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Know how to profit from and capitalize on your SAP Systems to the fullest

Do you really know all the functionality that SAP Business One offers? As well as all the add-ons that Seidor has developed to help you optimize your business? Would you like to get a bigger yield from and capitalize on your investment?

If your answer has been yes to any or all of the above questions, we encourage you to keep reading.

SAP Business One, the best business management system on the market to make profitable decisions, grow your business, and stay ahead of your competition.
Seidor, a company that specializes in the distribution, implementation, maintenance and hosting of SAP Business One, offers business management software ideal for small and medium-sized businesses (and subsidiaries of large companies). Since its birth, Seidors activity has been marked by a common philosophy: to provide comprehensive solutions that address changing business requirements, leveraging the groups synergies in information technology. It is our ongoing advice, the fruit of long experience and focus on the values of quality, service and support, which ensures our competitiveness and the protection of investments made in infrastructure and systems.

SAP Business One: affordable and fully integrated software for the management of growing businesses.

Seidor is aware of the needs, requirements and more immediate concerns of small and medium-sized enterprises and is absolutely aligned and committed to them.

What is SAP Business One?

SAP Business One integrates all of the basic business functions of the entire enterprise, including, among others: financial management, sales management, customer care, eCommerce, inventory management, and operations. Today, more than 4,500 users and 350 implementations in companies of different sizes and sectors endorse us as the Partner with the most experience in Spain and Europe. Details: SAP designed SAP Business One to meet the changing needs specifically of small businesses and with the aim of helping provide a better service to your customers, integrate all the processes of your company, and achieve a complete view of your entire company quickly. SAP Business One software includes: Financial management: allows you to manage all the accounting processes from other areas as well as the management of charges and payments and control of multiple dimensions of costs. Sales: allows you to manage all the business process, from the quotation to the collection of invoices issued with full traceability. Warehouse and production management: allows you to manage inventory in multiple stores, track the movements of stocking, and manage the manufacturing orders that are based on material requirements planning. Customer relationship management: to increase the profitability of the customer and their satisfaction with actual sales, opportunity management and follow-up to the commercial activity. Post-sales service: manages the control of equipment and guarantees, and allows for the follow-up of service calls, their assignment to field technicians and cost control of materials, hours and displacement.

Purchases: allows you to manage all the provisioning process, from requisition to payment of the invoice to the supplier with complete traceability. Report management: you have multiple reports, as well as various tools that allow the user to generate their own reports including Business Intelligence with Crystal Reports. This allows the company to access the information in a smart, quick and easy way so as to make more timely decisions for your business. Benefits In summary, with SAP Business One you will be able to: Make smarter and faster decisions: because it centralizes and integrates all of your business data concerning sales, inventory, purchasing, operations and finance in a single system. Complete and up-to-date information in real time. Focus on growing your business: because it optimizes operations from beginning to end, so you can focus on making your business more profitable. Affordable Price: because with an affordable price for small businesses, SAP Business One offers a wide range of processing capabilities of information, creating new value with a level of reasonable investment.

A quick return on investment (ROI): because it will be launched and you will be up and running with a single application in a short amount of time. The intuitive user experience minimizes the learning curve of the user and reduces the cost of ongoing IT support. Supports your changing needs: With easy to use customization tools and our complementary solutions, SAP Business One is based on open standards that not only support simple integration with other systems, but also a faster and easier learning curve for users. Maintenance of your investment: thanks to the architecture of the product, version upgrades and changes are measured in days of work and not in complex migration projects. Seidor is committed to its customers by setting an adjusted and predictable maintenance cost. Increased productivity and cost control: thanks to the reports and Reporting tools contained within the application (Crystal Reports, Query Generator and Drag and Relate) it allows you to make appropriate decisions to increase productivity and to control business costs.

