Sailors' Wishes

A Silent Short Film by Lee E. Stevens (From a crane on a boat or a barge we push in from a wide shot to a medium single. The video is shot or processed in such a way as to resemble a Rembrandt painting in its color and intensity and frame. Everything is slightly exaggerated, the costume to large, the acting too broad, the makeup to thick, the soundtrack to swelling.) A man dressed in 16th Century clothes is fishing from an old sailing ship anchored at sea, with a rope and a hook. He is a bit sorrowful and resigned to being sad but he is all about fishing. He casts out his line , a thick rope with a gleaming large silver hook With seagulls cawing overhead on a cloudy beautiful day. ( We cut from a shot on the barge looking at him, to a camera behind him on the boat. He waits he whistles to himself, suddenly there is a bite on the line. He pulls up the line its the Mona Lisa Painting. He looks at it admiringly and sets it to his side. He casts his line again waits there is a stronger tug that almost pulls him overboard. He pulls up the line, with a fight, its a small fishnet with a brick of gleaming gold that sparkles in sunlight. He drops that to his side . He casts his line again . (Insert shot) the line runs out from the boat, and then zigs then zags ,he runs along the boat and attaches the line to a freight block and tackle and hauls it up. He hauls up the line its a beautiful young woman in a seaweed and clam shells tight fitting bikini . She lands on the boat, shes lets loose the line, their eyes meet, there are smiles a warm embrace, and a passionate kiss. (As the romantic shot lingers and widens out, smash cut to black, we slowly reveal a Dark 16th Century room, the Mona Lisa is hung on the wall, the now older woman is in full Renaissance dress, she is pregnant, sitting counting gold coins at a rough thick table. Frame and shoot to story every mindful that each shot should look like a gorgeous painting.) She is shrewish, and harangues her husband. He is emptying a wheel barrow full of sacks of flour. He turns to take the wheelbarrow out of the cottage home. He is sweating and older. He opens the cottage door its a beautiful courtyard scene, trees, flowers, gorgeous clouds in a beautiful coming stormy sky. ( We push in to the mans face, as he wistfully, and in a yearning way looks to the sky as he relishes the warm sun on his face.) ( Smash cut to black. The Music which has been constantly swelling ends in a cymbal crash as Large Gold Fancy Letters appear on a a black screen for @ 10 secs.) Be Careful of what you fish for. Fini Credits over bright funny Renaissance chamber music.

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