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Sexual exhaustion after ejaculation Tiredness usually takes some hours after ejaculation, no matter how thrilling, full, or otherwisethe sexual experience might be. In that early memory, some hours after masturbation I ran tocatch a bus. London buses in those days had an open platform at the end that you could run and jump onto. As I ran to jump onto the platform I realized it was really difficult to move my limbsbecause I felt so tired. Subsequent experiences strengthened the connection in my mind betweensuch episodes of tiredness and ejaculation.Another factor adds to my viewpoint of such tiredness being physiological rather thanpsychological. I have always been a very active person physically and psychologically. I loveexercise and being fit. Even in my middle sixties I still have a strong muscular body. Butthroughout my life I have suffered from lack of energy - tiredness. It has always seemed to methat my premature birth has something to do with that. I have no proof of this, but comparingmyself with other people I feel as if my body wasn't quite fully formed, and my metabolism isnever quite as efficient as it might be. But that is only a guess. What I have observed as a factthough, is that for most of my life I have had to manage my energy like a bank balance. I had tobe careful of my expenditure because my balance is so low I easily tipped over into the red. Myobservation with other people is that they can expend enormous amounts of energy and not tipover into the red. They can stay up late, eat food that is real junk, drink alcohol and get drunk again and again, depleting the resources of their body to deal with the poison, have sex everynight, and so on. If I do a portion of that my immune system crashes and I plunge into aninfection. But I guess there are many people like myself who have to nurse their energy levels tolive a normal life.This leads me to conclude that ejaculation actually involves a large expenditure of energy. If youhave a high 'bank balance' of energy, this is like somebody with a lot of money who can spendeasily without going into the red and facing problems climbing back into credit again. But if, likeme, you are a low energy person, then orgasm will lead to some level of tiredness. This isphysiological, although it might be made worse by psychological elements also.Something that is very strange about this is that the mention of tiredness after sex seems to bealmost taboo. Whenever I mention it in conversation, as I do where it is relevant, because it hasbeen such an important factor in my life, people maintain with great energy that it is purelypsychological. Looking in many sexual handbooks I cannot even find a mention of tiredness inthe index or text. Try it for yourself. Do a search on the Internet. If you search for something likevitamins to enhance sexual performance, you will find a whole list of sites to link with. If you putin the words tiredness after sex, you will be lucky if you get four or five sites listed.Any study of wild animals in relationship to their mating habits, shows that some of them die afterthe mating season because it has been such an enormous expenditure of their resources.Sometimes I wonder if the great pressure underlying advertising and the sale of books onsexuality, stating that sex is nothing but glory and leads to an enhancement of ones being, arisesbecause there is so much profit to be made in that market. Sex is often problematic. It has social,emotional, economic and health factors that can lead to difficulties. If this were not sorelationships would be much easier and less fraught. Eastern teachings on sexual harmony If you have been researching this area of tiredness after sex for any length of time, you willprobably have encountered ideas arising from esoteric Chinese beliefs, yoga disciplines such asTantric practices, and other ideas about the subtle energies within human beings. My experienceof these teachings is that they can be highly exaggerated, strangely mysterious, or downrightmisleading. However, within some of them there are pointers of real practical help. Of course, some of these comments apply to the thousands of straightforward books about sex.Perhaps one of the most misleading approaches to sex is presenting it as the be all and end all of life. Again and again it is suggested that if only you could do it all correctly, or had a largeenough penis, you would have a majestic relationship and have achieved spiritual enlightenment.This goal orienting, this dangling of carrots, is a great snare that you may become entangled in.Yes, I do now experience wonderful orgasms without tiredness. But I experience similarwonderful feelings while walking in my garden, seeing wild animals, or achieving something Ihave been working toward. Looking upon sex as a means toward final life happiness is as much of an illusion as thinking that having a certain amount of money, achieving fame, or getting a goodpass in your studies, will resolve all your pains and life difficulties. Like every other aspect of life,sex can be a great pleasure or a great misery. But it is not something to hang your hopes

of happiness on.What the eastern teachings do state clearly again and again however, is that sexual activity andespecially ejaculation uses energy and can be depleting. They describe sexual activity as one wayof expressing the potential that lies at your core. A way of picturing this is to think of yourpsychobiological energy as building up, rather as it might in a battery. But it is better to think of itas a wave rolling in toward the shore. But in this case it is more like waves depicted whenshowing sound or radio waves. The wave builds up its crest, and then the wave discharges itspower and is flattened. In a sense, the energy is grounded, rather like it is when lightning flashes.With sexual energy the grounding or discharge that happens in ejaculation can become the basisof another physical life form a baby. The wave theory of sex What the eastern teachings suggest is that the energy should not be grounded or discharged. Itshould be lifted up to its peak, and then, instead of discharge it can be held there and pushedhigher. If this can be achieved we burst into a new dimension of experience and expression. In thenatural course of life, if your energy is left to do its own thing, it will usually build up its waveheight, and then discharge in some way. The natural processes in you attempt this because one of your main drives is reproduction. But just as we have learned to understand natural processes suchas electrical discharge, and use them for our own purposes, such as light and heat, so also thenatural flow of psychobiological energy can be used in a way to leap beyond its habitual course.Remember that your psychobiological energy expresses in many different ways. It can express asmotor energy in muscular movement; it expresses all the time as the self-regulating processes of regeneration and repair in your body. It expresses as the urges you feel, to eat and breathe, tomake love and to communicate. It is the energy behind your emotions, you're thinking, speaking,and behind the higher functions of creativity and inspiration. What the eastern teachings say, and Ibelieve rightly so, is that if this psychobiological energy is redirected in the right way, then it canlead to what in the east is called Liberation or Enlightenment. What this means is that you arriveat an enormous synthesizing of your whole life experience, and understanding beyondrationalization, in which you know your essential self.But perhaps the most important thing to recognize here in regard to this energy and the subject of sexual tiredness is that the psychobiological energy is the way that Life itself expresses. It is theenergy that forms and maintains your body. Of course you could call it a process rather thanenergy. But it is still a process that moves, that directs, that effects change. So bear with me if Iuse the word energy. It is also the energy lying behind emotion, thinking, fantasy, dreaming, andthe whole realm of experience we call self.This is important to recognize. The reason being that if your energy is grounded, or dischargedtime after time, there is less chance of it building up to flow into different forms of mental andemotional activity. As Freud so rightly pointed out, frustrated or repressed sexual energy can 4 easily become neurosis. It is the energy of life and flows into mental and emotional experiencesthat seem completely real, completely absorbing. So if you take the path I suggest that enablesyou to achieve an orgasm without ejaculation, you must understand that it will challenge you incertain ways. Greater energy will heal and unveil weaknesses I needed to be specific about this to help you clearly understand the situation. If an enormousamount of energy is passed through any machine or circuit, the weak parts will be revealed insome way. In the human being the build up of psychobiological energy actually attemptsrevitalization and harmonizing of mind and body. But in doing so it pushes toward consciousnessthe problems, such as childhood trauma, limiting ideas and concepts or beliefs, and physicalproblems that stand in the way of that revitalization. It doesnt simply wipe them away. It pushesthem into your awareness, into your life experience. Previously they were unconscious and buriedwithin you prior to the energy buildup. There is usually resistance toward meeting such feelingsor problems. And if they are not met and dealt with, the energy might flow into the craziest of fantasies or beliefs.There is a simple way of dealing with that possibility. It is to remember that the energy or processbehind your existence is life itself. As such it is enormously creative. It has in it the power of lifeand death. There is nothing other than the process of life. Everything relates to it. Therefore you,as an expression of that Life, are also incredibly creative. With the energy of your Life you cancreate a heaven or hell in your own experience. You can create a sense of God or the devil, angelsor demons, and death pits or exuberant life. So as long as you remember that whatever you meetis a projection, a manifestation, of your own creativity, and you own it as such, you will be able tohandle the enormously increased potential arising from the following practices.It must be understood that the things I am about to describe are principally for the male. However,some of what has already been said, and some of what will be described, can be useful for afemale to use and understand.

Dont spill your wonderful life energy The natural inclination in sexual orgasm has been described as a wave that presses mightilytoward discharge. There is a tremendous urge toward ejaculation in the male, and in the female adischarge of lubricating fluid and other excretions. In the male, every natural urge is towardplanting his seeds, or laying his eggs. In the woman there are similar urges, but toward wantingthe male inside her and urging him to fertilize her. Obviously, for personal reasons, these urgesare often frustrated in one way or another to avoid pregnancy and its consequences, or because of psychological distortions.It is very important to understand these natural urges in yourself. If you are to succeed in movingfrom the misery of exhaustion after sex, you have to learn to work with these waves of energywithin yourself, and not to be in conflict with them. What you will learn is not massive control,but the gradual development of a new possibility in your experience of sexuality. In fact you willlearn to gradually lead the drive to plant your seeds - the cresting wave - up into your being asheightened feelings, instead of it spilling out of your body in the discharged wave. You will dothis by learning to masturbate in a new way.So, to start with, recall to memory the times and the experience of ejaculation. Remember thosemoments when your body reaches the cresting wave, like going past a point of balance, anddropping into full of ejaculation. It is that point, that balance that we have to work with. The urgeto go past that point of balance is intense and natural, but that does not mean it cannot be changed.Evolution in humans and animals only occurs because there are almost unlimited possibilities of change and development. This means that although it is natural for you to fall over the edge intoits activation, this can be changed. It is a part of the possibilities you hold within yourself. The change that you can bring about is that instead of toppling over the edge into ejaculation, theenergy that produces ejaculation and such fantasies is redirected into an internal and heightenedexperience of orgasm without ejaculation. This is done by what I call playing on the edge. Isometimes think of it as dancing on the rim of the volcano without falling in. This is done andpracticed by using masturbation. Personally, I don't think this is worth trying with a partner tostart with, only once you have learned to master it through masturbation. The practice: You need time alone during which you will not be disturbed. This can be anywhere in which youfeel secure and can relax. Yes, you must learn to relax. Relaxation is a key feature of transforming your sexual impulse. Without relaxation the experience of sex remains genital,and it is difficult for it to transform into nonejaculation orgasm. Rather than attempt to teachrelaxation here, and make this feature very wordy, I suggest you inquire into relaxation elsewhere.So, in a relaxed state, touch your body - not genitals yet slowly and gently. The aim is togradually awaken the pleasurable feelings in yourself and to relax you further. If you enjoy creamor oil being rubbed on your body, do this to yourself and slowly move to touching your genitals. Itdoesn't matter in the least if no erection occurs. It is an exercise in slowness, relaxation, and thedevelopment of pleasure.Make slow movements across the penis rather than up and down. I call this "playing the guitar". Itcan excite the sexual pleasure without leading directly to ejaculation. Gradually make thismovement more intense. Use the tips of your fingers to press hard at the root of the penis, stillcrossways. One of the things you are aiming at is to reduce sensitivity, and this rough handlingcan help to do this. It thereby enables a much fuller contact with your partner before any processof ejaculation occurs.Now you are reaching the point of the exercise. Slowly make the movements more intense untilyou begin to get near to that point of balance, the crest of the wave that leads to ejaculation. Therewill be an intense urge to complete the process, and thus ejaculate. But before you get to thatpoint, stop, relax, let the whole urgency of genital feelings gradually melt and slow down.When your being has pulled back from that crest, start again. Move toward the crest of the waveonce more and draw back. Do this three times. And DO NOT take the process to the point of ejaculation. When you are with your partner and get near the edge, pause, relax until the urgencysubsides. Perhaps there will even be a lessening in your erection. This is okay. Slowly resumeyour love making. Each time you drop back from the crest your ability to express full movementand to experience powerful pleasure and ecstasy will increase.There is a difficult point here that you must gradually learn. As already stressed, every urge in youwill push you toward ejaculation. Of course there is a certain satisfaction in the ejaculation. Butthere is also a satisfaction in heightened feelings of pleasure. So what you are trying to do withthis practice of dancing on the edge is to gain great satisfaction without falling into the volcano.This can only be done if you learn to gradually relax more and more until the excitation in yourbody can express very fully. I need to be specific about this so you will understand what is meant.

Relaxation is a major key If you cannot let your body's excitation lead to spontaneous movement, spontaneous sound ormoans, then you still have had a lot to learn about relaxation. Relaxation means freedom. It is thefreedom to move, to cry out; and especially the freedom to feel extraordinary depths of emotion,fantasy or inner experience. This freedom is a key factor. Without it you will not reach theenhanced sexual orgasmic experience that is possible through non-ejaculation. All that willhappen is that you will feel frustrated because ejaculation has not taken place, and there has beennothing else to satisfy you. 6 The practice of non-ejaculation masturbation, dancing on the edge as I have called it, will takesome time to become accustomed to. Don't forget that your body is gradually learning a new skill.Give it time. Do not be discouraged by failure. Even when you have learned the process well,there will still be times when your body actually needs to ejaculate. You will know when this skillis being learned because sometimes you will reach great pleasure without ejaculating, and youwill feel satisfied afterwards.You must remember however that you have frustrated one of the most urgent drives in nature - thedrive to procreate and to do that by planting your seeds. Therefore, afterwards, your sexualfeelings will be heightened. Your erections do not disappear simply because you haveexperienced orgasm. When you apply this to your partner, even when she is satisfied, yourerections will still be maintained.In fact, I believe some cases of inability to attain an erection, are due to unacknowledgeddepletion from too frequent sexual activity with ejaculation. Erection returns once the frequencyof ejaculation is lessened. Dancing on the edge of the volcano As you practice this non-ejaculation masturbation and learn to draw back from the edge and relax,a turning point occurs. Your sensitivity decreases in terms of the urge to ejaculate. Gradually yougo right over the edge without ejaculation. In other words you move beyond ejaculation intoenormous orgasmic feelings that flow right through your body. In fact this is an important pointbecause,through your relaxation, you learn to allow the pleasure to flow up your body rather thanout of your penis. If you are blocking this through tension, or by not allowing your body andfeelings free expression, this point of transition cannot occur. But when it does, it is anextraordinary experience. You are then ready to begin to enjoy that freedom with a partner.Do not be upset if you cannot immediately transform your ability in masturbation to nonejaculatory orgasm with your partner. Be patient with yourself. Also, help your partner tounderstand your need to stop and relax at certain points. If you have a partner who franticallywishes to push on with powerful movements at the point that you need to slow down, then youwill simply be frustrated in your efforts to experience this new pleasure with each other. If youcan work together however, then your partner can also move on to full enjoyment of multipleorgasms without your needing ejaculation. This is because after a certain point you cancompletely allow your own full movements, and the movements of your partner. In facttremendous joy comes from being able to move on and on without tipping over the edge. Male Ejaculation and Orgasm Mastery Is this an all too familiar scenario? Hot and heavy loving with hungry kisses and tender caressesthat promise orgasmic bliss for both you and your eager partner when all of a sudden you're onethrust past the edge, the dam bursts and it's over. You're finished, "spent" and ready for sleep.She's still waiting for more, perhaps wistfully contemplating a purchase of that acrylic vibratingdildo her friend has been raving about.Well, you're not alone in this too-quick-for-her-climax intercourse. The "average" man makesabout 50 thrusts before he ejaculates. For most women it takes approximately 10 minutes of activeintercourse to reach orgasm. Even the most optimistic lover can see these numbers just don't addup! But don't roll over and nod off yet, there are some simple things you can do to bring yourpartner and you much closer together.These male/female discrepancies in timing are part physiological and part habit. Physically men'sand women's arousal rates vary widely, but for the most part women become fully turned on muchmore slowly than men. So a great way to make sure you're both happy with your love life is toinclude lots of foreplay. Help her reach orgasm with your fingers, tongue, and lips before youeven start to have intercourse.Secondly, most men experience with sex starts out as rather furtive masturbation, a quick releasein the bathroom or under the bedcovers before someone can see what's going on. Then onto earlysexual experiences with a girlfriend in back seats of cars or in a basement recreation room, againin a hurry, before she changes her mind or her parents come along to change it for her. Now whenyou have the time and space for long lovemaking good old John is still back in the "I've got tocome now" days, and he's not going to slow down just because you tell him to. That's like askinga guy who's trained as a sprint champ

to bring home a gold medal in the 5000 meter instead. Hemay well be able to make the shift but he's going to need coaching. You can train him with yourmind, your muscles and your breath or a combination of all three. It's not entirely up to you either;your loving partner can assist. After all it's for her benefit as well! The first step is to become aware of your own levels of arousal. Experiment, take your time andgive yourself a very real self-loving exploration, not just a quick masturbatory release. Noticehow your penis moves through distinct changes before orgasm and ejaculation, he's not just softand then hard and spewing. There are four defined stages of erection: lengthening and filling;swelling; full erection; rigid erection. The fourth stage, rigid erection, characterized by a penisthat's very stiff (a boner) and very hot, signifies ejaculation is close at hand. Through attentiveself-arousal and the playful hands of your sweetheart you can learn how to stay for longer periodsof time in the exciting, but less explosive, third stage of firm erection. When you feel yourself moving into the hard, hot level stop stimulation, relax and pay attention to your breathing. Breatheslowly and deeply. The Power of Breath Conscious breathing is a key for extended lovemaking. Rapid breathingexcites and arouses you. Slow, controlled breathing, way down into your belly, calms you andhelps delay ejaculation. Focusing on your breath takes your attention away from your genitals.Synchronizing your breathing rhythm with your partner's strengthens your connection with eachother. Adding sound to your breathing can also help you ride the edge of pleasure. As you exhalesend out a deep lion roar. Feel the sound come from your scrotum, up through your belly andlungs and out your mouth as a powerful release of the orgasmic tension building inside you.The following "muscle techniques" can be used to enhance your sexual health. PC Muscle Contraction This is simply squeezing your pelvic floor muscles, around the 8 scrotum, penis and anus as you feel ejaculation approaching. An easy way to practice this is tointerrupt your urine stream when you are going to the bathroom. Perineum Pressure Pressing on the perineum, a spot midway between your scrotum and youranus will help to stop ejaculation because this spot reaches through to the prostate gland. It is theprostate that contracts and expands during orgasm and then expels the ejaculation fluid. Ask yourpartner to apply this loving pressure for you. Testes Tug When a man nears orgasm his scrotum rises up closer to his body. You can delayejaculation by gently pulling your testes down and away from your body. Your partner can alsodo this for you. Passion Pump This technique, which combines squeezing the PC muscles, rolling your eyesupward, touching your tongue to the roof of your mouth, and visualizing your sexual energyflowing up through your body while you practice controlled deep breathing is one of the mosteffective ways of delaying ejaculation. It's a Taoist sexual kung fu technique that has the addedbenefit of helping you circulate your sexual energy through your body rather than having itremain hot and heavy in your genital region.It is easier to delay ejaculation by focusing on moving your sex energy through your body ratherthan focusing on not ejaculating. Stopping movement, relaxing a little and breathing deeply andslowly will all aid with this practice. Importance of Prostate Gland When you practice delaying ejaculation it is very important tomassage the prostate gland, so that it doesn't become sore. You can do this by pressing on theperineum. The prostate can be felt as a bumpy walnut shape beneath your fingers. Especiallydelightful is massaging in circular motions, first clockwise and then counterclockwise, with apiece of folded silk on the perineum spot. Thrusting Technique A superb thrusting technique that brings great pleasure to a woman andhelps a man to last is a combination of deep and shallow thrusts. By shallow thrusts we mean yourpenis only enters 1.5 to 2 inches inside your partner. These first couple of inches is the mostsensitive part of a woman's vagina. Deep thrusts mean your penis enters as fully as you can.In this technique you combine a series of nine fairly quick shallow thrusts with one slow deepone. The shallow thrusts stimulate your partner's most sensitive vaginal tissues and at the sametime create a vacuum effect that makes her ache for the deep thrust to come. And because most