Seidor, the number one partner for SAP Business One in Spain
Some of the keys to our success are: We are a SAP Gold Partner, which backs up and certifies that our staff has been selected, trained and certified to provide a complete, quick, effective and individual solution for small and medium-sized businesses. We have offices nationally, providing coverage throughout Spain, to offer our customers closeness, geographical proximity and service. This enables us to undertake projects with short cycles of implementation and reduced costs in resources, and a clear industry expertise. We have a team of certified and highly qualified consultants, with advanced knowledge of SAP technology and with deep awareness of the needs and more immediate concerns of SMEs. We offer different financing options, depending on the needs of our clients, always offering advantageous facilities of payment. We are the only SAP partner that is accredited in Spain to commercialize SAP Business One on demand. More than 4,500 users, 370 implementations, 55 consultants, and more than 35 add-ons developed for SAP Business One in companies of different sizes and sectors endorse us as the Partner with the most experience in Spain and Europe.

SAP Business One Qualified Vertical Solutions

Our large number of SAP Business One implementations has given us a broad range of experience in a multitude of sectors. For common practices within a sector we have developed vertical solutions that encompass the processes of business standards of that specific business sector. Therefore, Seidor has developed on this platform, vertical solutions for travel agencies, air conditioning, dealers, construction, pharmaceutical distribution, furniture, retail, etc.

More than 350 implementations of SAP Business One

Seidor has experienced significant growth in recent years. Speed, flexibility and agility are just a few key factors that have enabled us to reach the following figures in our SAP Business One practice: More than 4,500 users More than 55 consultants More than 35 add-ons Among our customers are companies from all types of industries, from industrial companies to pharmaceutical laboratories, distributors of electronic materials, research institutes, catering companies and furniture manufacturers, are just a few examples. In addition, these customers come from all the regions in which the company is present, relying on consultants to provide support and manage the projects in all offices.

More than 35 add-ons at your disposal

SAP Business One has available add-ons, optional programs that operate within Business One and that serve to expand or complement the standard functionality of the application. Currently, Seidor has developed more than 35 add-ons with the objective to optimize and simplify the management of the business of customers that already use SAP Business One, as well as to save investment in customizations.

Our differential value

We bring as differential value on the market, the quick return on investment and maximum results. We have a proven experience in the identification of the benefits of business along with the processes of change, and the management decisions required to achieve them. This approach ensures that the investments and projects are evaluated according to the results of the business. Our professionals are experts and our solutions have gone through a rigorous qualification process. This contributes and ensures our customers receive the best benefits and that the solutions are implemented in a quick and cost effective manner. We offer a wide range of business solutions, easy to understand and use, quick to implement, highly scalable, flexible and, above all, accessible and affordable. This is one of the reasons why Seidor has achieved the success that today has in the market.

More than 350 implementations of SAP Business One

Present in the market for over 30 years, Seidor is a company of 100% Spanish capital dedicated to deliver complete solutions in the field of information technology within the new digital environment, with own offices in all of Spain (A Corua, Barcelona, Bilbao, Canary Islands, Gijn, Granada, Madrid, Santander, Seville, Valencia, Valladolid, Vic and Zaragoza); Europe (Portugal) and Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru and El Salvador). Seidor ensures its customers with the protection of the technology infrastructure and systems, with a team of experts certified by the major manufacturers that offer a personalized attention and stand out because of the flexibility and capacity to react to changing business requirements.

And also for small subsidiaries of large companies

SAP Business One is an ideal choice for its subsidiaries of small size as it is affordable and easy to learn, use and manage; it presents the optimum level of functionality for its divisions, offices and collaborators; has strong functions of customization and localization; can be rapidly implemented.

Horizontal and vertical add-ons

See more about the functionalities for SAP Business One add-ons that Seidor offers you





Shared Master Data (HV-01)

The Shared Master Data application enables you to replicate, automatically or under user validation, master data entered in an enterprise to other enterprises within the same company. It is intended for companies that have multiple companies and that they need to share their master data (customers, suppliers, items, etc.) Based on this solution, we have also developed an intercompany application that allows you to replicate transactions, such as delivery notes or invoices, between companies in the same group.

