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Portraits of Members of The Order of Skull & Bones

Co-Founders of The Order of Skull & Bones

Alphonso Taft (S&B 1833)

Secretary of War (1876); U.S. Attorney General (1876-1877); U.S. Minister to Russian Empire (1884-1885)

William Huntington Russell (S&B 1833)

Major-General, Militia of the State of Connecticut (1862-1870)

George Herbert Walker Bush

President of the United States (1989-1993); Vice President of the U.S. (1981-1989)

William Howard Taft

President of the U.S. (1909-1913); Chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court (1921-1930)

George Walker Bush

President of the United States (2001-2009); Governor of Texas (1995-2000)

College Presidents:

Andrew D. White President of Cornell University (1866-1885)

Timothy Dwight President of Yale University (1886-1899)

Arthur Twining Hadley President of Yale University (1899-1921)

Charles Seymour President of Yale University (1937-1950)

Daniel C. Gilman President of Johns Hopkins University (1875-1901)

William Preston Johnston President of Tulane University (1884-1899)

Cyrus Northrop President of University of Minnesota (1884-1911)

Charles J. Stille Provost of University of Pennsylvania (1868-1880)

William Chauvenet Chancellor of Washington University in St. Louis (1862-1869)

James O. Putnam Chancellor of University of Buffalo (1895-1902)

Cabinet Officials and Judges:

William M. Evarts U.S. Secretary of State (1877-1881)

William C. Whitney Secretary of the Navy (1885-1889)

Franklin MacVeagh Secretary of the Treasury (1909-1913)

Henry L. Stimson Secretary of War (1911-1913, 1940-1945)

Robert A. Lovett U.S. Secretary of Defense (1951-1953)

Thomas D. Thacher Solicitor General of the U.S. (1930-1933)

McGeorge Bundy National Security Advisor (1961-1966)

Morrison R. Waite Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1874-1888)

Potter Stewart Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (1958-1981)

Archibald MacLeish Librarian of Congress (1939-1944)

Diplomats and Bureaucrats:

William Walter Phelps U.S. Minister to Germany (1889-1893)

Eben Alexander U.S. Minister to Greece (1893-1897)

Eugene Schuyler U.S. Minister to Serbia (1882-1884)

W. Averell Harriman U.S. Ambassador to the Soviet Union (1943-46)

Hugh Robert Wilson U.S. Ambassador to Nazi Germany (1938)

Winston Lord U.S. Ambassador to Communist China (1985-1989)

Charles S. Whitehouse U.S. Ambassador to Thailand (1975-1978)

Amos Parker Wilder U.S. Consul-General in Shanghai (1909-1914)

Evan Griffith Galbraith U.S. Ambassador to France (1981-1985)

Stanley Woodward U.S. Ambassador to Canada (1950-1953)

John H.F. Shattuck U.S. Amb. to Czech Republic (1998-2000)

George Herbert Walker III U.S. Ambassador to Hungary (2003-2006)

Victor H. Ashe U.S. Ambassador to Poland (2004-2009)

Robert D. McCallum Jr. U.S. Ambassador to Australia (2006-2009)

David Hoadley Thorne U.S. Ambassador to Italy (2009-present)

Francis Burton Harrison Governor General of the Philippines (1913-1921)

Henry S. Graves Chief of the U.S. Forest Service (1910-1920)

William P. Bundy Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs (1964-1969)

F. Trubee Davison Assistant Secretary of War for Air (1926-1933)

Harold Howe II U.S. Commissioner of Education (1965-1968)


Orris Sanford Ferry U.S. Senator (R-Conn., 1867-1875)

William Barrett Washburn U.S. Senator (R-Mass., 1874-1875)

Anthony Higgins U.S. Senator (R-Delaware, 1889-1895)

George P. Wetmore U.S. Senator (R-Rhode Island, 18951907, 1908-1913)

Chauncey M. Depew U.S. Senator (R-New York, 1899-1911)

LeBaron Bradford Colt U.S. Senator (R-Rhode Island, 1913-1924)

Frank B. Brandegee U.S. Senator (R-Conn., 1905-1924)

Thomas F. Bayard Jr. U.S. Senator (D-Delaware, 1922-1929)