of your thrusts are shallow ones, exciting only the first few inches of your penis, you're able to rock on for much longer! Mind over Muscle Practicing squeezing your PC muscles will enable you to gradually become so familiar withyour genitals , that you will be able to discern each separate muscle group and contract/relax themat will. At first you will tighten your genitals and everything will contract at once. Later you willbe able to contract your anal muscles without moving your penis or scrotum, or pull up yourscrotum while your anus and penis remain relaxed, or bob your penis up and down while nothingelse moves. Eventually just a thought will relax everything, especially your smooth genitalmuscles, sending your hot sexual energy shooting through your body, not out the end of yourpenis, but instead into your partner through eye contact, intercourse, or touching.Smooth muscles are internal muscles over which you normally have no conscious control. Youmay not have been aware that you have smooth muscles. They're muscles like your heart muscle, 9 the muscles that push your food through your digestive tract and the muscles that push the spermand semen out the end of your penis. Becoming aware of your smooth muscles and eventuallygaining enough mastery to be able to consciously keep them relaxed will enable blood to flowinto the penis, maintaining an erection almost indefinitelycertainly long enough to satisfy themost demanding partner, through and through. Gaining control over the smooth muscles in yourgenitals is the key to maintaining your peak sexual arousal for long periods of timeeven longenough to experience whole body orgasms, rather than simply genital orgasms. In a whole bodyorgasm your entire body becomes an exquisite erogenous zone, much like your genitals alwaysare. You can actually reach orgasm when your lover is rubbing your chest, or sucking on yourtoes and fingers, or nibbling your ears and throat. The magical key to opening the doorway into multiple whole body orgasms is relaxation of your smooth muscles, no matter how aroused, excited, or turned on you are. Train your mind to think of something other than ejaculation. Thinking "I don't want to ejaculate"is still thinking about ejaculation. You must have something else to focus your attention. We don'trecommend reciting sports stats or in any way diverting your attention from lovemaking. It isessential that you be fully present from moment to moment. But instead of thinking aboutejaculation, or worrying about ejaculating too quickly, we suggest you think about pleasing yourpartner. Learn to take pleasure for yourself in the pleasing of your partner. Notice how she reactswhen your tongue is exploring around her clitoris, but also notice how her clitoris feels on yourtongue. Notice how she enjoys when you suck on her nipples, but also notice how her breasts feelpressed against your face. Notice how she moans when you gently run your fingers up the insideof her thighs; also notice how her skin feels so soft and warm against your fingers.With your attention fully engaged in this wayon your partner, your breath, your genitalmusclesyou are going to last a long time. As your lovemaking goes on, and on, and on...perhaps for hours, the energy within you and between you and your lover will accumulate to suchan intense level that you may spontaneously experience the opening of your higher "spiritual"centres. With this opening comes an experience of ecstasy, bliss, joy, and wonder. This is wheremastery of ejaculation can lead you and your satisfied partner.A non-ejaculatory orgasm does not result in any loss of energy. On the contrary, your energy canbuild indefinitely to higher and higher intensities. It usually feels different from a regularejaculation orgasm, although sometimes the sensations that accompany a normal ejaculation arealso experienced in the non-ejaculatory variety. These sensations are not the same as the sensationlocated in the genitals during ordinary orgasm, but they are superb. Your body would contract and jerk involuntarily with the force of this flow of energy. This rush of sensations lasts much longerthan a genital orgasm, for example from several minutes up to a timeless, continuous bliss state.A normal ejaculation leads to energetic letdown and loss of desire. After an ejaculation you do notfeel like cuddling your partner and you just want to roll over and go to sleep. You wouldexperience this depletion whether your ejaculation is involuntary or voluntary, and it becomemore noticeable as you grow older. By comparison, a nonejaculatory orgasm would leave yourelaxed, but not tired; and you experience sense of vitality and vigor. You bask in an afterglow of high energy, an intensification of sensation, and creative potential. This does not interfere withsleep, because there is a sublime combination of aroused excitement with complete relaxation.Remember, never force retention

! Let it happen naturally, if you have to let it go then do so. Justdon't throw away your life! Sometimes if you have been conserving for a while and you get asignal that you MUST let it out. Sometimes sexual energy can get backed up in the kidneys whichmeans you should ejaculate.When you are aroused, apply pressure on the prostate and massage it while milking it of its contents. Squeeze the anus towards the prostate to massage it. A more advanced technique is tosqueeze the anus and pull back on the perineum to help lock the anus. At the same time you sealthe tip of your penis with your mind and concentrate on the pubic center, the point at the base of the penis.An important exercise to do regularly: Rub both hands to become warm, then cup the testicleswith the left hand first and use the right hand to rub around the pubic bone in an anti-clockwisecircular motion in multiple of 9, i.e. 9, 18, 81. Then switch hand and do it the other way.Remember to feel the energy when you are circling and notice the sexual energy beingtransformed into chi energy!

10 contents. Squeeze the anus towards the prostate to massage it. A more advanced technique is tosqueeze the anus and pull back on the perineum to help lock the anus. At the same time you sealthe tip of your penis with your mind and concentrate on the pubic center, the point at the base of the penis.An important exercise to do regularly: Rub both hands to become warm, then cup the testicleswith the left hand first and use the right hand to rub around the pubic bone in an anti-clockwisecircular motion in multiple of 9, i.e. 9, 18, 81. Then switch hand and do it the other way.Remember to feel the energy when you are circling and notice the sexual energy beingtransformed into chi energy! 11 MMO based on PC muscle relaxation Several years ago I learned that by getting extremely close to the threshold of ejaculatoryinevitability, then relaxing my sex organ muscles and halting all stimulation, and then getting"close" again repeatedly, I would achieve a continuous plateau stage with frequent emissionsorgasms without ejaculation. The resulting intensity of pleasure is probably half of that felt in afull ejaculatory orgasm but potentially unending. Furthermore, the associated sexual organsexercise, and the learned ability to better control those organs mentally, has greatly increased thescope and depth my sexual pleasure. It is my opinion that I have learned to enhance and maintainindefinitely the physical events and associated pleasure of an absolutely imminent ejaculatoryorgasm. Feelings of pleasure are augmented by intense loin vasocongestion and readiness, andsexual organ fluid fullness and pressure. The following discussion attempts to teach men how toachieve this continuous orgasm, and to explain the physiological basis of this phenomenon.My discovery of the continuous orgasm was accidental, but recounting the event may help othersseparate their emissions orgasm and ejaculatory experiences. The first time I experienced thepotential of this technique I was masturbating while stoned on pot. Stimulation to my penis feltsomewhat dulled. I got close to orgasm but sensed that my orgasm was going to be weak, so Istopped all stimulation, knowing that I could build up to a better orgasm. When I was able toresume penile stimulation I noticed the pleasure of touching my penis was I cameclose to orgasm again and again...and it felt better and better. Possibly five "close calls" later, myprostate had swollen and my seminal vesicles hardened and discharged but no semen flowed intomy urethra. Pot seems to broaden the threshold between my orgasm emissions phase and theejaculatory reflex response. Orgasm pleasure emanated from my testes, which were swollen anddrawn under the tissue next to my penis. Possibly thirty minutes into this routine my loin musclesbegan to ache, so I proceeded to the most intensely pleasurable orgasm and high quantityejaculation I had ever had. Long afterward my sexual organs continued to radiate an enjoyableache. I had given these muscles a hearty exercising! I eagerly anticipated my next masturbationsession, with delay dictated by my need to reload with semen.I no longer use, or do I advocate the use of pot because of its damaging effect on the lungs. Amarijuana brownie could do the trick, or possibly another serotonin reuptake inhibitor (Prozac?)would produce the same effect. Anyway, pot use helped me control and broaden the threshold of ejaculatory inevitability, thus facilitating

the learning of the continuous orgasm. Pot use also has astrong aphrodisiac effect when I entertained myself in this pre-ejaculation orgasm stage. Feelingsof pleasure (sex munchies) are enhanced. For several months, without pot, I rarely achievedintense orgasm feelings without eliciting a few spasmodic pumping throbs and ejaculatingsmall amounts of seminal fluid. With practice though, use of pot is not necessary to enjoyorgasms without ejaculation. Practice results in discoveries of higher degrees of sexual pleasureand sensations, so it is easy to exercise!At this point I would like to discuss the physiology of the male ejaculatory orgasm. Referencebooks describe the event in stages involving sexual organ vasocongestion, rising to the plateaustage, then the orgasm which consists of internal sexual organ emissions and the ejaculation reflexresponse. Events beyond the plateau phase can be broken into many additional stages. My firstorgasm pleasure sensations come from my testes, which draw up into my body. When men firstsense the arrival of an orgasm, those feelings emanate from the epididymis and the spermaticcords which contract and spasm to move sperm up the ductus (vas) deferns into the ampullarygland or ampulla. The ampulla filling with sperm accentuates sexual stimulation pleasure.Continued penile stimulation soon triggers a hardening of the seminal vesicles which alsodischarge fluid. The sperm and seminal fluid in the ampulla then flows into the ejaculatory ducts.Sufficient pressure quickly builds in the ejaculatory ducts to trigger a hardening of the prostate,which discharges directly into the urethra. Ejaculation is inevitable once the prostate hardens.Finally, the valves at the ends of the ejaculatory ducts open and the urethral bulb is quickly filled, 13 would do a very strong PC clamping until my dick went mostly soft. Then I would build up again,until nearest climax and clamp down on my PC whilst having stopped stimulation, and thenrepeating many, many times, squeezing the life out of my PC. This practice slowly teaches mydick to expect to not cum.I would do the same practice again and again and each time taking myself even closer to climaxbefore I stopped stimulation and clamped down on my PC. I would become flaccid from theprolonged PC squeeze. After several weeks the ability became easier and easier to achieve. In theearly stage, I had to use sheer PC power to stop ejaculation, but as time went by I found myself having to use much less PC effort to stop ejaculation whilst climaxing. I believe this is becausethe neural pathways from the brain to the dick have been programmed with this new skill. It took time, effort and practice to build this auto pilot programme in my brain.Now climaxing without ejaculation is second nature to me. My dick does it automatically most of the time. Depending on the duration of stimulation, if I allow myself to reach climax fairlyquickly, I usually still have to clamp my PC a bit harder in order to stop ejaculation, but it is stillrather easy. For a prolonged simulation, anything more than 10-15 minutes, my dick wouldalways (although not all the time) automatically stop ejaculation when I allow myself to climax. It's all about the PC clamping effort at the beginning, but once you have succeeded and timegoes by, the brain becomes efficient at it and it is then more about the brain programmingrather than PC effort . This is my own personal experience. FUMINGPOLES' Method At first I thought MMO is just a myth but after searching the net and practicing, I realized it isn't.What we want to achieve is to have an orgasm without ejaculation. It may sound impossible but itisn't. Most of the time, these two occur simultaneously. However, we need to be re-educated thatorgasm and ejaculation are two different thingsTake note of the following points before we begin: First point: Do the PC flex thing. It's when you're nearing the Point of No Return (PONR). Youstop the stimulation and squeeze your PC muscle as hard as you can. It is to be noted that notmany are successful with this method. In fact, squeezing PC muscle during sexual act triggers theejaculation. However, we want to be familiar with our PC muscle so that we know how to relax itat the crucial moment. Second point: Ejaculation is always accompanied by muscle tension in most parts of the body.Your heart beat is faster, your entire body stiffens, and of course the PC Muscles contract severaltimes. The fact is that you are often not relaxed. You are excited and you breathe heavily. I hopeyou get the picture of what is entailed with ejaculation. Third point: Stimulating the perineum (the underside of your penis) will trigger your PCMuscles, whereas

stimulating the Glans relaxes your PC Muscles . Practice: Get your favorite lubricant and have an erection. Lie on your back, fold your knees and beRELAXED. Don't proceed without understanding the first three points mentioned above. Nowusing your palm, SLOWLY stimulate the Glans. For uncut men, this part would be very sensitive,but endure it. Accept the sensitivity, feel your entire body react to this stimulation. Don't resist it,instead be part of it. 14 Breath in slowly while letting your stomach bloat like all the air you inhaled went to yourstomach, then breath out all the air in your stomach slowly through your mouth, until your abs areflexed. Breathing correctly will help you in accepting the sensation that is almost unbearable atfirst. As you do this, remember the second point. You don't want your heart to beat fast; you don'twant to stiffen your body muscles and literally any of it. You should feel the intense feelings yourstimulation produces, but you are breathing slowly with your stomach.Remember that during the stimulation you're doing on the Glans and your PC Muscle should notcontract; it should remain completely relaxed. Befriending your PC muscle while doing the firstpoint would let you know when it is relaxed, and when it is not. If you're doing it right, the back of your legs up to your butt will perspire, but your upper extremities will not. It is funny, butyou'll know that it works if you sweat like this.In any situation you feel that your heart is beating rapidly, stop or slow down the glans-stimulation and take more deep breaths with your stomach. Resume if you feel RELAXED. Key #1: Be RELAXED. Your heart doesn't pound rapidly, there is no tension on your PC Muscleand no muscle in your body is tensioned. Key #2: BREATH PROPERLY. Breathe in slowly putting the air inside your stomach (it shouldbloat), and breath out ALL AND I MEAN ALL the air from your stomach (it should shrink frombeing bloat). This goes all through out the entire process. Key #3: When you arrive at the PONR, DON'T FORGET TO BREATH PROPERLY. You wantto have an orgasm with a RELAXED PC Muscle and body. At first, you can stop the stimulationwhen you feel your PC Muscles tensioning, but do have your Dry Orgasm. Your cum must OOZEOUT NOT SQUIRT out of your body. On your next attempt, try not to stop the stimulation whileyou orgasm, and again you should not tense your PC Muscles by proper breathing. G o for another Dry Orgasm (no ejaculation) by repeating the entire process. You can have anorgasm like forever without having an ejaculation and still be hard. You'll notice that after thesecond Dry Orgasm, your body will be more sensitive, like touching your chest, neck, balls, thearea between your balls and your asshole will bring tides of eroticism.I assert that practicing on how to RELAX the PC muscles is the KEY to it all. Just before crossingPONR, stop the stimulation and continuously bloat and flatten your stomach with correctbreathing. You'll know that it's PONR if you feel your PC muscles on the verge of contracting.You try NOT to LET IT CONTRACT. With a relaxing PC muscle, even if you ejaculate, yourfluid would just ooze out of your penis and your penis would not soften and you could continue totry for another peak, very likely with no ejaculation.Also, take air in through your nose and not through your mouth and breathe out more slowly thanbreathing in. When I'm about to cross PONR, I belly breath and I can completely relax my PCmuscles. Belly breathing is the key to relax your PC muscles and other sexual muscles/organs. DARKWHITES METHOD I lost control when I tried the technique with my palm. The sensation was too unbearable to besuccessful. Several days after, I went again and I combined this technique with proper breathing. Isurrendered to the sensation my body received and it was really a different and ecstaticexperience. I had my first Dry Orgasm. The ejaculate did not squirt out; it just oozed out of my 15 dick and it was more liquid. Guess what, I did not lose my erection and my sexual drive. I gavemyself a break and then continued to ejaculate which was beyond ecstatic. A few days more, Itried it again but this

time I had like 3 Dry Orgasms before I continued to ejaculate (the 4thorgasm).To bring on dry orgasms, you should rub only the glans/head. You could use some oil orlubrication to make it slippery and more sensitive. Rubbing the glans/head with the palm of yourhand should do the trick! Fast rubbing, if you can stand it, should cause intense, possiblyunbearable, sensations. If you feel these; you've reached the first step! Avoid the frenulum/triggerand you shouldn't even feel the need to ejaculate! (The frenulum and glans, especially the corona,or ridge are usually the most sensitive parts of the penis.) Don't worry about the shaft; it's notimportant for this exercise.I thought I already knew what masturbation is, but I did not until I can do this. It changed myentire perspective about orgasm and ejaculation, as well as pleasure, ecstasy, discipline/control,and the complexity of the human body (it really is a marvel).It is important that you surrender to the feeling of your own sensation.Initially, the sensation (of glans stimulation) is too much to take that I resulted in jerking it up anddown, instead of rubbing just the head. Slowly I learned to surrender to the feeling by breathingproperly. I breathe in with my stomach (I let it bloat as I take all the air I can take in) and breatheout all the air I have until my lower abs are fully flexed. I do this with my legs folded up to mychest, as this lets the PC and the other muscles surrounding it relaxed. When I do this, I feel atingling sensation coming from my feet up to my legs, it's a warm some kind of an electricfeeling. I know where my PC muscle is (I used to squeeze my PC muscle during ejaculation, andgot pretty good with it), but I found out that if you completely relax (not tense or squeeze it) thisand the muscles surrounding it, you are actually canceling ejaculation. Knowing how to squeezethe PC muscle allowed me to completely relax it, since I knew where it is and what it feelswhen it is not relaxed . The heartbeat is an important factor. Whenever I feel my heart beat fastenough that I can hear it pound, I stop (or slow down) the stimulation.I rub it slowly at first until the back of my legs up to my butt are all perspiring (my upper body isalways not sweating at all, funny but I know that what I'm doing is correct if I perspire like this).While doing all these, I can't afford to open my eyes, because the sensation my whole body isfeeling literally closes my eyes shut in ecstasy. As I increase my stimulation speed, I make surethat my breathing doesn't change pace so that my heartbeat won't change its pace too.When I am near orgasm, I find it better to slow down the stimulation speed. As I reach orgasm, Ican feel my internal organs move but my PC muscles remain relaxed all through out. It feels goodand I close my eyes; finding my liquid just oozes out from the tip of my rock-hard stimulatedpenis head.After I had my second dry orgasm (no rest in between), my entire body was like an electricmachine. The slightest touch would send electric waves from that point spreading all through outmy entire body, electrifying indeed. Moreover, I can pump and jerk whichever way I wantwithout having an orgasm or ejaculation until I want to have one. It's like I own my body I havecomplete control over it. I don't lose erection and the sexual drive through all of these.It's really interesting to learn how other guys achieve MMO in similar but personally differentways. Basically, we're both doing the same thing, stimulating the glans to produce intensesensation, at first unbearably so, but by persisting with it despite the intensity, learning to giveinto the sensations instead of fighting them, you ride through the other side and experience MMO.Though I usually achieve this orally, you seem to have mastered the same technique via masturbation. For example, I really haven't given much thought to PC muscles while doing this(my mind is so somewhere else when I'm multi-orgasm), so that is another difference betweenyour style and mine which others might consider. Definitely, there are many methods, whether PCmuscles, tantra techniques, breathing styles, etc which can be applied in various combinations,depending on what each individual finds works for them. I know that I haven't even come close toexploring them all, myself. I know what works for me, so there's really no need to try anythingelse when you hit on something this good! Not everyone's experience will be the same, but weeach have something to offer that hopefully others may find useful.While FumingPole's appoach to MMO and mine are basically the same (glans stimulation), thereare some fundamental differences to keep in mind when reading my posts. It is obvious that heapplies glans stimulation to masturbation, while I achieve that through an oral one. I am also a gayguy, and all of my experience has been with other guys. That is not to say that we can't learn fromeach other, or that you can't use these methods with your girlfriend instead of a boyfriend.Basically, I learnt this from direct experience, without reading anything about PC Muscles, KegelExercises, Ballooning or any other technique, and thus I don't use any of these methods. While Idon't doubt that any of these methods can be beneficial for sexual performance, and I don'tdiscourage anyone from experimenting or using them, I don't believe that any of them arenecessary to achieve MMO via the glans stimulation method I describe. Furthermore, some of these relate to different methods of MMO, and I feel that discussion of them in a glans stimulationthread only confuses the discussion in the minds of those who haven't fully understood the goal ormethod of

achieving MMO via glans stimulation.I will attempt to address some issues that I have noticed recurring since my last post: PC Muscles Just ignore them! With the glans stimulation method, you are NOT trying to "prevent" ejaculationusing PC Muscles, which is a discussion for a different method of MMO. If you ever find yourself in a position to have to prevent ejaculation, then you're probably not doing glans stimulation (ornot doing it correctly). With proper glans stimulation, you should avoid stimulating the frenulum(the area under-side the head where the foreskin gathers) which is the area which triggers theejaculation response. In theory, with glans stimulation, you shouldn't ever feel the NEED toejaculate! Point of No Return (PONR)You should NOT be trying to get close to the PONR. You should NOT be trying to achieve anykind of ejaculation. You should NOT be trying to achieve anything resembling a "traditional"orgasm. If you EVER reach the PONR, then you've gone TOO FAR, which means it's GAMEOVER! Glans Stimulation What is it we are trying to achieve? This whole thing is about glans stimulation. Once you're hardand aroused (and you can use any method you like to get there), then start using glans stimulationand continue with glans stimulation throughout! This is not to say you shouldn't switchoccasionally between fisting and palming if you want to, you should do whatever you enjoydoing, after all, but realize that continued glans stimulation is the path to MMO. Sensitivity Rubbing the head can be extremely sensitive for uncut guys, and can sometimes cause very littlesensation for circumcised guys. If you fall into either category, it is perfectly okay to switchbetween fisting and palming (or switching between licking just the head or going down on thewhole shaft, if you're doing this orally) to either ease off on the intensity, or to increase the levelof arousal, as the case may be. But please remember two points: 17 1. Stimulating the glans is extremely sensitive. Understandably, you might want to ease off from time-to-time; however, the whole point is to persist and break through the other sideto continuous waves of orgasm, and you won't achieve this if you back down each time.2. stimulating the perineum (the area where the foreskin gathers under-side the head) is atrigger for ejaculation, so if you do give yourself an occasional relief from glansstimulation, just be careful you don't get close to ejaculating, because that means gameover! Breathing If glans stimulation is too sensitive for you, slow and deep belly-breathing would help to reduceit! Although some other people may find the fast and furious way also help, as long as it achievesthe aim of coping and enduring the sensation. Preventing Ejaculation One way to avoid this is by spreading your legs wide, either spread-eagled, or feet together infrog-like position. Alternatively, having one leg bent at the knee over the side of the bed can work well also. Multiple Orgasms Some guys hear "Multiple Orgasm", and are thinking of orgasms they've had in the past, andexpecting to experience those, one after another. I think many guys have the wrong expectations,which is perfectly understandable, because how can you understand something you've neverexperienced before? I also think because of this, even when doing the glans stimulation correctly,many try too hard to achieve some kind of "orgasm". Everyone wants results! The only advice Ican offer is don't! This technique isn't so much about trying to "achieve" something, as it isabout "surrendering" to something or "letting go". Try to relax, and set aside any expectations youmight have. By persisting with the intense glans stimulation, at some point, you will make thebreakthrough and often when you least expect it! I don't think anyone can really tell you how, as itis a personal experience that everyone has to make for themselves. But once you've done it once,you will know how to do it again. We can only describe how it worked for us, and hope that youfind your own path. Wet versus Dry Orgasms

