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Awesome Power of Belief – Being Truly Present
The Art of Presence – Living by Grace 1:28:08 Video Journal
When will we find that just being is enough? How much doing is required? What does it take for you to be content? Who is it who has discovered their own inner being? Why, then, do we remain lost in all the doing we see all around us? What is the lure in that? Where is its satisfaction? Who is it that looks at himself clearly? Who is it that looks? At what is she looking? Have we answered the “Who am I” question, yet? If so, what is our answer? Is there one, yet here in 3D, who truly knows? I expect that many of us have come a good way on our trek into this inner knowing. Many know, already, that they are not the body. All it takes is one OBE (Out of Body Experience) to confirm it. You know beyond doubt that the fullness of you is not in the body. For deeper evidence, we have reports of the NDE (Near Death Experience). So this much is clear – at least to the mind. Yet mind knowledge is not sufficient for our purposes. For me, something is not truly known if it is only mental knowing. It must go deeper than that. And this knowledge can be had, even absent the conscious OBE or NDE. All true knowing abides in the deep inner kingdom – what I call the Kingdom of Heart. All can find themselves there, on the within. This knowing that we are not the body is also supported by the knowledge of reincarnation – of multiple embodiments, which I call am-god-i-ments. Clearly, if we were the body, then we have a

serious case of multiple personalities, at a minimum. Most of us have had at least a snippet of some other life capture our attention for a moment, whether waking or sleeping. In that moment you know you are or were that. So we have this extra evidence. Again, though, the mental knowing of something, of anything, is not enough. How deeply do you know that you are not the body? One test is if you have lost all fear of death. Fear of dying is another thing – I mean fear of death, itself, not any difficulty or pain associated with bringing you there. For the ones who truly know it, the opposite is the case – the desire for the body to die so they can cross over, back into the Light. Is that you – yet? Once we are free of identifying with the body, many fears drop away on their own. They no longer make sense. We simply know that – no matter what – we cannot be harmed, no matter what happens to the body. We cannot be touched. Perhaps some of the martyrs knew this, taking their amazing strength and courage from it? Who knows? Actually, we will all know, once we cross. All we need do is wonder upon it and the answers will come. Yet meanwhile, here we are, in 3D. 3D is an interesting place to be. We kick at the pricks, the seeming bindings or limitations of our state, here. Most of this may well be from our remembrance of our true origins – and the freedoms we enjoy there. Somehow we've let ourselves be convinced that when you're in 3D, that's the extent of it – of your full being. You're just a body – that's what many believe. I hope you're not one of them. It is not only conscious beliefs we are after, my friends. Most of your beliefs are stored safe out of conscious sight – in the subconscious aspect of mind. They cannot be accessed merely on a whim – one must be more determined than that. Until we change those beliefs, we will continue to work at cross purposes – tripping the self up at every step. We think we want one thing, but our actions prove another thing is the case. As I've shared often enough, I find that taking on a new belief is a sure way to access at least some of our hidden beliefs – to get them to come out to play. Then, at the point where they enter our conscious awareness – when we see them – this is our choicepoint. It is then we have the ability to reject and eliminate the

