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Notes from Conversations with Seth by Susan M. Watkins Notes from Conversations with Seth by Susan M.

Watkins Quotations are Seths statements p.77 6 Now we have spoken in terms that youd understand the nature of your world and reality as you know it. But you have not taken the stuff of reality into your hearts and understood it, and this is what you must now begin to learn to do. In other words, you must accept the emotional self, not superficially, not idealistically, but as it now exists: the reality of what you are now and then you can begin to work with what you are and what you have. 7 You cannot project psychic reality elsewhere. It is on thing to project a God outward into another universe and then try to find it. You realize by now that this is a futile attempt, but it is also futile to try to reach yourself by imagining that your self is somewhere else in another universe you are doing the same thing. 8 The self is immediate as All That Is is immediate, and your quickest entry point is at the point of your present feelings, and there is no other way. The door to your feelings [is] open by accepting your feelings, at this moment or at any moment as they apply to yourselves and to others in the room. p.90 8 Your own consciousness it is realizing that you from your reality, and if you do not like it, then you must change your beliefs and thoughts and expectations. Each individual does, and you can do it. If you were not meant to assess your physical reality with a conscious mind, you would not need a conscious mind. If you did not need a physical reality as a counterpoint, and for feedback, then you could do it all mentally. moves to next page But your conscious mind is meant to asses physical reality clearly and concisely. Your conscious mind is meant to be conscious. You have only to be aware of the contents of your conscious mind. There is no mystery there. Your thoughts are not you. You are the self that has the thoughts! Your beliefs are not you. You are the self that entertains them and you can change them! You have only to understand the truth to change those areas of existence, quite practically, that bother you. But you must begin with yourselves and with your conscious mind quite joyfully! p.95 8 When I speak to you about beliefs, you think of negative beliefs, you see. .But! You are all sitting here, quite physical, in front of me. Your eyes move, your heads nod, your blood thunders through your veins. You quite obviously all of you believe that you are alive, and the belief serves you well! You believe that it is autumn, and so it is. So do not necessarily thing in terms of negative beliefsI did not mean you to concentrate on the negative beliefs that you haveI want you to see where your beliefs conflict with each other. I want you to examine, for the first time in this life, your conscious mind, and its contents. p.98 1 Now, as you examine your beliefs, any beliefs that contradict that one, scratch them out. If you do that, you will have no difficulties. And do not compare yourselves with the idea of perfection! You are perfect as you are. You are happening! 2 When you believe that you are unworthy, and when you interpret this particular belief, for example, to mean that you are fat, or that you are lonely, or that you are poor, you are following through with your beliefs perfectly! There is nothing inferior about such a reality that you have created! It is a beautiful example of your beliefs in action, in your terms. 4 There is nothing wr0ng with any of you, with your being, and with what you are. And do not ever let anyone tell you that there is! You are simply using your abilities and learning how to do it.

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Notes from Conversations with Seth by Susan M. Watkins And continue to learn. but there is nothing wrong with the self that is learning, and that is what I want you to know. 5 There is nothing wrong with the selves that you are. Do not identify beliefs that you do not like with the self that you are.

