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I. Introduction

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a. Overview of the study b. Objective of the Study c. Scope and limitation of the study II. Spot Map III. Family Profile ------------------------------------------------ 2 ------------------------------------------------ 3, 4

IV. Family Health History --------------------------------------------- 5 V. Present Health Status --------------------------------------------- 6 VI. IMCI ----------------------------------------------- 7,8 VI. Home and Environment------------------------------------------- 9, 10 VIII. Family Coping Index --------------------------------------- 11, 12

IX. Schematic Presentation ------------------------------------------ 13 of the Family Health Problem X. Family Care Plan XI. Evaluation XII. Documentation ----------------------------------------- 14 -------------------------------------------------- 15 -------------------------------------------------- 16


Introduction a. Overview of the Case

to maximize the client’s confidence and ability to care for himself/herself. It is a factor to the development of health and nursing problems of its members. and to be able to teach and maintain a desired level of functioning. and finally to include the client as well as the family in the plan and participation of care. it is responsible for the promotion of health. 2.Family is a basic foundation of a community which is primarily well thought of as the basic element of care and the basic unit of the society. Moreover. 9 and 10. SPOT MAP A. II. Scope and Limitation of the Study This study covers only 5 days visits to the Yanez family from November 25. felt bless and thankful that through this profession I was given the opportunity to experience on how to conduct a family care study in where I was able to share my knowledge and learning’s to those people who made my study possible. Narrative 2 . Families play a major role in transmission of religious.Although the study talks about the family that I had chosen. the source of decision-making on health and nonhealth matters. cultural. health maintenance. Community health student nurses involve the patient and his/her family in the care provided in order to motivate them to assume responsibility for their care. and prevention of diseases. and social values. The objectives in conducting this family case study are to give nursing interventions in the problem identified and educate significant others and proper environmental sanitation that would lessen the risk for infection b. as a nursing student of Liceo de Cagayan University. I. Thus the role of the community health nurse shifts from direct care giver to that of a teacher. we only focus and limit it on the main problem which I identified and gave emphasis on the sanitation of Yanez family. explaining and answering the questions to clarify doubts. and the bank of the most care and solid support to its members. December 1.

The jeepney would have to continue until it will pass Barangay of Patag and then Apovel. Beside the gym is the terminal of motor single which we can have a ride going to zone 1. III. The group would have to ride a bulua jeepney going to the terminal of motor single at Bulua Cagayan de Oro City.The point of reference is Liceo de Cagayan University. where the barangay hall and the health center located. FAMILY PROFILE 3 . will pass again turn to left turn going to Bulua. baikingon for the fare of 20 pesos. From Apovel. The jeepney would follow the route to Patag. In continuing the travel. Apovel and then turn left upon reaching the place where the two roads divides. the group would stop in the Bulua GYM.

500 pesos CHILDREN: 4 . 1972 Roman Catholic Filipino Zone 1 baikingon Cagayan de Oro City Elementary level Housekeeper 1.1965 Roman Catholic Filipino Zone 1 baikingon Cagayan de Oro City High School level laborer 4.Head of the family Birnie Yanez NO PICTURE Age: Birthdate: Religion: Nationality: Address: Highest Educational Atainment: Occupation: Income: 46 years old April 16.800 pesos Light of the family ROSEMARIE YANEZ NO PICTURE Age: Birthdate: Religion: Nationality: Address: Highest Educational Atainment: Occupation: Income: 39 years old November 26.

baikingon Cagayan de Oro City College level second child in the family NO PICTURE Jomar Yanez Age: Birthdate: Religion: Nationality: Address: Highest Educational Atainment: 17 years old December 17. baikingon Cagayan de Oro City College level Youngest child in the family Bernerose Yanez NO PICTURE 5 . 1994 Roman Catholic Filipino Zone 1. 1993 Roman Catholic Filipino Zone 1.Eldest child in the family NO PICTURE Bernard Yanez Age: Birthdate: Religion: Nationality: Address: Highest Educational Atainment: 18 years old July 14.