old belief(s). The new beliefs we take on are specific, though. They don't bring up all of the hidden beliefs – only those that are relevant, that are specific to the new belief. Thus, it takes some attunement to discover just which topic or area of life needs our attention – which one is at the base of what's been giving us trouble. Be in Heart for that, where your attunement is at its best. I really can't stress enough how important our beliefs are to each one of us. They literally create the reality we experience while we are here. They also prevent us from seeing anything that is outside of their purview. If it goes against your beliefs, chances are good it won't appear for you – or if it does, that you will ignore it or somehow wipe it away. It is those underlying beliefs that do that. If you knew you could create a new life for yourself by changing your beliefs, would you be interested? Are you adventurous enough to experiment with it? How game are you to give it a go? We have two things that are very much within our ability to control – our use of language and our beliefs – that can make massive changes in our lives. Who takes that seriously? Who sees the potential it entails? In other words, who is truly Present, here? Most of us aren't, you know. That's why most people are bored by an Eckhart Tolle presentation. He is so thoroughly Present, so very still. Some people even walk out before the man begins talking. While he's attuning they just get up and leave. Talk about being mind-driven! It's amazing. Are you able to be still – truly still – for a time? How about 10 or 20 seconds? Even that will make a difference in your life. The one who can be truly still for a whole 60 seconds has accomplished something precious. He's gotten more of rest in that one minute than most get in several hours of recreation. He's gotten peace from the mind – a respite of real silence. Oh, how precious that quiet moment of time. It's so strange. Time isn't real, they say – not in the way we conceive of it. We're told that all time is just Now, is quite simultaneous. Not only are you living your whole entire lifetime right now, but all the other ones, as well. The mental mind, the 3D

mind won't contain it. It just doesn't compute. Well, that's okay – let it drive you inside, anyway. That's the place you want to be for this – deep within. Go in there, now. Take a peek. Just place your attention carefully in the center of your chest. Do what you can to listen from there – to have all of your focus there, within. Sometimes I would put a bright yellow smiley face in there, and put great big ears on it – to image what I was wanting – to be listening from within. It can help. You'll find your own tricks. You're tricking the mind, you see – to get it to cooperate with your desire to be centered and still – and quiet. That comes later, though. Just being within is enough for now – just being focused on the inner chest. You can practice this at any time. Going to or from work or the store is just fine. When you're not listening to something you can put great big glasses on your internal smiley face to represent your desire to see from that level – there in the chest. That one is a bit trickier, since we're so very used to being focused entirely in the head. All it takes is determination, though. It can be done. Why do these things? Do they seem silly to you? Then don't do them, of course. If you have the true desire, the drive to link up with Source, with Higher Self, it will be obvious how this could help. And you'll desire to do anything at all that might give you that little assist, to put you over the edge – and in your interior Kingdom of Heart. The beauty of this, too, is that, no matter your religion or lack of it, Heart is still the place to make the sacred connection – to link-up with the divine. It's quite non-denominational, suitable even for atheists. For this, it doesn't matter what your thoughts are around God or Source. As long as you can accept that you have a Higher or Inner Self, it is enough – you can use it to link up with that. The mind is much like a little child – a rebellious one. It can't really be bossed around – not successfully. Nor can we make it just shut-up. Oh how we'd like to, at times! It doesn't work. So don't try. Give up on the idea of forcing the mind into anything. Instead, what we want is its cooperation. Can you see how that makes sense?

So such exercises are to help the mind come on board with your inner desires. Until we have both the mental body and the emotional body on the same train, life will be somewhat disjointed. Neither one of these is superior to the other. Instead, both can be looked at as a team of horses we want to put in harness together – and we can. Like any pair of untrained horses, though, it will take some work. The first bit of work is on our own attitudes – such as giving up on the idea of using any force. Next, let's adopt an attitude of cooperation and companionship, both with the mental and emotional aspects of our being. Hey, why not? Have you tried it before? If not, then you don't know how or if it will work – so give it a go. I can share my experience with this – though at the time I was only consciously working with the mind. It wasn't until later that I realized the emotional body or being was also involved. Anyway, it took some real concerted effort to be mindful. Perhaps some of you have already put some work into this, so you know. It doesn't come easily. Well, most of the challenge, if we step back and look, comes from taming the mind – from simply training it to perform as we desire. We want to be Present, to be mindful – not just present in body, but fully focused in the Now moment before us – completely here. When this is accomplished, you'll know it by the silence – the quiet mind. Like I said, it takes a while. Nor am I saying my mind is continually quiet. it is quiet often – that much I can say. Okay, so after being very determined to just come front-and-center and be present in the moment before me – the Now – it began to happen more and more. After a time, I could gradually string more and more moments together of being conscious of just being right where I am. At first the mind was very rebellious, I admit. It found it boring to just be and be still. It didn't want to cooperate. Being stubborn has its rewards, though. Mind and I eventually came together. Mind likes to feel good, too, don't you know. Slowly, it began to discover that, if it would only cooperate and come to center and be still for a while, things would start to feel really good.

