Washington State PTA Advocacy

Focus Day
Thursday Feb. 26, 2009

Rally on the Steps in Olympia


WSPTA’s Vision and Mission
Vision Make every child's potential a reality Mission Speak on behalf of children and youth in the schools, in the community, and before governmental bodies and other organizations that make decisions affecting children

everychild.onevoice everyvoice.anadvocate


Role of Focus Day in PTA advocacy
Talk with legislators

Legislative Assembly:
Prioritize Issues

Focus Day
Cultivate Legislator Relationships
Members Submit Legislative Issues

Advocate locally with legislators

Survey the Membership:
Rank the Issues

Spring Convention

Step you can take is to contact your legislator


WSPTA’s Focus Day is ....
• 1-day event at the Olympia Capitol for all advocates • New for ’09  Rally + Partners + Online Support • How legislators visibly see PTA & advocacy coalition • Newsworthy, influential, state-wide awareness for WSPTA Top 5 Issues • Opportunity to add your voice In person or online….

….Advocacy in Full View


Focus on One

Message, One Agenda

Basic Ed Funding is our priority message
Petition the legislature to fulfill the mandate to their Basic Ed Funding Task Force of re-define and price Basic Education

Maximum influence is our top agenda
Big attendance + visibility = influence of legislators and populous on each Top 5 issue

Steps you can take are to share the core message, show up with friends


Focus on Coalition
Friends on the left….

of Partners
Friends on the ….right

WSPTA is one of the many – Steps you can take are to: • invite your colleagues & friends • invite their organizations • cultivate all advocacy partners


Focus on

Being Connected

Register online to receive:  current news & info  latest resources  transportation options PTA membership is not required to register Step to take is RSVP – let us know you are coming! http://www.wastatepta.org/legislation.htm


Focus on Promoting


Virtually too. . . .
If you can not join us on the steps, participate via the online CapWiz email. Join in online in a 48-hour window around Feb. 26th.
http://capwiz.com/npta2/wa/home/ CapWiz lets you send a quick one-time email directly to your legislators. Background info and a specific request of your legislator make up the email template, or use your own words to say exactly what you want. In 1-2 minutes you can support Focus Day’s timely influence.

Step to take is participate one way or another!


Focus on

Charter a bus

Local units have resources to organize carpools and charter buses

Step you can take is to enjoy the journey, arrive with friends, share the day!


Focus on

Influencing Legislators
What do we all need out of Focus Day? For more legislators to cast more votes for positions WSPTA champions. Our collaborative Focus Day coalition garners media attention and public awareness, emphasizing the pivotal role advocates play in a legislator’s focus on issues.

Step you can take is to ask your legislator what they are voting for from BEF’s work


Focus on Investing

One Day….

TENTATIVE AGENDA - As of December 2008 Columbia Room & South Steps of the Legislative Building (Capitol Dome). Appointments with legislators as you may schedule throughout the day. 9:00 Check-In Registration opens 10:30 Welcome – Laura Bay, WSPTA President FD Chairs Byron Shutz & Shelley Kloba 10:45 Overview of Focus Day - Paul Cheek, WSPTA Legislative Director to Bill & Committee Status - Donna Christensen, WSPTA Lobbyist 11:30 Top 5 WSPTA Priority Issues – 5 mins by each issue submitter


12:15 12:30 1:00
1:30 4:00

Rally on The Steps of the Legislative Building (Capitol Dome) Speaker: Emcee / FD Chairs? Speaker: Pres. Laura Bay Speakers: Advocacy Partners Exec. Directors Guest Speaker: Governor Gregoire Guest Speakers: To be announced Conclude Public Rally on the Steps
Columbia Room Presentation / Speaker - To Be Determined Conclude Event, and access to the Columbia Room –


Focus on Steps
        

You Can Take

Save the date Thu. Feb. 26 RSVP - let us know you are coming! Contact your legislator throughout the year Participate, one way or another – attend or CapWiz email Show up with friends – invite colleagues & friends Cultivate all advocacy partners Enjoy the journey, share the day – carpool or bus Share the focused message - top priority is funding the Top 5 Ask your legislator what they are voting for from BEF’s work


Make no little plans,

they have no magic to stir men’s blood.
Daniel Burnham
WSPTA Focus Day Co-Chairs Byron Shutz bcshutz@comcast.net Legislative Director ptalegdir@wastatepta.org Advocacy Coordinator khoward@wastatepta.org Shelley Kloba shelley@kloba.com Paul Cheek 253-845-6395 Kim Howard 253-565-2153

everychild.onevoice everyvoice.anadvocate

WSPTA Resources - http://www.wastatepta.org/legislation.htm WSPTA CapWiz Center - http://capwiz.com/npta2/wa/home/

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