Because glans stimulated orgasms have been described as Dry Orgasms, I think some guys maystill be thinking of "regular" orgasms without the mess. This isn't really the case. I don'texperience these the same way as standard orgasms. They are waves of continuous orgasmicpleasure. Once I am aroused, they can last continuously for as long as my glans is stimulated - abrief moment from a tongue rub, or non-stop for ten minutes or more from an intense oral session,and these can be repeated instantly with no refractory period, as often as desired, for hours even!FumingPole has described oozing cum during his "dry" orgasms. Maybe he is very prone to pre-cum or oozing. On the other hand, I rarely ooze or pre-cum. I probably do ooze or pre-cum a littlemore during continuous orgasms, it isn't much or noticeable. I don't think much importanceshould be given to whether or not you ooze or pre-cum during these continuous orgasms. I think the danger here is for guys trying to achieve some form of standard orgasm accompanied by aslow ooze of ejaculation. You need to get the idea across that any flow of cum, howeverdiminished, is NOT a requirement. It is more likely a sign that you have gone too far, and cometoo close to the PONR (ESPECIALLY if this is accompanied by any throbbing, however slight). 18 Energy orgasms Energy orgasms will clear the body of repressed emotions, old hurts, and blocks. They put abounce in your step. Energy orgasms help pre-orgasmic women to become genitally orgasmic andhelp genitally orgasmic women to become much more multi-orgasmic, plus they make partner sexmore ecstatic and fulfilling. It is safe sex, a good substitute for harmful addictions, and a greatparty trick! Energy orgasms can be an extremely spiritual experience, giving you a sense of theforces of creation rushing through you, a sense of going beyond the body/mind, reminding youwho you are beyond your everyday reality.What does an energy orgasm feel like?Incredible! Some are very strong, and some are wonderfully subtle. Generally, the more time youput into building up the energy, the more powerful the sensations. You'll experience "electricity"shooting through your entire body, hands and lips tingle, and there is a sense of release andreceiving at the same time. You will feel high, euphoric and light-headed. It feels very differentthan a clitoral orgasm (but it can occur simultaneously with a clitoral orgasm). It may feel verysexual or it may not. There are many variations of energy orgasms, just as there are manyvariations of orgasms. HOW TO HAVE AN ENERGY ORGASM? 1. Lay down on a firm surface, i.e. hard bed, carpet, sandy beach, grass. Bend your knees up.(You can also try it standing or sitting.) 2. Take a few relaxing breaths. Empty your mind. Let go of tension. Let go of ego. Settle in. 3. Begin to take deeper breaths. Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth likeyou are blowing out birthday candles. Make it completely "circular" with no pausesbetween inhales and exhales. 4. On the inhale, rock your pelvis, arching your lower back and flattening on the exhale.Squeeze the PC muscles on the exhale. These squeezes can actually stimulate the clitorisand G-spot, penis and testicles, while pumping up energy throughout your entire body. Inother words, inhale while filling your belly like a balloon, exhale and flatten your back while contracting the PC muscles. Repeat continuously. Your legs may open and close likebutterfly wings. Let the breathing and contractions be erotic. 5.

Energy follows thought, so use your mind to begin to pull in energy from theearth/atmosphere into the perineum (the area between your anus and your pussy or penis).Build fire in the sex center (1st & 2nd chakras). Circulate the energy back and forth. Whenthis area is well "lit," go up to the belly area and start circulating from the genital area tothe belly, around and around (2nd & 3rd chakras). Circulate until the fire is burningstronger. 6. Go to the heart. Circulate from belly to heart, belly to heart (3 rd &4 th chakras). 7. Now try the throat. Circulate from heart to throat, heart to throat (4th & 5th chakras).When the energy moves up, you may automatically make some sounds. If not, you canconsciously make sounds, as this helps to open the throat for the energy to move up. Keepcirculating between the heart and throat, until you feel the energy move up to the ThirdEye 8. Circulate the energy from throat to Third Eye, throat to Third Eye (5th and 6th chakras).Circulate from the Third Eye to the top of your head (7th chakra). At a certain point it mayfeel like the energy is shooting out the top of your head, like water out of a hose. Soon,you will kick into full body orgasm. Go with it. Your breathing patterns will change. Youmay scream, you may "melt," you may laugh hysterically, you may feel your back archand your fists may clench. With practice you can learn to ride the waves and keep theorgasms going for a very long time. Other things to know about energy orgasms:Be patient. At first you may not experience the orgasm part of this process. Some get it on theirfirst try and for some it can take years. Keep practicing. Even if you don't experience the orgasm, just the breathing and energy circling alone is of great value. It will clear out blocks, so eventuallythe orgasm can move through you. Blocks can be experienced in many ways - crying, gagging,feeling frustrated, old memories surfacing. Just keep breathing. Visualize releasing the "old" onthe exhale, ringing in the "new" on the inhale. Energy levels will most likely rise and fall, likemercury in a thermometer. Just go back down to the area where it slipped to and start again.You'll want to tap into your sexual center when energy slips, and pump those PC musclesregularly!One of the most important keys to learning this technique is KNOWING that it is possible. You'llbe convinced when you watch someone do it. It is best learned from someone who practices it. If your PC muscles are out of shape or feeling tensed, don't squeeze them too hard, just squeezethem every 3 or 4 breaths instead of every breath. If you want to, use your hands to touch thecenters where you are concentrating on sending the energy. Or circulate them above your body ina fanning motion. The hands help guide and create pathways for the energy to follow. Someknowledge of the seven chakras is useful when learning and using this technique. Visualize thequalities of the chakras as you breathe into them. As you receive pleasure the whole universereceives pleasure through you.

21 the orgasms approach for a few seconds even though you are not stimulating your penis. The lureof stroking yourself is very strong at this point but resist! With practice you will briefly enter thesex organs emissions phase without ejaculating. Relaxing will suppress your ejaculatory reflexresponse and help keep semen retained behind the ejaculatory ducts valves. Semen pressure willbuild in the ampullary gland. A soft finger massage of the prostate and ampullary gland once theyare gorged from emissions is pleasurable. GOALS:

Learn to resist the lure of an orgasm you have actually begun. The temptation tocontinue stroking yourself is very strong at this point. Practice this exercise until you enter theemissions phase fully relaxed. Your seminal vesicles will harden and discharge into yourampullary gland, but no fluid will leak into your urethra.Observe how much better penile stimulation feels when your sex organs are gorged with sperm,ampullary gland, and seminal fluids. V. SEMINAL VESICLES HARD 5 TIMES Build up sexual tension with several attempts of stop-and-go, and then proceed to approach thethreshold of the ejaculatory reflex. Be careful to cease stimulation and relax fully just as youbegin to enter the emissions phase of your orgasm. Sometimes at this point your seminal vesicleswill harden. Let your excitement wane, then come close to the point of no return again. Practicereaching the ejaculatory reflex threshold so that you harden your seminal vesicles at least fivetimes. Semen will accumulate each time the seminal vesicles harden. Now contract yourbulbospongiosus (piss stopper) muscle and feel semen push back up into the ampullarygland...FEELS GOOD! Notice the increased quantity of semen ejaculated when you finally cum. GOALS: Build up semen pressure behind your ejaculatory ducts valves Manipulate the fluid in your internal sex organs Learn to harden your seminal vesicle without causing penile contractions or leaking semen VI. RESIST THE ULTIMATE TEMPTATION Gorge your internal sex organs with semen, reaching seminal vesicle hardening at least five timesthen stop...take out the trash or something. Be careful to protect your tender balls. Let your levelof excitement drop completely, and then resume the seminal vesicle hardening.Be very careful to build up your excitement slowly with a few stop and go before attempting aseminal vesicle hardening. Proceeding too fast can cause uncomfortable leakage of semen. GOALS: Learn how much excitement is required before attempting a seminal vesicle hardening Stop your masturbation session for at least two hours. You will be totally horny. Resist thelure! Try to spend one night with your sex organs gorged Gain complete control of when you have an ejaculatory orgasm VII. SO CLOSE CONTINUOUSLY Build up to five seminal vesicle hardenings, relax and fill your ejaculatory ducts, then contractyour piss stopper muscle and push the semen up into your ampullary gland.Get as close to your ejaculatory orgasm as you can without crossing the reflex response threshold.Now practice close-relax-harden-contract, and again close-relax-harden-contract repeatedly, inrapid succession. Ultimately, you will enter a state of nearly continuous relaxed muscle orgasmemission phases. Your swollen testes and throbbing spermatic cords will orgasm. Orgasmemission pleasure from your ampullary gland is amplified by the accumulating fluid and 22 especially fluid pressure in your ejaculatory ducts. The rapid succession of emissions orgasmsbecomes a continuous orgasm with ejaculation. GOALS:

Learn to harden your seminal vesicles at will Learn to harden your seminal vesicles in rapid succession Practice staying very close to an ejaculatory orgasm, almost continuously feeling a hardeningof your seminal vesicles Hold your orgasm at the continuous emissions phase endlessly Learn to maintain your emissions orgasm mentally; by concentrating on producing emissions,enough pleasure can be generated to perpetuate those emissions...without penile stimulation! Man Health Enhancement There are several factors to being Impotent that many Doctors and so-called "professionals" donot explain to the patient. The first being diet and health. As many men begin to get older, you donot produce as much testosterone as you once did. When this happens, your sexual desirediminishes and you penis does not get the circulation it once did. A diet high in red meat,processed foods, and lack of nutritional supplements can aid and also cause Impotence.Another reason is psychological problems. Many men may have experienced a rude orembarrassing comment from a lover that has actually created a physical barrier from being able toperform sexually. In many cases, it has been because of an anxiety of having a smaller size andworrying about what your partner thinks. The worst thing you should EVER do is worry aboutyour penis or erection. When you worry, you build anxiety that keeps you from having a strongerection or any at all. Just relax and enjoy yourself.Other reasons for being Impotent are simply caused from having a very underdeveloped penilesystem. Just as many men are naturally built or skinny, some men just naturally have a weak penis. In any case, our program will help all areas of concern.The following workout plan below will make any man, regardless of present sexual size or ability,an absolute sex machine in as little as 2 months. If you are ready to experience penile fitness anddevelopment like you've never imagined, let's get started. WARMING UP: Perform a good hot wrap for 10 minutes and apply to your penis and testicles. This will warm upyour sexual organ and help circulate blood to you penis and testicles. This encourages the growthand development as well as prevents injury by warming the penis up before a vigorous workout.After the hot wrap is complete, apply a generous amount of baby oil to your penis and testiclesand make sure the oil is well rubbed in to your skin.Massage all areas of your testicles and your penis and apply more oil if needed. A good massagewill get the blood flowing to all areas of your sexual organs and promote better function andhealth. Perform a good Testicle Health Massage for about 10 minutes while you also massageyourself to a partial erection. Make sure you are totally warmed up and well lubricated beforecontinuing. JELQING: Massage yourself to a partial erection and apply more oil. This Jelq session is to last for at least 20minutes continuous and each milking should last one second each. While you are engaged in theseexercises, close your eyes and visualize your penis becoming stronger, longer, and thicker withevery milking you perform. Visualize blood filling your penis and strengthening it with every 23 milking. Breathe deeply through your nose and fill your lungs to their maximum capacity. Holdfor a few seconds then exhale through your mouth, all while continuing to Jelq.Every 20 Jelqs perform a strong PC flex and hold for several seconds before relaxing. This willbuild more power into your penis and help keep it in a partially erect state.After about 15 minutes into your Jelq session, begin to Jelq a little harder than you have been,really driving blood into your penis and Glans (head) with every stroke you milk down with. Youshould feel a tingle in your penises head when you begin these stronger strokes. Finish out the last5 minutes with these stronger strokes. THE SQUEEZE AND FLEX:

Great, you should feel like your penis is very pumped and filled with blood at this point. Begin tostroke your penis to a full erection, pulling it out with your hands and massaging all areas that feelpleasurable. Pump your PC 30 times while you continue to massage yourself to keep an erection.Squeeze each contraction as tight as you can to get your PC pumped up and to get the bloodflowing throughout your genitals.After the 30 PC flexes, relax and continue to massage yourself. Your erection should feel evenharder by now, so continue to massage yourself until you feel the urge to ejaculate approaching.When you feel the urge is strong, squeeze your PC muscle as tight as you can, breathing as deepas you can through your mouth while contracting your PC.Keep squeezing tighter and tighter until the urge to ejaculate has gone away. Massaging yourself to a hard erection again and do the same thing, squeezing your PC when the urge to ejaculate isstrong. Repeat this over and over again until your PC is quite tired from holding off the urge toejaculate, approximately 15-25 times. DO NOT EJACULATE during this exercise! This teachesejaculatory control and will increase your testosterone levels after several days of practice. Limityour ejaculations to only once or twice per week. This not only will develop a strong ejaculatorycontrol, but also will increase your ejaculation levels tremendously when you do climax.Remember, patience is the key.After you are tired from holding off ejaculation, continue to massage yourself to maintain a strongerection. If you feel the urge to ejaculate, just stop massaging yourself for a little while until thefeeling goes away, then continue. Work yourself to a hard erection, then take one hand and grabaround the top portion of your penis and apply a light amount of force. Now, begin to flex asmany PC flexes as you can until you lose your erection. You should be able to feel your erectionpulsating every time you flex your PC.Massage yourself to another erection, and repeat the above process. Do this as many times as ittakes until it is hard to get an erection. You have completely worked all aspects of your sexualorgans, developing all vital parts that enable you to have strong, frequent erections as well assuperior ejaculatory control. If you do this Program everyday, for at least 5-6 days a week, Iguarantee in 3 months you will be so developed that it will absolutely blow all expectations youhave out of the water. This is penile development the right way, but don't just take my word for it.The proof is in the pudding. Get started and don't procrastinate. WHAT TO EXPECT WITHIN THE NEXT FEW MONTHS: If you stay on this program for at least 5 days a week, you will experience a new found lust forlife you've never experienced before. You will begin to wake up with rock hard erections in themorning, something many men lose when they are in their teens. You will experience harder andmore frequent erections. You will experience actual penis enlargement, not only lengthening butalso much more thickening. You will experience a greater sex drive and desire for your partnerlike you've never experienced before. You will experience great ejaculatory control and sexualstamina that will leave you and your partner both impressed. But most importantly you will 25 Rest for 2 minutes and really focus on the tingly sensation coming from your PC. It should bevery tired and extremely worked after this workout, but it's not over yet. Focus on your PC musclegaining power with every breath you take. Breathe in deeply and visualize.Now the last part of the workout is here, the concentration clamps. You're going for a set of 50without stopping. DO NOT STOP until you have finished the 50 clamps, for you will appreciatethe workout when you are finished. Before you start the last part of this exercise, there's onecatch. These clamps aren't the same old flex and relax clamps, these are different. Each time toflex your PC, hold is as tight as you can for 5 seconds, and then slowly release taking another 2seconds. Each flex and relax should take 7 seconds in all. Remember you are going for a set of 50. ENHANCING EJACULATION VOLUME Many women love for their men to be able to release a strong health amount of ejaculation whenthey climax. This not only is a turn on to many women, it also shows health and fertility, not tomention they feel like they've done a good job. Volume Enhancement : The supplement L-Argenine is an amino acid that in involved in thecreatine formation and is the removal of ammonia from the body. I have found that taking 500mgduring the day and 1,500mg an hour before sex or masturbation, your ejaculation will increase bymany times. Please note that you must cycle L-Argenine into your body for at least 2 weeksbefore you can see any real noticeable changes in your ejaculation. Also, learning restraint againstmasturbation to ejaculation is key is having good ejaculations. Try limiting ejaculation to onlyabout twice a week. You will find that your sex drive will dramatically increase as well as yourejaculation levels.

