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Year 6 Project

Completion Date – Term 3, Friday of Week 8
There are 3 compulsory questions. Please make sure that you answer all compulsory questions. Also answer 2 other questions with a maximum of one from each section. That makes 5 questions to be submitted. One question should be handed in each week as a part of homework activities. Compulsory Questions... these 3 questions MUST be completed. 1. Make a flow chart of how the N.S.W. Legislative Assembly election is conducted. Start with the pre-selection of candidates. 2. Prepare a five minute talk on the roles and responsibilities of the three levels of government in Australia. 3. Describe the process of how a law is made.

Knowing / Understanding 4. List five people in the current federal parliament and identify their roles within parliament and in their electorates. Record the party they belong to and what they believe should happen in Australia to make it strong, safe and a good place to live. 5. Make a time line of Australian Prime Ministers from federation until now. Choose five Prime Ministers and indicate significant things that happened during his period in office. 6. Show on maps of Australia how the colonial and state borders have changed from 1788 to 1901. Explain why the borders are in their present positions. What roles do states play in Australia? Explain the role of the senate in Australia. Applying 7. Run an election in class using the preferential voting style. You’ll need to prepare some classmates well in advance to act in this activity for you. 8. Create your own party and outline its policies and explain why those policies are important to Australia. 9. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of living in a democracy. Compare our democracy to two other types of government styles found in other countries. Analysing 10. Write a letter to your local Federal or State member of parliament about an issue in our community. Include evidence and information to support your request or viewpoint. 11. Use a Venn diagram to compare in detail the upper and lower houses of Federal or State parliament.

12. ‘Mind map’ a detailed listing of what you have learned about Australian federal, state and local government. Conclude with a summary of the different roles of each in our democracy. Creating 13. Devise a campaign for you to be elected to parliament. Demonstrate it in class. 14. Create a pamphlet for your new party or prepare a PowerPoint presentation about your party. Be prepared to talk about it. 15. You are a newly elected parliamentarian. Present your maiden speech to the class. Evaluating 16. Review in detail five different government systems in the world. Explain which is best. 17. Justify why and how a current Australian law (local, state or federal) should be changed. 18. Carry out an analysis (strengths, opportunities, challenges and consequences) on our current system of Australian government. Presentation One task must be handed in by Friday of each week starting on August 3rd. Then hand one in on these dates:August 17th ,24th , 31st and September 7th All projects MUST be presented neatly and typed if possible. Make sure you label all pictures and diagrams. You need to include a title page, table of contents, bibliography (and glossary, if needed). Don’t forget to edit your work, including checking of your spelling. Any task that requires oral presentation should have a hard copy handed in with all planning and supporting documents. Please hand your project in on time. Please see Mr Tsakissiris or Mrs Duke as soon as you have any issues or problems. The email addresses for your project are: If emailed, the subject bar and file must be titled with your full name and the task number of your project question. eg. Jenny Smith - Task 15 NOTE: Please make sure you have attached the file correctly and printed a copy for your own records. Record your completed tasks below: 24/8/12 3/8/12 17/8/12 ______________________ ______________________ 31/8/12 7/9/12 ______________________ ______________________ ______________________