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Wan Salim, Wan Mohd Hafiz English 199 Instructor: Dr. Natalie Dear 7 June 2012 Wind energy: Will it solve human’s energy crisis? Imagine a world without fossil fuels? If there is no alternative energy, car cannot move anymore, factory cannot operate anymore, and the world will be a mess everywhere. This is the concern of the engineers today. That is the reason why they are doing research and developing new technology every day to find the best alternative energy to fossil fuels. Wind energy is one of the best alternative energy resources and has the potential to solve the energy crisis. Wind energy is a renewable energy source. Wind energy also costs less compared to fossil fuels, and it does not emit any greenhouse gases that are dangerous to the environment. Human is going through an energy crisis because they overuse fossil fuel as an energy source which is not renewable. “Wind energy is renewable” (Bakis 144). Wind energy does not require any burning of coal or natural gas, which is a must in fossil fuel energy. In wind energy, the only fuel’ needed to generate energy is wind. When the wind blows, turbines will operate to produce energy, mainly electricity. On the other hand, wind is an element of the earth that available forever. Hence, there is no doubt anymore that wind energy is a renewable energy. It is very simple to understand this concept. Wind energy produces energy by utilizing the high-speed wind that blows in a

Wind energy will never deplete like fossil fuel. maintenance cost and also transportation cost. Generating energy or electricity from fossil fuel involves combustion of fuel such as coal and natural gas.Wan Salim 2 certain area. cost is less expensive compared to fossil fuels. In order to maintain the production of energy from fossil fuel. There are differences in cost because both wind energy. it is a renewable energy source that can be used as an energy alternative to fossil fuel. but it is an essential component in fossil fuel system (Pasqualetti 202). The usage of wind energy through the global had recorded “an increase in total installed generating capacity of 20%. for wind energy there is no transportation cost incurred. Production cost will increase when the fuel price increase. price for the energy need to be increased. and United State of America had started to use wind energy as an energy source. Another factor that influence the usage of wind energy is the cost. according to figures released today by the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC)” (Bakis 144). These include the cost for energy production.e coal and natural gas) need to be delivered to the wind farm to produce energy because “wind energy generates electricity at the source of fuel” which is the wind (Alina-Florentina 63). Many countries like Canada. It requires less maintenance and transportation cost. Price for coal in 2010 is $100 per ton and expected to increase to $115 per ton in 2020 (Park et al. No fuels (i. cost for delivering the fuel for energy production. Hence. The numbers increased because wind energy is a renewable energy source. An increase in fossil fuel prices has a very significant effect on the production cost. Furthermore. How about wind energy? Will wind energy . and fossil fuel energy has a totally different system. United Kingdom. For wind energy. Wind energy “do not need to be cooled with water”. 3607).

Hence. As said previously. Wind energy is so good in its cost. production of energy in wind energy is by using a wind turbine. energy price and even a renewable energy. However. For example. but it does give impact to the consumer. As long as there . price for energy from wind energy is inexpensive and do not fluctuate because the price is only for the maintenance of the system itself and the transmission of energy from the wind farm to the residential or industrial area.Wan Salim 3 experiences the same thing?. In only four months. Since wind energy do not use fuel (i. The answer is no. The price for one liter unleaded gasoline keeps changing and fluctuating every day. The idea is so simple to understand.0 cents per litre in December 2012. For the last five years. wind energy use wind as fuel’ to generate energy. As a result. there is a significant increase in the fossil fuel price.6 cents. there is no production cost involves as “the price of fuel is fixed and free” (Alina-Florentina 64). she mentioned “wind energy should be free or inexpensive” but the “infrastructure required to harness and transmit this energy carries a cost that is passed down to consumers” (67). price has increase to 117. This can be observed easily from our local pump station. In Alina-Florentina article. the price of the energy it produced will not fluctuate like fossil fuel price. the price for regular unleaded gasoline in Edmonton is 100. People only care about how much they need to pay for the energy. people do not care about the costs involved in producing the energy. However. the price for petrol.6 cents per litre (Government of Canada) Even though it increased only 17. As a consumer.e coal or natural gas) to produce energy. As stated above. this will not happen with wind energy. natural gas and electricity has been fluctuating from time to time. there is also down side for producing energy from wind farm. Hence.

Even though there are disadvantages in wind energy. It does not emit any greenhouse gases. Before the construction of wind farm begin. Global warming that are happening is mainly caused by these harmful gases.Wan Salim 4 are winds blowing in the wind farm. This disadvantage can be easily solved by further development in technology. The ability of wind energy to produce energy without any emission of those harmful gases is the reason why wind energy can be an alternative energy for fossil fuel energy. it does not really a matter. There is no combustion involved in wind energy. . Even in the place where its wind speed is high. there are disadvantages. wind does not blow every time and wind “turbines produce” energy “only when the wind blows” (AlinaFlorentina 64). People are determined to find an alternative energy that can save the world from global warming. It is different for wind energy. there will be an energy produced. However. Some small wind system may “need backup batteries” to maintain a continuous energy supply (Bakis 144). Even for fossil fuel energy. It is caused by the emission of greenhouse gas during the production of energy from fossil fuel. and it is even worst compared to wind energy. Examples of greenhouse gases are CO2 and SO2. that is not really the case. Example of the disadvantage is emission of greenhouse gases. Global climate experiences changes since last few decades due to global warming. “Wind energy is pollution free” (Alina-Florentina 64). This is bad because energy need to be supplied to the consumer 24 hours a day without any disruption. Many countries and investors start to see this fact and already started to use and invest billions of money in wind energy. Greenhouse gases are so dangerous towards the environment. Another environmental advantage of wind energy is the construction of wind farm does not change the landscape of the place.

the “actual "footprint" covers only a small portion of the land resulting in a minimum impact on crop production or livestock grazing” (Alina-Florentina 64). In addition. In order to solve the energy crisis. for example. The only reason is wind energy is one the best alternative energy resources and has the potential to solve the energy crisis. In addition. it does not give significant effects on the landscape where the wind farms are built. Even though wind farms require a very large space to install the turbines. If the wind farm is properly designed and built it can be an attraction for the tourist. most wind energy farm is built on a location where it is impossible for growing crop and building a residential area. sooner. “Embracing wind energy today will lay the foundation for a healthy society” (Alina-Florentina 64). there are no “large buildings” can “be built near the turbine” (Alina-Florentina 64).Wan Salim 5 a location need to pass few criteria. That is the reason why many countries had already started to use alternative energy. An early step will be able to save human from the energy crisis and can save the world from global warming. Wind energy is one of the biggest energy industries that experienced a rapid development. . Wind farm need to be located at a place where the speed of the wind is high. It is undeniable that fossil fuel energy is one of the biggest energy industry in the world. However. wind farm at Pincher Creek. Alberta. Benefits of using wind energy as an alternative energy have been discussed above. people need to increase the usage of alternative energy especially wind energy. this fossil will deplete and cause a huge problem towards mankind. Hence.

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