p.98 last You have created your reality. You want to be free, but you are afraid of being too free! You want to feel close family ties, but not that close! And so you set yourself up in a situation in which you have a certain amount of operating space, and it is up to you to take advantage of the space that you have created. Therefore, change your beliefs, and realize that you have freedom within what seems to you to be the limitations of your existence. The limitations do not exist, and as soon as you realize you can do what you want to do, and fulfill your obligations at the same time, then you will do so. p.99 5 You have the freedom to do what you want, and also fulfill the ideas you have about responsibility. As long as you believe that you are caught between two conflicting beliefs, then so you are. 6 Your beliefs are invisible to you only if you believe thatyou own thought processes are hidden from you, and that your own values and ideas are unconscious; and if you believe that it is difficult to understand what you are, and who you are. Your beliefs about yourself are quite clear to your conscious mind and can be discovered there, if you only understand that the information is available. p.104 1 I challenge you to encounter yourself playfully and joyfully; to look at your beliefs as objectively as you would a flower or a rock or a skunk, or a chunk of coal. Simply be aware of the content of your own conscious mind. Learn to use your intellect and your intuitions together, and you will discover that there is no competition. You do not need to fear that you will be devoured by your emotions. You do not need to fear that your intellect will lead you astray. You do not need to fear anything. The freedom has always been yours. And each of you is here because you know it! And even when you playfully taunt me, or ask me for answers then you are testing me and testing yourself. You have been given pat answers and accepted these answers for too long! Therefore have I always challenged you toward new questions and your own answers. And Ruburt has always stayed away from any such aura in which he was therefore accepted as an authority as far as others were concerned. You are your own authorities. You are your own authorities! No matter how tempted you are to look to others, you are your own authority. And the answers literally literally- come from within yourself, and I mean now through your private experience, [and] cannot be given to you by another they must be experienced. I can only lead you toward a recognition of those truths and help open your own inner doorways and help you use your own minds and intellect, until in one miraculous moment, your intellect and your intuitions click together and work like magic; and then you will know what I have been saying al this time, and the words will open, and so will you each open No one can take those journeys but you. Whatever you do, wherever you go, or whatever you think, no one can go where you go or think what you think, in the same way. In certain terms, the truth is not the same for each of you. Is it true that the sunlight falls on one certain corner of the yard, and then false to say that it falls in another corner of the yard? But when you insist that truth is one thing, and must be said or

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Notes from Conversations with Seth by Susan M. Watkins experienced in one way, then you are saying that on patch of sunlight is true and the other must hence be false. So each of you are true, and in the authority and validity of your trueness you have at least an inclination of what truth is. And you can follow that inclination that hint. You must follow it inward into yourselves, for no other person has your consciousness. No one else can do with it what you can do, or experience what you can experience. And in begin true to your private experience, you enrich the experience of the universe, for you are a part of All That Is, materialized as you. p.123 2 After walking into a glass door, and discussing it with Seth in of the things Rudy, one of the classmates, related to Sue was, Then Seth really hit me with the core of it all that I was dealing with invisible beliefs! That this was what Id set myself up to do; that I didnt trust my own energy that I felt afraid of it and felt that my own energy could destroy me. And its true that right after it happened, I felt weirdly relieved and happy! As though Id found out that I could survive; that I could trust my body not to get hurt in spite of such a terrible accident and Seth came right down on that! Then Seth is quoted from Volume 2 of The Unknown Reality p. 655 Do not overlay the personal daily aspects of your life with preconceived ideas about who you are, what you are, where you are, why you are. Become aware of the original nature of any given moment as it exists for you. Forget what you have been told about time and space. Refuse to accept ideas that limit the dimensions of your natural being. Again, the unknown reality is what you are. p.161 6 .When you understand that time does not exist as you think it does, when you put that together with the idea that the point of power is in the present, then you will not feel at the mercy of reincarnational selves, or see probable selves as a bugaboo, chasing your consciousness through the night! You will see that your reality is now, and that from that reality, probabilities are cast outward as flowers cast out their seeds. So you therefore deny yourselves the seeds of yourselves? In the time that you know, you willingly and joyfully send out children into the generations of time as you understand it. So do you also send your children, if you want to look at it that way, into probable realities. You give birth to them again as flowers send out their seeds. p.162 5 Your world is constantly formed out of the vast unpredictability of consciousness. You form your own ideas of significance, and from it you form your idea of yourself and your world. You must stop thinking in terms of ordinary progression. It is bad enough when you start worrying about keeping up with the Joneses. It is something else, however, when you start worrying about which kind of self is superior to another kind. (this was in relation to probable selves, past lifetimes, etc.) p.163 3 In what I am saying, there are answers for you, if you have the wits to catch on. In the power that you sense [in Seths voice], there are answers if you have the wits to sense within yourself that same power. TO feel within the timbres of the voice the ecstasy that sings through your being. To listen to all the tales that your selves tell you, to the secrets that fly through the air. And that is what I have been telling you all this time. p.208 1 Now, I have a few words to say to some individuals, and first of all, he said, bending toward Cora, I bid you my greetings, and I simply point out to you that you identified yourself here as a young lady with a disease. The first words you spoke identified yourself as a person with a disease. Your self-image is too involved in the disease that has a name that has been given it. Now hear me! You have your own name assert it in the joy of your being! And if you want to live in vitality and joy, then your name is more important than the name of any group of symptoms, for they have not the kind of reality that you have! And your glowing integrity identifies you here, so then accept the vitality of your being, and speak your own name over and over! For the name is the name given you in this space and in this time, and do no accept instead the name of a disease