James W. Wadsworth Jr. U.S. Senator (R-New York, 1915-1927)

Frederic C. Walcott U.S. Senator (R-Conn., 1929-1935)

Robert A. Taft U.S. Senator (R-Ohio, 1939-1953)

John Sherman Cooper U.S. Senator (R-Kentucky, 1946-1949, 1952-1955, 1956-1973)

James L. Buckley U.S. Senator (New York, 1971-1977)

John H. Chafee U.S. Senator (R-Rhode Island, 1976-1999)

David L. Boren Pres., Univ. of Oklahoma (1994-present); U.S. Senator (1979-1994)

John F. Kerry U.S. Senator (D-Mass., 1985-present)

Gifford Pinchot Governor of Pennsylvania (1923-1927, 1931-1935)

Edward Curtis Smith Governor of Vermont (1898-1900)

Daniel H. Chamberlain Governor of South Carolina (1874-1876)

Simeon E. Baldwin Governor of Connecticut (1911-1915)

Henry C. Deming (S&B 1836) U.S. Congressman (R-Conn., 1863-1867)

Augustus Brandegee U.S. Congressman (R-Conn., 1863-1867)

Roswell Hart U.S. Congressman (R-New York, 1865-1867)

John Andrew Peters U.S. Congressman (R-Maine, 1867-1873)

Stephen W. Kellogg U.S. Congressman (R-Conn., 1869-1875)

Richard J. Haldeman U.S. Congressman (D-Penn., 1869-1873)

Ellis Henry Roberts U.S. Congressman (R-New York, 1871-1875)

Benjamin Tucker Eames U.S. Congressman (RRhode Island, 1871-1879)

Constantine C. Esty U.S. Congressman (R-Mass., 1872-1873)

William Wallace Crapo U.S. Congressman (R-Mass., 1875-1883)

Charles Newell Fowler U.S. Congressman (RNew Jersey, 1895-1911)

Edwin F. Sweet U.S. Congressman (D-Mich., 1911-1913)

William Kent U.S. Congressman (R-Calif., 1911-1917)

James William Husted U.S. Congressman (R-New York, 1915-1923)

James McDevitt Magee U.S. Congressman (R-Penn., 1923-1927)

Thomas Lud Ashley U.S. Congressman (D-Ohio, 1955-1981)

William S. Moorhead Jr. U.S. Congressman (D-Penn., 1959-1981)

Jonathan B. Bingham U.S. Congressman (D-New York, 1965-1983)

J. Quigg Newton Jr. Mayor of Denver, Colorado (1947-1955)

Charles P. Taft II Mayor of Cincinnati, Ohio (1955-1957)

Businessmen, Lawyers, Governors, and Mayors:

Henry R. Luce Editor-in-Chief of Time magazine (1923-1964)

E. Roland Harriman Chairman of the board of Union Pacific Railroad Co. (1946-1969)

Prescott S. Bush Partner of Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. (19311972); U.S. Senator (R-Conn., 1952-1963)

Harold Stanley Partner of J.P. Morgan & Co. (1928-1935)

George L. Harrison President of Federal Reserve Bank of New York (1928-1940)

William F. Buckley Jr. Editor-in-Chief of National Review magazine (1955-1990)

William H. Donaldson Chairman of the board of New York Stock Exchange (1991-1995)

Henry John Heinz II Chairman of the board of H.J. Heinz Company (1959-1987)

Frederick W. Smith Chairman and CEO of FedEx Corp. (1975-pres.)

Artemus L. Gates President of New York Trust Co. (1929-1941)

Charles M. Spofford Member of Davis, Polk & Wardwell [law firm in New York City] (1940-1950, 1952-1973)

Henry Waters Taft Partner of Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft [law firm in New York City] (1899-1945)

John William Sterling Co-Founder of Shearman & Sterling [law firm in New York City] (1873-1918)

James Mulford Townsend General Counsel of E.I. du Pont de Nemours Powder Co. (1903-1913)

Amos Pinchot Co-Founder and Director (1917-1930) of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

Pierre Jay Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (1914-1926)

John Perrin Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco (1914-1925)

William Sloane Coffin Jr. Chaplain of Yale University (1958-1976)