The whole mind/body/emotions complex enjoys being in Heart – being Present. They're sacred moments when it all comes together just right. There's even a physical sense that is very like pleasure – it feels good, anyway – emanating generally from the chest – but it can also spread out. This whole thing ties in to the Kundalini at some point, so I'll give you my philosophy on that – I let it alone. I don't try to “do” anything at all to make the Kundalini awaken or rise. Somehow I just know that it has its own intelligence. It knows what it's doing, don't you think? I do. Besides, most of us have heard some of the horror stories of people trying to force it along. The way I see things, nature knows what she is doing. Just like I don't have to tell a cut how to heal, I don't have to boss the kundalini goddess around. I may be wrong, of course, but it's my understanding that until the chakras are all cleared of the bulk of misqualified or dark energy associated with them, each one, then you don't want the goddess to arise. As she does, she will ignite that dark energy that remains – and it won't be pleasant, whatever else it is. The biggest challenges are probably associated with the lower chakras, too – and these are the first ones the energy touches on its way up. Clearing away all attachments to the things of this life will help with this. Attachments to things of 3D are stored largely below the waist. Boy, how did I get off onto all of this? Oh well – you never know where the journals will go. This is just more evidence. What would delight my Heart is to be able to convey, even to just one, how truly central to everything are our beliefs – how they truly create our reality. Once we realize that, then it's easy to put in the work that it takes to bring some changes about – changes we desire. Don't be one that gives up too quickly, though. This work will test you. Only the determined prevail. What will happen is that you'll stir up the misqualified energy first – the stuff that's just dying to be released. These are around the issues in your life that need to be dealt with. Some say it like this – they are up for transmutation. In other words, they are what's holding you back.

So when the negative stuff comes up – whether in mind or emotions or situations in your life – don't turn away, don't run away. Just stay put and watch. Just observe. If you're centered when your watching, then you'll get the inner guidance that will show you what's going on. I learned to keep looking to see the core of whatever it was – to look to the underlying cause. It may or likely will often be a chain of causes. You'll find one, then as you're observing that underlying one, yet another cause underlying that one will come up. Anytime you see what underlies something you're watching – some challenge or problem – go to the cause. Drop what you were watching to begin watching its cause. Just keep following the chain down, as far as it goes. If and as you're centered while doing this work, you'll be amazed at what simply seeing these causes will do. In most cases a really deep look will eradicate them. Yeah, that means that particular issue will be resolved. Sometimes it's something that didn't go very deep, so it will have just one level to go down – but most thing will be multilayered, so do persist. And don't be surprised when all hell breaks out in your life. That's just the dark energy being released. Stick to center – hold your place in Heart. The Light of your Heart will dissolve just about anything that comes up. Sometimes you'll require some extra help, and if you do, go for it. Heart will tell you that, too. Some things may need to be talked through with someone really close – someone who can understand. Do be careful with who you choose. Mostly silence is best around deep, internal things – but not always. Use discretion, that's all. It's nothing to chit chat about – that's not respecting the depth of what you're working with, here – how central it is to you and your path. You're worth it, you see – or do you see? Do you see how great is your ultimate worth to the earth? Do you recognize the divinity, there where you stand? Do you recognize, too, the very long route you've taken to arrive there, where you are? It's the perfect place, you know. You are ideally suited to just that spot. The things that will come up for you are absolutely perfect. They are precisely what stands in your way – or they wouldn't be facing your right now. If you can trust that everything, as it is, is just right, you'll be