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Notes from Conversations with Seth by Susan M. Watkins in which you lose, it seems, identity and strength. Do not quail before vocabulary! Your integrity and your beauty and your strength identify you here, and identify you for all time. Therefore, do not look wan. And forget thoughts of tragedy that are spelled out, and assert the vitality of your being! 4 Now, if you decide to leave this world, that is your right, and go in joy and vitality. But go because you know you decide to leave, and not as the victim of a disease that has been given a name. If you decide that you want to live, then live in your full glory and strength, but make up your mind, and do not allow yourself to be victimized. If you want to die, the why do you want to die? Know the reasons, and go because you have made up your mind, and go with strength and vitality, making your own decisions but not as a victim, and not in tragedy, and not wan! If you decide to live, then tell yourself you want to live and know the reasons, and your body will repair itself in joy and glory. You are not a victim! ..No god made victims you make victims of yourselves by your beliefs. p.212 5 Realize that you do not form events alone. You are involved in a cooperative venture. You are not alone responsible for an event, therefore, in that usually others participate in its creation and for their own reasons. Now, the question cannot be answered simply in one evening, but each living consciousness has its own defense system and its own vitality, and you should trust your own [but] you do not trust your own. You do cooperate together to form the physical reality that you know, telepathically, through ways and means that are unknown to you. You weave the webs of psychic reality that coalesce into physical reality. You do not weave them alone, necessarily you weave them together. Your thoughts intertwine with the thoughts of others. You are responsible for your own thoughts. You need to learn the power of thought and emotion, but this should fill you with the joy of creativity. Once you realize that your thoughts form reality, then you are no longer a slave to events.. Why do you water your fears like weed, and ensure that they do grow? Now, you are involved in healing it is your interest. But you must also find the peace of your existence in the area where ill health does not exist, or you will indeed be dragged down into that aura. And therefore must you also begin to concentrate instead, and purposely, upon the healthy organisms and not imagine unhealthy ones. You would do better if you completely changed your focus away from health because to you, health also means poor health! You are at a level where opposites seem to exist, though they do not exist. Therefore, when you think of good, you think of evil, and when you think of health, you think of disease. It would be better if, when you find such thoughts occurring to you, you change your focus completely into another area. Find the area yourself, but have an area that engages your interest, a place of energy and peace in which you realize that in your dealings with health and disease, you are dealing with shadows. p.221 6 Now, the spontaneous self, the inner self left alone, is a good thing, and we will not go into a definition of the word good! Let alone, the inner self keeps your body functioning and your eyesight keen; it keeps your balance perfect it keeps you alive. It give you a sense of joy and vitality and it fills you with a joy of All That Is, which as most of you know, is my term for the word God! Left alone, then, you are a perfect creature and you feel a oneness with nature. And when you walk down the street, you feel a unity between your fingertips and the leaftops and between your