Electronic invoicing


The e-billing solution allows you to send clients invoices generated by SAP Business One in PDF format, digitally signed with legal validity. In addition, it files the PDF document in the own invoice register in the SAP database; therefore, it performs a function of digital archiving that avoids the need to print the document.

Seidor BI (Business Intelligence)


Advanced reporting tool that enables you, via OLAP technology, remove and store information from SAP Business One in a Data Warehouse to make a dynamic exploitation of the data, with predefined reports and a set of very powerful tools for the manufacture of control panels and indicators.

Advanced finances (Crystal Reports)


Query selection for optimal management in the financial area of the company. This package includes a collection of important consultations that allows you to extract the financial information from the computer system. The most important reports are: Balance Sheets and operating accounts. Commissions of invoices and installmentss. Prevision payments of charges and

Dairy by profit center Payments made and charges received recibidos. Receivables Suppliers advances balances and advances to clients Intrastat
Crystal Reports Forecast Reports

Migration to SAP Business One Version 8.x


Seidor helps you to make a quick and easy migration to version 8.x of SAP Business One. Some of their advantages can be summarized in the following: New report management features: Crystal Reports has been introduced in the core of SAP Business One with the purpose of providing a dynamic and effective solution of report management to help you design, explore, visualize, and deliver reports via the Web or through integration into business applications. Improved user experience: the graphical user interface redesigned facilitates the use of the application and the navigation in it. Hundreds of error messages have been written again for a better clarity, and links to more detailed documentation have been included. Streamlined business processes: the characteristics of improved corporate governance include the process of picking and packaging, ATP (available-topromise), multiple units of measure, the wizard for the creation of documents, the gross profit, etc. Support for local requirements: SAP Business One 8.x allows of the continuous compliance and implementation of requirements and best practices specific for each country, such as the deduction of tax at source (TDS) and the negative totals in the documents of customers and suppliers. Reduced Complexity: the unified solution SAP Business One 8.x includes all the locations, which simplifies the synchronization between subsidiaries in different countries that previously used different versions of SAP Business One. The upgrade process has been simplified considerably. Security: SAP Business One 8.x provides a sophisticated framework for centralized authentication, in addition to protection for data security. This enables better protection and security of customer data, both in the main application SAP Business One as in other third-party solutions. Infraestructura: entre las mejoras significativas, se incluye el archivo de datos, la gestin de operaciones, el control de la memoria, los mecanismos de cach y la tolerancia de errores.

Preventive Support: enhanced tracking and recording optimize to a large extent

the diagnostic capabilities of the installations of SAP Business One. Solutions focused on the industry: Solution Packager is a new tool to help you implement solutions packages specific to the sector to meet the particular needs of your company.

SAP Business One 8.x

Rentals and Reservations


Designed for a company whose business is the rental of products or services Customers can make reservations for the products to certain dates and the addon calculates the availability, delivery dates and return dates, with viewing in calendar format. Billing is done depending on the time of rental, on the basis of the established rates.

Mobility (development, i-phone, i-pad, android and blackberry (HV-07)

It is now possible to access SAP Business One from mobile devices, which allows you to: Display movement data in easy-to-read formats, such as graphics, etc., available for various user roles. Access to your input folder, master data and reports of articles and trading partners at any time and from anywhere. To approve or reject requests for authorization, create or edit records of trading partners, display and manage reports, and send reports to third parties. Connect your solution DATEV HR with SAP Business One, which facilitates a bidirectional data transfer between two systems.

E-pages: integration with SAP Business One


It is possible to sell online using SAP Business One. The integration is done from an Add-On that adds functionality to the non-standard ERP and that uses the Web Services provided by e-pages to maintain both platforms synchronized with all the guarantees. In this way, you can keep the product catalog synchronized to sell online, prices, stock, the mapping can be done for categories of products; the images that will subsequently be displayed in the showcase can be assigned to the products, etc. Also, each time there is an order in the virtual store, this will travel automatically to SAP Business One without needing to duplicate processes in both systems, or to manually intervene for the order in the ERP. In summary, with e-pages you will be able to: Keep customers informed. Offer prices online for specific clients. Win new customers Keep up to date customer data. Manage orders. Improve the delivery time. Follow up their orders with precision.

