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Registration Fee ACEM member firms Others *EFT by Government depts.
*electronic fund transfer / e-perolehan

RM 400.00 per person RM 500.00 per person RM 504.10 per person

Foundation Course on Sprinkler System Design

10% discount for registration of 3 or more participants from the same firm. (Fee covers course material, lunch & tea breaks)

Ir. Thin Choon Chai graduated from Trinity College, Dublin with a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Engineering Science (Mechanical). He is a Corporate Member of The Institution of Engineers, Malaysia, a Professional Engineer registered with the Board of Engineers Malaysia and a member of The Institution of Fire Engineers (UK) Malaysia Branch. Ir. Thin has 35 years of experience in the field of fire protection. He contributed to the drafting of numerous Malaysian Codes and Standards relating to Fire Protection Equipment and Systems. He has conducted courses in the field of fire protection for Bomba and also the fire industry. Ir. Thin was a member of the Royal Commission of Enquiry charged with investigating the Sungai Buloh fireworks factory explosion in 1991.

Registration fee must be paid in Ringgit Malaysia by crossed cheque issued to ‘The Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia.’ Fee will not be refunded for any cancellation. However, substitution of participants can be arranged by informing the organiser at least one week before the course commences. Please return the completed registration form, together with payment, by 20 September 2012 to the following address: The Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia No. 63-2 & 65-2, Medan Setia 1 Damansara Heights 50490 Kuala Lumpur For enquiries, please contact the ACEM secretariat at tel. 03-20950031, fax 03-20953499 or e-mail Continuing Professional Development The course is eligible for 8 CPD hours for Professional Engineers registered with the Board of Engineers Malaysia, and a Certificate of Attendance will be issued subject to full attendance.

27 September 2012 (Thursday)

The Women’s Institute of Management 7, Jalan Abang Haji Openg Taman Tun Dr Ismail Kuala Lumpur

Organised by

The Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia

BEM approved CPD: 8 hours

Persons involved in the maintenance of automatic sprinkler systems.Objectives Since the fire incident at the Campbell Shopping Complex building in the early seventies and the enforcement of the Uniform Building By Laws 1984 by the fire authority. Fire Office Committee (UK) Rules on Automatic Sprinkler System (FOC) Loss Prevention Council (U. Registration Form (to be returned by 20 September 2012) 2. 3. 16:00 16:30 17:00 Tea Break Q&A and Video Presentation End of course Enclosed is cheque no. particularly in high rise buildings. all design of sprinkler systems in Malaysia shall be in accordance with this Malaysian Standard. KL Programme 08:30 09:00 Registration Session 1 Name: BEM PE No. the Department of Standards Malaysia published the standard for automatic sprinkler systems titled MS 1910 : 2006 Fixed Fire Fighting Systems – Automatic Sprinkler Systems – Design.:____________________ E-mail: Contact person: Fax: Registration fee per person (please tick)    ACEM member firm Others *EFT by Government depts. Previously. supervision. of this course are to introduce MS 1910 design of sprinkler systems in Malaysia that the design and installation of the are in compliance with the fire 10% discount for registration of 3 or more participants from the same firm. With this. 7. (Programme is subject to change without prior notice) ___________________________ Signature & Company Stamp ______________ Date . the design of the sprinkler system was based on one of the following codes or standards: 1.) Rules for Automatic Sprinkler Installations (LPC) British Standard 5306 : Part 2 1990 Fire extinguishing installations and equipment on premises. Installation and Maintenance. automatic sprinkler systems are required in most large buildings. Engineers. 2. Specification for sprinkler systems British Standard BS EN 12845 : 2003 Automatic Sprinkler Systems – Design. Architects. testing and commissioning of automatic sprinkler systems. 5. 6.10 In 2006._____________ for RM________ being registration fee for the course. designers and contractors involved in the design. Installation & Maintenance Australian Standard AS 2118 Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems NFPA 13 : Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems Factory Mutual (FM) – Sprinkler Systems Who Should Attend 1.K. Tea break Session 2     Classification of Fire Hazards Water Supply Fire Pumps Sprinkler System Layout Tel.: _________ (if applicable) Designation:  Fire Authority’s Requirements  Overview of the Codes and Standards for  10:00 10:30 Sprinkler Systems Overview on Sprinkler System Design Organisation: Address: 4. Commissioning and Maintenance of Sprinkler Systems RM 400. The main objectives as the standard for and also to ensure sprinkler systems requirements.00 RM 500. The Fire Authority (Bomba) has reminded submitting engineers to endorse on the sprinkler system drawing submissions that the design is in accordance with this MS 1910. *electronic fund transfer / e-perolehan 13:00 14:00 Lunch Session 3     Sprinkler Spacing Pipe Sizing Selection of Sprinkler System Material and Components Testing. installation. shopping complexes and large factories. Foundation Course on Sprinkler System Design 27 September 2012 (Thursday) The Women’s Institute of Management.00 RM 504.