ªI'll Always Love Youº BY: MARVELOUS

FADE IN EXT. FACTORY - NIGHT The paint is chipped. The windows are cracked. SCREAMING is heard from inside. CUT TO INT. FACTORY - NIGHT Just like the outside, the inside is worse. Bugs crawl all over the ground. A light BEAMS DOWN on a girl. She's sweating. Dried blood and tears streak her fac e. Her hair is dirty. Her clothes are ripped up. She bound to a chair, hands and legs. A duct tape placed over her mouth. MAN (o.s.) Harrrrper... HARPER, the girl. Shakes in her seat. A man steps out of darkness. Holding a gun . He rips the duct tape off her mouth. She screams in pain. HARPER WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING THIS? The man -- more visible now. Is wearing a suit, a size too big. It's dirty. His ha ir lies over his face -- casting a shadow. MAN Because I love you, Harper. HARPER You're sick. YOU'RE FUCKING SICK. The man SCREAMS scaring Harper. MAN YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP. THIS IS ALL YOUR FUCKING FAULT. Harper sobs. HARPER Is Charles dead? MAN Yes, and soon you and I will be too. Harper fights her binds. Scared as fuck. MAN (cont'd) You can't leave me anymore, Harper. HARPER You're psycho and addictive. You're A fucking stalker. You need help.

(thinks) Ken, just put the gun down. KEN the man, looks at the gun. He thinks. KEN Two bullets. One for your head. (smirks) One for mine. (beat) Now we can ALWAYS be together, Harper. Harper gives a LOUD SCREAM. HARPER You won't get away! They'll be here any minute! Ken cocks a brow. Steps forward. KEN What do you mean? HARPER My phone... Ken turns to something off-screen. KEN You fucking stupid fucking bitch. HARPER GOD! You're such a Rob Zombie. Ken spins around -- lightening fast. Points his gun to her head. Harper tries to show she's not afraid. Sirens, softly in the distance. KEN Fuck, you're ruining everything. HARPER Everything? It takes a second to shoot someone. KEN SHUT UP. The sirens are getting louder by the second. HARPER I don't care if I die or not. At least I'll be free from you. Ken eyes her. Walks up to her and kisses her passionately on the lips. As he doe s a gun shot rings out. Harper goes flying backward. Bullet in her chest. Dead. Ken stands, sadden. KEN

I love you, Harper. I love you. Ken points the gun to his head -As he FIRES the bullet. FADE TO BLACK The sirens are louder, almost right out the door...the police don't know they're too late to save Harper... RE-OPEN INT. FACTORY - LATER The whole scene is taped off. Police officers walk around saddened. MONTAGE: Ken's body. Harper's body. End MONTAGE on Harper's face. Peaceful, free, happy... END.

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