Word Excel Offers


Utility that allows you to export from an offer or request for SAP Business One to a Word or Excel document by using a preset template that reads clients settings, items and prices. The final document, it is appended within the SAP offer or order.

Manufacturing / Production

This solution allows you to work and define manufacturing structures at various levels, clearly differentiating between components of raw materials, semiprocessed and stages of production. These manufacturing structures can be loaded automatically from within Excel, as with the master of items.

Physical structures

The process of generation of manufacturing orders and purchase orders is simplified, since it allows you to simulate and generate these documents from the information for pending orders, both in terms of purchase and sale, as well as the stock situation. Viewing the forecasts for manufacturing and purchases with the possibility to navigate the structure of the product.
Need calculation

Availability of an independent module, with possibility of touch screens, which makes it possible to bring a time control or markings in the plant, prevents the paper record and its subsequent transcription to the system. The recorded times will be entered in the manufacturing orders, and, consequently, to the final Data capturing on-site cost of the product. Besides with the information recorded by the markings, the corresponding stock movements are done.

Promotions, rappels, discounts in cascade and item-client bonuses


Promotions and Rappels: allows you to define promotions and rappels to the customers. The promotions are applied at the level of orders; discounts are calculated using reports from historical sales per period. Both promotions and discounts can be applied through groups of clients and groups of employees in the sales department. Discounts in cascade: a process that extends the standard functionality of Business One, allowing you to generate additional discounts to line-level document for customers and suppliers. It also allows you to scale the same functionality in price lists, generate purchase orders from multiple sales orders and treatment of commissions. Item-client bonuses: allows you to generate scaled bonuses at the level of item/ customer, for a given period. In the sales documents, discounts and/or bonuses corresponding to this concept are applied in such a way that, with the purchase of a certain amount of an item by the client, eligible bonuses are applied, whether they are of the same item or different references.

Price protection


In sectors where prices fluctuate month to month, for example the hardware sector, makes it possible to define level of suppliers, groups of items or specific items and guaranteed prices for existing stocks. Displays on a screen, the article or articles with stock, the latest purchase price, current price and their difference, and generates an installment of the supplier for the difference. In the same way you can make price protection to customers.

Load of web documents


Integrates orders in SAP Business One through any web application that, from a menu option, lets you automatically generate orders. It offers the possibility of sending information of customers, items and fees to the web through an automated process that runs every time (parameterized)


This solution allows for the reception of orders from customers to integrate them into the system automatically, as well as the sending of invoices and bills of sale, and the issuance of purchase invoices to suppliers. In all these cases, the communication is carried out by following the standards used by EDICOM or SERES SPAIN.



Colors and Sizes


Solution for the textile industry that allows of the management of articles by models, colors and sizes with the possibility of automatic generation or import from Excel. In addition, it allows of a complete order management through the use of a bi-dimensional matrix and the printing of documents also in matrix format.

POS on-line and off-line


POS on-line: Complete implementation of POS (point-of-sale terminal) developed with SAP SDK, which allows the management of tickets sales, orders, returns and collections with identification (for example, the type of card and dataphone), management of tonnage with closing and opening of housing vouchers, control and management of additional costs. In addition, it also allows you to manage the inventory of the store. POS off-line: Ideal solution for sites with unreliable communications. Performs the synchronization of an implementation of POS (point-of-sale terminal) of external Seidor to SAP Business One with the database of SAP Business One.

Ticket screen

Quality Control


It adds functionality to the master of articles in order to be able to record the parameters of quality management. It enables the recording of data from the reception of purchases or manufacture, with the edition of additional labels and reports.