Has not donated any blood and has no known allergies on drugs and foods. 6 . I was not able to assess Mr. Name: Jomar Yanez Jomar Yanez. baikingon Cagayan de Oro City preschool IV. OPV 1.Cagayan de Oro City through normal spontaneous vaginal delivery. She does not drink alcohol and at the same time she doesn’t smoke. He was breastfed by her mother for 1 year old of age. He was born at baikingon health center through Normal Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery. She is a 39 years old and was born in Iponan. Bernie because he is in work. washing the clothes. Family Health History Name: Bernie Yanez Mr. He was breastfeed for only 1 year of age. cough and fever experienced and treated only at home. DPT 1. cooking the meals and bathing the children. She gave birth to all of her 3 children through Normal Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery (NSVD) at the Health Center”. was born in barangay baikingon Cagayan de oro city Misamis Oriental on April 16. Children: Name: Bernard Yanez Bernard Yanez.Age: Birthdate: Religion: Nationality: Address: Highest Educational Atainment: 3 years old January 19. DPT 1. kalabasa. He has no known allergies to foods and drugs. The father side of Mr.2 and 3. Bernie Yanez is 46 years old. kangkong and other vegetables included in their menu “bulad” and ”pritong isda”.2 and 3 and Measles. He works as a laborer. She does all the housework’s from cleaning the house. She has no known food and drug allergies. She is a housewife who oversees their 3 children. the eldest child in the family. Name: Rosemarie Yanez Mrs. the second child of the family.2 and 3. Bernie had no familial disease of Hypertension. Bernie smokes Less than 5 sticks of cigarettes a day and drinks occasionally. He has never been hospitalized for any diseases except for common colds. 2008 Roman Catholic Filipino Zone 1. Mr. 1965 through normal spontaneous vaginal delivery at home by “hilot”. OPV 1. The Family’s usual menu is cooked malunggay leaves. He loves to eat vegetables which are the typical meal of the Yanez family. Rosemarie Yanez is the 3rd daughter in their family.2 and 3 and Measles at Baikingon Health Center. Bernard Yanez was born through normal spontaneous vaginal delivery at baikingon health center. He had been fully immunized with BCG and Hepa-B. He was never been hospitalized before. He had been fully immunized with BCG and Hepa-B. She has not been hospitalized before for any complicated diseases.

has no surgical operations from the past. the family is aware on the immunization schedule which actively being followed up and met the appropriate age of their children for compliance and prevention of unprecedented illnesses such as polio. She has never been hospitalized for any diseases except for common colds. Present Health Status a. She only eats vegetables.2 and 3. As collected. the youngest child of the family and the only daughter in the family. OPV 1. She is aware about family planning. According to the mother. Rosemarie. she as no known allergy to drugs but she has allergy to foods like chicken. measles. V. Bernard. According to he mother he has no known drug and foods allergies. washing the clothes. She has no known allergies to foods and drugs. DPT 1. In terms of elimination he had a normal bowel movement and five times or more as his frequency in urination. She was breastfeed for only 1 year of age. cooking meals and bathing the children. diphtheria. cough and fever experienced and treated only at home. She was born at baikingon health center through Normal Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery. crabs and shrimps. She had been fully immunized with BCG and Hepa-B. a plain housewife who oversees their children.2 and 3 and Measles. According to her. hepatitis and others. she do takes care of her childrens. 7 . Mr. eggs. Mrs. I was not able to assess because Jomar is in school. She does all the housework’s from cleaning the house. Immunization Immunization Schedule BCG HepB1 HepB2 HepB3 DPT1 DPT2 DPT3 OPV1 OPV2 OPV3 Measles Bernar d √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ Jomar √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ Bernie rose √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ The immunization of the children of Yanez family is completed according to their age and schedule set as required. Bernie. the second child of the family. According to his wife. fish and soup which the family’s mainstay meal. Jomar. No known drug and food allergies according to the wife.Name: Bernie rose Yanez Bernie rose Yanez. I was not able to assess because he is in school and yet visits are only limited. She does not drink alcohol and at the same time she doesn’t smoke. According to the mother he has No food and drug allergies. he did smoke and drinks liquor occasionally.according to the mother omar is healthy not only physicaly but also mentally. At this moment of visitations. I was not able to assess him because his at work and yet I have no opportunity at all.

