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Howard Gardner stated A leader is an individual who significantly affects the thoughts, feelings and/ or behaviors of a significant number

of individuals. This would hold true as a role of a leader is to have an impact on individuals around him by inspiring, motivating and cultivating a fair and just environment. However this was not true for Crown Computers LLC, whose leader had neither a vision nor a foresight for the company, put his interests ahead of the organizations goals and created a hostile environment for his employees which eventually led to demise of the entire firm. Meeting with Jake Carlson, one of the employees that was affected by this ineffective leadership, explained to me that the CEO of Crown Computers LLC was intoxicated by his power as an executive, demoralized employees by finding flaws in their work and micromanaging each and every project assigned to the employees. Jake explained that the long term goals of the organization were never clearly stated and that the CEO was more focused on ensuring that his bonus was secured rather than creating a vision for the organization. In order to gain these bonuses, the CEO would constantly look for ways to cut costs which was not limited to firing employees that he thought were not needed in the firm; not realizing that these cuts would increase the burden of work on the current employees. Furthermore, whenever mistakes were committed whether intentionally or unintentionally, the CEO would lose his temper and vent out his frustrations at the employees which led to a decrease in job satisfaction. This also created a hostile environment within the organization that led to a lot of resignations and an increase in the cost of exploiting financial resources to hire and train new project managers and employees. The eventual demise of Crown Computers LLC was because of the inconsiderate and egocentric attitude of the CEO who would always take credit for successful endeavors without giving credit due to those who deserved it and would also parade these achievements in front of the board members as if it were his own. Due to this attitude of the CEO, he was coined as the boss from hell.

I personally believe that the CEO of Crown Computers LLC single handedly took the company down the drain and did not illustrate single trait of being an effective leader. Excellent personality traits possessed within effective leaders cannot be inculcated over a day but rather through experience and learning to develop these traits. The vital core personality trait an effective leader should have is humility. One such example is that of Michael Dell, chairman of Dell Inc, who responded to a Fortune Magazine reporter Im humbled by that, but weve got a lot of work to do; after being told that his company was the most admired in 2005. Michael Dell showed signs of humility and humbleness which according to Jim Collins is a strong character of a Level 5 leader. These are leaders along the ranks of Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. and Former CEO of General Electric, Jack Welsh. Based on the above information, we can simply state that the CEO of Crown Computers LLC simply lacked all the leadership traits, did not set a vision, looked out for his own self interest and failed to inspire his employees. If I could turn back the clock, I would advise the CEO to first and foremost be a humble person in order to make a significant impact on his employees, which would lead the employees to respect his judgment. Due credit should have been given to whom it was deserved as this would have motivated the employees. Thirdly, he should have created goals for the organization by using the SMART goal setting approach. Lastly, he should have allowed employees to give in their input during important decision making process so that they would feel empowered in turn would increase job satisfaction. I would also advise the CEO to inculcate personality traits such as being a role model, being honest, just and fair, setting high ethical standards, opening channels of communication so as to empower, encourage and support followers by not limiting them to stage creativity and innovation within the organization. If the CEO had realized that he was suppose to lead by example, he would have probably thought twice before making any awful decisions that drastically affected the employees and the overall organization.