Check-ins with possibility of Web


Management of check-ins or markings of the employees of the company, with terminals or touch screen, by involving data entry, a form of data maintenance. With all of them, check-in, incident and expense reports are generated.

Bar Code Labels


Utility for printing labels with bar codes that are used in quality control, in shop orders and inputs of goods in warehouse or expeditions.

Project Management


Complete solution for the management of valid projects in various sectors: engineering, consulting, studies of architecture, installers, etc. Management, monitoring and control of stages, phases and activities with a follow-up and planning of dates and costs, including materials, hours, and indirect costs, as well as the control of the resources allocated and its availability.

Project details

Customer Order

Check part of the work

Path Management


Solution that allows you to manage routes of transport of goods with the following features: Allocation to customers and their orders. Ability to prioritize orders to be delivered on the same route. To indicate the quantities of the delivery (multiple units of measure) for the expedition. Generation of the delivery notes according to the order specified.

Locations Management
Solution for the management of locations that allows you to: Definition of locations for each store. Identification of the location in the commercial documents: Packing slip and Return Invoice and payment. Location Request for operations of stocks: Entry and exit of goods Transfers.


Allows you to assign a default location by item and store operations for quick sale. Movements of changes of location within the same store. Location queries at the document level.

Radio frequency warehouse management

Solution for warehouse management that allows you to: Management with mobile devices of the PDA type or similar. Allows you to perform the following operations: Receiving of entries of purchases Preparation of orders for customers (picking). Monitoring of inventory. Update of data in real time with SAP Business One.




This module provides a cash-flow forecast by banks and payment methods as of the actual situation of portfolio and the various marketing documents. Possibility of a record of a budget of treasury verifiable with reality. Special entry of concepts of treasury not reflected by the marketing documents.

Treasury Add-on

Advanced Technical Service


Management of request of purchase requisitions that allows internal communications to request material and/or prices with the purpose of making budgets between working groups of the same company.

Business Management Portal


Solution aimed at the commercial agents of the company that allows you to perform the following tasks: Refer to the catalog of products, including a photo. Refer to the data of the customers linked to the commercial agent. Create orders in a quick and easy manner. See pending or shipped orders. Display information about customers and orders through various statistics.

Item catalog

Order creation


Travel Agencies


It integrates in a single tool, all the needs of management related to the business processes of any standard company and the specific to the sector of the travel agencies. At a commercial level, it allows you to: Records management Travel - Flights - Hotels Car Rental Shows Restaurant Integration with Galileo Automatic entry of reservations Incident management At the financial level, it allows you to: Definition of integration rules Liquidations by line of business Automatic Integration of notes Auto-billing Definition of notes by line of business and service provided

Industry Solution for companies in the catering sector, either for events or for communities (schools, nursing homes, hospitals, etc. ). Event Management Traceability Stock Control / Tagging Control locations / Lounges Budgetary Control
Traceability Control of events


Climate and installers

Complete solution for companies that install air conditioning solutions, which manage the entire process from the pre-sale, the sale and installation to the post-sale service. It allows the allocation of technicians to the various services, use of projects for the management of facilities and a comprehensive monitoring of costs and benefits, sorting by materials, workforce, and transfers.


Car dealers


Complete management for car dealers that encompass commercial areas and sales, post-sale and workshop, and management. The main points of each part are: Sale: CRM Operational sales Vehicles management Sales Commissions Own fleet management After-sales: Workshop Planning. Guarantees Subcontracting Rates and agendas Parts

Real estate brokers and developers


Complete vertical solution for promoters and developers that facilitates the creation of a budget model (internal budget and budget to the client) and a follow-up model (certifications, imported from measurements provided, and actual costs) through the creation of a structure of the work from reference models. It manages orders for equipment suppliers and invoices of certifications in virtue of the measurements made by the surveyors. The hierarchical structure is implemented in such a way that it will obtain accounting and statistical reports depending on the structure of the works. In addition, it introduces the management of hours of the workers involved in the work. From here you can automatically generate a standard entry of payroll, with withholding and social security. It also offers the possibility to develop a planning for the execution of works for each of the items that compose it. On the one hand, from this planning, the cash-flow can be worked out of the same and, on the other hand, it will also be of assistance to launch purchase orders, at the request of the corresponding budgets, automatically to the suppliers of materials or industrial of subcontracting.