Force of Orgasm : Have you ever watched a porno and seen a guy climax several feet away? Eversay to yourself "WOW! I wish I could do like that! Well, if you develop your PC muscle andfollow the Volume Enhancement instructions above, you can! When you ejaculate, your sperm isforced out through your PC muscle contracting. The stronger, and fitter your PC is, the furtheryour ejaculation will shoot.Perform at least 500 power Jelqs a day: Testicle health massage performed daily: Always do goodPC workouts such as PC Blaster and Squeeze and Flex daily for the rest of your life: Keep fromejaculating for at least a week, and limit ejaculation to 3 times max per week: Be stimulated for atleast 20 minutes before reaching climax: When you reach orgasm, relax and let it flow!Following this plan will ensure a dramatic increase in ejaculation in as little as 2 weeks. Trainhard! 26 STUD-MAKER-DRILL a sure way of ending premature ejaculation forever Basic Psychology of Accidental Behaviour All premature-ejaculation is in your mind. Nobody is born with premature-ejaculation. Prematureejaculation is a learned behavior. Go through a little scenario below and you will be able to figureout what I'm talking about.You're 14 years old. Your parents left you alone for 30 minutes or so while they go to the store.You decide that you have a few minutes to get your jollies off before your parents get back... Youdon't want to get caught pleasuring yourself by your you? You go to the bathroom,grab some Vaseline and you start getting busy. Since you are in a hurry to get done before you getcaught, you're really concentrating on getting off as soon as possible. You're finally done afterabout a minute or so, well before your parents come home. You think to yourself "that's fun; Ineed to do that more often". From then till now, you continue to get your rocks off hundreds of times and as quick as possible so nobody catches you.The above scenario shows an example of somebody conditioning their unconscious mind to causepremature ejaculation, all without them even realizing it. The kid just didn't understand theramifications of continually whacking off and ejaculation as fast as he could. He didn't mean tocause this problem. He simply did it for fear of getting caught and embraced/humiliated, so heconsciously tried to get off as quick as he could every time he started feeling a little horny, until itturned to an unconscious behavior. This is the same way you would learn any behavior, whethergood or bad. You continually repeat the action (such as dribbling a basketball, juggling, cussing,boxing, ejaculating as quickly as possible, etc.) until you have mastered it at an unconscious leveland it's now out of your control. It becomes part of your behavior!It doesn't matter if the above scenario is exactly what you went through or not. The "STUDMAKER-DRILL" and its principles of human behavior will still override your currentunconscious programming, which causes premature ejaculation.We are going to use that exact same process, that most used to develop the premature-ejaculationbehavior but we are going to alter it using the most efficient and logical way possible, to developthe exact opposite behavior. We are basically going to reprogram our unconscious minds, so thatwe can last as long as we want in bed, with any girl! It won't be unusual to become a master of your ejaculation in less than a month and the ability to cum on your own cue. (Within 3 week's of testing this theory out, I went from lasting anywhere from 15-20 minutes to having completecontrol for. 1-2 hours.) STUD-MAKER-DRILL (SMD) The foundation of SMD is the mindset. Think about it this way, your mind can only process apositive thought. It CANNOT process a negative thought. For example, if somebody told youNOT to think of the color red, it would be impossible, because in order for you to know what thecolor red is, your mind would have to visualize the color and therefore you would be thinking of the color red. It's totally useless to think this way.On the other hand, if somebody told you to think of the color blue, then your mind would bededicated to thinking of the color blue and therefore you would not be thinking of the color red.So in knowing this, you can see how a lot of guys with this problem, tend to get frustrated whenthey start trying to NOT visualize themselves ejaculating, but end up ejaculating anyway becausethey had to visualize it in order to know what not to do and that makes them start thinking of thepleasure they are receiving (not good). There's an easier and effective way to do this, simply bychanging your mind-set. 27 During the SMD, we are NOT going to concentrate on NOT ejaculating, but instead we are goingto concentrate & visualize on lasting as long as we can WHILE trying to please this (imagined orreal) girl and

rock her world, instead of concentrating on the pleasure we're receiving. Does thissound like a good alternative?Essentially, you do not put yourself to be in the cause state nor in the effect state. You'reconcentrating on the girl's pleasure and that would make you pretty much forget about yourself and therefore you won't be having any thoughts running through your mind about ejaculating.If you are determined to please this woman and not think about the stimulation you are receiving,but by concentrating and being dedicated to stimulating and pleasing the woman, then you'll betoo busy causing an effect on her and therefore she won't be able to cause an effect on you (ie.busting your nut too early). If you do this with the STUD-MAKER-DRILL as described below,then you will acquire a new behavior of lasting as long as you want, with any girl. Three levels of stimulation - essential for SMD DESENSITIZING - You may have very low tolerance to stimulation when you're horny. Youmay be the type of guy that creams your pants if a woman just brushes up against you. Or youmay have enough tolerance to last a whopping 1 minute inside of a girl. From all theconcentration that you've put on pleasing yourself and getting off as quick as possible, you havedeveloped a very low tolerance for stimulation. Let's reverse that! To desensitize ourselves from sexual stimulation, we need to understand the effect of tightness of grip and speed of strokes on stimulation. TIGHTNESS - Most people are more sensitive to the stimulation when they tighten their grip (toa certain extent) or the girl they are having sex with is tighter. They will blow their load faster. SPEED - Most people will shoot a load faster if they speed up the love strokes. FANTASIZING or IMAGINATION - This has to do with how you fantasize having sex with agirl. This can include sexual positions, types of girls, associated/disassociated from the fantasy,etc. You will be able to visualize yourself in a 1st, 2nd or 3rd person view. 1st person simplymeans that you are not seeing yourself but you are actually visualizing yourself in the moment,with the are completely associated with the experience. Typically, this will cause you toshoot your load faster. 2nd person means that you're visualizing yourself from a spot, maybe afew feet away or visualizing just one body part of the girl (pussy, tit's, ass, etc.). 3rd personsimply means that, for example, you see yourself from across the room. I note that we will haveno need for the 2nd or 3rd person visualization. We will use only the 1st person visualizationduring the SMD as well as different sexual positions, types of girls, etc. What you are about to experience is the same type of visualization technique that top Olympicand professional athletes use to enhance their performance in their chosen endeavor and that hasbeen proven very successful!Get some Vaseline or other lube that you prefer and be comfortable. You put some lube in yourhand, relax and close your eyes if you prefer, then lube up your cock. All you're going to do nowis to fantasize your dream girl, the one that makes you cream your pants when she brushes upagainst you...that's a good one.Start to imagine initiating sex and making your moves. Make sure you go through all the stepsthat you would go through if you were initiating having sex with someone, especially the first

29 Frank Method I find out that my ability to reach a high number of orgasms without ejaculation depends on theintensity of the stimulation. The tighter the vaginas mucous tissue fit, the longer the coitus and thehigher my orgasmic count until the final ejaculation. Another significant influence seems to be theamount of vaginal lubrication presents inside the vagina - the more, the shorter the coitus. Isuspect a reduced receptivity due to hypersensitivity.Ask yourself: what does that guy do to make "it" happen.I simply turn off the feeling of physicalstimulation in my head.What is left is a sensation I would describe as similar to "shaking of hands". Physical Priming for Ejaculation The testicles are elevated to the pelvic region - the basic requirement for any ejaculation totake place

The first muscular contractions of the seminal ducts set in The semen is discharged from the testes through the seminal ducts into the Bulba bymuscular spasms Prostate and other glands secrete their fluids, which is added to the semen in the Bulba Onset of Orgasm The psychological orgasm sets in simultaneously (the sexual orgasm resides solely withinthe brain). Onset of Ejaculation Approximately two seconds after the onset of the psychic orgasm, unless an ejaculationcontrol technique is employed, the physiological ejaculation sets in Pulse and blood pressure are significantly raised The urethral sphincter contracts to prevent a retrograde ejaculation (spilling of the semeninto the bladder), which would cause a mixing of urine and ejaculatory fluid. The anal sphincter contracts The pelvic muscles begin to contract in a precisely 0.8 second rhythm, leading to thesecretions from the prostate being mixed with the semen The penis begins to convulse in a precisely 0.8 second rhythm. The muscular contractionslead to the expulsion of the ejaculatory fluid The expulsion of the seminal fluid is caused by muscle contractions in the urethra andprostrate Refractory Period Normally (not always and not with every man) the glans penis becomes hypersensitivefollowing the ejaculation, making it impossible for (most) men to continue coitalstimulation Shortly after the ejaculation vaso-congestion ends and the blood in penis and pelvis beginsto flow back into the bloodstream, leading to the loss of the erection The testicles descend back to their normal position Pulse and blood pressure are reduced to their normal levels

Sexual arousal dwindles and make way for feelings of relaxedness and tirednessHaving familiarized yourself with the "technical background", the next section will discuss theundisputed advantages to be gained for you and your partner.The first section covers the importance of breathing. 30 1. Sit on a chair with your back straight and your feet touching the floor about shoulderwidth apart.2. Place your hands over your navel and relax your shoulders.3. Inhale though your nose and feel your lower abdomen expand at the navel area so that itbulges outward. Your diaphragm will also descend.4. Keeping your chest relaxed, exhale with some force to pull the lower abdomen back in, asif you were pulling your navel back toward your spine. Feel your penis and testicles pullup.5. Repeat steps 3 and 4.Next you are supposed to learn how to concentrate:1. Slowly inhale and exhale. Count each complete inhalation and exhalation as one breath.2. Continue breathing from the belly and counting from one to one hundred, thinking onlyabout your breathing3. If you notice that your mind has strayed, start again.4. Practice this exercise twice a day until you can count to one hundred with ease.The PC muscle is responsible for the rhythmic contractions during intercourse. The stronger thePC muscle the stronger the orgasm.1. When you are about to urinate, stand on your toes and the balls of your feet.2. Inhale deeply.3. Exhale slowly; forcefully push out the urine while pulling up on your perineum andclenching your teeth.4. Inhale and contract your PC muscle to stop the flow of urine midstream.5. Exhale and start urinating again.6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 three to six times or until you have finished urinating.Now you must strengthen the PC muscle:1. Inhale and concentrate on your prostate, perineum, and anus2. As you exhale, contract your PC muscle around your prostate and around your anus whileat the same time contracting the muscles around your eyes and mouth3. Inhale and relax, releasing your PC, eye, and mouth muscles4. Repeat steps 2 and 3, contracting your muscles as you exhale and releasing them as youinhale, nine to thirty-six timesSince you have done all the exercising now you should enjoy the results. Here is the exercise toperform during masturbation.1. Start by lubricating your penis. Oil is prefer to lotion, which dries up more quickly2.

Pleasure yourself whichever ways you like, remembering to massage and stimulate yourentire penis, your scrotum, and you perineum, including the Million-Dollar Point.Continue to breathe deeply and regularly.3. Try to notice your increasing levels of arousal: notice the tingling at the root of your penis,notice the stages of erection, and notice your heartbeat rise4. When you are getting near ejaculation, stop and rest, breathe in deeply and hold the breathfor a second or two. Try to notice the contraction of your PC muscle and anus that occursat contractile-phase orgasm. It will take some time to experience this without ejaculating.You can also try to squeeze your PC muscle around your prostate if the prostate startscontracting and you are afraid you might fall over the edge.5. After you have regained control, you can start again as many times as you like andcontinue for as long as you like 31 Introduction to the Key Sound MMO Technique I first started trying to become multi-orgasmic when I was 18. I didn't accomplish my goal until Iwas 26. It was a long, hard road to find my own personal satisfaction. But I DID find it. And Ibelieve you can too.I know you probably feel like you've "tried everything and nothing works," right? Well, I knowwhat you mean. I've been there. I bought all the books and videos of Mantak Chia, Margo Anand,Keesling, etc. None of them worked for me, and they are collecting dust on my bookshelf as wespeak.Allow me to explain a couple very important reasons why those techniques rarely work:First and foremost, nearly all MMO techniques, whether they are based on science or ancienttraditions like Tantra, are almost exclusively focused on the differences between men and women.They tend to treat men in a very limited, mechanical way, while women get all goodies!How many Tantra sites have you been to that have products for men with words like "control,""power," and "potency" in the titles? While products for women have words like "freeing thefemale orgasm," "expanding your pleasure," "The Super-O," etc, etc?This is a fatal flaw when approaching a subject like pleasure . We, as men and women, are NOTsimply the sum of our "parts." We have minds and hearts, and more importantly, we have brains !After all, whether you are male or female, young or old, orgasm occurs in your brain, NOT inyour genitals. The trick is in learning the best ways to make use of that fact. The best ways is toencourage your brain to trigger orgasmic pleasure without sending signals to your genitals forejaculation.What's the best way to do that? Simple arousal . And by arousal, I mean the experience of pleasure, the feeling of being turned on, not just the physiological event of erection. Any trulyaccomplished MMO practitioner will tell you, when you are experiencing extremely high level of arousal for extended periods of time, your body, and more specifically, your brain , will triggerorgasms automatically and repeatedly as long as you remain highly aroused. Why does your wifeexperience those "back-gasms? Not because she's female , but because she is in a high state of arousal. And guess what? You can be too! So why do men rarely achieve this level of arousal? Well you said it yourself, because they tendto hold back. They think they have to

hold back. But that's the real myth of male sexuality! Andunfortunately, that myth has been perpetuated by virtually everyone from Tantra guru's who teachPC control as *the* way to last longer, to the typical guy on the street who "thinks about battingaverages" to avoid being present during the act of sex. But again, this only serves to avoid becoming fully aroused. So they may last longer, but they feel less.Now here's the cool part. There's a way to "have your cake and eat it too." You CAN last as longas you want AND be fully present, fully aroused , and indeed fully orgasmic throughout yoursexual encounters without ANY need to hold back, distract yourself or squeeze certain muscles at just the right time. You, and just about any man, can learn how to truly LET GO and fully enjoyall the pleasure (and orgasms) you want, without EVER even approaching your Point of NoReturn.How is this possible? It's called KSMO or Key Sound Multiple Orgasm. It's one of only a handfulof MMO techniques that don't rely on ejaculation control, but instead on learning how to relaxinto pleasure, enjoy it fully, and increase your level of arousal to incredibly high levels. The trick is not in trying to "control" your ejaculation, which to me is like trying to control a tiger with awhip and a chair! LOL! Instead you learn how to control your stimulation while you continue tobecome more and more aroused.

33 Although in the beginning the Key Sound may seem unusual to you, as you discoverthrough correct practice how effective it is in amplifying your arousal without requiringmore and more stimulation to do so, theres a good chance that you may choose tocontinue its use, at from time to time.NEITHER erection NOR ejaculation (nor even having to block ejaculation at the last moment) isrequired for you to enjoy all of the orgasms you want. As you continue your correct practice of the Multiple Orgasm Trigger Protocol, and youget all of the help you need from reading and posting to -- the Discussion Forum andLive Chats, you will tend to enjoy stronger and stronger surges of pleasure. And perhaps alittle sooner than you might expect, you will begin to understand that it really is possiblefor you to enjoy feelings of multi-orgasmic intensity, with or without erection, and withoutejaculation - unless and until you choose it. Not only that, but when you learn to use this Protocol successfully to enjoy multipleorgasms, there will typically be no sensation whatsoever of a Point of No Return or threatof premature- or unwanted ejaculation. And you will have a clear option to enjoy all of the multiple orgasms you want, withoutthe feelings of tiredness, emptiness, or sleepiness that so often follows ejaculation! If you are a woman learning to amplify erotic arousal by using the Key Sound in combinationwith relaxation, and very little stimulation:

Your practice will help you learn to enjoy orgasms if you never have before. If you do already experience orgasm, this practice will help you eliminate the feelings of straining or reaching for orgasms, while instead helping you to enjoy orgasms withmuch less effort and of notably greater intensity throughout your whole body. Regardlessof your gender, here are some IMPORTANT additional tips to keep in mind... Paradoxically, trying to rush through the practice or trying to make yourself have thesenew kinds of orgasms will only delay your progress. The fastest way to enjoy the mostbenefits is to slow down so that your body and emotions may have a little breathingroom to adjust and open further to the spontaneous and unprecedented sensations that youare beginning to feel. Consequently, experience has shown that you are likely to enjoy the best results thesoonest by limiting your practice sessions to a maximum of 20 minutes per day, with atleast one or two days off between each practice session. After just a few practice sessions done correctly, it is very possible that you will findyourself feeling spontaneous, pleasurable effects... even on these days between practicesessions. Likewise, if you are male, for maximum benefit I recommend that you do not ejaculate onthe same day that you practice this Protocol. Wait at least until the next day. Otherwise,you may never learn to separate orgasm from ejaculation without feeling dependent on amuscle-squeeze- or similar last-moments-beforeejaculation technique. Regardless of your gender, if after practice you are feeling built-up energy that you wantto relieve, instead of resorting to the customary habit of increasing stimulation to acontinuous, even vigorous pattern, just resume practice of the Protocol beyond the 20minute limit for a short time. Use additional relaxing breaths with no stimulation... andmost importantly, learn to release that pent-up energy through the Key Sound. Making the conscious decision to redirect this pent-up arousal through the Key Soundinstead of through more stimulation or ejaculation will be a major turning point inimproving the results of your practice. 34 If you persist in ejaculating within 12 hours after your practice, you will likely delay accessing thenonejaculatory multi-orgasmic benefits of this practice. However, if you accidentally ejaculateduring your practice, that is not a failure.Just review this step-by-step Protocol and pay particular attention to using one to three touches orcaresses of an erotic area before pausing the caressing activity. Then use a relaxed and deep huskyKey Sound as Ive demonstrated, followed by two to four relaxing breaths, and repeating. Before beginning, its a good idea to have a glass of drinking water within reach, as youpractice the Key Sound, breathing, and relaxation. Here are the 7 simple steps of The Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger Protocol Step 1 : Get into a private, quiet place, preferably not just before bed, but earlier in the day whenyou have more energy available. Contrary to the sleepiness and low energy that is so typical formen after an orgasm

accompanied by ejaculation (the refractory period), these waves of orgasmic pleasure tend to leave you energized, since with this practice the orgasms are notaccompanied by ejaculation. This is another very good reason for not waiting until just before yousleep to begin practicing the Protocol. Step 2 : I recommend that you begin by lying on your back or on your side, but in either case withyour knees bent and relaxed. The more you allow yourself to relax, the stronger the results willbe. The equation is straightforward: The more you relax, the more you will feel. Behaviors that frequently trigger the ejaculation reflex in men AND the so called clitoralorgasm reflex in women (i.e. a womans sensation of orgasmic release felt mostly in the genitalarea) often include a relatively great deal of muscle tension... especially in the legs and abdomen,as well as some degree of shallow rapid breathing, alternating with breath holding just prior to anyorgasmic release. Therefore all during this practice, continue to breathe fully and slowly. Step 2b : After you have practiced slow, relaxing breathing for a while... and you are noticingyourself slowing down and becoming more comfortable and relaxed, you may begin practicingthe Key Sound... but for now without any stimulation at all... Just practice the gentle, correctly-articulated Key Sound as I demonstrate in my audio seminars, followed by two to four slow,relaxing breaths. You need to use these slow, relaxed, deep breaths to help your muscles stay really relaxed, evenas arousal increases to multi-orgasmic levels. Throughout this practice, and especially at thehighest levels of arousal, the goal is: Relax as much as possible. SPECIAL TIP : Lay whichever hand you will not be using for stimulation on your chest.When you are articulating the Key Sound correctly, with a very relaxed throat, and a deep, huskysound, you will feel your chest vibrating. Note : If you are correctly articulating the Key Sound, perhaps a little before you consciouslyrealize it, you are likely to start noticing at least very subtle automatic tingles, goose-bumps,etc., and even rocking of your pelvis, undulations of your whole body, etc. These automaticsensations that begin occurring in response to your practice of the Protocol are in effect 35 spontaneous echoes of your use of the Key Sound and relaxed breathing. That is why I refer tothem as the Echo Effects.When you begin noticing any automatic responses, no matter how faint or subtle, that is a signalthat your body is beginning to awaken to its true multi-orgasmic potential. It is a sign that you arebeginning to acquire this new, lifelong skill. Step 3: After practicing Step 2b for a while, and without hurrying, introduce a single erotictouch or caress, just before each Key Sound.Note : At no time does this 20-minute practice session include shifting to continuous stimulation.However... I am not saying that continuous stimulation should always be avoided during sexualactivity, only when you are actually practicing the Protocol.For men in most cases however, shifting to continuous stimulation during sexual activity maytend to lead to ejaculation, and that of course is your choice.I am simply inviting you to use this 20-minute Protocol practice session with at least one day off between each session, to learn that you do not have to rely on continuous stimulation to increasearousal or to enjoy full-body multiple orgasms, regardless of your gender. In fact, you are nowlearning how to increase erotic arousal even more by using less stimulation, when combined withthe Key Sound and relaxing breathing. And with correct practice of the Multiple Orgasm TriggerProtocol over time, you will learn to enjoy multiple orgasms of unprecedented intensity bydoing so! Step 4: As soon as you have used a single erotic touch or caress, PAUSE the stimulation (i.e.the erotic touch or caress), without breaking contact.

