ANNEX I – Entry Level Competency Standards for an Industrial Engineer Duties Competencies / Skills Professional Courses Electives Job

Evaluation and Salary and Wage Administration, Personnel Management, Occupational Safety and Health, Cognitive Engineering, Risk Management Lean Manufacturing, Stochastic Processes in Engineering, Multi-Criteria Decision Making, Project Management, Packaging Technology Total Quality Management, Six Sigma


Establish work and safety standards

Perform time studies and develop time standards

Balance work loads

Evaluate task, tool, equipment, workplace and environmental risk factors

Formulate safety programs and enforce work safety practices

Design incentive and compensation systems

Methods Study, Ergonomics


Perform production planning, scheduling, and control functions

Forecast demand

Identify manufacturing processes and calculate manufacturing parameters

Plan production control measures

Schedule and sequence production operations

Industrial Materials and Processes, Production Systems


Design and implement quality assurance systems

Implement Statistical Process Control principles

Perform capability analysis and acceptance sampling plans

Analyze processes and measure component and system reliability

Design and implement quality systems for continuous improvement

Perform quality audits

Industrial Quality Control

Special Topics in IE. Supply Chain Management Strategic Planning. people. Project Feasibility. ComputerAided Manufacturing. Undergraduate Research . and implement a computerbased information system Draw conclusions and recommendations from the results of the experiment Systems Engineering. Operations Research 2 Electives Enterprise Resource Planning. design. Systems Simulation Product Design and Development. forms flow and design Identify appropriate data collection and processing systems 7 Undertake an experiment Analyze and validate data Plan. and information Select method for materials handling Conduct capacity and process flow analysis Facilities Planning and Design 6 Develop efficient information systems Conduct research and development Conduct systems analysis to define information requirements Formulate the appropriate design of experiment Formulate systems and procedures. Information Systems Write and present technical reports Advanced Statistics. Special Problems in IE 4 5 Draw up facilities design and layout Calculate resource and space requirements Optimize flow of resources. Energy Management Computer Applications in IE. materials. Total Productive Maintenance and Reliability.Duties Prepare logistics plan Design inventory control systems Design warehousing operations Competencies / Skills Design distribution network and fleet management Professional Courses Operations Research 1.

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