Matrix of project

Complete solution for companies that market financing solutions.


Upon formalizing a contract, on the basis of the interest rate, book contributions, periodicity, residual value, etc., it calculates a monthly fee of a customer order. To modify the prices, it will recalculate the dues and the financial margin obtained. On the basis of contracts, a process of issuance of dues with all the entries in the diary: management of credit lines by contract and financial entities, summary table by operation.

Solution franchises


Complete Solution of franchises which includes the point of sale, inventory management, purchases to the central and financial management. The system allows the synchronization of daily operations, as well as the exchange of catalogs and tariffs. From Central (franchisor), there is a monitoring of all franchisees, with a control panel that includes rapports and statistics, as well as the purchasing management and replenishment to the shops.



Solution designed to respond to the needs of Biotechnology Companies: Management of patients and clinical studies Allocation of doctors, CRAs and researchers to each project Hospitals and other partners Economic and budgetary control of the projects. Billing and returns Powerful CRM for commercial tracking seguimiento comercial. Purchase control and drug inventory

Expenditure control by project

Research Centers


Solution designed to respond to the needs of Research Centers and to the proactive control of the same. It allows you to take a comprehensive management of the research projects, covering the following aspects: Comprehensive definition of the master data of the projects Budgetary control of the project Allocation of researchers to each project Management of supplies through the definition of workflows for the approval of purchases

Project maintenance - Research Centers

Dedications by project control - Research Centers

Pharmaceutical distribution
Solution designed to manage all of the standard processes of the company, as well as the peculiarities derived from this sector: Business management (bonuses, picking and all other orders, etc.) Quality Control (control of inputs of raw materials and analytical for acceptance or rejection, etc.) Planning and production (sales forecasts, management of expirations, allocation of workers on OFs, etc.) Logistics (location information, grouping of articles, etc.) new


Large consumption distribution


Solution designed to manage all of the standard processes of companies selling to big retailers, as well as the peculiarities derived from this sector: Business management (templates of prices, bonuses, promotions, rappels, etc.) Management of tagging in bar code and integration with intelligent storage systems. Integration of customer orders via EDI, as well as other commercial documents (list of purchased goods or services, invoices). Advanced logistics (control of locations, picking, traceability, expirations, etc. )

Industry Solution designed to meet the needs of publishers or graphic arts. Complete description of the book with all the necessary information for its identification. Possibility of exporting data from new publications to databases such as Dilve.


It allows you to manage and lead a full control of the budgets of editing by controlling both printing costs and other additional costs (translations, corrections, etc.), allowing for each concept to analyze the anticipated and real costs so you can clearly see the economic viability of each project (edition). Liquidation Process of Copyright, possibility to parameterize the concepts of calculation (percentages, scaled, fixed amounts, etc.). Generation of clearance documents for the authors.

Day Hospital


Solution designed to manage all of the standard processes of this type of companies, as well as the peculiarities derived from this sector: Management of clients and patients Management of stays, diets and services (physiotherapy, speech therapy, etc.). Planning processes and billing Management of activities: admissions, visits, hospitalizations and discharges, Management of spaces (rooms, consultations, etc. ) and availability calendar. Team, resources and personnel management: doctors, nurses, therapists,

Technology Parks


Solution designed to manage all of the standard processes of this type of companies as well as the peculiarities derived from this sector: Customer management: billing, receipts and consumption Location management: offices, meeting rooms and the calculation of availability Strict control of suppliers, purchasing and invoicing Reporting: reports of sales, rotations, and occupations

