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Project Management Framework
Control BPM Projects with SmartBPM® Processes
The Project Management Framework (PMF) helps business priorities drive best practices for SmartBPM and other agile projects, allowing managers and project participants to scope, monitor, and report on projects.
Using PMF, managers create project portfolios that include projects, task groups, tasks, issues, and bugs. SmartBPM controls provide outstanding visibility into PMF projects at every level. PMF provides a Web Services-based API allowing external tools (such as IDEs or code repositories) to post changes to PMF projects, manage the work list, and move items into or out of projects. Participants and managers can easily drag-drop tasks among task groups, and status and other metadata can be changed individually or in bulk. This allows, for example, moving items out of backlog into specific sprints based on sizing/effort trade-offs. PMF supports milestones, task status and condition, priority, and timelines through a unified project portal view. Dates can be added top-down from features and groups, and can be calculated bottom-up from lower-level tasks. Monitoring and Reporting The SmartBPM tree-grid provides multiple alternative views of a project tree, rolling up hours, stories, and points to provide comprehensive time-based and Scrum details. More details are revealed as the manager drills down in the tree. PMF provides project templates, including out-of-the-box support for Scrum projects, and Scrum task groups can be configured to contain sprints, releases, user stories, and backlogs, as well as general tasks. New templates can be developed by project managers, and applied to new or existing projects. PMF integrates Application Profiler details including user stories and use cases, and lets managers and product owners flesh out these stories (including adding Scrum story points) in PMF. The framework can also import projects from Microsoft Project. Working on Projects As projects progress, managers or Scrum Masters assign tasks to project resources, and PMF monitors completion via assignment status and check-out/check-in for project assets (rules, processes, and other SmartBPM artifacts, as well as sprints, points, and other Scrum artifacts). PMF includes at-a-glance project dashboards, showing a health overview for one or more projects along with quality and effort metrics, providing immediate insight into task and bug management.

Status reports are produced in a variety of formats. not just classical offline project lifecycle planning and reporting. bar graphs. • Project Management Framework supports your project the way you think and work Prerequisites The Project Management Framework requires SmartBPM® version 5.pega.4SP2 or higher. please contact your Pegasystems representative. velocity. The framework interfaces with developer environments running SmartBPM® version 5. and optimization and health management. Benefits • Handle all the project elements for a managed. Pega’s agile BPM development methodology supports transformation projects from requirements through deployment with tools for directly capturing business objectives. and bugs • Provides a rich UI. model-driven architecture. and sprint quality. • Work with customers’ existing toolsets without major adoption cycle • Always have an up-to-date view of project status – no unpleasant surprises! • Unify your BPM development by using BPM tools to manage and monitor your projects. saving time and reducing mistakes. and deployment. and work progress • Supports assignments of tasks. localization and and pie charts. providing reports based on completion and coverage of the original business requirements. issues.5SP1 or higher. For more information. These include summary reports by project. champion-challenger piloting. visit us on the Web at www. real-time work tracking including Scrum-specific reports like burn-down by story points and hours. All rights reserved. successful project – from inception to deployment.PMF provides dozens of reports covering all aspects of the project. from individual tasks to project suites • Project templates provide out-of-the-box support for Scrum and agile methods on SmartBPM and other projects • Ties into other project life-cycle tools – Application Profiler. and defect management reports on open bugs and resolution. 2009-10 . • Use agile methods for fast feedback and accurate tracking for the entire project • Eliminate manual reconciliation across tools and projects. Test Management Framework. Status details can also be exported for use in external project and tracking applications. Features • Manages projects large and small. and bulk changes Information from use cases and test cases is incorporated. supporting detail drill-down. speeding and simplifying project development. drag-drop. milestone and group. Scrum-based project management and testing. testing. Challenge Project managers want effective tools for realtime task management and reporting for project personnel. The Project Management Framework turns BPM on itself. including tables. tasks. or e-mail us at The framework brings business objectives to Scrum methodology in a model-driven environment to avoid requirements handoffs and speed up changes. © Copyright 2009 Pegasystems. and developer tools • Supports third-party tools including Microsoft Project and code repositories • Provides complete real-time reporting on projects.