obtain a blood smear.5C or above) YES___NO  Decide malaria risk • Does the child live in malaria area? LOOK AND FEEL: • Has the child visited/traveled or  Look or feel for stiff neck Stayed overnight in a malaria area  Look for runny nose In the past 4 weeks? If malaria risk. Restless or irritable?  Look for sunken eyes. Is • Is there blood in the stool? the infant Abnormally sleepy or difficult to awaken.Bernierose .  Pinch skin of the abdomen.  Look and listen for stridor. runny nose • If more than 7 days. the youngest child and the only child of the family. 2011 Child’s Name: Bernierose Age:3 years old Sex: Female Weight:15 kg. VI. according to the mother she has no known food and drug allergies with the. cough and colds No diarrhea None Initial visit:  Follow-up visit:___ CLASSIFY YES_NO  DOES THE CHILD HAVE COUGH OR DIFFICULTY BREATHING? YES___NO  • For how long?___days  Count the breaths in one minute. Does it go back: Very slowly (longer than 2 sec) Slowly? DOES THE CHILD HAVE FEVER?(by history/feels hot/T 37. If yes. are they deep and extensive? • Look for pus draining from the eye. present every day? • Has the child had measles within the last 3 months? If the child has measles now or within the last 3 months: • Look for mouth ulcers. IMCI: INTEGRATED MANAGEMENT OF CHILDHOOD ILLNESS MANAGEMENT OF THE SICK AGE 2 MONTHS UP TO 5 YEARS Date: July 19. DOES THE CHILD HAVE DIARRHEA? YES___NO  • For how long?___days  Look at the young infant’s general condition. + P1 Pv -done THEN ASK: Look for signs of MEASLES • For how long has the  Generalized rash and child had fever?____days  One of these: cough. Fast breathing?  Look for chest indrawing. has fever been or red eyes. Temp: 37 C ASK: what are the child’s problem? ASSESS (circle all signs present) CHECK FOR GENERAL DANGER SIGNS NOT ABLE TO DRINK OR BREASTFEED DIFFICULT VOMITS EVERYTHING CONVULSIONS ABNORMALLY SLEEPY OR TO AWAKEN No pneumonia. Weight 15 kg Pulse rate of 85 bpm. No fever 8 . ____breaths per min. Respiratory rate of 23 cpm and a temperature of 37 C.

Home 9 . how many times in 24 hrs? times. What do you use to feed the child?__glass________ If very low weight for age. DOES THE CHILD HAVE AN EAR PROBLEM? YES___NO  • Is there ear pain?  Look for pus draining from the ear • Is ther ear discharge?  Feel for tender swelling behindthe YES___NO___If YES. has the child’s feeding changed? YES__ NO__ If YES. how? none No ear infection normal Vit A needed today YES_NO  VII. THEN CHECK FOR MALNUTRITION and ANEMIA • Look for visible severe wasting • Look for edema of both feet. or is less than 2yrs old. Severe palmar pallor? Some palmar pallor? • Determine weight for age. Do you breastfeed during the night? YES__ NO__ • Does the child take any other foods or fluids? YES__ NO__ If YES. ASSES DENGUE HEMORRHAGIC FEVER THEN ASK: • Has the child had any bleeding from the LOOK AND FEEL: nose or gums or in the vomitus or stool?  Look for bleeding from nose or gums • Has the child had black vomitus or black stool?  Look for skin petechiae • Has the child had persistent abdominal pain?  Feel for cold and clammy • Has the child had persistent vomiting? extremities. • Do you breast feed your child? YES___ NO___ If YES. How large are servings? __________________________ Does the child receive his/her own serving?___ who feeds the child and how?_____ • During the illness.  Perform tourniquet test if child is 6 months or older and has no fever for more than 3 days. for how long?_____days ear. HOME & ENVIRONMENT A. • Look for palmar pallor.  Check capillary refill____seconds. what foods or fluids? boiledwater___________________________________________ • How many times per day?_6__times.• Look for clouding of the cornea. Very low? CHECK THE VIT A SUPLLEMENTATION STATUS for children 6 months or older Is the child 6 months of age or older? YES___N0___ Has the child received Vit A in the past 6 months? YES___ NO___ ASSESS CHILD’S FEEDING if child has ANEMIA or VERY LOW WT.

