a canoe or take her to nice places that you know. It also always looks good if you make it look like it is spontaneous. then that is exactly what you will not do! You will take her out. I can’t understand that”. these are just the questions that you want to have answered for yourself. he is probably not opening every door for her. she knows the places that he knows and there are no real surprises anymore. Be a gentleman. be all the things that he has forgotten. because he thinks he is on the save site. By asking her a couple questions she might even tell you her complains and that is exactly where we want to have her. Hence it has to be a place where she hasn’t been. This is actually the most difficult and crucial part because here you have to take care that you don’t turn into her best friend that she can do nice things with and then she goes home and gets the sex from her boyfriend. but don’t let it turn into a big discussion. Maybe don’t even tell her yet were you will go. funny and spontaneous and interesting with you. if you think about it. then be crazy! Be the opposite. She needs to have the feeling that she is missing out when she is spending time with him and not with you. She will feel like betraying him by coming there with you and she will block. put her hair back. in fact you want her to forget him. “Why would he do that?” 4. If you think about it. Therefore surprise her! Make her laugh! Make her enjoy the day like no other day! If he is more the quite guy. You don’t want her to think about him. in a long relationship everything is usually planed.Are they doing a lot with their friends? Is he creative? Those questions need to come out naturally though. Just listen and agree with her. Just say every once in awhile things like: “Hmm. like you just had a great idea. when you sit in front of her.

wait for a day when she is annoyed by him. . get drunk themselves. The funny thing is. you are already somewhat between a friend and a boyfriend hence compliments from you are like from some random guy at a pub. You want to win her over by being at the right time in the right place. The usual problem with these guys is not running out of things to say like it is with other guys. They say “I’m an investment banker at Goldman Sachs” and they think that the women will get wet over that. This will lower the chance to be rejected dramatically. well in this case you are not. 5. they’re happy to meet guys that are attractive past the wallet. Gambler: High-Rollers. Wait for the right time I’ve met lots of guys in there who will happily spend £1000 on a night out. it’s pretty funny. I’ve started going to upmarket venues. if the guy is not too bad looking and the girl isn’t too fussy.” Again. lots of money. most women would prefer a mountain climber who plays the electric guitar any day over just another guy with money. being boring. it’s talking too much about themselves. as always”. Think about it. She will not run off with you when she just got fifty roses from him that day. they had an argument or she is just pissed because of something he did. not so much game Recently. They order champagne and invite women to share it with them. These guys definitely lack what PUAs call game. and not being sensitive to what the woman wants.of those things from the PUAs posting on this site. We don’t spend money. If you have done the fourth step right she might even call you when she wants to talk to you or when she is annoyed by him. This case is a bit different from a seduction in a bar though in a bar you need to win her attention here you already have it. and the girls really don’t care.” Or tell her when she just got out of the car: “Hey! You can call me … anytime you want. this might sound a bit cheesy and some PUAs might disagree with me here because you could say that you are running after her a bit. that know how Don’t make a move when she is happy with her boyfriend right now. – make her attracted to you. the guys often don’t get anywhere. Of course. even in these cases. When you drop her off tell her nice things like: “It was wonderful with you. and see if she rejects the sleazy advances. Their game is to get the girls drunk. I was just the driver. these women of high value have offers of dinners and champagne every day of the week. it might work. Try the ideas to get a kiss close from this site to actually kiss her. For us in these clubs. and one of the main reasons they are spending that much is to get women.big smile. Don’t be shocked if she doesn’t kiss you back.If she tells you this then reply “Well it was you who made it wonderful. but are these guys getting what they want? Do they feel satisfied with only the kind of girls that will sleep with them as long as they get to live a nice lifestyle. I will write you in the next couple of posts what to do in this case or what do so that this doesn’t turn out into a onetime thing that she regrets. Fact is.

He had another date with her. and luckily we have a method of getting over each one. motivation strategies. Rapport. without being a jerk. He met her in a club. 3. 3. she didn’t answer. text game. The problem is that when a guy falls for a girl or puts too much pressure on the situation. confidence boosting. Fear of the approach. he called. the end of the story? It’s all cool. saw her for a date. I know that I had each of the 7 problems when I . every individual is different and it’s bad to categorise guys like that. and he thought he made some mistakes. 4. Sexual escalation. Get dates and girls don’t want to see them again after first one. that means she likes certain things about you. day-2 system. started out and each of them are relatively easy to overcome given focused effort. she didn’t call back and hours had passed. but there is much more you can do to keep a girl interested.to treat them. 5. he thought she’d gone off him and that was that. Run out of things to say and get stuck conversationally. She is the most attractive girl he’s even number closed. do this stuff. the advice to anyone who finds this situation familar is this: Think about what the girl liked about you when you first met her and give her more of this. Verbally leading into a number or kiss close. They will either have one or many. Gambler: The common sticking points After meeting nearly 400 customers. Girls just want to be friends. 2. Get numbers but they flake. 7. Desensitisation. And the answers to these are: 1. framing the situation differently. Maybe you were cocky and funny. Then disaster struck. maybe you were sweet. but that’s basically it. verbal and non-verbal sexual escalation. Solid number closing. she had a legitimate excuse and is now chasing him. how to talk to them. 6. giving content. and how to turn them on. He stops doing the things that made her fall for him initially. 1. Guys. phone game. Oh yeah. Don’t know how to escalate physically. 2. The common sticking points are: Gambler: Not Being Dumped: Keeping the girl A friend of mine recently pulled a very hot girl. the attraction disappears and then he’s finished. Impro exercises and giving content. Get into a long conversation and don’t know how to close. status. Of course. he changes. 7. My thoughts were this: You meet the girl and close her. whatever. it’s become possible to categorise guys into a number of sticking points. 4. 6. everything was cool. prizing. Sexual tension. So. 5.