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[b]In-game Nickname:[/b] Calyza [b]Class/Level:[/b] Priest, level 85 [b]PvE Raiding Spec (Including x/x/x talent ratio):[/b] I'm currently Disc

on ar mory, although I enjoy holy as much. However my disc spec is 31/8/2. [b]Professions:[/b] Enchanting and Tailoring [b]Realm:[/b] Tarren Mill [b]Armory link:[/b] anced

[b]Real (first) Name:[/b] Alexander, though everybody calls me Alex [b]Age (minimum 18):[/b] 23 [b]Nationality/Location:[/b] Swedish / Sweden, Landskrona [b]Alt Characters Above Level 70 (Name/Level/Class):[/b] None I'm afraid on Tarren Mill but I have a bunch on Frostmane, my previous real m, 85 tank druid (named Alexyo) amongst a lot others. All classes except mage an d hunter, level 85. [b]Instance Experience (Which Encounters You Have Experienced):[/b] Here we go! - [b]Vanilla[/b] I didn't raid much. Although I did MC and BWL a bit, as well as Onyxia, this was on my hunter (diseased). - [b]TBC[/b] was my "shinytime" in WoW. I raided with the top guild eXperience o n the realm Khadgar. We had every server first in whole TBC except for one or tw o. Definitely my greatest and biggest time in WoW. This was on my hunter. - [b]WotLK[/b] I didn't raid that much since I quit WoW at the end of TBC and di dn't really like the expansion (WotLK that is) overall, I however, decided to re roll (paladin), I think it was around Ulduar times and started to casual raid wi th PuG's and some casual guilds, this was mostly Ulduar. Now looking back, I reg ret not continuing but nothing I can do about it. - [b]Cataclysm[/b] was the expansion where I thought I'd find my way back into a raiding environment. I played my druid from the start and began a second raidin g team in a guild I was in, with 9 real life friends. We did alright, was still casual since nobody could get along and I had to play justicemaker every time so meone ended up arguing, too much purple-vision, if I may express myself that way . We did BWD and BoT normal, but didn't really go further in there. When Firelan ds came we started to progress in there however it went the same way, ended up j ust doing it normal, after that we split up and when Dragon Soul came I joined t he first raid team and thought I'd be staying. They however were distributing it ems in a way that I did not like (a nicer phrasing for ninja'ing) so I decided I did not want to be a part of it and left after just a few weeks. That's pretty much where I am at the moment, the short version. I feel like I have to explain how my priests gets into this "mess". My priest have always been my "go-back-to-when-times-are-rough-character", and I like to call it my main, even if none of my biggest achievements are on it. This is because I feel like priest is the class I can play best and between all of this going on, the priest is the character I always went back to. [b]Playing Days And Hours (For A Typical Week):[/b] I play between 5 to 12 hours a day, maybe more on weekends. [b]Our Normal raid days are Mon,Wed,Thur and Sun from 20.00-23.30, server time. Please indicate your regular raiding availability, i.e. 75% (A minimum of 85% at

tendance is strictly required!):[/b] I'd like to think I'd attend 100%, but I'll be realistic and say 95%. Although some inconveniences might come, of course not as a regularity and will always notify before. [b]Are you able to speak on ventrilo? (Voice communication through raid time):[/ b] Yes, I am. [b]Can you link/supply a combat log statistics report of yourself in action? (Th is is mandatory; without a combat log we won't consider your application.)[/b] [b]What would you say your PvE achievement you are, or was most proud of achievi ng?[/b] Technically, it's not an achievement (as in in-game achievement) but what I feel is the biggest achievement overall is when I raided in TBC, we pushed every ser ver first and it was really a special time in my WoW-life so to speak. Mostly Ka el'Thas, Lady Vashj and Illidan. [b]Previous/Current Guilds/Servers:[/b] Currently I am in Fallout, as I'm real life friend with Crunkz, other guilds on this server is none, as I transferred here 1 week ago. I was in Merciful on Frostmane. [b]Reason For Leaving/Wanting To Leave Previous/Current Guilds/Server:[/b] The reason I left Frostmane and the guild was because they distributed loot in a way I did not like (as mentioned above). I left Frostmane for Tarren Mill because of real life friends. [b]Do you have anyone in Fallout who can vouch for you?[/b] I believe Crunkz can vouch for me. [b]Once you have upgraded all items possible from the current instance, what (if anything) would motivate you to continue raiding?[/b] Achievements, and just the environment, helping others, gear up alts, and just t o have something to do. [b]Why would you like to join Fallout, rather than another guild?[/b] I've heard many good things about Fallout from my friends, how comfortable you a re when you raid and it's always been a priority for me to feel comfortable whil e in the stress of the moment. [b]What are your favorite and least favorite things about your class?[/b] - [b]Favorite[/b] thing is nothing really specific but I really like the priestclass as a whole, the way it's set up. (Also have the coolest animations!) - [b]Least favorite[/b] thing I can't really think of. [b]What is your - [b]CPU[/b] is - [b]RAM[/b] is - [b]GPU[/b] is PC specification (CPU/RAM/Graphics)?[/b] a AMD Phenom II X4 - 3,4Ghz 8GB Crucial (don't really know the whole name, sorry) a ATI Radeon HD 4800

[b]Do you have an authenticator bound to your Blizzard Battlenet account (hack p revention)?[/b] Yes, I do. [b]If your current gaming PC had a fault do you have the means to repair or use a backup computer?[/b] Yes, I have a backup. [b]Which raid frame + healing assist mods do you use? (Please provide a screensh

ot of your UI.)[/b] I'm using Grid for healing and raid frame with Fatboss UI (a bit modified I supp ose), screenshot here: I would also like to add that I'm extremely serious when I set my mind into it, I wont slack or do anything I should not do, and I'm not saying I'm the best pri est in the world (yet!) but I can handle criticism very well and I do as I am to ld. Thanks for looking over my application and I hope you had fun reading it! Regards, Alex