making a big step along your way. Once you can relax into that, then you can more easily recognize the importance of what's coming up for you – how central it is to your Now – how ideal. Things come up in perfect order, you see. It's really ideal – but we don't see this until we are open to it. It usually takes a certain amount of clearing out the Belief Garden, first. So eventually what you may find is this – you'll see your Heart giving real gratitude that a certain thing has come up. Your Heart will be glad – even though to your mind it will look like nothing but a problem. The secret it to keep sticking to Heart. As you're faithful to this, eventually mind will just “get it.” At a certain point things will just click for the mind. You can't force this point to come any sooner than it will. Remember, the sequence of everything is perfect. Nature knows what is best. Mind will give you holy hell for a good while, likely – so don't trust it. Get some distance from it – from believing you are mind, from identifying with thought. You're not that – but you must know it for this to work, and not just mentally. You can see how silly a mental knowing that your are not mind is, can't you? It's like the mind negating itself. Ain't happenin' – except in a feint or trick mind will try to play on you. I'm serious about not trusting mind. As soon as you do it will trick you – almost guaranteed. Okay, so at some certain pre-ordained point your mind will – well, it's not that it gives up, but it just sees the wisdom there is in going along with you. It realizes that there is simply no way it can maintain the control, the strangle hold it had on your life, up until now. At some point it will just let that go – but not without one hell of a fight. What to do? Nothing. Just be alert to watch and observe a lot. Just keep going for the core, the underlying cause of the things that come up in you. It's not a battle, either – don't set yourself out to go against yourself in any way. This isn't that. Rather, this is you, finally coming together after such a long time of being apart – in pieces, all separated out. This results in an eventual unification of your forces – and the elimination of all the darkness that managed to tag along, to get on board when you were otherwise occupied – with mind. When

our focus is outward-driven then we're just not home – we're not here, not really present in Now. That's when the dark stuff catches a lift – when we're not looking. In this process a lot of dark stuff will come up. I hope you are not a believer in the only-Light way of things. If you can't face and deal with your dark side, this won't work. That's just a way to keep the dark stuff hidden, still on board. If you don't want to see it, you won't. Remember, you're a creator, whatever else you also are. This is to let all attachment go, my friends. To not even be attached to who and what you thought about self or pretty much anything else. What your attachments are will soon turn up. They will show themselves. Chances are, they've been trying for quite a while – but you were otherwise occupied. Remember, all work that you do in your Belief Garden will truly pay off. That's where the foundation to your whole, entire reality lies – hidden away in the subconscious aspect of mind. The other thing you can do along the way is to begin to become very aware, very conscious of your use of language. Look for times when you say things that tie and bind you. If you haven't got something that you want, if you aren't yet something you want to be, then just tack the word “yet” into the sentence somewhere. Otherwise you just lock yourself out of what you desire. Do you see? I'd be very, very cautious of my use of the “I am” phrase. Those may be the two most powerful words in the language when put together like that - “I am.” Be darn sure you want and like whatever you attach to that phrase. Don't let it be words like sick or crazy, angry or upset, hungry or sad. Those are the most creative words in your vocabulary. What I'm saying is that it's time for us all to become conscious of how we create – and what. In these ways you will find yourself coming more and more to center – into Heart – into your core. You'll be more and more Present. I'm going to put a link with this to a great Eckhart Tolle presentation and strongly suggest that you center before watching it. It's part of a long series of lectures that are available online that you may also enjoy. My point in sharing it though is two-fold. First, if you're not cen-

tered you'll quickly grow bored – and you can watch that happen as you self-observe. That's important. Let any boredom you feel, at any time, be a call to return into Heart. Second, in this one he talks about this thing of Presence that I've mentioned – the kind with the capital “P.” He will help make it real for you, if you have ears to listen, eyes to see. Actually, you do have them – it's just a matter of finding out where you put them ;-) Namaste.


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