Henry Rootes Jackson Major General in the Rebel Army

Richard Taylor Lieutenant General in the Rebel Army

Skull & Bones Members (1833-1864)

Joseph W. Backus

William T.S. Barry

Joseph Augustine Benton (S&B 1842)

John Thomas Croxton

Carroll Cutler

Franklin B. Dexter

Francis M. Finch

Franklin W. Fisk

Dwight Foster

Burton Norvell Harrison

George A. Johnson Joseph Gibson Hoyt Richard D. Hubbard Joseph Cooke Jackson Henry McCormick

Donald Grant Mitchell Rensselaer R. Nelson Lewis R. Packard

Tracy Peck

William S. Pierson

Charles F. Robertson

John Edward Seeley

William W. Seely

Benjamin Silliman Jr.

William G. Sumner

Thomas A. Thacher

Joseph Parrish Thompson Addison Van Name

Skull & Bones Members (1865-1899)

Otto T. Bannard, Samuel R. Bertron, Wilson S. Bissell, Lloyd W. Bowers, Walter Chauncey Camp

Henry Sloane Coffin, William Lee Cushing, Charles Clerc Deming, Irving Fisher, Fairfax Harrison

William H. Hotchkiss, Eliakim H. Moore, John Patton Jr., Bernadotte Perrin, Herbert Augustine Smith

Amos A. Stagg, Henry Albert Stimson, Anson Phelps Stokes (S&B 1896), Horace Dutton Taft, William Kneeland Townsend

Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt, William H. Welch, George W. Woodruff, Timothy L. Woodruff, Theodore S. Woolsey

Henry A. Beers, Ward Cheney (S&B 1896), Robert N. Corwin, Edson F. Gallaudet, Gustav Gruener

James W.D. Ingersoll, Charlton M. Lewis, Charles W. Pierson, Samuel O. Prentice, Eugene L. Richards

Skull & Bones Class of 1845

Left to right: Constantine Canaris Esty, Richard Taylor, and Leonard Eugene Wales

James N. Brickell, Lemuel Parker Conner, William Gustine Conner, Isaac LaFayette Cushman

James Gardner Gould, John Wheeler Harding, George Canning Hill, Alvan Pinney Hyde

Orrick Metcalfe (left) and Sereno Dwight Nickerson

Skull & Bones Class of 1868

Chauncey B. Brewster, James Coffin, William Palmer Dixon

John Lewis, William Allison McKinney, James Kingsley Thacher, Anson Phelps Tinker

Samuel Tweedy, Edward Jefferson Tytus, Henry P. Wright, William C. Wood

Skull & Bones Class of 1874

Owen Franklin Aldis, Pearce Barnes, Samuel Clarke Bushnell, Henry Walcott Farnam

Thomas Williams Grover, Henry Ammon James, George Edmund Munroe, William Parkin

Edwards Denmore Robbins, Henry Beidleman Bascom Stapler, James Mulford Townsend, Russell Walden

Thomas Parmelee Wickes, Frank Spencer Witherbee, John Seymour Wood

Skull & Bones Class of 1894

George Bowen Case, Thomas Cochran, Thomas Frederick Davies, John Loomer Hall

Meredith Hare, Edwin Olaf Holter, John Howland, Robert Campbell James

Philip Hamilton McMillan, Ralph Delahaye Paine, Walter Eugene Stewart Jr., Leland Stanford Stillman

William Stuart Walcott, Harry Payne Whitney, Charles Francis Word

Skull & Bones Members (1900-1947)

Frank Davis Ashburn, Stanhope Bayne-Jones, Alfred R. Bellinger, Amory Howe Bradford, Harvey H. Bundy

Russell Cheney, William Sloane Coffin Sr., Richard J. Cross, Frederick J. Daly, J. Richardson Dilworth

Gaylord Donnelley, John Edwin Ecklund, Joseph Carrere Fox, Clinton E. Frank, Robert Brank Fulton, Charles S. Gage

John B. Goodenough, Briton Hadden, Morris Hadley, Chauncey J. Hamlin, John R. Hersey

Reuben A. Holden, Townsend Hoopes, Stephen Y. Hord, David S. Ingalls, Ellery S. James

Lawrence M. Kelley, Allen T. Klots, Lewis A. Lapham, [August] Sidney Lovett, John B. Madden, Henry Neil Mallon

Francis Otto Matthiessen, John R. McCrary Jr., Ray Morris, Andrew Downey Orrick, William H. Orrick Jr.

