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Reliance Estimating Inc.

, 48618 Beaver Dam Road, Elysian, MN 56028

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Erecting steel columns for link

Placing precast concrete roof deck for link

Placing precast concrete roof deck for link


Placing precast concrete roof deck for link

Placing precast concrete roof deck for link

Asphalt installation on West side of site

Brick veneer title block on East side

Asphalt and window installation completion on East side of site

Asphalt and window installation completion on East side of site

Ansul UDS in Wing E commercial kitchen

Shipping dock driveway on West side

Amcon has been working hard to ensure we stay on building schedule by coordinating the work with sub contractors to keep everyone busy. They have been a real delight to work with. The Carpenters from Mohs Construction have installed doors and door hardware in Wings A and B. They continue door and window trim installation in Wings C and D. Carpenters continue to install bathroom grab bars, kitchen counter tops, and cabinetry. A crew from D&S Seamless siding have been installing steel siding along the West side exteriors of Wings A, B, and C. Zachman Precast Inc. was on site to place the precast concrete planks on the steel supports for the link roof deck. J-Berd Mechanical Plumbers have been installing lavatories (sinks) and waterclosets (toilets) in Wings A and B. As well as insulating exposed piping. J-Berds tinners have been installing gas line piping in Wing E and connecting to the flat rooftop HVAC units. A welder from Mid States Mechanical has been on site to weld the gas line piping. Theyve been installing the very large HVAC ducts through the South half of Wing E. South Central Erectors have raised and welded the steel for the link. Sheetrockers from Absolute Drywall have completed sheetrocking and have begun taping the South half of Wing E . They continue to sheetrock the North half of Wing E and are moving quick.

Painters from Swanson & Youngdale have almost completed painting and wallpapering Wing C and have already begun painting first coats in Wing D. Electricians from R&K Electric continue to install outlet coverplates, switches, electrical panels, and lighting fixtures in Wing C. Jerrys Tile installers have been placing floor and shower tile in Wing C bathers. Metro Home Insulation are almost finished insulating all of Wing E aside from the chapel area which is going through some design changes. They have been blowing fiberglass insulation into the attics through the scuttle holes. Partners Construction Service have completed the subgrade sand cushion for the link. As well as backfilling dirt around the curb and gutter. Summit Concrete have installed the subgrade vapor barrier in preparation for pouring the concrete floor of the link. They have also been erecting interior veneer brick columns throughout the visitor corridor in Wing E. They have constructed the brick veneer wall at the main entrance which will contain the building title Koda Living Community. Theyve erected the concrete block dividing wall at the shipping dock. Siehndel Constructions crew have completed laying one layer of asphalt for the West and East sides of the site. We will wait to install the other layer of asphalt until most of the big machinery is off the site so as not to damage the last finished layer. They are in the process of pouring the concrete slabs for the courtyards between each wing of the building. Brothers Fire Protection have been installing and connecting more of the wet fire sprinkler lines throughout the building. They have also been working on installing their sprinkler lines through the canopy at the entrance. Ace Electric have been installing thermostat system wires throughout Wing E. Culinex installers have brought the ANSUL utility distribution system (kitchen hood and controls), and wall sections of the walk-in freezer/cooler in the commercial kitchen.

Large HVAC ducts in Wing E South

Gas line and roof vents in mechanical room E

Firetaped and sanded sheetrocking Wing C

Sheetrocking in Wing E visitor corridor

Painting completion in Wing C

Shower grab bar configuration

Wing A door and door hardware installation

Jesse Mollenhauer, On-Site-Representative / Reliance Estimating Inc. 6