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Notes from Conversations with Seth by Susan M. Watkins feet and the pavement beneath it. It is only when you meddle with the spontaneous self that difficulties arise and these difficulties you may, if you prefer, call evil. Evil arise, and we will not go into a definition of the word evil, when and precisely when you do not realize that the inner self is the source of joy, vitality, and creativity! At that point, indeed, when doubts enter in, then you mistrust yourself and the inner self that forms your physical image. Then when you do not accept the spontaneous self, you decide you will accept certain feelings and deny others. And those that you deny, that you do not regard as acceptable, these grow up within you until they achieve a strong charge; and those repressed charges, individually and en masse, cause violence! And if you want to equate the word violence with evil, then that is the origin of it; and it is mistrust of the spontaneous self the inner self that is within you all. Now , you see, we have visitors, and I am sounding severe. I must therefore tell you that, since I am far older than any of you and far deader than most, you realize and sense the vitality that flows through this image [Janes}; and sensing it, realize that this same energy is available to each of you! It is your heritage the heritage of joy and spontaneity and creativity therefore, use it! Recognize it in yourself and do not mistrust it. some class comments and then Seth continued. Now, listen to me. You need not try so hard. If you trust the inner self, then you grow as a flower grows. The flower grows correctly, and it does not strive to grow, and it does not say to itself, I must grow tow inches, so help me, by tomorrow night at twilight! A flower is, and it allows itself to grow, and it is sure of its Is-ness and of the spirit of All That Is within it. Now, goodness is as natural as a flower that grows. If a flower stopped when the sun was shining down upon it, however, and it began to consider and said, Wait! Should I grow to the left, or should I grow to the right? Is it good that the sun shines down on me, or is it too easy for me to grow in the light of the sun, and therefore should I attempt to grow instead in the darkness? Should I grow two inches to the right, or two inches to the left? I must strive to grow! I must develop an ego and an intellect, and I must try to reach that sun that is God and I must work hard because if I do not strive, I shall not achieve and I must achieve! (this paragraph flowed onto page 223) But, beside our intellectual, conscientious flower is an idiot of a flower! And the idiot of a flower stands and feels the sun upon its face and opens its leave and say, this is the sun, and it is good within me; it is the spirit of growth, and Ill follow it and give it freedom; and I care not whether I grow to the right or to the left, for in perfect trust with the spirit within me, I know I shall grow correctly. And so it grows, our idiot flow, and it grows from within. And it is perfect and it is strong, but beside it is our intellectual and spiritual flower. And this flower says, Again! Three oclock in the afternoon, the shadows are coming and the shadows are evil, and this sun is fading, and the night is coming, and the night is evil; and I must consider how best I can confound these adversaries and it is easy to fail and not use my abilities and not to grow! And lo and behold, in the morning the sun rises, and what do we find? Our idiot flower in full bloom in the morning sun and our other flower with one leaf like this [Seth drooped his handover the chair arm] and one leaf like this [his other arm stuck up in the air] and head down, still considering the nature of good and evil and not trusting the spirit of vitality which is within it; and therefore, not listening to the inner voicebut questioning at every point and at every hour; In which way shall I go? Shall I accept the sunlight or the rain? Or are these evil forces? And telling itself over and over again that to grow is difficult and to die is easy. Telling itself over and over and over in metaphysical terms, now that to be good is difficult and to be evil is easy.

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Notes from Conversations with Seth by Susan M. Watkins And that is a deception! a class comment and answer, and then Seth continues Now, understand that I am speaking simply for an analogy and I am not telling any of you that the intellect is wrong, or that you should not use it. Like any teacher, I am simply choosing an example. but the existence of our idiot flower is, in itself, an example, for I will tell you in the simplest terms that I can tell you that you can trust the inner spontaneous self. It is, in your terms, a spirit of All That Is. It knows how to grow. It grew you from a fetus to an adult, and it did so without your striving and without your stopping it at every moment to say, Are you growing right? Is my left toe growing correctly or is it growing in the wrong direction? If you would have had your say, the body never would have been formed correctly; you would have taken that much time to make up your minds.

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