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GENERAL INFORMATION TURKISH COURSES AND LEVELS TMER, which is affiliated to Ankara University, has been teaching Turkish

language to foreigners from all around the world since 1984. Applicants who have some knowledge of Turkish take a Course Placement Test prior to registrations. Students will be registered according to the test result in the following courses: Basic Turkish I/II, Intermediate Turkish I/II, and Advanced I/II. If the applicants have no knowledge of Turkish, they start from the first level. Please ask one-to-one tuition fees from our centre. BRANCHES We offer Turkish Courses at our different branches in touristic cities of Turkey: Ankara, Istanbul (in ili), zmir, Antalya, Alanya, Bursa, Trabzon, Samsun, Konya and Kayseri. REGISTRATION AND PAYMENT We advise students to start their application procedures 1 month prior to the starting date of the course latest. For the pre-registration, an application form should be filled in and a deposit of 250 USD should be made to TMERs bank account at Turkish Republic Ziraat Bank, in order to receive an acceptance card. Payments, which are made to other banks or, any other kind of institution are not accepted. The name of the student must be indicated during the money transfer and the bank receipt must be faxed to TOMER. The students are requested to pay the rest of the course fee upon their arrival in Turkish currency. BANK DETAILS Turkish Republic Ziraat Bank, zmir Alsancak Branch, Branch Code: 1282, Swift code:TCZBTR2A , IBAN : TR 250001001282070640985002 ACCOMMODATION Host Families It is available all through the year in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya. The cost of Home stay Accommodation is 350 EURO per month including breakfast and dinner in a private room. For foreign students, Home stay Accommodation is more advantageous, because while improving their daily speaking in Turkish they also have the chance of getting to know Turkish culture. AIRPORT TRANSFERS The airport transfer upon arrival and departure can be provided for 50 US $ per person, one-way. Payment is made right after the transfer to the person who is accompanying the student. VISA You may need to apply for a student visa before coming to Turkey. Please contact Turkish Embassy in your city or country. Please note that TMER is not authorised to contact with the embassies for students visa applications. DISCOUNTS 1. 25% discount on the course fee for students holding a Turkish passport. 2. 25% discount on the course fee for students with a Turkish spouse. 3. 25% discount on the course fee for students studying at Turcology departments abroad* *Students studying at Turcology departments abroad must submit an official letter written by their universities. Ankara University TMER will respond an official letter in return.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS Registration for TMER courses is subject to these terms and conditions, which become legally binding on confirmation of acceptance by the Centre, and to the detailed arrangements specified in TMERs official publications. 1. Number of participants per class is minimum 5. TMER has the right to cancel a class if the minimum number of registrations is not obtained. In this case TMER will make the students an alternative offer at other branches or one-to-one tuition may be appropriate for you. 2. When a student holds an acceptance card, there will always be a class held suitable for the students level, even there are not enough applicants. In this case, the student accepts the course fee will be paid in full, without any discounts. TMER has the right to held these classes not necessarily in the mornings, but in the afternoons, in the evenings or at weekends. 3. Course fee and deposit payments must be made to our bank account. Payments, which are made to other banks or, any other kind of institution are not accepted. 4. Credit cards or cheques are not accepted under any condition. 5. Host family fees must be paid within the first two days of students arrival at the host family in USD. 6. The fees for the first two weeks in home stay accommodation include a non-refundable administration charge to cover the cost of selection, reservation and management. 7. TMER is not responsible for the delays in the post regarding the documents sent. 8. TMER and its staff will not be liable for any loss, damage, illness or injury to persons or property. 9. TMER reserves the right to introduce changes without prior notice.