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My Lament

Arakan . . .
These are My Words for You

Oh My God, I don’t know where to begin

Or how to gather the words that are within
The inferno in my heart that’s seething through
My veins as they pulse insatiably for you
We’re witnessing this happening all over again
A minority under an “extremist reign”
So how do I find the just words to start?
To let you know what’s in my bleeding heart

I cannot watch, hear or read about you

Without my heart rupturing in two
Insurmountable angry tears choke me
For the cruelty you’re enduring from your enemy
The ethnic “cleansing” of a Muslim minority
A nauseating debacle for the human eye to see
Your homes and possessions they savagely pillage
Buddhist extremists enjoying your bloody spillage
The military junta ripping into you barbarically
Intent butchering of you one by one unabatedly
Going through unspeakable humiliation
And abuse beyond the realm of degradation
By your neighbouring countries you’re rejected
From their lands to seek asylum you’re ejected
You’re not even given the rights of a refugee
Just food and water then off you go to more misery
Trapped in a vicious cycle of repeated slaughter
With procrastinating “leaders” as your “supporter”
Discussions of your fate they’ve yet to decide
So you’re to endure more of your genocide
Several “leaders” choose to turn a blind eye
And even turn a deaf ear to your pleading cry
Not even a peep from the fourteenth Dalai Lama
And Aung San idly watches your horrifying drama
Both were awarded the “Nobel Peace Prize”
A disgrace to peace with a new low on the rise
All wickedly chasing their own self interests
And your lands becoming their future conquests
Being a Muslim from Rohingya seems to be your crime
As history of your torment is telling us time after time
How many more of your innocents have to expire?
For the world to come to your aid for you to suspire
To end your siege of darkness taking place for decades
To live free with no religious and ethnic barricades
How is it that in this day and age?
There are still people living in a dire cage
Of ongoing racial and religious discrimination
For their erasure: an absolute eradication
Like osmosis, racism has seeped into the mind
Devoid of humanity and morals selectively defined
Let us not be silent about the Genocide in Myanmar
And let our resonating words resound near and far

These are My Words for You

Monday, 13th August 2012