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Adafruit Raspberry Pi Educational Linux Distro

Created by Ladyada

1 How to Install! I2C Support SPI Support One Wire Support WiFi support Bonjour Support 2 3 4 4 5 5 5 6 6 © Adafruit Industries Page 2 of 6 .adafruit.Guide Contents Guide Contents Overview Occidentalis v0.

it/aMY) did not have many of the delicious hackables built in. Please check o ut raspberrypi.lo cal from any computer on the local network) Like any tweaked distro . (http: //adafru.Overview Adafruit <3 Raspberry Pi .it/aMY) © Adafruit Industries http://learn. That's why we decided to roll our own distribution. and may no t suit yo ur needs.o rg/do wnlo ads fo r o fficial distributio ns.adafruit. the latest official distro "July 15 Raspbian Wheezy" (http://adafru. It also has some things to make overall hacking easier such sshd on startup (with key generation on first boot) and Bonjour (so you can simply ssh raspberrypi. and WiFi support for our wifi adapters. I2C.especially how easy it is to hack circuits using the electronics breakout pins! But sadly. o ne wire. this distributio n is no t designed fo r beginners! We designed this specifically fo r what we think hardware hackers Page 3 of 6 . Our distro is based on "Wheezy" but comes with hardware SPI.

© Adafruit Industries http://learn. we are not full time linux distro maintainers .it/aMZ) (August 2.Occidentalis 4 Gig SD image (will not fit in 2 G cards!) I2C and hardware SPI ( Please keep in mind. Rubus o ccidentalis is the black raspberry. Occidentalis v0.we will try to fix any bugs we find but this distro is not for beginners or people who are new to linux! How to Install! Click below to download the ZIP file: Adafruit Raspberry Pi Educational Distro .Occidentalis Page 4 of 6 .1 This is our first support I2C/SPI modules initialized on boot sshd on boot ssh keygen on first boot runs ahavi daemon (Bonjour client) and is called raspberrypi.1.lo cal Realtek RTL8188CUS wifi support One wire support on GPIO #4 when loaded (http://adafru. It is derived from Raspbian Wheezy July 15 We have made a few key changes to make it more hardware-hacker friendly! Updated to Hexxeh firmware (http://adafru.1 (http://adafru.

If you get a good CRC check. (http://adafru. To Page 5 of 6 . For example.7K resistor from Data to VCC. the temperature is You will also need a SD or MicroSD card writer to burn the image on. You can simply read/write the /dev/spidev files to read/write from SPI We do not have any hardware SPI tutorials for the RPi at this time (we do have a 'bitbanging' software SPI tutorial here ( One Wire Support One wire is most commonly used for DS18B20 temp check out this post ( (by the most awesome cboot) and others on the Raspberry Pi forums We do not have any I2C tutorials for the RPi at this time SPI Support SPI support is on the CLK/MOSI/MISO/CS0/CS1 pins. its flakier than SPI or I2C. ground to ground and Data to GPIO #4. connect any I2C device to power. We suggest using our 4GB SD card which works great (http://adafru.0 to send some dummy data to the SPI port. if its "NO" then the data is corrupted. We suggest using our speedy MicroSD card writer that works with any OS.5°C Since 1-wire is bitbanged. SDA and SCL. Connect a DS18B20 with VCC to Then follow the directions here (http://adafru. Note that it is 4 GB large! You will need a 4GB card or larger. ground. We do not have any 1-wire tutorials for the RPi at this time © Adafruit Industries http://learn. Then you can run cat /sys/bus/w1/devices/28-*/w1_slave to read the temperature data from the bus The first line has the CRC. below. Then run i2cdetect -y 0 (as root) to detect which addresses are on the bus For more ideas. Then connect a 4. connect your logic analyser/scope to the pins and run cat "testtext" > /dev/spidev0. To test. Then run as ro o t: mo dpro be w1-gpio and then mo dpro be w1-therm to attach the temperature submodule. The Pi does not have 'hardware' 1-wire support but it can bitbang it with some success. except use the downloaded and uncompressed Occidentalis image instead of Wheezy I2C Support I2C support is on SDA and SCL pins.2012) and decompress it. the second line has t=temperature in 1/100 of a degree Centigrade.

You will have to edit /etc/netwo rk/interfaces with your SSID and password but after that. Instead of having to look up the IP address.check iwco nfig and iwscan if you're having problems We do not have any WiFi tutorials for the RPi at this time Bonjour Support Bonjour is what Apple uses to make it easier to find new devices on a LAN. Please note that you almost certianly need a powered USB hub to run a wifi dongle.lo cal when the Pi is booted and connected to Ethernet (or WiFi once you have configured WiFi) © Adafruit Industries Last Updated: 2012-08-03 10:15:17 AM EDT Page 6 of 6 . All Apple machines have Bonjour servers.WiFi support We wanted to get our WiFI modules working.its called the print server but its what you want Test by trying to ping raspberrypi. If you have ever installed iTunes. it should 'just work' . it comes with This distro uses raspberrypi. Other Windows users can get it from here (http://adafru.lo cal by default. there's a local name. so we applied the RTL8192cu-based patches to the kernel.