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If we change a table in DM (database) how do we refresh? If any Table is changed how do we refresh that change in Repository ?

In other words If an extra column is added to table how do we refesh in repository? What is Online /off line means? ( I read in Manual and still not clear ..I came from BO background and in BO it gives diff meaning Online means connected to sec urity Repository and Offline means no connection to Repository) Why it is not advised to join with foreign keys in Fact tables to primary keys i n Logical tables in Business model and mapping layer? Why do we need dimensions when it is not visible in Presentation layer? ( I know it is works to define Hierarchies .Any Example ?) How do we put a condition on logical table in Business model Layer (self join ex : country = US ) How do we define Row Level Security in OBIEE? For Every repository we have to define groups /users? Is there anyway we can def ine users/Groups once(in cetralized way but not with LDAP) use them in every rep ository? ST_DIM.ST_CDE = substr (RWA_FACT.BLDG_ID, 1, 2) Can we add this kind of joins be tween tables in Business Model Layer? OBIEE is not allowing, is there any reason ? Can we create Filter Objects in Repository? (Ex: my filter Name: Prior 10 Years; condition will be TimeTable.FY_YEAR > 1996)? If so where and how do I create th em? If I have a summary table and a detail table and let s say Summary will give QTR r evenues and Detail table will give Monthly Revenue. Can we create only One objec t and say Revenue and is depends on the query can it decide to go to Summary tab le or Detailed Table to get the appropriate revenue? ( in BO we have Aggregate N avigation ANSWERS Qstns 1.) How do we add a column to the report 2.) How do we apply a Rank to a report, for Ex : year ,customer ,amount .. If we run a report for 5 years ,I need top 10 customers per year to total 50 rows sho uld be there in a report. Dashboards QSTNS How do we Migrate Dashboards from One Env ( DEV) to Another ENV (QA or PROD) How do we Pass a YEAR Parameter in a drill report (a report which shows QTRs) How to put a button to download a dashboard to Excel How do we create an alerts (scrolling Texts) How do we setup to send an elerts to email or Cell Phs How do we map a dashboard to map (US map and let users click CA ) How do we put sorts on a table (with arrows) on a dashboard sections Vency ?: 432 ???: 07-06-20 Re: OBIEE Basic Questions !! ???: Mar 17, 2008 11:27 PM Shivaji?? ??? ?? Shivaji?? ??? ?? Click to report abuse... ? ???? ??? ???? ?????? ?? Hi Shivaji, Here are the Answers to your Questions: 1. If we change the Table in the database, I think we need to manually refresh t hat table in the Repository. That is if we add any new column need to import that column from tha t table into Repository. 2. Online: If we want to reflect the changes in the Repository to Presentation S ervices immidiately without restarting the services. Reload Server Metadata will Reflect the changes . Offline: Working on RPD normally. 3. We can restrict the data from a logical table in a BM by putting a condition in the 'WHERE' clause

of that Table Mapping. 4. I dont think we can create a Filter objects in Repository. Rather we can use Repository variables. 5. Use of CASE expression can populate the column data dynamically. Answers: 1. Just click on the column in the Presentation Catalog it will automatically ad d that column to the Criteria. 2. Go to the Column Formula and click Functions you can find various built-in Fu nctions. In that you can find RANK. Dash Board: 1. You can migrate the Dash Boards from one system to another. Go to the followi ng path: {BI Install Dir}:\BIData\web\catalog\paint\shared\[Dash Boards] In this path you can find the Dash Board details those you can find on Presentat ion Services. 2. YEAR Parameter!!!!! You can put a filter for YEAR to the Request as you are g oing to get Drill by default. 3. There is a default button 'PRINT' on the dash board. You can use this to down load your dash board to PDF, HTML, EXCEL.... If you want that option to individual Requests, Go to Edit Dash Board-->Properties Tab of Request--> Report View-->Select the Required Options a nd Save. 4. It is not an alert. Implement the Ticker View to get the Scrolling Text of yo ur Request. 5. Use of BI Delivers that is iBots fulfills your criteria. 6. Just click that Arrows while creating the Request that is in the Criteria Tab of the Column. Answers stated in my point of view. I would be very happy if anyone corrects me.