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Chennai Telephones
Name & Address of the Customer:

BILL MAIL SERVICE Postage paid in advance
Vide LicenceNo.PP/03/2001


P O Stamp

INFORMATION TO CUSTOMER I) For Fault Repair, Dial: 198 For Customer Care &Billing enquiry,Dial: 1500 Further Details of Customer grievance redressal mechanism is available at our website II) Telephone Bills can be paid by Cash / Cheque / DD / Debit / Credit Cards at the following centers. (a) All Online Cash Counters and Customer Service Centres of BSNL. (b) All Head Post Offices and designated Sub / Branch Post Offices up to Pay By Date. (c) E-Seva Counters up to 3 days after Pay By Date. (d) All branches of Syndicate / Indian Bank / UTI ATM. (e) Tech Process / Bill Desk (ECS)/ ICICI Gateway (Credit / Debit Cards). (f) Payment can also be made through ECS and Internet Banking. For Internet banking please Logon to "" III) Cheque / DD May be drawn in favour of AO (Cash), BSNL, Chennai Telephones for making payment at BSNL Bill Collection Centres & CTOs / DTOs. Telephone Bills will be accepted in CASH up to Rs 5000/-. IV) For Change of Billing Address, Kindly approach AO(TR) / Commercial Officer of your exchange area. V) (a) No Migration fee is chargeable for migration to any tariff plan. (b) No increase is permissible in any item of tariff for a period of SIX months from the date of enrolment of a subscriber under a tariff plan. (c) No charge to be levied for any service without explicit consent of the consumer. (d) Refund of Security Deposit for providing telephone service to be made, within 60 days of closure of telephone connection, Otherwise eligible for interest @ 10% Per Annum. (e) Please logon for tariff Plan and Financial implications on (f)Broadband Toll Free Help Desk Number -1800 424 1600 VI) Dial 1960 to know the name and address of the customer and STD Codes / 60 seconds pulse rate.

NOTE: 1). BSNL Broadband is available on demand. Speed between 256Kbps / 2 Mb. Contact Commercial Officer concerned / Customer Service Center. 2). Customers are advised to change their password frequently. 3). STD facility on the phone provided to you is available now by default. In case of unwillingness to have STD facility,you may opt in writing for barring of STD facilty. ENJOY RING BACK TONES ON BSNL LANDLINE(CALL 56700 For Registration) SL.No 01 02 03 04 PARTICULARS Monthly fixed charges IVRS Charges for 56700 Song Selection (Content charges per RBT download)Excluding access charges using IVRS/Website Validity CHARGES Rs.25 Rs.2.00 per min Rs.12.00 30 Days TO AVOID UNWANTED TELEMARKETING CALLS: REGISTER YOUR TELEPHONE NUMBER IN NDNC REGISTRY CALL 1909 or SEND SMS "START DND" ON 1909


1000 500 100 50 20 10 5 2 1 Change TOTAL


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____________________________________Card Expiry Date______ Signature ________________Card Holder's Name _____________________________________________________ Note: Post Offices / Banks to accept Bills for Current Bill Amount or Amount Payable against Account Number on or before Due Date only. E & OE .13 = 936.13 Late Fee shall be levied in the next bill @ 2% of the outstanding amount pending after Payment Due Date. Account Level Details Payment Details Description Cash Payment Total Date 31/07/2012 Amount(Rs..) Tax Details Description Service Tax Educational CESS Higher Edu........BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED Chennai Telephones Telephone Bill Name & Address of the Customer: SRI. if paid) Payments Received B Balance Amount C=A-B Adjustments D Current Bill Amount E Amount Payable (Rounded to next Rupee) A E+C-D 904...00 + 501... Usage charges will be billed in the telephone bill.32 0.Username: netone@netone........00 Amount(Rs......52 1.00 Summary of Charges Monthly Charges Usage Charges One Time Charges Discounts Service Tax Late Fee Total Charges (Rs..........00 426.....13 0.61 - 470.........KUNJUPILLAI PLOT PART 3 & 4 VINAYAGAR NAGAR VINAYAGAPURAM CHENNAI TN 600099 Customer Id Account Number Phone Number Bill Number & Date Bill Period Payment Due Date Customer Type Credit Limit 4018455106 9032313117 04425654166 226652912 .. Minimum Late Fee is Rs 10/-...... 100/-.......... The invoices shall not be printed and dispatched if the total dues are less than Rs.00% Amount 53..........00% 2...) 500.00% 1....00 470.. Page 2 of 3 01/07/2012 to 31/07/2012 29/08/2012 Individual Account Summary(In Rupees) Previous Balance (Ignore....C.... and the amount due shall be included in the next bill....07 0....54 Accounts Officer(TR) This is a Computer generated Bill and hence does not require any Signature PAN No: AABCB5576G Revised procedure for Account_Less internet facility: Dial 172222..... ________Against Card No.. Password: netone..00 29/08/2012 Mode of Payment JLgwSKHfaYcG6aeP Cash Date__________ For Use of PO's/ Banks only Cheque/DD Bank___________________ JLgwSKHfaYcC8yMqbMWC9xGNbMIbSgGvjLdaeP Credit/Debit Card Branch___________________ E-Payment Amount________________ Visa Diners Master Amex Cheque /DD No..____________ Please Charge Rs.... CESS Tax Rate 12.00 = 434....00 501.. BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED COUNTER FOIL Chennai Telephones Account Number Bill Number 9032313117 Phone Number 226652912 Bill Date 04425654166 Amount Payable 06/08/2012 Payment Due Date 936....) 470........32 55.61 + 0...........00 -480..

32 Phone Number/Service ID Bill Plan: BBG FN COMBO 500 Discounts Description LL .00 205.00 -205.00 Discounts Description BB .) 500.BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED Chennai Telephones Account Number 9032313117 Bill Number 226652912 Bill Date 06/08/2012 Payment Due Date 29/08/2012 Name & Address of the Customer: SRI.00 -205.00 46.00 205.) 194.00 221.Free Usage Amount Total Start Date 01/07/2012 End Date 31/07/2012 Amount(Rs.) -175.) 46.00 -305.00 0.32 One Time Charges 0.00 27.00 0.Fixed Monthly Charge Total subash012 Start Date 01/07/2012 End Date 31/07/2012 Amount(Rs.00 500.00 Usage Charges Description LL Local Call LL STD Call Total Units 194 27 221 Duration(hh:mm:ss) 06:21:32 01:01:56 07:23:28 Gross Amt(Rs.32 Discount(Rs.00 -27.) -205.00 Phone Number/Service ID Bill Plan: BBG FN COMBO 500 Monthly Charges Description BB .00 Usage Charges 221.00 Discounts -175.00 Discount(Rs.32 Page 3 of 3 .Free Usage Amount Total 04425654166 Start Date 01/07/2012 End Date 31/07/2012 Amount(Rs.) -100.00 -175.00 500.KUNJUPILLAI PLOT PART 3 & 4 VINAYAGAR NAGAR VINAYAGAPURAM CHENNAI TN 600099 List of Services Phone Number/Service ID 04425654166 subash012 Monthly Charges 0.20% Discount on Plan rent BB .) 205.) -148.00 0.C.00 Net Amount(Rs.32 Net Amount(Rs.32 -305.32 0.00 0.00 -175.32 0.) 0.00 Usage Charges Description Broadband Day Usage BB Night Usage (2AM-8AM) Total Units in KB 1051541 19555816 20607357 Duration(hh:mm:ss) 43:43:39 38:43:56 82:27:35 Gross Amt(Rs.