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55/1 Science Paper 1 March 2007 1 hour

Set 1

Paper 1 1 hour

DO NOT OPEN THE QUESTION PAPER UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO DO SO 1. This question paper consists of 40 questions. 2. Answer all questions. 3. Answer each question by blackening the correct space on the answer sheet. 4. Blacken only one space for each question. 5. If you wish to change your answer, erase the blackened mark that you have made. Then blacken the space for your new answer. 6. The diagrams in the questions provided are not drawn to scale unless stated. 7. You may use a non-programmable scientific calculator.

This question paper consists


printed pages and

unprinted page.

Which of the following apparatus is most suitable for measuring a fixed volume of a liquid? A C

Diagram 1 shows a lever balance used to find the mass of 50 cm3 of X.

50 cm3 of X

125g 40 g DIAGRAM 1 What is the density of X? A B C D 3 0.8 g cm-3 1.7 g cm-3 2.5 g cm-3 3.3 g cm-3

Diagram 2 shows a plant cell. C


A consists of only one cell B able to carry out photosynthesis

Which of the following statements is not true about elements? A B C D Iron and silver are examples of elements. An element is made up of only one type of atoms. An element can be broken down into simpler substances. Different elements are made up of different types of atoms.

Diagram 4 shows the arrangement of particles in three different substances, P, Q and R at room temperature.


Which of the following represents substances P, Q and R? A B C D P Aluminium Air Mercury Carbon Q Mercury Water Copper Air R Air Gold Oxygen Mercury

Which of the following statements is true about a submarine? A B C D The volume of water in the ballast tank is adjustable. It will float when the mass is greater than its volume. The density of water in the submarine is not adjustable. It is made of materials that are less dense than sea water

Which of the following statements is not true about air? A B C D It is a mixture. It contains dust. It has a fixed composition. It contains microorganisms.


Which of the following occur in the process of respiration? I II III A B C D Takes place in cells all the time Produces carbon dioxide, water and energy Requires oxygen

I and II only I and III only II and III only I , II and III


Diagram 5 shows the candle in gas jar A extinguishes faster than the candle in gas jar B.

Eye lens

Light from distant

creeping Renewable plant P siphon energy tendril Q Q Carbon OxygenBeaker Bobject Beaker A Sources of dioxide