I am saying that a single touch or caress in an erotically sensitive area of your body is all that isnecessary to begin gradually building full-body erotic arousal... eventually, all the way to multipleorgasms that will continue for as long as you want... even for hours! Please note carefully that I am NOT saying to men: Stimulate until you get an erection, noram I saying to men and women: Stimulate until you start feeling turned on, or really turnedon. At this early stage of learning, if you are using more than a single touch or caress, you areoff Protocol. I realize that this idea may seem very unusual and quite difficult to believe, but when you followthe Protocol precisely, including correct articulation of the Key Sound as I demonstrate, you willdiscover why this is so important. Caution: If during these 20-minute practice sessions you switchto continuous or vigorous stimulation:For men, the Point of No Return and the rest of the ejaculation reflex will most likely tend to betriggered....and you may feel that you have to switch to ejaculation-reflex blocking techniques such aspubococcygeal muscle-tensing, breath holding, or various other distracting strategies to try tokeep yourself just this side of the ejaculatory Point of No Return...You may well be aware that it is after this feeling of an ejaculatory Point of No Return thatejaculation, being a reflex, becomes inevitable.

37 The correct articulation of the Key Sound is based on a deep, husky sound that is done with a veryrelaxed throat, as Ive demonstrated in the audio training seminars. Please remember my earlier suggestion about placing your hand (i.e., the one you are not usingfor stimulation) on your chest; when you make the Key Sound correctly, you will feel your chestvibrating from the deeper tone you are making. Step 6: With the stimulation STILL on PAUSE, allow yourself a few relaxing breaths, whiletuning in to and enjoying the automatic pleasure responses (i.e., The Echo Effects). A few relaxing breaths equals approximately 2 to 4... but dont count the breaths, because thatis a distraction that can take your attention away from how you are feeling. During these fewrelaxing breaths, notice any automatic responses, e.g., tingles, goose bumps, squirming, pelvicrocking, undulation of your whole body, and spontaneous sounds... as well as any trembling,shaking, etc., in your arms, legs, or other areas of your body. Very Important Tip : The spontaneous appearance and -- over a number of practice sessions --the sometimes gradual and at other times sudden increase in intensity of the automatic EchoEffects are your bodys signal to you that you are practicing the Multiple Orgasm TriggerProtocol correctly.Pausing the stimulation and using a few relaxed breaths literally gives you much greaterbreathing room to feel at first subtle, then eventually fullbody, high-intensity arousal. Reminder : Instead of trying to increase arousal by resorting to the old habit of using morestimulation, it is when you learn to combine this new pattern of minimal stimulation, slowrelaxing breathing, and correctly-articulated Key Sounds, that you will learn to amplify yourarousal. Making this fundamental change in your previous methods of increasing arousal willserve as your pivotal transition to full body, multi-orgasmic enjoyment. Step 7: Repeat the Protocol, beginning with Step 3. Continue practicing Steps 3 through 7 for no more than 20 minutes per practice session, with atleast one or two days off between practice sessions.Over some number of practice sessions, which varies from person to person, your body will allowyou to experience higher and more full-body states of erotic arousal until your

body and youremotions open enough to allow you to automatically trigger a series of orgasmically-intense EchoEffects that with practice will continue for as long as you desire. Key Sound utilization during the higher states of arousal As arousal continues to build, indicated by an increase in intensity (and often in variety) of the automatic Echo Effects, it is not uncommon to begin to experience some difficulty inmaintaining the smooth rolling quality of the transition from the quieter first part of theKey Sound to the somewhat louder second part of the sound. At such times of greaterarousal, some people have abandoned the rolling quality in the middle of the two-part KeySound altogether. That action tends to reduce the benefits possible by correct use of theKey Sound. It is essential to preserve the smooth rolling quality of the Key Sound, from the verybeginning of practice all the way through the highest levels of arousal. 38 Adherence to this pattern automatically tends to compress the lower abdomen and triggers thespontaneous sequence that allows the Echo Effects to transition into truly orgasmic intensity. Every so often during the weeks and months of your practice, I recommend that youcarefully listen again to my interview of Ron in the first audio seminar: Male MultipleOrgasm Step-by-Step. Ron is the first man in history (in 1993) to learn from me thisbreakthrough method that I have discovered. He states quite specifically that as his arousalreached higher levels, he experienced the familiar and considerable inner prompting toswitch gears, i.e., to abandon the Protocol including correct articulation of the KeySound. He describes his personal turning point in practice when instead of following thepattern that most men follow... of shifting to continuous stimulation, and going for it,that is, of suddenly striving for relief of the accumulating tension and the dissipation of theaccumulating arousal through ejaculation... He made a conscious decision to stay onProtocol and continue to release or express the increasing arousal through the Key Sound. When you learn to release the accumulating erotic tension through the Key Sound, yourKey Sound will automatically tend to become louder as arousal increases, since there ismore arousal energy to express. In effect (to use the male analogy), the goal is to ejaculate the accumulated arousalenergy by allowing (but NOT forcing) the full expression of the Key Sound.Note: This is frequently accompanied by a profound sense of surrender to the experience. How to resolve persistent tension during the higher states of erotic arousal As the Echo Effects (i.e., the automatic body movements and sensations) increase to levelsof higher intensity and vigor, there may be a tendency for certain areas of your body totense up. Simply remove ALL stimulation from the Protocol sequence temporarily, whilereplacing the specifically-erotic touch with a more-generalized gentle massaging of yourwhole body, especially in the areas where the energy seems to be developing tension or asense of energy blockage. This massage should not concentrate on erotic hot spots, and should not be done to try toincrease arousal... for example, by using more stimulation. Instead, it should be practicedwith the intention of relaxing in

order to help the increasing energy spread throughoutyour body, thus allowing your whole body to become more fully- and orgasmicallyaroused. When the muscle tension or sense of energy congestion or blockage releases, then youmay reintroduce the single-touch stimulation as described in Step 3.If the tension or blockage does not seem to resolve itself after ceasing stimulation andusing the generalized light massage and relaxed breathing (without any stimulation or useof the Key Sound) to help you get the blocked energy moving again, then suspend yourpractice altogether for that session. It is ESSENTIAL not to try to push through these feelings of tension by using more stimulation, aforced Key Sound, or other try harder techniques. Very Important Note : If you experience unusually long-lasting pleasure waves that areuncomfortable to you or emotionally troubling, and/or if you find yourself in a persistent state of 39 excitation, it is essential to cease all practice of the Protocol while the effects persist. Instead,engage in some calming activities (which many people refer to as grounding the energy), suchas a warm (but not extremely hot) bath, soothing non-erotic massage, deep, slow, relaxedbreathing with no stimulation or Key Sound, and also perhaps listening to some calming music,practicing some quiet meditation, etc. Note : If you do experience this kind of undesireable persistence of the effects, it is also veryimportant to give yourself a minimum of a week of time off from practicing the Protocol beforeresuming. This temporary pausing of practice is also essential to remember as an option, once youbegin to enjoy the higher states of arousal, including the more or less continuous waves of intensely pleasurable multi-orgasmic feelings.From time to time, it is not unusual for the more subtle waves to continue or resumespontaneously between sessions. In the beginning, they may even occur on the days after youhave ceased practice of the Protocol. This is usually temporary and signals that your long-dormantmulti-orgasmic abilities are beginning to awaken! It is essential to learn to articulate the Key Sound accurately , (in combination with use of the other elements of the Protocol), in order to begin triggering the pleasurable Echo Effectsthat with correct practice will evolve into pleasure waves of indisputably orgasmic intensity. If you are not articulating the Key Sound correctly, even if you are following the rest of theProtocol, you may not experience the kinds of pleasure that are truly possible, as are described inthe many stories that have been posted to the Forum (including in the chat transcripts) by men andwomen who have learned. PLEASE keep in mind... Always take your time, and do *not* force *any* part of your practice.This is absolutely the most important concept for you to understand in learning this lifelong skill!You need to learn to ALLOW these new feelings to occur spontaneously through your correctpractice of the Protocol, rather than trying to force yourself to experience orgasm.Trying to make yourself -- or your partner -- experience orgasm (e.g., through continuous,vigorous stimulation) does NOT work with this method.At last... there is no longer any need for men to practice last minute ejaculation control to delayejaculation, and no longer any need for women to have to rely on reaching (i.e. vigorousstimulation with tension) in order to enjoy full-body multiple orgasms... regardless of gender...orgasms that tend to be intense and satisfying way beyond what you have known in the past. Thatis why my discovery is such a breakthrough. The Key Sound Technique The Key Sound Technique teaches ALL genders how to intensify erotic experience. The addedbenefit for men is that the techniques can be used to separate orgasm from ejaculation, BUTWITHOUT ANY holding back of breath, muscle tightening, tongue curling, etc.The basic technique involves learning how to use a certain kind of breathing AND SOUND toFULLY DISCHARGE the rising erotic energy, rather than discharging this energy

through thepenis in the form of ejaculation.The breath involves a certain kind of pushing down motion of the abdomen upon exhaling, so thatthe lower belly expands or swells with the sound, as does a lion's belly when it roars.

41 right after you use the Key Sound. During this time it is ok to lightly massage your body in ageneral way, but don't fall into the trap of increasing actual genital or highly erogenousstimulation... not yet!4. After a few breaths, go ahead and repeat this process. DON'T wait for the Echo Effects to fade The idea is to BUILD on the arousal manifested by those Echo Effects, by using just very smallamounts of stimulation at a time (so you don't slip into the ejaculation reflex triggering processfrom too much stimulation). By doing this, the Echo Effects will tend to become stronger.Key Notes: (1) Arousal automatically changes our breathing pattern When you experience sexual arousal, you may have noticed that as you feel the erotic energycontinuing to increase, your breathing tends to transition to an increasingly rapid, shallowupper-chest breathing pattern. (2) Charging Breath At some point you'll likely begin to inhale more deeply , and this usually tends to happen automatically . This larger-than-average inhale is called a charging breath; it happens becauseour body naturally 'wants' more oxygen as our level of arousal increases. The charging breathoccurs usually at three to four breath intervals. This larger in-breath somehow helps us charge upour sexual excitation system . (3) Persistent upper-chest breathing As your arousal increases, your breathing tends toward the more rapid, shallow breathing,or what is called the upper chest breathing or panting. You would find it difficult to transition out of this breathing pattern when you are highly aroused. At the same time, youalso get a very strong urge to straighten your legs and squeeze your thighs together. It is this persistent, rapid, shallow breathing pattern together with stiffened legs that lead to yourejaculation trigger. The secret is to start early to diffuse whatever tension in your chestusing the Key Sound and this should be done at the early arousal state. (4) Use the Key Sound to exhale the charging breath As soon as you notice your breathing pattern starting to change in response to erotic stimulation immediately start focusing on slowing your breath down and visualizing

that the core of that eroticenergy is moving down from your upper chest.At the same time, use the Key sound to exhale the charging breath , which occur every three tofour breaths. The Key Sound Trigger breathing will help you push down the sexual energy that'sbeen accumulating in your chest downward toward your pelvic area, and diffuse (but not dissipate ) this erotic energy outward throughout your entire body.Essentially, rather than your continuing to use rapid shallow breathing or panting and thensuddenly needing to interrupt the natural flow of lovemaking and worry about blocking orpreventing or controlling ejaculation, you learn how to easily bypass the processes that wouldlead to orgasm "inevitably" accompanied by the ejaculation reflex .By correctly practicing the slower breathing and the Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger, theincreasing erotic energy will intensely charge up your genital area as well as the rest of your 42 body with very pleasurable feelings, but it will tend not to concentrate in your genital area to adegree that will trigger the ejaculation reflex.You will soon discover that you will be able to experience much higher levels of arousalthroughout your body , and these feelings will become so intense that they will naturallytransition into wave after wave of multiple orgasms and very often without triggering theejaculation reflex. (5) The Echo Effects after utterance of the Key Sound Echo effect is the spontaneous pleasure tingles and rushes that occur in response to correct use of the Key Sound. They tend to occur during the phase when you are doing the regular relaxedbreathing, just after your use of the Key Sound. Some of the more common Echoes are tingles,goose bumps, automatic movements (e.g. pelvic rocking, etc.), little rushes of pleasure, etc.When the Echo Effects start becoming so strong that you feel you "can't stand it any more" andthere are all kinds of signals yelling at you to straighten your legs and "go for" ejaculation...When you learn to ignore these "go for it" signals and stay with the Key Sound in the way thenyou will often BYPASS the ejaculation reflex and suddenly, you "tip over" into full-blast more-intense-than-you-may-ever-have-felt-inyour-life orgasms, without ejaculation! You may also feelthose upward rushes of orgasmic energy well before the full-on wave after wave after wave of orgasms like you've never felt before. When to make the Key Sound? One of the keys is timing. There should be little delay between the experience of the erotic chargeand making the KS. The KS is supposed to be in response to the erotic charge and if you wait toolong, the wave of that pleasure has already passed you by and you didn't catch it with the KS.When you feel that small erotic charge from your brush with organ, you might notice a breath,even a very small one that you take in response to that charge. You have an intake of air, and thena natural exhale of air. On this exhale is when

you want to make the KS. There should not be areal long pause between the charge of feeling produced by whatever stimulation you use and theKS.After you do the Key Sound, allow about 3 UNFORCED regular, deep, relaxing breaths... whichLITERALLY gives your system "breathing room" for the Echoes to develop, THEN after about 3breaths like that with no stimulation, do another SINGLE touch or caress of a pleasant feelingarea, and then pause the stimulation and immediately to an unhurried, deep, husky, relaxed KeySound followed again by about 3 breaths as I described, then repeat. That's how we allow theEcho Effects to build.Generally, during practice, we should let the energy flow in the ways it wants to flow, rather thanBLOCKING. The idea is to channel that energy through further relaxed breathing AND the KeySound. Instead of allowing your body to do what it wants, that is, the urge to switch to continuousstimulation and finish with ejaculation, channel the energy that is building up through the KeySound. Relaxing that feeling, actually relaxation IS part of the strategy, in that as you are feelingthat urge to press down, take a nice relaxed breath and then use a Key Sound, with the intention of allowing the energy to flow out through the Key Sound (which may tend to allow the Key Soundto become louder). No more worry about dealing with the 'Point of No Return' 43 Since this pattern becomes automatic after some practice, you don't have to be thinking abouthow your stomach is moving, etc., or if you're getting "too close" to the 'Point of No Return'...when in the past you'd have to suddenly break the lovemaking spell and hold very still, and maybeask your partner to hold very still, while you employ some unnatural, often very uncomfortable ejaculation-controlling method.If ejaculation is intended, then using the Multiple Orgasm Trigger will make ejaculation muchmore pleasurable than you've ever experienced. How to pronounce the Key Sound! The Key sound is HallORRRRRR (Sounds are made as low, slow, and relaxed aspossible) belly undulates; ideally the lower belly moves out a bit. Also, it forces one to have along, controlled strong exhale which is quite helpful in itself.The key sound is drawn out over 4-5 seconds.The goal is to be relaxed, especially the throat should be relaxed and the sound, for me is moreeffective when it is low (even guttural) and sensual as low as you can comfortably make it.It tends to start off more gentle, just expressing whatever energy has built up in that larger-than-average in-breath in automatic response to gentle erotic stimulation.As one gradually increases stimulation and thus erotic arousal tends to increase, the automaticlarger-than-average Inhale also tends to increase in intensity, thus when one makes the Key Soundto exhale this charged breath, the sound automatically tends to be more forceful.When the Key Sound is made in an effective way, there is often a sensation of "ah, that's morelike it! That's it!" and if you start getting ahead of your erotic self in the process, this feeling of resonance may fade... The goal or meditative focus is to time the Key Sounds in such a way that those feelings of resonance persist and gradually become stronger. The consistent guide is the feeling of resonance when you make the Key Sound correctly, have timed it on the exhale of a larger-than-averageinhale, and you let the sound out.One way to know when you are making the Key Sound properly is to feel for subtle vibrations byplacing one hand flat against your chest as you practice the sound. With a relaxed throat, thesound will create subtle vibrations in your chest or even as low as your abdomen.When the Key Sound is made with a tight throat, the vibrations will only occur in your throat andno lower.Humming a low-pitch tune for a few minutes before practicing is a great way to relax the throatand enhance one's Key Sounds.There is no need to control your breathing during this practice. Attempting to deliberately

inhaleor exhale completely is likely to cause tension and be counter-productive to your practice.When the Key Sound is made properly, it tends to induce deep, relaxed abdominal breathing naturally without the need to consciously control it.As long as your breathing is not rapid, shallow, or centered high in your chest, it should be fine.

46 Some also find that they begin to get dizzy if they repeat the KS too early because of lack of air.That moment right after the KS when you simply relax and take some good relaxing breaths isimportant to helping your body find this new path. So, don't rush it.When you have done about 3-5 breaths, then use a little more stimulation to get another eroticcharge and that is what you fan with another KS.By way of analogy, this is sort of like trying to start a fire. When you get some glowing embers, itcan help to gently blow on them to help it burst into flame. However, if you blow too constantly,like putting a fan on the embers, the lack of oxygen because of the fast moving air will keep theembers from starting the fire.Doing the KS too quickly is sort of like that. It is like you are "blowing" so frequently that theechoes never get the oxygen they need to really get going into a fuller orgasm. If you don't do itenough, the embers will die out. Jack's experience as well as many of us is that somewhere around3-5 breaths is about right to not be too frequently or too little.Now, this will vary with some people. There are always exceptions, but there is no reason toassume one is that exception unless after a few months of trying and everything else is in placeproperly, there has been no progress. Message The Key Sound doesn't quite discharge arousal/erotic energy, it amplifies and expands it. But thisonly works when done correctly with proper timing. So you're not really dumping your energyinto the sound, more like RELEASING it. It's not like you're trying to draw energy away from thegenitals, but more allowing that pleasure to flow over more of your body as your arousalincreases. So, the eventual result is multiple, full-body orgasms, rather than just genitally focusedones.A little more on how this works from a medical point of view: Your amygdalae (two organswithin the brain) respond to the emotions you express through voice. When you make frightened,angry, or otherwise negative noises, your amygdalae will tend to, "click back," in other words,your brain goes into "reptilian mode," i.e. "fight or flight." This is obviously NOT a good state of mind to be in during sex.However, when you make pleasurable noises, i.e. moans, groans, or KEY SOUNDS, youramygdalae "click forward," making more use of your frontal lobes which engages more of yourneural pathways. In other words, your brain is more INVOLVED in the pleasure you areexperiencing. So the experience is heightened considerably. Another wonderful side-effect of this"forward clicking," is that because your amygdalae are in such close proximity to your septalregions (areas of the brain responsible for triggering orgasmic sensations), when your amygdalaeare stimulated, so are your septal regions. So, in simple terms, using your voice to expresspleasure, encourages your brain to trigger orgasms, REGARDLESS of what your genitals aredoing at the time.The problem is, most of us guys tend to, "bottle," everything up inside until we can't hold back anymore, and then MAYBE we moan a little AS we ejaculate, which will enhance that ONEorgasm. But that's SOCIAL CONDITIONING. From the brain's point of view, that's backwards.The idea is to allow yourself the opportunity to express and amplify your arousal from the verybeginning of stimulation to the end of your encounter, so that the arousal reaches a point where ittriggers the multi-orgasmic reflex long before you ever reach your Point of No Return. 47 I don't think just "any old noise" will produce the same results as the Key Sound. It's difficult toexplain why and trying to learn it from text is basically impossible. It really is something youhave to HEAR, imitate, and FEEL, to understand fully. Also, there's no abdominal "pushing" or"crunching" in KSMO Protocol. You don't use any muscle control of any kind to "make ithappen." Instead, you just focus on making the SOUND correctly and following the other steps of the Protocol (gradual stimulation, relaxation, breathing from the belly, etc.) The cool thing aboutthe Key Sound is when the SOUND is made properly, your body responds automatically, with theproper breathing, movements, etc. So your belly may expand or your abs may crunch reflexively.It all varies from moment to moment. But the sound is definitely the Key