Ralph D. Paine Jr., Percy A. Rockefeller, Kenneth F. Simpson, Lyman Spitzer Jr., Donald Ogden Stewart

Zeph Stewart, John K. Tabor, Laurence Tighe Sr., John Martin Vorys

James J. Wadsworth, James A. Whitmore Jr., Knight Woolley, Barry Zorthian

Skull & Bones Members (1900-1947) & Whiffenpoofs Singers

Dana T. Bartholomew, James S. Bush, Oliver B. Cunningham, Benjamin C. Cutler, John H. Daniels, Thomas L. Daniels

Samuel L. Gwin, Charles C. Haffner Jr., Charles D. Hilles Jr., John G. Holmes, John M. Hoysradt, Carl A. Lohmann

Storer B. Lunt, Dudley L. Miller, Edward E. Mills, George W. Norton Jr., Harold A. Pumpelly, Ross, Lancelot Patrick Ross

James Gregory Smith, Peter B. Thorne, Dean Witter Jr., Stanley Woodward

Skull & Bones Members (1948-1969) & Whiffenpoofs Singers

Lucius H. Biglow Jr., Russell Lee Post Jr., Peter Zallinger

Skull & Bones Members (1948-1959)

Stephen Adams, Linden S. Blue, J. Emanuel Boasberg III, F. Reid Buckley, Jonathan J. Bush

Russell Inslee Clark Jr., Stephen E. DeForest, William H. Draper III, John F. Embersits, Alexander T. Ercklentz

Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr., Arthur R. Giesen Jr., Robert Haigh Gow, Stanley M. Johanson, Charles C. Kingsley

Vernon R. Loucks Jr., Dan W. Lufkin, Richard A. Lumpkin, Terrence R. Malloy, David McCullough, Jack Edwin McGregor

Russell W. Meyer Jr., George H. Pfau Jr., Thomas B. Ross, Howard Sayre Weaver, Thomas B. Wheeler

Skull & Bones Members (1960-1969)

Roy L. Austin, Robert Birge, John Roberts Bockstoce, Charles B. Burr II, Orde Coombs, Rex Cowdry

Alan W. Cross, Donald Etra, Walter W. Garnsey Jr., Robert F. Giegengack Jr., Howard F. Gillette Jr., Henry H. Hewitt

William D. Nordhaus, John OLeary, Richard W. Pershing, Charles A. Pulaski Jr., Michael Pyle, David Alan Richards

Jonathan C. Rose, Thomas D. Rowe Jr., Patrick Rulon-Miller, Don Schollander, Stephen A. Schwarzman

William B. Stanberry Jr., Brinkley Stimson Thorne, Eugene Van Loan

Skull & Bones Members (1970-1984)

James A. Babst, Keith A. Bassi, Larry Bisaro, John K. Brubaker, Christopher Buckley, Christopher D. Casscells

Michael Cerveris, Maxwell Chibundu, Christopher Choa, Carnell Cooper, Michael F. Csar, Philip Davies

Earl G. Graves Jr., Douglas R. Henston, Jeffrey A. Holmboe, Robert W. Kagan, Edward S. Lampert, Karl E. Lutz

Michael G. McLaren, Edward E. McNally, Daniel K.G. Mulhern, Brian C. Murchison, Regis J. OKeefe, Richard A. Sauber

Steve Skrovan, C. Christopher Trower, Richard Westerfield, William H. Wright II, Greg Zorthian

Skull & Bones Members (1985-2008)

Tali Farimah Farhadian, Imani Perry, Denise J. Pipersburgh, Alina Rocha [Menocal], Catherine M. Sharkey, Elizabeth A. Stanley

Manuel Berrelez, George Cheeks, William S. Dodge, Paul Giamatti, Austan Goolsbee, Adam Guettel

Zoltan L. Hajnal, Wei-Tai Kwok, David R. Leonhardt, Dana T. Milbank, Mark E. Oppenheimer, Morgan R. Smock

Christian R. Strain, R. Keith Walton, John V. Wertheim, Michael J. Wishnie