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Maruti Suzuki Service FeedBack Card

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Phone No. : 9654698298 Email Id. : Group Job Card No Dealer Code & Name Vehicle Serviced From Vehicle Purchased From 0883-3 0897 MARUTI SERVICE MASTERS Date 27-JUN-2012 14-NOV-2009 C SUP 2009396 Mileage 42356


COMPETENT AUTOMOBILE CO LTD Thank you for sparing your valuable time for giving us the feedback. We assure you of our 43445 best services always.

as on Date * : 09-AUG-2012

Registration No DL2CAK9197 1509024

Engine No 3749538

Card No 0883-3/456TE/32225

DEALERSHIP APPROACH ON SERVICE Qa. What type of service or repair was performed on this MOST RECENT visit?(MARK ALL THAT APPLY) R1. Free Service 1st, 2nd, 3rd (Go to R1) R2. Paid Service (Go to R1) R3. Other Repairs (Go to Qb) ' Qb. What type of maintenance or repair ? (MARK ALL THAT APPLY) MAINTENANCE R1. Tune-Up R2. Wheel Alignment R3. Tyre Change/Balancing R4. Brakes MAINTENANCE R5.Suspension R6.Muffler/Exhaust R7.Battery R8.Other Maintenance (Specify):QbR8... R9. Engine Repair R10. Transmission Repair R11. Body/Accident Repair R12. Other Repair (Specify):QbR12........ CLUTCH WAS NOT PROPER AND PR REPAIR


Thinking of your most recent experience at this service workshop, (a) Please put( ) against the questions under Yes/No/ NA category. (b) Please rate the dealership on a scale of 1-10 as under:

INITIATING THE SERVICE VISIT R1. R2. R3. R4. Did you get the appointment as per your desired date & time? Was your vehicle picked up for service/ repairs and delivered back at your premises?




Were you notified by the dealer/service center when your vehicle was due for routine maintenance? When you arrived at the dealer/ service center, were you waited on within a reasonable period of time? Please rate the following on a scale of 1-10(Excellent: 10,Good: 9, Average: 6-8, Unacceptable: 1-5)

Q1. Q2.

Ease of arranging service visit (through telephone, sms etc., this could include the length of time to speak to someone). Flexibility to accommodate your schedule.

9 9

/ 10 / 10

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8/9/2012 1:44 PM

Maruti Suzuki Service FeedBack Card

Q3. Q4.

Timeliness of hand over process( time waiting to be greeted, time conferring with advisor , time to hand over keys and complete any initial paper work). Please rate the whole process of getting your vehicle in for service. Yes No

9 9 NA

/ 10 / 10

REGARDING SERVICE ADVISOR R5. Please inform performance of Service Advisor on the following: Paid attention to details (performed walk around / multi point inspection of the vehicle) Ready with job cards/ job slips in advance Placed protective material in vehicle (like seat covers, steering cover etc.) Repeated back each of your requests to make sure all was understood Reviewed with you the work that was done on your vehicle. Provided helpful advice. Kept you informed of the status of your vehicle. Knew your vehicles service history. R6. R7. R8. R9. Were you attended and greeted on reaching at the workshop? When you arrived at the dealership, before the vehicle was taken in for service, was the service work to be performed fully explained? Was a copy of the service/ repair form provided before work was begun?

Were you provided with a detailed estimate of how much the work would cost before it was started? <1.5 1.5~4 More than Hrs Hrs 4 hours

R10. How much time estimate given to perform service/ repairs requested by you (Hours) Please rate the following on a scale of 1-10(Excellent: 10,Good: 9, Average: 6-8, Unacceptable: 1-5) Q5. Q6. Q7. Q8. Courtesy/friendliness of Service Advisor Responsiveness of Service Advisor. Thoroughness of explanations. Please rate the overall performance of the Service Advisor. Yes No 9 9 9 9 NA / 10 / 10 / 10 / 10

SERVICE FACILITY R11. R12. Was free loaner car offered, if your vehicle was retained for more than 24 hours for warranty repair at workshop? Was transportation (e.g. shuttle service/cab voucher) provided for dropping you to the nearest convenient location?

R13. Was the waiting area clean? R14. Were refreshments offered, while you were waiting at the workshop? R15. Is the dealer/service center open during late hours /open on weekends? Please rate the following on a scale of 1-10(Excellent: 10,Good: 9, Average: 6-8, Unacceptable: 1-5) Q9. Ease of driving in/out of facility 9 9 9 9 9 Yes No NA / 10 / 10 / 10 / 10 / 10

Q10. Convenience of location. Q11. Cleanliness of dealership service facility. Q12. Comfort of waiting area(includes seating, amenities, refreshments) Q13. Please rate the dealerships service facility overall. WHEN PICKING UP YOUR VEHICLE AFTER SERVICE R16. Was your vehicle ready when originally promised? R17. Were you informed when service/repair was completed? R18. Did the dealer notify you of the delay in advance, if any? R19. Do you feel the cost charged for servicing your vehicle was reasonable? R20. Did you receive an explanation on charges taken for service?

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8/9/2012 1:44 PM

Maruti Suzuki Service FeedBack Card

R21. Did you receive an explanation on actual work that was performed? R22. Did the dealer explain you of any issue or work that may be needed in future? R23. Were you informed when to schedule your next service visit? Please rate the following on a scale of 1-10(Excellent: 10,Good: 9, Average: 6-8, Unacceptable: 1-5) Q14. Timeliness of the pick-up process (waiting to be attended to, completing paperwork and picking up vehicle) Q15. Fairness of the charges Q16. Helpfulness of staff at pick-up( to help locate the vehicle , make payment etc.) Q17. Please rate your overall experience of picking up your vehicle from this dealership. SERVICE QUALITY R24. Was all of the work done right the first time? R25. Did the service workshop complete all the works requested by you? R26. Was your vehicle returned washed and vacuumed? R27. Were you contacted after the service to see if the work was performed to your satisfaction? Please rate the following on a scale of 1-10(Excellent: 10,Good: 9, Average: 6-8, Unacceptable: 1-5) Q18. Total time required to service your vehicle Q19. Thoroughness of maintenance/ repair work performed Q20. Condition/cleanliness of vehicle on return (undamaged, controls and positions unchanged) Q21. Please rate the overall quality of work performed on your vehicle. YOUR SERVICE EXPERIENCE Q22. Now that you have considered several aspects of your most recent service experience, please rate your overall service experience with this service center. YOUR OVERALL EXPERIENCE Q23. The overall quality and reliability of your vehicle Worse than expected Q24. How was your overall service experience at dealership compared to your expectations? LOYALTY AND ADVOCACY Q25. Based on your experience with this service center, how likely would you: R1. R2. R3. Recommend the dealer / service center to a friend or relative Go back to this facility for service/ repairs. Purchase a vehicle from this service dealer. Definitely would Probably would Probably would Definitely would not not About as expected 4 / 10 4 / 10 9 9 4 4 / 10 / 10 / 10 / 10 Yes No 9 3 9 6 NA / 10 / 10 / 10 / 10

Better than expected

Q26. Based on your overall ownership experience, how likely would you: R1. R2. Recommend Maruti to a friend or relative Purchase another Maruti vehicle.

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8/9/2012 1:44 PM