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MUBEEN IQBAL (MCP, MCTS) Staff Software Engineer Phone: 0420574694 E-Mail: mubeen.iqbal1@gmail.

com Skype ID: mubeen-iqbal

To work in a competitive environment that effectively utilizes my analytical, interpersonal, leadership and organizational skills to conceive and achieve solutions. The solutions which help the organization in not only meeting its targets, but also allowing it to grow, thereby, enhancing my own skills as an individual and as a key player in the organization's development.

AVANCEON (Formerly Engro Innovative Automation & Engineering Pvt. Ltd) Staff Software Engineer 2007 – To Present Six weeks internship experience at University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore.

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Around 4.5 years of extensive hands on experience of designing, developing and deploying n-tier based applications. An experienced team player with excellent communication and interpersonal skills who has the ability to work independently under pressure can lead, motivate and influence others and can train and mentor subordinates. Successfully transformed ideas into workable IT solutions by clearly understanding business processes and customer needs Implemented projects using Waterfall and Agile process models Proficient in working with users to gather requirements Development of web application using ASP.NET with C#, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, DotNetNuke, SharePoint, XML and SQL Server Good in verbal, written communication skills and preparing/making presentations to technical personnel.


Course Masters Of Engineering (Research) BCSE (Bachelors in Computer Science &

College/University University of Technology, Sydney University Of Engineering and Technology, Lahore

Year 2012-2014 2003-2007

Currently Studying 83.49%

Engineering) I.Net. ASP. MCTS .S Metric CERTIFICATIONS: Lahore College for Women. University.0 Microsoft Workflow Foundation Microsoft Presentation Foundation Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. Assembly and C for 8051 Microsoft ASP . PI SDK Matrikon OPC Simulator Web performance load tester MySpace’s Performance Tracker HttpWatch Basic Microsoft SQL Server 2005 & 2008 Microsoft SQL CE Oracle developer and Oracle 10g Windows SharePoint Services 3. TECHNICAL SKILLS Programming Languages                             Web based Development Framework Development Tools/ Platforms Databases SharePoint Third party Controls Utility Software C#. XML. AJAX Microsoft . SharePoint 2007. Web & Windows Services using Microsoft .0/3. XHTML.NET Framework Web based Client Development.0.NET. Assembly Language for x86. Keil:Simulator for 8051 JBuilder 2005 PI server.Microsoft Certified in .Microsoft Certified in SharePoint 2010 Application Development. Lahore 2001-2002 1999-2000 79.Microsoft Certified in . XLS C++. CSS. Oracle Java HTML.7% 83.NET Framework Application Development Foundation.5% MCP . Farooqi Girls High School. ADO. Lahore.NET SQL/PLSQL. 2008 & 2010 Tortoise SVN.NET.NET 2.NET platform Java Script.5/4.C. MCTS . SVN Server Visual Source Safe Proteous for Circuit making. SharePoint 2010 Infragistics Controls Microsoft Project Professional 2007 and 2010 .

WCF. Windows SharePoint Services 3. ASP. engineers and plant management to evaluate and improve system efficiency. Web Services. SQL Server 2005/2008. ASP. iBoiler™ is an invaluable reporting tool for characterizing. This module supports the Importing and Management of Active Directory Services and Local Data Base over the Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and provides a complete control over the Roles and Rights management for Users. It supports well-informed. SVN Server .0. Reporting Services and RS-LINX Gateway. Reporting Services and Visual Source Safe iWater™ Abstract: iWater™ Energy Management Solution (package specially designed for Pumps and Motors Management). Infragistics controls. SQL2005 / SQL 2008. monitoring. AJAX. . and benchmarking boiler performance. SQL2005 / SQL 2008. ASP.Operating Systems/Working Platform       Rational Rose Microsoft Office Microsoft Visio Microsoft Windows 9x/2000/XP Linux Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and 2008 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Operator Shift Logging (OSL) Abstract:OSLis developed for International Power plc that is registered in England. The operators are facilitated with the features of monitoring different sections of the plan and record readings for that particular Interval. It also provides secure. Visual Source Safe. AJAX.0.NET. Infragistics. WPF.NET.Net Framework 2. Tools & Technologies Used: C#. OPCHDA Server. Infragistics controls. role based real-time access to relevant operational and corporate information.5. Silverlight. Tools & Technologies Used: C#.This solution is basically used to monitor the automated responses of different parts for a Plan and interactive options for the operators to monitor or manage them.NET. Tools & Technologies Used: C#. SVN Server.0. Web Services. Web Services.0/3. IWater is developed to optimize all water related solutions in industry like the optimization of operation of Heat Exchangers and Material Stream. Reporting Services. real-time decisions that lead to the effective optimization of a boiler’s performance.NET. Visual Source Safe User and Roles Management Abstract: This module is used as a core URM tool in almost all products produced by Avanceon. Windows SharePoint Services 3.0.PIServer. XML. Java-scripting. HttpWatch Basic and Web Performance LoadTester iBoiler™ Abstract: iBoiler™ Energy Management Solution (package specially designed for Boiler’s management). which helps operators. Windows SharePoint Services 3. AJAX. ASP. SQL2005/SQL 2008. Windows SharePoint Services 3. Tools & Technologies Used: C#. Silverlight.

NET Specialist Course Groom Yourself for Success Strategic Time Management Workshop Personal Development and Organizational Effectiveness PERSONAL DETAILS Interests : Learning new Technologies Photography. CS department.S.0. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. Acquire 2nd prize on 2D Plotter in Embedded System project competition from all over the university. Fluent Hibernate. Windows SharePoint Services 3. 3. It deals with the components including Monitoring. 4. DISTINCTIONS      Having overall 3rd position among 80 students of Computer Science and Engineering Department at UET. Good communication skills with an IELTS reading and writing score of 7. Certified .(Intermediate in Computer Science) at District level among students in thousands.Watching movies. Acquire 1st prize on Speaking Monuments in Final year project competition of UET.C.Information Security Suite Abstract: Information Security Suite software allows monitoring of employees system and their activities. Tools & Technologies Used: Microsoft ASP . Social Activities : REFERENCES Available Upon Request . Web Services. Having overall 5th position in I. Administration and Auto Updates. day outs. Lahore. annual functions\dinners and sending cakes to employees on their birthday etc. speaking 6. Microsoft SQL Server 2008.5 and listening 6.Shopping Managing and organizing events for whole company employees like picnics. Infragistics 2009.NET. TRAININGS AND WORKSHOPS 1. 2.