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Hospitals are an important component of the healthcare delivery system. Most of this growth has been experienced in the small sized private hospital sector (popularly known as nursing homes in India).P. with limited number of rooms and beds. however growth in terms of facilities and efficiency has not risen. Arora hospital Arora hospital is a famous hospital in Gwalior (M. as these are critical determinants in attracting private capital. This hospital treats patients suffering from Calculus/StoneUrinary. Hospital however provides medical care and attention to the needy people. India has experienced a significant increase in the number of hospital beds to meet the growing health demands of its population. The hospital has been running for years by Dr. Cholelithiasis/Gall stones and treats them through Gastroenterology . which is probably due to the financial health and risks. Amita Arora. Dr Arora is very kindhearted person and despite being one of the leading Lacroscopic Surgeon of the city. Shri L.Surgery General surgery Laparoscopic surgery. operation theatre. which has now expanded to a hospital. Facilities Provided:  Medical facility  Ambulance facility  Doctors are available for whole 24 hour in hospital Limitations of hospital:  Few wards. 1 general ward. Within his house premises. Jayendraganj. he started with small clinic.N. waiting room with all basic amenities in all. Over the years. he charges patients with very minimal fees and provide them with the best treatments. This hospital is built in Lalitpur Colony. It has 2 private rooms. clinic. Arora and Dr. but operation theatre is equipped with world class lasik machine and all latest theatrical/medical equipments and staff. so limited patients can be admitted  Small medical store 2 .).

chairs. Debt Financing .Getting funds and finances is not very easy. surgical instruments also has to be replaced with time. and clinic has to be frequently maintained and renovated as per the requirements.  Competition from other hospitals . and we also figured out the same during our visit. but local people and banks does not offer funds or loans very easily.  Stocking of Medicines . does not wants to make full payments. as a result of which heavy debts continue to reflect in the balance sheets for long and reduces the profitability. the equipments. and paying off the debts takes a lot of time. Although Government has provided lot of incentives to boost the sector. Lot of import duty has to be paid for it and recovering the cost of the machine takes lot of time. which in turn switches to other hospitals. All these machines are imported and are very costly.Issues such as overstocking and high stock of expiring and unused medicines. multiple points of storage and inability to track actual consumption add to a hospital's challenges. medicines stocking 3 . they prefer some discounts on the specified fees. because of which various issues have to be faced o Staff Problem – Increasing competitions has increased the attrition rate amongst the staff.Problems Faced: Every hospital in order to run efficiently face some or the other issues.  Innovations and Advancement in Technology. New hospitals or big hospitals offers high salary to the trained staff. Also because of competition a very fees cannot be demanded from the patients.  Infrastructure Maintenance – Buildings.Due to increasing hospitals .  Attracting Funds. a well-structured hospital has to be maintained. As per the latest survey. Also interest at a considerable rate has to be paid for the debts taken. the competition has raised to a very high level . office. hence higher salary and frequent salary hikes increases the cost and the efficacy of staff o Fees – Patients are not very eager to pay the fees. At the time of settlement of bills. being just aware does not works.  Billing Related Issues – Some of the patients either because of their financial conditions or because of their misery nature. As the medical store is very small.To be advanced and updated with latest technology and process. they talk about unsatisfactory services or staff misbehavior and wants deduction on those grounds. Financial Problems is the biggest hindrance in the development of any hospital. Today when lot of other hospitals are offering cozy ambience. beds.

Also gaining funds from the govt is very tedious process and the amount which they use to give as funds have been reduced. Also relationship between health insurance sector. so creating funds pressure increases. Also different patients are allergic to different chemicals. a fresh capital inflow is always required in order to sustain with timely advancements. without feeling financial burden 4 . so that the hospital should not feel burden on the name of mediclaims. government and private hospitals should be well-built and supported by each other. Further government should also come up with certain incentives. we concluded that the hospital offers good amenities and medical facilities to the patients. as its providing good efficiency and efficacy at minimal prices compared to others. and patients. CONCLUSION After our visit to the hospital and discussions with staff. I feels that benevolence and business should be kept separate otherwise finances would always be an issue. patients and doctors. Also operating cost is very high in hospitals because of continuous power utilization and generator backup for operation theatres.  Government Funding Cuts – Lot of incentives. Also a margin in this hospital is low. Personally. tax benefits which government used to provide at some time have been wiped off or reduced. supporting a manufacturing unit of medical instruments within the nation.becomes issues at times. which further affects the money cycle. hence maintain vast variety of medicines at limited space is a problem and further at times the investment becomes dead when medicine expires. Although the mediclaims which various insurance companies provide to the patients have to pay us back the fees. VAT on medical equipments. Further support and incentive from government for PPP may promote health sector a high boom and hospitals would be in a better position to provide good facilities to patients at affordable price. medical aid claims and government offered mediclaims on certain treatments. doctors everyone has a happy three-way relationship. so that overall cost of running hospital gets down.There are lot of reimbursements which has to be made in the bills viz insurance claims. like no import duty. hence funding would always be an issue. hence some other unconventional modes should also be utilized for power generation or atleast for light and ventilation. but the hospital is suffering from financial issues. but the payment from these companies takes lot of time and paper work. We realized that hospital sector is capital intensive and as new technologies are developing. which overall reduces the fees which we receive from the patients.  Medicare Reimbursements .

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