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9, 2012

NR # 2826

Solon seeks additional special leave of absence for spouses of OFWs working in private and public sectors
A lawmaker has filed a measure seeking to provide additional leave credits of 15 days a year with full pay to every legitimate spouse of an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) working in the private and public sectors. House Bill 6358, authored by Rep. Ma. Theresa Bonoan-David (4th District, Manila), seeks to provide a solution that will help ease the heavy demand of the double-role played by the OFW’s spouse. “An OFW’s spouse plays the role of both father and mother back home and like a single parent, the spouse will have to attend to the needs of their family, single-handedly,” Bonoan-David said. “The demands of the double role played by the OFWs spouse are so heavy that they often do not have the time to carry out or complete their tasks,” Bonoan-David added. HB6358, to be known as the Special Leave for Overseas Workers Spouses Act, shall grant a 15-day special leave of absence with full pay to OFWs’ working spouses. Under the measure, employees availing of the leave privilege shall submit o their employers a copy of their marriage contract, information as to the nature and place of work of the overseas worker concerned and a copy of the overseas worker’s passport. Employees who have absences without official leave, on vacation, sick, on forced or study leaves or those who have already availed of other forms of leaves allowed by law and those whose services are necessary to prevent the loss of life and damage to property, brought about by serious accidents, fires, floods, typhoons, earthquakes, epidemics or other disasters are not covered by the measure. Employers in non-government institutions granting this leave benefit shall be accorded income tax deduction from their gross income for each taxable year, based on the actual cost paid by the employer. “For purposes of claiming tax credits, private establishments are required to keep separate records of their employees who avail of this leave benefit,” Bonoan-David said. A fine of P50,000 or imprisonment of 30 days to six months shall be slapped on any person, corporation, trust, form, partnership, association or entity found violating the measure or the rules and regulations. The Secretary of Labor and Employment and the Chairman of the Civil Service Commission shall, within thirty days from the effectivity of this Act, issue such rules and regulations necessary for the proper implementation of the provisions of this Act. (30) jsc