to creating these effects.It is the way it's made that causes those physical responses that help lead you towards multipleorgasms. Resonance Learn how to make the Key Sound with NO erotic stimulation. Practice this until it really doesbegin to "resonate", i.e. until you tend to say "yeah, THAT'S more like it!" Of course, you shouldstill be using 3 or 4 REGULAR breaths between each time you use the Key Sound. ONLYAFTER you get the Key Sound "grooved in" in this way, with NO stimulations, then begin to addsome stimulations and CONTINUE to use the Key Sound.The CRITICAL focal point is on how resonant that Key Sound is feeling. If it starts to feel not soresonant then back off on the stimulation ONLY ENOUGH to where the Key Sound once againDOES feel resonant. That's you're "boundary" more or less. The goal then is to GENTLY movethat boundary to higher levels of arousal. AS SOON as the Key Sound is not resonating back off alittle until it does!THE FOCUS of the meditation is not how aroused you are but rather, THE RESONANCE OFTHE KEY SOUND.The PIVOTAL goal is to keep that sound resonant as you increase thestimulation, backing off only as needed to maintain the resonance or to recapture it.Sometimes people say "well I'm in to using this OTHER sound instead of the Key Sound." etc.fine, but I can't help you then! Of course, the Echo sounds, the ones you spontaneously make INRESPONSE to using the Key Sound, may vary, but they usually still contain that rolling qualityin the middle that is characteristic of the Key Sound. The specific Key Sound I model makes yourlower belly muscles move in a SPECIFIC way when this sound is done correctly. It's that musclemovement that mimics the movements that will happen when the non-ejaculatory orgasmic wavesor pulses ripple thru. So that muscle movement is "cuing" your body to allow the erotic energy toflow thru you in a way that is "handled" by that kind of muscle movement. SOMEHOW, thatreleases tremendous amounts of orgasmic energy but most of the time, no ejaculation. Often, noteven an erection! Everyone can access multiple orgasms Arousal is physical and psychological and marks the beginning of the sexual response cycle. Aperson becomes stimulated or "turned on" and the body reacts to the stimulus. The penis becomeserect, the vagina lubricates and the body prepares itself.But stop just one minute. What happens if the spirit is willing but the body does not cooperate?For people with illness or disability the usual pathways to sexual arousal, intimacy and orgasmmay have been disrupted. There may be no erection, no lubrication or more frustratingly, noaccess. What then? There is a solution, an alternative route leading to satisfying orgasms andsexual satisfaction. 48 Scientists always knew there was a strong connection between breathing and our mental state.Bad breathing produced sluggish mental ability. The opposite is also true: Stress causes tight andshallow breathing. When the mind concentrates on something specific, breathing slows or maytemporarily stop.Mantak Chia writing in "The Multi-Orgasmic Man" described the breath "as the gate throughwhich you can gain control of your body." We breathe without thinking about it, but we canchange the rhythm or depth of our breathing. When you experience sexual arousal, your breathingchanges. At first you inhale more deeply, but then this becomes rapid and shallow. Shallowbreathing results in oxygen starvation, leading to reduced vitality, premature aging, poor immunesystem and other factors. Deep breathing is what connects us to our sexual centers and deepbreaths help us reach our full orgasmic potential.A deep breath, a larger-than-average inhale, is called a "charging breath" by Jack Johnston, authorof "Male Multiple Orgasms Step-by-Step," who says our body craves more oxygen as our level of arousal increases. These breaths somehow help us charge our sexual excitation system.What seems to occur is that breathing comes from the upper chest and is faster, shallow and morepanting. For men, ejaculation can rapidly follow. Johnson replaces this pattern with a techniquecalled the multiple orgasm trigger, slowing down panting breaths to charging breaths. This delaysejaculation, making it more pleasurable if ejaculation is part of a man's normal sexual activity.Johnston explains that instead of suddenly needing to interrupt the natural sexual flow to preventor control ejaculation, a man can bypass the "process of inevitably" that usually leads to orgasmfollowed by the ejaculation response.Orgasm and ejaculation are not the same event. Orgasms are emotional energetic reflexes. Theyare often the desired effect of arousal, consisting of waves of intensely pleasurable emotional andphysical sensation often accompanied by involuntary bodily muscular movements. In contrast,ejaculation is a glandular reflex including the sensation of crossing a physiological threshold,triggering a series of automatic contractions of the prostate gland to expel seminal fluid. Just asyou cannot stop a sneeze, so too does a man experience the point of no return as he approachesorgasm

accompanied by the ejaculation reflex.Orgasm and ejaculation seem to occur simultaneously, but the good news is they don't have to.Men can experience multiple orgasms without erection and without ejaculation, and without arefractory period with this technique.Johnston describes men enjoying multiple orgasms, "switching gears" then enjoying orgasm withejaculation. The men who have learned this method report that orgasm with ejaculationsubsequently tends to be noticeably more pleasurable than they had experienced before.In addition to breathing, the balancing part of the technique involves using two-part sounds thattriggers a multi-orgasmic response instead of an ejaculation reflex. Johnston dubbed this the KeySound Multiple Orgasm Trigger (KSMO), "because it is the key that unlocks our natural ability toexperience multiple orgasms," he says."You won't always have to use the KSMO," he said. "It helps you teach your body how to be opento multiple orgasms without the distraction of trying to block or control ejaculation. Once youunlearn old patterns of limited sexual arousal expectations, then you will be able to access themultiple orgasm energy at will. Once learned, the technique can become automatic."The new pattern helps change breathing in a manner opposite to the pattern triggering theejaculation reflex, increasing and intensifying erotic enjoyment. Pleasurable feelings surgethrough the pelvis and through the rest of the body, not just in the genitals. Using the techniquecan identify feelings Johnston says are signals that you are tuning in to the multiple orgasm

51 It is a matter of nice judgment when to let go still more, and when to do hard VB & KS or BigDraw, but it is best to learn how exertion works when you've lost erection after MMO. WhenMMO gets too intoxicating and one starts to lose lucidity, a hard VB & KS restores lucidity, aswell as intensifying MMO.With those higher plateaus of continual MMO, the furballs get more intense too, and I don't knowhow they can be resolved except by opening what Chia calls the Microcosmic Orbit in meditation,and circulating the energy around the body. In this regard, soft VB & KS done with zero eroticintent or associations are a very powerful form of pranayama before meditation, permitting adegree of letting go otherwise difficult or impossible. And thus is betrayed the fact that MMO andmeditation could scarcely be more intimately related, and share the same plumbing so to speak.When you have not realized the erotic potential of exercises like Chia's, or VB & KS when donecold, they can seem mechanical. The same exercises are useful to yogis and religious celibates tomake sex continence easy and invigorating, if done right. In both cases the EjaculationCompulsion is turned into much more interesting things than The BIG EVENT.So here is how to get a preview of the higher plateaus of MMO: please regard it as a one-off exercise, certainly not a practice. Wank very slowly once aroused, about as slowly as willgradually build up steam. Decide to ejaculate sooner or later, and to indulge the whole processwith no scruple or any attempt to stop anything. The essential thing is to observe closely exactlywhat happens, and all the various sensations and reactions you have. Notice when you getremotely approaching PONR how you tense up as if in anticipation of the BIG EVENT, and getthe urge to speed up to make it happen; therefore slow down and relax, and anticipate whateverwill happen; you've already decided to ejaculate so there's no hurry!Feel the stress build up, and how it is possible to relax into the sense of engulfment. So just let ithappen. The more you let go, the less draining ejaculation will be. This very slow ejaculationexercise should teach much more than can be verbalized. The whole idea is to relax into states of stressful arousal, and the systematic way to do it is Jack's soft VB & KS. If you try any exertion atall, it will work counter productively until you master Jack's soft method. The reason is thatexertion as in hard VB & KS, only works properly when you can simultaneously let go. Yes it isvery paradoxical, but that is the nature of the beast, it has its own rules, and we've to learn them.Toying with the ejaculation reflex has no future because it reinforces the association of orgasmwith semen flow and ejaculation. What you get is a kind of preview of MMO, but with all thewrong associations reinforced. When Jack called his discovery Multiple Male Orgasm he wasn'tkidding, because it really is a matter of dissociating semen flow from its accompanyingsensations, and realizing that the only thing which joins them is our perception of these sensationsas stressful, and the expectation of semen loss as the release from that stress. The body itself reacts to erotic reversal as stressful and dislocating, perceiving it as the approach of semen flow,and fooling us into firmly believing it. Physical exercises are necessary to recondition the body,and thru that alter our perceptions of the erotic reversal called PONR because of its hardassociation with ejaculation or semen flow. Jack's VB & KS are uniquely effective. With their aid,the stressful reversal universally associated with ejaculation, turns with practice into a muchgreater relief and astonishing sense of bliss and peace. For all practical purposes it is unbelievableuntil it

happens.To put it another way, first time MMO is like going thru PONR into a lucid sustained eroticindulgence, with enormous relief surrendering to it or letting go, and realizing it is exactly whatyou were so very afraid of all along. The relief of surrendering to that reversal is only mimickedin the Moment of Release of ejaculation, while MMO is sustained and paradoxically full of peacewithin peace. And that is only the beginning, because you soon find out there are plateaus of intensity simply too awesome to endure, and you'll probably find it enticing to monkey with theejaculation reflex: don't. That enticement is a sure sign of stress, so do VB & KS and wind down. 52 MMO is not at all winding up, but exhilaration and relief simultaneously, & the hard part issurrendering to it.Getting used to doing VB & KS dead cold just for physical exhilaration will get you used todissociating the whole perineum area from ejaculation, and make them much more effective hot.Remember the essential thing on the long IN-breath of VB, is to suck in the belly muscle justabove the pubic bone as if to pull it down to the anus, but with anal sphincter relaxed-- the morepractice hot and cold, especially doing VB hard and strenuously dead cold, will tune you in to justhow subtle Jack's soft VB really is.The KS is the OUTbreath, belly pushed out, and at the last the final push down as if to push amotion; not a very poetic description, but do it just that way and as Jack says, make as much noiseas you like-- it eventually turns into a great sigh of relief. 53 Mantras In a similar way the Pranava or AUM resonates the entire body when it is done exactly as the KeySound. Start soft, learn to coordinate voice, breath, and musculature, and push the belly out andpush down on the second part of the syllable or "roar", and let go.If instead of roaring or shouting, you say AUM (i.e. AHOH-MMM), it corresponds thus:huuuuUUUUUHHHH!Aaaaa^UUUUUMmmmmmmHere ^ is where the push down and belly out starts.Pranava or AUM was always meant to be done like the Key Sound, belly out & push down on thefirst U. Then the natural effect of letting go is to blow out the perineum and anus, followed by theecho effect or resonance of the Mmmmmm; and the next IN-breath seems to draw up a refreshingdraft from the perineum, and lifts it up the spine, especially when you pull the belly IN a little. HUA Gong I was really surprised when I read that the key sound is Huuaaahhaa, which is more or lessidentical with the Hua gong mantra, taught by my master for transformative purposes, and henamed his qigong system after it. The term Hua in Chinese means many things, among them are;transformation, a flower blossoming, mist rising from the earth, ice melting, liberation, and so on.I have never thought about using it for sexual purposes, but use it a lot when I am stressed, orwhile doing sitting practice. I have also been witnessing some really strong reactions to it as achanting, where one makes the different aspects of the sounds more explicit.Hua, pronounced "wah", is the transformational sound that has given the name Hua Gong. TheHua Gong symbol can be used for meditation, as can the pronouncement of Hua.

If you are working with more yin aspects of practice, a slow wooooaaaahhhh or maybe"haawaaahhaa" and the aa is like the a in "awe".For waking up from meditation and clearing up the energy and collecting the shen I do Hooa!Hooa! Hooa! three times really quick and clear.Other times, when working with a specific congestion or maybe a stuck emotional energy I putmore emphasis on the middle of the Hua sound, like Hooooooaa and letting the aa sound go up abit in pitch.The sound affects different centers differently when the emphasis is long, silent, or loud and shortand clear. I sometimes feel like doing it like a whisper but with a lot of breath to it and having the focus down in the Hui Yin and the lower dantian, and expanding the abdomen and the effect isvery empowering.I think these sounds really channel a lot of energy and information. And the effects are quick andto the point.Here are a few Mantras which have exceptional effects on our nervous system: Weng Ar HongWeng Mani Ba Ma Hong or "Om Mani Padme Hum," "Om Mani Padme Hum," an invocation to the Avalokitesvara, the Buddha of Divine Compassion. Whencoupled with the intention and visualization of invoking this being, the vocalization of this chant will havethe result of producing a field of compassion.Usually, this sounding is very slow and repetitive, creating a phenomenon known as sonic "entrainment" inwhich the brain waves of the listener lock in resonance with the brain waves of the chanter. This is oneway of creating altered states - by slowing down our brain waves. Much sacred sound puts us in resonancewith frequencies that are within the alpha or theta brain wave range, 7 to 12 Hz, and 4 to 7 Hz,respectively. Many of the environmental sounds seem to resonate to this spectrum of sound andparticularly to a frequency called the Schumann resonance, 7.83 Hz, which may be the resonant frequencyof the planet. Environmental sounds may be among the most sacred on the planet, for they are the sound of the earth, rejoicing in itself. Whether it is the sound of the ocean, birds chirping, or whales calling, thesesounds relax us for two reasons. First, for the soothing visualization they evoke for us. Second for theentrainment they create within us. We breathe with the sounds. Our hearts beat with these sounds. Ourbrains sing with these sounds. Ling Guang Pu ZhaoAr Mi Tuo Fuo Mantras expressed in Chinese Numbers: 017779080177792244 good for the brain3396815 good for general wellbeing Urogenital and Prostate Muscle Exercises

It is beneficial to exercise all ring muscles around the anus. The goal is to be able to relax any of these muscles at will.Exercise sequence:

Squeeze the anus muscle (1 set of 20 counts) The tailbone muscle (begin by squeezing the anus andthen slowly pull towards the tailbone region The urogenital muscle (begin by squeezing the anusand then slowly pull towards the urogenital region,between the scrotum and the anal) The Right PC muscle (begin by squeezing the anusand then slowly pull towards the right side) The Left PC muscle (begin by squeezing the anus andthen slowly pull towards the left side)To relax, (permeate your) smile into these muscles.First of all, you should learn how to gently flex the tailbone muscle. Try to do Kegel with onefinger on the BC muscle and another just above the anus towards the tailbone. You should feelmuscles tightening in both areas. Then try to just flex the tailbone muscle alone. It will take someconcentration at first but will become easier with practice. It's not a big deal if you flex the BCsometimes too. The goal is to establish mental contact with the muscle between the anus and thetailbone. Gentle flexing is best and to relax it completely between flexes.The other exercise you should do immediately is orbiting. When orgasmic energy begins to flowthrough your body you want to establish safe paths for it to flow. Otherwise it can do damage tothe brain and heart. This electrical energy will be flowing through acupuncture meridians as wellas nerves. You can teach it to flow anywhere in your body to cause pleasure and healing. How to do the orbit? Focus on a point in the middle of your lower forehead. Then bring thefocus down through the nose, mouth and the throat, through the chest and to the belly. Let it restthere for a moment, then go down to the root of the penis, straight back to the anus and tailbonemuscle, pause there, and then up the spine, up the back of the head, across the top and return tothe forehead.Practice the orbit whenever you think about it. Do this at a slow rate and in a relaxed state untilyou can begin to feel sensations in some of these areas. As sensations develop, avoid focusing toomuch on the head or the chest, but let the belly, pelvis cavity and tailbone muscle be the reservoirsof energy. Try to keep the energy moving around the perimeter of the brain, not through themiddle. The brain is a sensitive area not to be messed with.When you masturbate, avoid the hot areas - the underside where the urethra is close to the surfaceand the head. Develop a taste for pleasure in all the other areas, including the scrotum. Refrainfrom ejaculating when you can.With time, new sensors and receptors will develop in all these area and you will be experiencingincreasing levels of pleasure in these places. When the pleasure in any of the non-trigger areas

57 I think it's more of staying at a plateau of excitement because it is for sure not a 100% orgasm.Most dry orgasms experienced by these techniques only provide 50-70% orgasms. The feeling isintense though, and the "orgasm" lasts well over a minute, and then you are back to a lesser stateof arousal, which implies that you have not reached the highest peak of excitement.I really don't know how to describe it. It started with forcing my PC-muscle to relax though, but Irealized that didn't help because I was concentrating on my PCmuscle. I guess the trick is to takeyour mind off your PC muscle while having your orgasm. I realize once I start thinking aboutejaculation, I start to feel like I need to in the middle of my orgasm.It's a lot of mind manipulation involved. I know it sounds kind of intimidating. I just encounteredit by trial and error (and perhaps a lot of luck). I doubt anyone will be able to produce the sameresults by this kind of explanation I gave, because it's less of an explanation and more of a story of experience.Anyway, for now, I'm pretty happy with 50-70% orgasms, because I can keep on going and going,and if my orgasms are full-body, I feel absolutely no need to ejaculate, and I feel great, because Istill have all the energy inside of me the next day when I didn't ejaculate the previous day. Prostate Health

