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August 2012

The Golfer

PROS COMMENT The BOP Open and been and gone, club champs are underway for 2012 and the course is looking as good as ever. Congrats to the organisers of the BOP Open as it seemed to run without too many hitches. We didn’t see many of our locals featuring but we had a number of younger players in the field for the experience. I am a big supporter of the BOP open having played in it so many times as an amateur. It’s a big sacrifice on members running a tournament such as this as you have to give up your playing for a week but there are benefits such as nationwide promotion and we actually see the tournament making a profit these days. Club champs are underway and it’s great to see Saturday almost full with the men’s field. Good luck to all those playing in both the men’s and women’s champs. Worldwide we are into the last major of the year being the PGA Championship. It’s been an interesting year with Tiger coming back, Ernie Ells winning the British Open and who will forget Adam Scotts finish. As most of you know I run a sweepstake for the 4 majors of the year. Just a fun thing to do and add interest to the tournament. The last two I decided to use this as an opportunity to raise money for junior golf. 50% has gone towards the fund to improve the equipment which is about $300 which is great. I thank all those that have entered in these. Some have been successful (Reg Boorman) and others have made donations (myself). All good fun

By Ant Barkley

CLUB CHAMP TIPS How can you get your name on the championship board?

1. Keep it simple. Don’t try and do too much in club champs or it may backfire. 2. If you have a bad hole in match play get over it. Its only one hole. 3. Give putts early, make them putt later. 4. Keep the ball in play. Hit your 3 wood if the driver is miss-behaving. 5. Never give up. I would hate to think how many times I have holed a long putt to a half or had an opponent chip in on me when I thought I had a hole. That’s the nature of match play. 6. Be patient. If your opponent gets off to a flyer, relax, your turn will come soon. I hope these simple tips will help you. The biggest thing to remember is that it’s only a game. Play fairly and enjoy yourself and your opponents company.

Manager/Director Paul Gundersen
AA NZPGA Member Anthony Barkley PHONE: 07 308 7921 Open 7 days a week Mob: 0272519937
You have heard of the Race to Dubai? Well, we have the Junior Race to Wairakei! Wairakei Golf and Sanctuary have kindly donated three junior green fees as a prize. Conditions for this are that the juniors needs to be a full member of the club (have handicap based here). Each junior will get points for playing in and finishing positions in both nationally recognised tournaments as well as club events. Points will be dished out for practice habits, statistic keeping and general behaviour etc. Thank you to Bob Byrne for donating a trophy for junior golf. These guys and girls are the future of the club.

DID YOU KNOW? Henry Spring won the Waikato Under 14 Champs and heads to the NZ Under 19 Champs early next month. Do you know which player featuring in the PGA Championship was banned on tour for cheating early in his Career? V J Singh The NZ PGA was established in 1913 and is one of the oldest PGAs in the world. The chances of having two hole in ones in a round is one in 67 million. There is a par 7 hole in Japan measuring 909 yards

If you have not tried a video lesson I recommend that you do. The benefits are that you get to see what I see and understand why we need to make change. Video lessons can be for not only full swing but pitching, chipping and putting. GREAT DEAL!!


Individual $40.00 each 2 or more $25 each Package 4 lessons for $140 Includes 1 or 2 video (Recommended to be used in 6 months) Tuesdays and Wednesdays All day Other days by appointment Junior Open days from 3.30pm4.30pm Wednesdays $5 each Recommended for non club playing members. BOOK IN TODAY

You may ask what this means but its crucial if you are looking at making improvements that you understand what’s happening on the course. I can see areas we can improve very easily through patterns. For example if you are averaging above 32 putts per round its clear putting lessons are needed.

I can help you also with my own manual version!!

Here is a great site: Mob: 0272519937