Security and surveillance


Solution designed to manage, in a holistic manner, the projects of the companies dedicated to providing security and safety services covering the following aspects Comprehensive definition of the master data of the projects (customer, address, contact person, etc.) Economic control of the project (offered, income and expenses) Allocation of resources and tasks to each project Theoretical and real control of the hours assigned to each vigilant Control of the availability of each vigilant



Industry Solution for companies in the meat and sausage industry, offering a complete solution for the entire business cycle: Management of feed Breeding and fattening Fresh trays and sale of channels Processed food factory (sausages, cured, yorks, cold meats and value-added products) Ham curing

SAP Business One for subsidiaries of large corporations and multinationals: integration with SAP ERP.
In this sense, SAP Business One allows large corporations and multinationals, whose parent company is the SAP ERP solution, to integrate all the information coming from the subsidiaries in a simple way and to homogenize all the tools of business management under a single platform: SAP. This integration of information from subsidiaries can be carried out in two possible scenarios absolutely complementary: Operational: what would make it possible to exchange transactions with the matrix (orders and/or invoices) Reporting: what would allow the affiliate to send reports (financial and/or commercial) required by the central as often as necessary

Audit kit and optimization of SAP systems

For those customers of SAP Business One to consider that they are not getting the maximum performance of their SAP system and do not know the enormous functionality of the application, as well as the set of add-ons or complementary applications developed to meet specific requirements of different industries, Seidor offers you a Audit Kit and optimization of SAP systems. During a working day, a consultant will make the diagnosis of your business and recommend solutions that best help you optimize your SAP Business One through a detailed report.

SAP Business One under subscription modality

Seidor is the only partner of SAP that exclusively trades in Spain the SAP Business One business management solution in the form of pay-per-use: a formula that gives organizations a significant cost savings and a great deal of flexibility. SAP Business One SBH (Subscription Based Hosting), terminology with which is known in the SAP ecosystem in this business model; it allows firms, especially small and mediumsized enterprises, to enjoy greater flexibility, agility and capability of choice in the use of the software. Based on the pay-per-use, it allows of a significant reduction in costs, by eliminating the initial expenditure in licenses and the server, as well as the need for dedicated internal IT staff. In other words, Seidor is responsible for the hosting, updating and management and administration of the tool.

With this new modality in the hiring of software, we want to offer to our customers - with a special focus on the needs of the SMEs - an open, flexible solution that fully covers their business needs without having to undertake a large investment that cannot be allowed these days.

Carlos Iribarren, Seidors SAP Business One Director

SAP Business One Starter Package

SAP Business One Starter Package extends the functionality of the software as the business grows. And, when necessary, it allows you to access to the standard edition of SAP Business One without paying costs of migration or training and without the need of new technology or new software packages, and you only pay for the new features. This is an ideal application for small and medium-sized enterprises, which includes a preconfigured software adapted to specific needs and is implemented more quickly than the standard edition of SAP Business One (its entry into productive is ten days). This is a method of low cost and reduced risk, a single and powerful application, which allows you to discover the power of SAP Business One, with a limited capacity of up to five users, and covering all areas of management: Basic administration, finance, sales, purchases and inventory processes

ICT infrastructure
Moreover, Seidor offers you an interesting array of information and communications technology infrastructure solutions that will offer you advice and service that your company may need in every moment. Start-up Services Physical installation of computers in the workplace Loading operating systems and applications Parameterization of applications Configuration of networked computers and Internet. Tailored-made maintenance solutions Installation and configuration of antivirus Cloning of equipment for massive facilities Maintenance and updating of operating systems Preventive actions. Fault and conflict resolution Programming and restoration of backups Change of components and extensions Hosting and communications networks Structured cabling Wireless networks Outlook messaging Lync Communication system Hosting of SAP Business One servers. System administration SAP Business One management Back-ups and security policies, etc. For this reason, we have a powerful new Data Center with: Redundant cooling system Fire detection system Duplicate power supplies Redundant communications system (Telefnica and Ono) Access to facilities restricted with access control and video surveillance

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