The anus is a divider of two groups of muscles - one from the anus to the tailbone (the tailbonemuscle) and other from the anus to the penile footing/scrotum (the urogenital muscle or prostatemuscle).You can stop peeing easily using the prostate/urogenital muscle group, which also moves thescrotum and the penis. Contracting the tailbone muscle can also stop urine flow, but withoutmoving the scrotum and the penis.The mechanisms of stopping peeing with these two methods are completely different. Theprostate-muscle contraction constricts the prostate urinary valve, while the tailbone contractionuses the tailbone nerve to interfere with the prostate's sympathetic nerves that control the urinaryor ejaculation valve. Note that the urinary and ejaculation sympathetic nerves also interfere witheach other. Contracting the prostate muscle will irritate the ejaculation control valve to promoteejaculation . This is the main cause of premature ejaculation for men with a weak erection and amedium or high level of testosterone or DHT in the prostate's hormone receptors.When you exercise, you burn testosterone into DHT (DiHydro Testosterone) to grow yourmuscles. Similarly, exercising your prostate muscle will burn testosterone into DHT locally. Thesuper hormone, DHT, will heat up the tissues instantaneously. A longterm DHT stimulation willhelp the muscle grow bigger, as in the case of body-builders. But, this method won't work forpenile enlargement because the penis is not made up of muscular tissues. On the other hand,excessive DHT in/around your prostate will over-stimulate the prostate for the temporary prostateenlargement and premature ejaculation, although it can stimulate the penis to erect for a very shortperiod of time.A long-term PC exercise causes the prostate to trap more DHT for prostate growth and establish asomatic reflection for orgasm and ejaculation. To prolong sexual intercourse, you should not trainyour prostate nerves for an automatic response to sexual stimulation. Load your thrusting forces 58 or body tension on your knees, legs, shoulders and hands and contract your tailbone muscles. Lettestosterone burns into DHT in the tailbone muscles to build the somatic reflexion there and toheat up the tailbone for the ultimate recycling of sexual energy back into your spinal cord andbrain. Grow your tailbone muscles with DHT. The tailbone nerves will automatically respond tosexual stimulation - the trick of Sexual Chi-Kong Intercourse! Functions of the prostate 1. Testosterone and hormone receptor sites: The prostate and the Epicenter (the femaledegenerated prostate) are the major hormonal receptor sites in the male and female body,respectively. This is why we want to have sex, as the receptor tissues are full of testosterone.2. Testosterone burner - Burn testosterone into DHT and bio-energy. DHT heats up and dilatesthe penile and prostate tissues for erection. DHT is behind the scene to drive my NaturalPenile Enlargement. Bio-energy supercharges the parasympathetic sexual nerve of the prostateto actuate and hold erection with synthesis of the erection mediator Nitric Oxide that isassociated with the Human Growth Hormone agent L-arginine. Erection is produced by atestosterone burst (surge) and burning and mediated by the presence of the NO agent!Excessive DHT and testosterone bound into the prostate tissues will result in prostateenlargement and premature ejaculation. We use plant hormones (including Phyto-estrogen) tobalance the binding of testosterone and DHT in the prostate's hormone receptors.3. Erection actuator - The parasympathetic sexual nerve in the prostate actuates erection with abioelectric acting potential (the resting potential + an alternating-voltage pulse) due to thebrain/nervous Acetylcholine action. The resting potential of the parasympathetic sexualmotoring nerve, like your car battery, is continuously turned into heat when you hold anerection. In turn, the thermo-energy will elevate the resting voltage of the local sympatheticmotoring nerve that control ejaculation. Note that sexual stimulation also elevates the restingpotential of both parasympathetic and sympathetic sexual nerves. The sympathetic sexualnerve is responsible for activating ejaculation.4. Ejaculation/Erection-withdrawal controller - The sympathetic sexual nerve in the prostatemediates the ejaculation and erection-withdrawal upon the brain dispatches a "Fight or Flight"command through the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). The bioelectric level of thesympathetic sexual nerve determines Fight or Flight. When the bioelectric voltage pulse (DC+ AC) of the prostate's sympathetic nerve is shoot over the ejaculation threshold (-40 mV), theprostate's ejaculation valve is automatically open. However, when

the bioelectric potential inboth the parasympathetic and sympathetic prostate nerves is dropped back to -70 mV, thebrain dispatches an erection withdrawal signal to the prostate. You can mechanically forcesemen to pass through the ejaculation valve without the sympathetic "Fight" action.5. Semen production: The prostate produces a large amount of semen to support sperm life andactivities. The production of semen requires Human Growth Hormone (HGH), testosterone,DHEA and estrogen.When you are under stress or exhausted, the adrenal medulla broadcasts the stress hormoneadrenaline over the entire body. When adrenaline occupies the hormonal receptors in the muscles,you will feel muscular pains and cramps. The prostate is full of adrenaline too! In addition,adrenaline reduces the pituitary/liver/adrenalcortex/testicular functions that are responsible forproduction of HGH, DHEA, testosterone and optimal estrogen. You won't have erection whenadrenaline takes over your body!Women have the same control mechanism for the sexual function too! The main difference is thatthe female testosterone receptor is much less than the male, so women need less testosterone than 59 men do. But, the uterine tissues contain a lot of testosterone receptors. That is why the uterinecontractile fibers can produce powerful orgasm waves once the Epicenter's auto-rhythmic fibersare self-excited.Our body is just like engineering systems. We can use engineering principles to interpret sexualphenomena and to solve sexually related problems, accordingly.1. Body Electric Theory - based upon the Sex Engine Theory, providing the Ultimate solutionsof impotence/frigidity and engorgement of the sex organs for both sexes, where thebioelectricity in the sexual nerves or the Chi in the Acupuncture Network play a key role inour sexual response and control; the Solutions - solving the blood/Chi(bioelectricity)circulation problems by removing blood congestion or blockage, or/and recharging the SexualBattery with Sexual electrolytes - the hybrid herbal supplement(No More Vitamins orMinerals!) or the piezoelectric generation by the rhythmic pressure on the pubis duringintercourse2. Coastal Wave Excitation/Nonlinear Vibration Theories to explain the Resonant Excitation of Sexual Orgasms - Using a good love position to simultaneously stimulate the Clitoris, G-spotand Epicenter for 100-500 cycles at a rate of 1.25 or 2.5 cycles per second to resonate theorgasmic contraction mechanism of her uterus3. Transonic Theory of a jet encountering the sound barrier from the subsonic speed (below thesound speed in the air) to the supersonic one (above the sound speed in the air) - How to break the women's orgasmic barrier during intercourse4. Signal Interference/Jamming or Destructive Principles to mitigate the man's sexual responsefor ejaculation control and prolonging intercourse, where the residual sex response is to assistthe man to hold the erection and power up the penis5. Signal Interference/Constructive Principle for the woman to intensify her sexual response and,thus, to achieve orgasm in a short time PC and BC Muscles

One of the functions of the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles (there are two, one on each side) is topull in the rectum/anus after a bowel movement. If you're contracting things hard enough to feel itin your anus, then you're contracting the PC. Try a few very slow contractions and stop just beforethe anus starts to contract.For BC (bulbocavernosus) muscle, try to feel the contraction coming closer to the base of yourpenis. When I contract that muscle, I even feel some nice sensation flowing inside my penis,maybe this is blood or just the feeling of the contraction. You just need to contract soft for this,nothing hard is needed.Do them whilst erect. That will make all the difference in being able to separate the two.It is good to occasionally work your PC muscle as well, as it helps with bowel movements. Usingthe PC to repeatedly squeeze the turd thinner whilst it is at the entrance of the asshole, then pull itback in, then push it to the entrance again whilst squeezing it thinner, really helps it come out.There is nothing worse than a big painful brick that won't come out! It isn't pretty, but it is reality.I guess it doesn't really matter what you call the muscle you contract when doing Kegel exercise,as long as you do it correctly and consistently. However, being a stickler for accuracy, I have topoint out that men contract a different muscle than women when doing Kegel and it isn't the PC;it's actually the BC. This is probably the only place on the Internet where you'll find thisdistinction. Most will probably find it easier to "go with the flow" and conform to years of misconception by just calling it the PC.Why isn't it the same muscle? Men and women are different. Females have essentially internal sexorgans, males essentially external. PC muscle isn't the main muscle being exercised when men doKegel. Of course men can contract their PC muscles. They do it every time they have a bowelmovement. Some probably contract it while doing the Kegel exercise (by involving the anal area),but it isn't necessary to do so for a stronger penis. The PC muscle forms a "U" shape as it wraps around the rectum . The urethra and vagina in

61 women are much more in contact with the PC than the urethra is in men. In addition to forming asling around the rectum, the PC passes by the sides of and inserts into the vagina and urethra inwomen. The contractions of the muscle can be felt by a finger in the vagina. This is why Dr.Kegel advised his female patients (he was a gynecologist) to exercise the PC muscle. It helpstighten the vaginal canal, rectum, and urethra, especially in women who have had children whichcan stretch these pelvic structures and cause urinary incontinence and uterine prolapse. Dr. Kegelshowed that exercising the PC muscle could strengthen the female perineum and help cure thephysical ailments as well as improve their sex lives.Where is the bulbocavernosus (BC) muscle? Both sexes have a pair of BC muscles. In females itsurrounds the vaginal opening. Some women can independently contract the BC and the PC. Mostcontract both at the same time. In the male, the two halves of the BC are joined in a "herringbone"pattern surrounding the bulb of the penis (the internal base of the corpus spongiosum).The BC muscle has two main purposes. One is to force liquid (urine or semen) out of the urethra.It does this by way of the herringbone interlacing of muscle fibers which, as they contract, milk the urethra toward the meatus (opening at the tip of the glans). It also causes the penis to be pulledinto the body. This happens every time a man urinates. It also happens with much greater force,and with rhythmic contractions, when he ejaculates. The BC muscle is the main ejector of semen.This is why ejaculation improves by exercising it.The other function is to squeeze blood into the corpus spongiosum and the glans. The bulb of thepenis is a reservoir of blood. At the time of greatest arousal voluntary or reflex contractions of theBC and Ischiocavernosus muscles force blood into the corpora. The Ischiocavernosus musclessurround the crura of the penis (legs of the corpora cavernosa). With both sets of musclescontracting on the base and legs of the penis, a maximum erection is achieved.Locating the BC - the old adage about stopping the flow of urine is valid in locating the BCmuscle in men. Even though the urethra does have a sphincter (just below the prostate) to stopurine flow, contraction of the BC will "milk" the urethra and let the man know which muscle touse for Kegel exercise. The BC muscle can also be felt with the fingers by placing them betweenthe scrotum and the anus. Contractions felt through the skin at this point (in the midline) are fromthe BC muscle. The illustration PC or BC shows the relationship of the PC muscle in men as itpasses by the prostate and surrounds the rectum. A strong BC muscle will not make you ejaculatefaster. There isn't any relationship between the BC and the prostate.Note: The urethra

is the urinary tube passing from the bladder to the tip of the penis. It isencircled by the prostate gland and runs through the corpus spongiosum on the underside of thepenis.

64 get to that decided point, there is truly nothing you can do. The idea is to flirt with and get closeenough to that point in order to generate in you and your partner and harness the power of theenergies of ecstasy for spiritual advancement purposes. But when youre already well in themiddle of ejaculating no technique no matter how effective will bail you out. Now when you feelthe first 1 or 2 orgasmic twinges (dry contractions) there is still time, thats when the anal/tailbonebreathing comes in as the only effective savior. But any later than that, when "the ching hasalready left the palace" as they say (starting to be expelled out of the seminal vesicles and enteringthe urethra) forget it. And people always seem to be expecting to find something like that. Thatswhere everybody goes wrong.This whole process of drawing energy away from the sexual organs is instead done regularly thewhole time you are having sex. But the trick is to balance keeping you penis aroused enough tomaintain that powered up erection otherwise shell never get close to an orgasm. I feel the 'entersoft withdraw hard' thing is totally wrong.This should be done the whole time except the urogenital diaphragm lifting should be left out if you feel you are really about to ejaculate. It is a thing to be done at most other less aroused timesexcept when you about to lose it. This is done with every single stroke and breath during sex asmore of a way of regulating how much excited expansive orgasmic chi is allowed to build up inthe prostate area. Constantly doing this as though it was a natural part of your breathing you willnot get close to the brink nearly so easily in the first place.It is not even a muscular contraction of any kind at all it is achieved by the rhythmic movement of your abdominal diaphragm breathingthat produces an abdominal suction on the area. And the most important thing to remember is that the more your mind is involved the more it is aprocess of just breathing in energy and you dont need to lift the urogenital diaphragm or contractthe anus or tailbone at all. You can just automatically redirect chi up to your crown just bybreathing in and thinking about it.I repeat that you should NOT resort to this when you feel you are about to ejaculate. Leave out theurogenital diaphragm lifting then. But instead do only Lins anal breathing and contracting thetailbone while circulating the microcosmic orbit, which is the only thing that will even give you aprayer of being effective at that point. Now my second point. What is vastly more important than thinking about any kind of contracting of anything is locatingthe inward spiraling energy vortex of that extremely precise hui-yin point. You have to be awareof where the chi flows and pulsates. This is just an acupuncture point the size of a pinhead inreality. It is an extremely subtle and difficult-to-locate point. But it is so important since when youcan find this, this is how you direct the energy to enter the anus and be directed up the coccyx.This point is the entire confluence (meeting point) of all the cold earthly energies from thechannels of the whole lower part of your body.I maintain that you do your drawing up of chi not just from just the groin area but breathing fromthe soles of your feet.For all these reasons, this is why it is wrong to confuse or consider hui yin as synonymous withthe erroneous non-equivalent western term "perineum", which basically refers to the whole areabetween the sexual organs and the anus.When you very gently, ever so slightly lift upward this urogenital diaphragm, it activates the huiyins ability to channel all of your sexual center cool earth energies in through this tiny littlepoint. When actually achieved it is a distinct cool feeling of energy streaming into this tiny pin 65 prick point. Activating this is this is the purpose of lifting the diaphragm, not at all to squeezeanything off. So upon entering through this point, chi may then enter through the breathing anusand travel upward through the spine until it reaches the (ni wan) crown point (another equallyminiscule and subtle acupoint which is the like the bodies energetic north pole, just like the huiyin is like its south pole).As well as the anal/tailbone contraction, the gentle lifting of the urogenital diaphragm, theawareness of the vortex of energy streaming in the hui yin, there is one additional important andfinal step. That is the sealing of the outer gate - the tip of the penis. This is not even a contractionat all because you cant contract your penis it has no muscles. But you need to feel like both sidesof the penal shaft gently grip the urethra. And this helps you to feel like you are breathing throughthe urethra right through the opening of the urethra, just like you breathe in through the anus. Feellike there is a ring of chi around the head of your penis that seals off

energy leakage. The urethrachannels aroused energy from the sensitive tip of the penis back to the hui yin point where itenters and then is breathed into the anus. Again this is all coordinated with the breath.Perhaps the most important point - what is even more important than contracting the anus tailboneurogenital diaphragm or anything is alternately relaxing everything you tighten up on exhaling.Its like your whole groin is breathing. Relaxing everything dissolves all the pressure built up. Exclusive Focus on Conservation Can Lead to Isolation Exclusive focus on conservation of substance (semen retention), without the presence of exchangeof energy, tends to lead a man towards energetic isolation, particularly in the lower jiao... whichnot only cuts off the possibility of alchemical balance, but it also diminishes love and intimacyduring intercourse.The adoption of exchange re-directs a man's focus towards sharing experience. There is stillappropriate retreat and inward consolidation, at times, but it's now balanced by equally developedpractices of opening and exchanging.As well, one's attention naturally is drawn towards one's partner's sexual response cycle - by ablend of care for your partner and the joy of receiving effectively. Nurturing, and then riding,waves in endless variations of expression... now benefits the both of you. With exchange, theexperience of esoteric intercourse as a shared experience becomes possible.Conclusion - There are many benefits to exchange. It's really the draw, the alchemical promiseand hope that brought you and your partner together for intimacy: the joy of union, in such a waythat it restores the center in each of you. ANALYSIS OF THE BIG DRAW First of all, the Big Draw is an important and useful tool and please do not mistake my critique fora suggestion to do away with it. Im focusing on its shortcomings because I assume that itsusefulness is understood. I think it is best used in balance as one of several techniques.If you were like me, youve had some good partial success with the Big Draw but have had atough time getting full resolution on the sexual issue. Maybe you can have intercourse for anumber of times without ejaculation. Maybe this success lasts for a number of days, maybe forseveral weeks or perhaps more than a month. But probably, eventually, one of several thingshappens all at least partially related to a build-up of male sexual essence. During some love-making sessions, you practice the Big Draw and it kind of works (a good deal of energy getsdrawn up), but in the lower tan tien you still have the desire to ejaculate you try to retain semen, 66 but eventually you ejaculate. Or you have so much desire built up that you decide to just "go forit" and have a normal lovemaking session. Perhaps certain positions are especially difficult forsemen retention, ones in which there is more intense contact with the genitals and not as muchwith the heart areas (for instance, "doggie style", or when the man is on top and the womansknees are up near her shoulders). Also, different lovemaking sessions have different moods.Maybe its easy to retain semen when the mood is soft, slow, and with a lot of heart energy butvery difficult when the mood is more aggressive, when both you and your partner really want tof*** hard. For me, the Big Draw is only (at best) a partial solution in these situations.My point, here, is that the Big Draw is a "Re-Location of Energy" method . As such, the male jing retains its quality of wanting to go off in its own direction (ejaculation, in search of itsprimary alchemical opposite: female jing). Store enough unbalanced jing and it will come out (orpotentially create imbalances within the body); that is its nature. This is in contrast to balancingthe male jing with an opposite and complementary energy, which neutralizes its interest inseeking its opposite: it is stabilized and so is in a state that is conducive to long term storage.In addition to the material downfall of semen loss, the Big Draw can lead to psychologicaldifficulties in the bedroom. First, and most obvious, is a feeling of letdown, failure and perhapsguilt at not being successful in areas that are important to you (spiritual, relationship, personaldevelopment), especially if there is recurring failure with the technique. You think, "Hey, Ive gotthe technique but Im still not able to attain good success. I must not be practicing enough. Or Ihave some character flaws that I need to work on. Ill just continue practicing the technique andimprove over time." There are also other, perhaps less obvious, psychological and energeticdifficulties that can occur. You become reticent male or feel dis-empowered (no energy in lowertan tien). But what if the weak points inherent in the Big Draw (as an exclusive technique)prohibit full resolution? THE BIG DRAW REVIVED For those of you who have been yammering on for months about how Chias big draw doesntwork heres something that bridges the gap between the big draw/internal locking as it wasformerly described and the alternative techniques people have been talking about.The big draw and power-lock to pump the ching up

the spine to prevent ejaculation is also nowcombined with empty force breathing.There is less muscular action and more of an emphasis on using the vacuum suction powercreated by the empty force for drawing the ching up. Ive felt this all along that the yoga vacuumor Taoist reversed breathing while having sex, or anything that lets you suck the stomach inmakes it much easier to contract the anus, perineum and pump the chi up the spine. Here is a description of the whole process: During sex you should continuously breathe so as to keep your stomach always a little pulled inand taut just like in Taoist reverse breathing. Its okay if your stomach balloons out on eitherinhalation or exhalation (as in abdominal breathing) but just make sure that on the oppositeinhalation or exhalation, your stomach is pulled in a little and you gut is not just hanging out.Always keep a little tension (but still keeping relaxed enough) this allows you to quickly suck thestomach in more effectively when necessary when the onset of ejaculation arises. If you want toforcefully balloon the stomach like Lin recommends this may be okay too the point is just dontkeep the abdomen in a lazy state somewhere in between. Use your abdominal strength. Now when you are ready to do the big draw first exhale (you should already be breathing deeplyif you know what I mean) then proceed to suck in the abdomen as much as you can.Now obviously when youre actually having sex the empty force technique is a little different,you do all that weird empty force stuff a little more gently and discreetly, you dont knead yourabdomen with your hands, you dont sit there holding a vacuum for thirty seconds.When you want to do the power-lock and big draw and want to pump energy up the spine, you just expel your breath and suck in the abdomen and this creates an extra suction in the wholeabdominal cavity that allows you contract the perineum-anus better and allows for a morepowerful suction to pump that water uphill. It creates an inward energy spiral suction right atyour perineum as well as makes it easier to pull up the PC muscle, urogenital diaphragm,perineum muscles and anus because the sucked in abdomen lifts up the organs that are usuallypressing down on those structures.This pumping the sperm energy up the spine is called turning the water wheel in Chinese, this isbecause a water wheel (like on a mill) can lift water upward by scooping it up with its paddles.Water which would otherwise sink down as water wants to. So this means reversing the usual pathof water. This term should not be confused as being a different name for the microcosmic orbit(which I once thought it was when I heard it before) however the waterwheel process obviouslydoes follow the path of the regular orbit up the spine.We all know that when we contract the circular anal sphincter muscle, we also contract the othersphincter ring-like muscles that have a connection to it. The muscles around the eyes and theiririses and lips and palms of hands and souls of feet all are connected to the circular anus muscleand help you to contract it better. You should already know this and be squeezing all of thesewhen you try to draw energy up the spine.But heres something new. To intensify the effect of the eyes you also have to not only contractcircular eye muscles but also suck in the eyes, retract them backwards as though pulling them inby the optic nerves.Now as for the lips this is another slight variation that is vital. You dont just contract the musclesof the lips and mouth. While closing them tightly you also have to make a sucking sound,sounding almost like small kiss. This helps increase the internal empty force vacuum suction andintensifies the pumping action.You also must imagine rolling the eyes 360 degrees around in your head. Now this is a differentconcept from sucking the eyes back into the head (which also must be done at the same time).This 360 degree rolling is just like is shown in the fusion book where the eyes look up at thecrown of the head. It involves looking up at the crown with the eyes and using the mind eyepower to direct the chi up the spine by imagining the eyes rolling completely around in the headlooking down and then quickly flipping the eyes to look up at the crown. This creates theillusionary sensation that your eyes have actually rolled back around in your head 360 and comeout the other side. This helps direct the ching chi to the crown. (the eyes mentally trace the path of the micro-cosmic orbit) So your eyes seem to roll around in your head. As you do this, your mindeye power directs the energy from your perineum up the spine to the head and up to the top of your head. At which point your eyes end up looking at the top of your head-crown point at theching that has been pumped up there. And this ching pumped up there is really the golden pearl orgolden flower that rests on top of your head. If you recall the big draw is the shortened name fordraw the nectar up to the golden flower later I will describe another way this may be visualizedas a god and goddess copulating above your head at your crown. 68