E. We do observe that the family has a limited budget on extra materials from the house. separate from their house. The family has their own electricity connection and they have only TV for their appliances that would make ease their boredom for the whole day.The yanez family lives in a small Barangay of Zone 1 baikingon. They have common toilet with her mother in law. Their house is made up of wood which is located near from their other neighbors. Water Supply They don’t have their own connection of water from the mainland. Domestic Animals The family has pig and chickens . they would fetch water from the pump a little distance from their house. B. so they would get their water outside from the water pump located near the main road. They would stack their water inside their house for they have this Gallons or container only some are covered. It means two family used in one comfort room. and is outside the house. C .Comfort Room For the toilet. and 1 used as a bedroom. Cagayan de Oro City. The house has 3 sections: 1 used as living room and at the same time 1 for dinning room. it is located outside. 10 .Waste Disposal We didn’t noticed any trash can or compost pit around their backyard so mrs. D . rosemarie told me that they would just burned their garbage on any sides of their backyard which is not good for the fact that it may cause danger not only in their lives but as well as the environment. It is a water sealed and but again it does not have any cover.

malunggay. E. just outside their house. baikingon have their own water supply. How we wished that the government could do something about this problem. though there are less waste in the whole community thus making their whole general sanitation good but we can’t approve their method of disposing their garbage through burning because as we all know it could also harm our Mother Nature specifically the ozone layer that serves as our protection from the extreme heat of the sun. And we also observed only few of the households at Zone 1.Garden vegetables The family planted vegetable such as. Alugbati near in their house. The health center is located far from the community itself. 11 . Community Base on my observations.F.

Knowledge of Health Condition 3 4. 11 2. The mother takes care of the children and she cooks for the family. Health Attitudes 3 6. Sometimes the family does not seek help of medical professionals during times of illness and prefer to self-medicate because the health center is far from there house. TheChildren received complete immunizations. Has some general knowledge of the disease or condition. as well as assessment gathered such as garbage disposal and absence of drainage. Children had adequate clothed Poor hygiene and imbalanced diet (less protein source such as meat).VIII. The family was able to maintain a reasonable degree of emotional calm face up to illness realistically and hopefully. but they were not able to discuss family problems because of the absence of the presence of the head of the family. She also has extra income in doing laundry in Westfield subdivision. Therapeutic Competence 3 3. or is only partially informed and does not know how to listen & prevent the disease. Accept healthcare in some degree but with reservations. the family was consciously practicing/ applying hygiene principle as part of their lifestyle. but has not grasped the underlying principles. Giving medications correctly but not understanding the purposes of the. In terms of hygiene. symptoms to be observed. Based on the objective observation. Emotional Competence 3 . FAMILY COPING INDEX Legend: 1 – No competence 3 – Moderate competence 5 – Complete competence CATEGORY 1. The father works as a laborer to sustain the needs of his family. Application of Principles of 3 General Hygiene 5. Physical Independence SCALE 5 JUSTIFICATION The family provides partially needs to its members.

Environment areas near houses are very mud. Family is aware of and uses of the health services offered in their barangay health center but were not able to fully avail the services. Physical Environment 3 9. EVALUATION 12 .7. They live near the river and danger area for floods especially this latest event of SENDONG. Has open drainage and can easily bear to vectors and mosquitoes. Family Living 3 8. ] XI. Use of Community Facilities 3 Family’s does things together and act for the good of the family as a whole and they have good interpersonal relationship but unfortunately the father does not have quality time for his family because of his work. Scattered garbage around the house.

they still go to the concerned physician that is if they experienced unusualties in there bodies lasting more than 5 days accordingly. I was not able take pictures because they don’t have time for me to accommodated. This includes the appropriate care for the disease conditioned. The said father leaves at 8 am and comes home at 6pm and that is why I was not able to assess and see them. such mentioned difficulty was encountered with the father of the family and her two sons because of their unavailability during the process of care. information drive or further research and education which concerns of health care and health related conditions. Even though the family relies more on herbal treatment rather than medical treatment. several interventions were done as well as health teachings. In the client care process. as of other aspects was difficult to plan because it was not anticipated.There were no difficulties encountered as to the family member’s attitude because they were participative and accommodating throughout the care rendered to them. 13 . As well as other health tips were emphasized to the concerned family. these were discussed as to anticipate the care of the individual and the family as a whole. Furthermore.

Rios Group A11 Submitted to: Mrs.MAN 14 . Carmen Cagayan de Oro City In partial fulfillment of NCM501205 Related Learning Experience RLE Submitted By: Arjay c. Gemma Reambonansa RN.Liceo de Cagayan University College of Nursing RNP Blvd.

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