This is important too: while you are rolling the eyes up to the crown you should also position yourtongue with the tip of the tongue set behind the bottom teeth and then at the same time press thebody of the tongue to the roof of the mouth. This connects the tongue and its energy circuits to thecrown directly above the roof of the mouth (again this tongue position and looking at the crownwith the eyes at the same time is all described as a practice in the fusion book). And of course thesacral and cranial pumps must be activated and the spine must be aligned properly to open up thepathway.As far as flexing and tensing the muscles which we have before criticized as an overly yangaction, trying to suppress the ejaculation, this is not true. As I said, there is much less muscletension in favor of the empty force suction power but there is still a tensing of the muscles. But itis not flexing the muscles and contracting things hard like we normally think of it. This tensing isto strengthen the pumping of the ching up the spine is an entirely different style of musculartension. He said that when you clench the fists or claw the feet it is really just like iron shirttechniques. That way of flexing the muscles is used to feel as though you are packing andcompressing the muscles in to the bones as you contract them. Clenching the palms or soles of thefeet also connects them to the anus and other circular muscles since they are the same kind of energy gates.For those of you who have criticized the contracting of the prostate in favor of keeping everythingloose note that he points out that alternately relaxing everything in your body that you havetensed and contracted is equally as important . There is balance between active state and restingstate. You have to feel the rhythm of the whole thing and decide when the situation calls for beingloose and relaxed and when it requires a little tension and light force to keep things in line.To tense the buttocks, just flex the buttock muscles to squeeze the coccyx slightly and keep yourlegs wider apart if you are more comfortable with that. But the point is that you need very littlemuscular tension if you understand all the other pointers and details in performing this technique.He adamantly reiterated that it is only tightening muscles in the beginning and even then it is onlya little clench when necessary. In the advanced stages, it is much more a moving of ching energyup the spine purely with the mind power.Doesnt the big draw already involve way too many steps and points to remember?First, step 1 you just exhale, then step 2 the technique requires that all these actions be donesimultaneously, everything at once; holding empty force vacuum and sucking in the abdomen,eyes pulled in, lips squeezed and making a light sucking sound, perineum and anus contracted andpulled up, spinal alignment, sacral cranial pumps activated, eyes rolling around in the head to look from the perineumup the spine-to the top of the crown, tongue positioned under the bottom teethand to the roof of your mouth, lightly clenching the hands feet and other muscles and gritting theteeth. Do all this to pump the ching upwards.And you do this without breathing in at all.The normal way of doing the big draw is to pump the ching up the spine on an inhalation. But forthis you hold the vacuum and act like youre taking a breath sucking but dont allow yourself totake in any air at all. What this does is make the empty vacuum force in your abdomen emptierand sucked in more. This is the exactly the suction you want to increase the spinal pumpingaction.And last but not least pull energy not just forms the sacrum and perineum but right up from thesoles of the feet. And dont worry about holding your emptied lungs and diaphragm for that long.This is all done at once in only a matter of a couple seconds and then you once you are composedand in control again breathe normally. 69 If you wish you can alternate with doing the big draw the old way by actually inhaling when youdraw the ching up. You might not need to perform the big draw with the empty force every time;you might just breathe normally most of the time. Or just do Taoist reverse breathing. But just trydoing it this way a couple of times with the empty force and see if it doesnt work moreeffectively.I noticed that when you do the empty force big draw, it is possible to suck the air in to theabdomen when you finally do release the vacuum just as you did during regular empty force.Then I couldnt help but wonder that since the empty force breathing is a similar technique totesticular ovarian compression in that air is ingested and forced down into your abdomen, thattherefore the comparison arises to Dr Lins combining testicular compression with the big draw. Ihave a feeling that this reunites those two separated techniques.It may seem like to many things to remember at once but just practice it for a little while and it allbecomes internalized and naturalized. Once you commit it all to memory, all of this, (every singlestep I have just detailed) is done in one unified motion in a matter of a few seconds without eventhinking about all the separate required things. And all paying attention to those little details isdoing is helping you to more effectively draw energy from the genitals up to the brain. Adding theempty force actually makes it all much easier to perform therefore it

cancels out any difficulty of remembering a few extra series of steps. Once youre familiarized with it all it all becomesnatural. Ballooning (Power-up) Method Ballooning Method (penile massage) is very simple. You must have a spontaneous erection at a 3o'clock position erection angle or higher and gradually rising to a 1-2 o'clock position aftermassaging the pubis, penis base/footing and testicles for 5-10 minutes. Stimulate your penis withone hand and massage your pubic vagus nerves or testicles with other hand. Massaging the pubisand testicles is very important in stimulating the testicular function for the oxytocin andtestosterone/DHT production to fuel your penile tissues. Massage both sides of the penile shaftand avoid your urethral nerve as it is connected to the prostate's ejaculation control valve. Squeezethe blood into the glans penis. Hold the ejaculation back for as long as you can until there isexcessive tension exerting on the prostate. Repeat the massage and hold ejaculation back 3-5times.Take advantage of the natural expansion force when ejaculation almost occurs. Hold back theejaculation for at least 3-5 times in each practice. When you are about to ejaculate, apply a littlepressure against your bladder and contract your tailbone muscle. After 10-20 minute massage, youmay be able to eliminate ejaculation without feeling uncomfortable.I called this particular type of masturbation without ejaculation as Penile Massage because noejaculation is intended during this practice. Practice this penile massage every morning for 10-20minutes (without ejaculation) is a good sexual exercise for sexual muscles. It is very important tolimit ejaculation for growing your penis. Over-ejaculation will shrink your penis, no matter whatkind of techniques you practice!Remember to massage the groins, perineum and tailbone to disperse DHT into your bloodcirculation after this practice. Don't let DHT trap in the prostate area . DHT can stimulateprostate enlargement as it does for your penile enlargement. You must remove it by increasing theblood circulation around the prostate area.The best way to achieve the natural penile enlargement is intercourse that combines yours and hersexual energies to balloon the penis. Do it with a high-attack angle love position.Hormones feed the penile nerves and dilate the penile tissues for expansion. Hormone burningduring sexual stimulation produces the super-potent hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) tocreate erection pressure from the groins and lower back (tailbone), and bioelectricallysupercharges the parasympathetic nerves in the pelvic cavity and the prostate to actuate the penileexpansion. When the hormone-enriched blood fills up in the penile shaft, prostate and pelvic cavity, a penileexpansion pressure grows up and the hidden section of the penis inside the body will be poppedout. The popped-out section will be about 1-2", depending on your hormone and NO levels. Youwill feel an explosive pressure in the prostate area and the penis will become semi-numbed.The bioelectric circuits in the vagina and penis couple the sexual energy across two bodies. Thefemale sexual energy can make you come quickly or help you power your penis to an extreme,depending how the bioelectric circuits between two bodies interact with each other. If the G-spotand Epicenter energy fields are coupled with the nerves on the upper (Yang) side (the stimulationzone) of the penis shaft, the penis will balloon up. On the other hand, if the vaginal energy fieldscharge the male trigger zone, it will elevate the bioelectric energy of the prostate's ejaculationcontrol valve to ejaculate. This causes a lot of men to ejaculate immediately right afterpenetrating. Regardless of which love position you use, the prostate's ejaculation nerve will getbioelectrically charged more or less. 71 Thus, during intercourse, you must practice the sexual Chi Kong to channel the sexual energyfrom the prostate back to the brain via the fire pathway (the Governing Vessel of the acupuncturenetwork) and the water pathway (the spinal cord) Because the penile tissue is not muscle, you cannot break it down with a mechanical force andthen attempt to reconstruct it, like a body builder does. Once you destroy the integrity of thepenile tissues, veins, arteries or nerves, the penis will be crooked or deformed. Once the damageis done, it is irreversible, lasting for life.You won't be able to enlarge your penis, unless your neuro-endocrine function can producesufficient hormones of hGH, DHEA and testosterone. Your liver function helps generate thesufficient parasympathetic neurotransmitter Acetylcholine, the erectile neurotransmitter NitricOxide, and the erectile dilator cGMP, and your cardiovascular function pumps a supper high-pressure blood flow to balloon your penis.Theoretically, you

cannot re-grow your elastic, spongy penile tissue after age 25 or your growthperiod depending on your Human Growth Hormone (HGH) level. The highest HGH level occursduring age 12-15, the second high, during age 16-24.For ballooning or expanding the penis in the Natural Penile Enlargement, it requires DHEA toincrease the elasticity of the penile tissue and the testosterone production. It also requires anoptimal amount of estrogen to help dilate the local blood vessel for more blood to fill the penis,and sufficient HGH to help the body to produce suitable amounts of DHEA, testosterone, estrogenand 5-alpha reductase. Noticeably, estrogen plays an important role in cooling down the sexorgans during sexual excitement, where most of testosterone is burned into bioelectricity and theend product DHT.To enlarge your penis, you must squeeze both sides of the penis shaft from the base (hairy) area tothe penile neck next to the glans, so that the DHT and hormone enriched blood will be pushed upfrom the base area to the penile head. Don't masturbate (don't stroke the penile shaft up and downalong the urethra)! At the same time, you must avoid any pressure or stimulation on the urethra,particularly near the trigger zone in the inferior of the glans and the penile neck. Repeat thisprocess 3 to 5 times, the penis will elongate to an extreme, slightly curved up and numbedgradually.You must be able to hold ejaculation back 3-5 times every time you are about to cum during apenile stimulation session, either intercourse or masturbation. Holding back ejaculation each timewould balloon the penis to a new maximum until you feel the penis is about to blow up. Whenyou are about to come, your lady will feel the most stimulation at the moment. Don't ejaculate,pull it out and massage your penis. And then change the love position to have another round. Thepenis will become larger and larger until you feel an explosive pressure built up inside your penileshaft. You will also feel the high blood pressure builds up around your pubis, groins and tailboneto push the penis out.To hold ejaculation back, you must practice sexual Chi-Kong breathing to keep your body in theparasympathetic mood - your penis is very hot but your brain is very cool. In this way, you canhold a hard erection and last for 1-2 hours without leaking a drop of semen.The trick is to exercise your tailbone muscle where the Central Nervous System and the S2-S4sensory/parasympathetic nerves are inter-linked. Exercising this special muscle and burningtestosterone here to develop more testosterone and DHT receptors and to desensitize the prostatewill prolong your intercourse for longer than 1 hour . Practice the tailbone exercise 3-5 times aday, 100 contractions each time. 72 Periodical contracting the tailbone muscles at the same quick-stop inhaling rate of 0.8 second willtrigger orgasmic contraction in the tailbone muscles via the sympathetic nervous circuits.If your body can supply sufficient testosterone into the penile chamber where testosterone will beturned into DHT, your penile tissues will bath in the DHT-enriched blood. Penile tissues willgrow again under the DHT stimulation in addition to help penile ballooning. However, the peniletissues must be soaked in the DHT bath for a long time. If you can have sex for 1-2 hours everyday with multiple orgasms without ejaculation, your penis will grow very fast.The problem for men is that the prostate has more testosterone and DHT receptors than any partsof the body. Excessive testosterone may over-stimulate the prostate and cause prematureejaculation; Excessive DHT in the prostate also cause prostate enlargement.While you areconsidering the penile enlargement by introducing a lot of testosterone and DHT into the penilechamber, you have to protect your prostate first.In this regard, plant hormones such as SoyIsoflavones can fool the prostate hormone receptors and keep DHT from binding into the receptor.Exercising your tailbone muscles to grow the testosterone and DHT receptors there can eliminatethe excessive testosterone and DHT acting on the prostate. Men should not exercise his Prostatemuscles too much as it leads to difficulty in ejaculation control. As long as you can avoidstimulation on the prostate nerves, you will eliminate ejaculation.For good health, you can cool down the scrotum every day after showering and bathing. This willpull the scrotum up to boost the testosterone production. You can never increase your testicle sizeby any means. Basic principles of the ballooning method DHT, derivative of testosterone, is the supper hormone response for stimulation of penile "tissuegrowth" as described in many textbook for endocrine physiology. The DHT level is suddenlyincreased during boy puberty. As a result, the penis grows. A young adult female can grow thetiny clitoral shaft into a penis by testosterone injection in order to prepare for transsexualoperation. Over-accumulation of DHT in the prostate hormone receptors results in prostateenlargement. However, the enlarged prostate can return to its normal state once the DHT level inthe prostate hormone receptors is freed and removed.You want the

penile tissues to grow, but not the prostate tissues. This can be achieved byfrequently bathing your penile tissues in the DHT-enriched blood through frequent andspontaneous hard erection. DHT and frequent harder erection are the keys for the penis to growfor men of any age. Any drugs or practices blocking or reducing the DHT synthesis or/and killingthe erectile mechanisms will result in penile shrinking. Reducing DHT production may not helpshrink an enlarged prostate if it won't help free the bounded DHT from the prostate hormonereceptors. The prostate enlargement generally happens in the middle or senior life when thebloodstream's DHT level is very low and results in penile shrinkage, but the DHT level in theprostate receptors is too high.In addition to the presence of DHT in the penile tissues, you must erect the penis harder by fullyexpanding your penile spongy tissues. This part of action requires the brain's acetylcholine/ parasympathetic nervous functions to increases a release of the 2nd neurotransmitter Nitric Oxidethat becomes a arterial dilation chemical called cGMP. To enlarge your penis, your liver mustprovide the enzymes to produce the neurotransmitters and cGMP for dilating the penile arteries,so that your heart can pump out a lot of blood into the penis.Any penile exercises that damage the penile nerves, or break down the delicate penile spongy 73 tissues will result in penile shrinkage and crocking in the Erection State. A penis with spongytissues broken down usually hangs longer in the flaccid state and points to the ground, but it won'thelp the penile size in the erectile state, even if the penis can still erect. The damage of the penileparasympathetic nervous endings and the formation of scar tissues will block the erectilemechanism.The penile size is determined by the DHT receptors and concentration in the spongy tissues andcapillaries, the Acetylcholine/NO level in the penile parasympathetic nerves/endings, and thecardiovascular pumping. However, the brain's dopamine is essential to drive the brain/pituitary-testicular (and adrenal, with the parasympathetic system) functions for producing more freetestosterone when can be burned into DHT. The liver function, driven by theAcetylcholine/parasympathetic nervous functions, has to provide all the essential enzymes for thehormonal conversion from cholesterol to DHEA, androstenedione, estrogen, testosterone andDHT, and for the syntheses of erection-associated neurotransmitters Acetylcholine, Dopamineand Serotonin. Serotonin helps preserve the brain's Dopamine level and reduce the conversion of Dopamine/norepinephrine to epinephrine (adrenalin, the stress hormone) - less stress moreerection. It helps you last longer so that your penile tissues have sufficient time to burn DHEA,androstenedione and testosterone into DHT to help you "grow" your penis, but you have todetoxify your prostate and hair rooting cells to prevent their DHT receptors from binding DHT inorder to avoid prostate enlargement and hair loss.When your DHT receptors die, the DHT level in your penile tissues drops, or yourparasympathetic nervous function produces insufficient NO (and erectile dilator cGMP, thederivative of NO) in the nervous endings of the arteries, your penis will shrink. Any drugs thatdrop the DHT production in the penile tissues will weaken your erection and shrink your penis.The safe way to grow your penis is to power your brain's acetylcholine-parasympathetic,dopamine and serotonin nervous, liver, neuro-endocrine, and cardiovascular systems to bringsufficient hormones (DHEA and androstenedione are the best! Why? Very tricky!) and liverenzymes into the penile shaft for producing more DHT locally. At the same time, detoxify theprostate and hair rooting cells. Let the penile tissues soak in this local DHT-enriched bloodchamber for 30-60 minutes to grow more DHT receptors (The inflatable characteristics of thepenile/urethral/vaginal spongy tissues are very unique in the body and the only tissues in the bodycan benefit from the presence of DHT!). In this regard, you need Serotonin to help you hold yourejaculation back 3-5 times in a love or masturbation session. Experiencing the Ballooning Method Don't expect to do it in one day though. It takes time to establish neural, electrical and hormonalpatterns.Make a point not to stimulate the trigger area just below the bottom of the glans and the urethra ingeneral. Instead, stimulate the other areas like the top and sides, the base of the penis and thescrotum. Good masturbation habits will develop the neural patterns that support ballooning.Stimulate yourself to the edge of ejaculation, while remaining very relaxed throughout theride . Stop all movement when the urgency for ejaculation occurs; repeat it a couple more times.This fills the ampule with semen and puts the penis in a hyper-stimulated state. You will noticethat as ejaculation approaches, the penis gets a bit more rigid as more blood flows in. The aim isto sustain this pre-ejaculatory state for an extended period. If you continue to relax and stimulatenon-trigger areas, you may experience dry orgasms. If your hormone levels are good you canmaintain this state for 30 - 60 minutes and watch

your penis inflate to its maximum. You may alsowish to take breaks and massage the PC muscle. It does a lot of contracting during ballooning and 74 if it gets fatigued it can cause you to ejaculate. The other thing is that you want to get fresh,hormone-rich blood into the penis to enable growth of tissue.Takes time to master the ballooning technique. The body is very programmable though each timeyou do it you will feel changes that bring you closer to glorious ballooning. Relaxation and almosta hypnotic enjoyment of sensation (from the non-trigger areas) are keys to the success.Mental focus can really help here. I focus on sensations within the two main CC cylinders andfind great enjoyment. Mental focus (while relaxed) causes new DHT receptors to develop in thesenontrigger areas to the point where you can enjoy mental masturbation without touching Willie.Oops. I'm doing it now, how pleasant. At a certain point I can release the intensity of my focus tofree the sensation to blossom on its own - and it does. I can continue to the point of ballooningwithout doing anything except relax, focus and enjoy. This has taken months to develop.Another tool here is using the acupuncture meridians to guide electrical charge to the area youwant to stimulate. This is done through visualization. There is a hot wire running down the centerof your chest to the groin. Imagine a downward flow and you will soon feel a pleasant tinglethere. Then send it into your penis and see what happens. There is more pleasure one could haveinside the body using your mind than outside the body using touch.After or during ballooning, I often jelq and squeeze to take advantage of the elasticity of thetissues, which promotes penile growth and health. If you want to grow, don't ejaculate. It depletesimportant substances that you need for the recovery/growth phase - save it for the woman. Put itaway and go work out. You'll have lots of energy. DHT builds up in your head and you will feelrotten within two hours if you don't sweat and pee it out. Message: I share all of this knowing that some will not act wisely and will destroy themselveswith excessive orgasms. But others will master the technique and it will bring great joy to theirlives. With every gift there is a risk of abuse. Do not worship the gift but rather the Giver. Thenyou won't crash.Under the tailbone is a unique merging of nerves that allows you to send sexual energy (electrical)into the nervous system. This can be intensely pleasurable but can also be very damaging andliterally burn you out like a druggy. Dr. Lin tells you to send the current up from the tailbonethrough the spine and into the back of the head, over the exterior of the brain and to the "thirdeye" in the center of the forehead and then, down the front and to the groin. My head is verysensitive, so I have to really limit the circulation of energy to just my torso and neck (and lately,legs), and let my head enjoy the run-offs. Otherwise I get headaches.Many people say that anal orgasms are safe as long as you circulate the energy. I say that youhave to customize that circulation as your body gives you feedback. If you have established anunhealthy pattern, then find another path for the energy flow and let the unhealthy one dies fromneglect. It takes a while but the nervous system seems to unlearn as well as it learns. Remember,you are dealing with Chi flowing through vulnerable and vital neurons. If they fry, the functionthey govern will not work anymore. So listen to the warnings your body gives.The tailbone muscle is just above the anus toward the spine. Put a finger there and one on the PCmuscle and then do a PC contraction. You should feel tightening in both places. Then try toisolate and contract just the tailbone muscle. Within a few days you'll get it. Just focus on this areathrough the day and contract it. Soon it will give you warmth, pleasure and energy. Relax andbreathe slowly or you will get nowhere. In addition, imagine a flow of energy that begins at thetailbone, rises up the spine, over the shoulders, (or head if you prefer) and down the front of thetorso to the penis. Let the mind's eye travel this route slowly and eventually it will flow on its