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March 8, 2012

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Locals Asking For Another 331 Option
Local resident J. B Hillard has questioned the need for a second U.S. 331 bridge at this time and how the offer St. Patrick's Day Celebration- Corned beef and cabbage is a traditional St. Patrick's Day dish. In 2009, roughly 26.1 billion pounds of beef and 2.3 billion pounds of cabbage were produced in the United States. Irish soda bread gets its name and distinctive character from the use of baking soda rather than yeast as a leavening agent. Lime green chrysanthemums are often requested for St. Patrick's Day parades and celebrations. St. Patrick's Day Parade-The first St. Patrick's Day parade took place in the United States on March 17, 1762, when Irish soldiers serving in the English military marched through New York City. More than 100 St. Patrick's Day parades are held across the United States. New York City and Boston are home to the largest celebrations. At the annual New York City St. Patrick's Day parade, participants march up 5th Avenue from 44th Street to 86th Street. More than 150,000 people take part in the event, which does not allow automobiles or floats. Places to Spend St. Patrick's Day -There are four places in the United States named after the shamrock, the floral emblem of Ireland: Mount Gay-Shamrock, WV; Shamrock, TX; Shamrock Lakes, IN; and Shamrock, OK. Nine U.S. towns share the name of Ireland's capital, Dublin. With 44,541 residents, Dublin, CA, is the largest of the nice, followed by Dublin, OH, with 39,310. Other towns with the luck of the Irish include Emerald Isle, North Carolina and Irishtown, Illinois. from the Florida Department of………….....

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Man Arrested For Stealing FD Funds An administrative assistant with the North
Bay Fire Department is charged with stealing more than $81,000 from the department over a five..….

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Not Just Google - Now Facebook and Yahoo spy on you, too Internet giant Facebook is accessing smartphone users' personal text messages, an investigation revealed Sunday…....

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DFS Council Member Questioned On Facts about Irish Americans -There are 36.9 million U.S. residents with Irish roots. This number is more than eight times the population of Ireland itself (4.5 million). Irish is the nation's second most frequently reported ances- Minutes At a January meeting of the DeFuniak try, ranking behind German. Across the country, 12 percent of residents lay claim to Irish ancestry. That number Springs City Council the members reviewed and doubles to 24 percent in the state of Massachusetts. Irish is the most common ancestry in 54 U.S. counties, of approved past minutes. Outside of the vote, Council which 44 are in the Northeast. Middlesex County in Massachusetts tops the list with 348,978 Irish Americans, followed by Norfolk County, MA, which has 203,285. Irish ranks among the top five ancestries in every state except member Ron Kelley stated words that……… Hawaii and New Mexico. It is the leading ancestry group in Delaware, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. There are approximately 122,000 current U.S. residents who were born in Ireland.

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hello to you! I hope this edition finds you all doing well. What a long week of work this has been. So many meetings and schedules to keep up with, it makes the week go by fast. I suppose it‟s everyone gearing up for spring break season that it all seems to happen in the same week. I have noticed that local businesses are having sales, there are plenty of good deals going on around the county. I would like to take a moment to comment that our prayers and wishes go out to those who endured serious weather related issues over the weekend. Storms hit hard all across the south and Mid-west. What a strange year of our weather it has been. I think we got about a foot of rain or more around Freeport. Several of my closest friends have lost their homes from the tornado‟s spawned from the storms. The Emerald Star has contacted several people and organizations to get care boxes sent out. We sent off a small trailer of goods and clothes with a check over $700 to help purchase toiletries and baby foods over the weekend to the affected areas. Feel free to contact your local family support type of programs to donate, there are several who help disaster victims. It‟s the old verbage, “what goes around comes around”. If you know someone who needs help, find some help, be the help. Don‟t wait for someone else. If each person waited for the next there is a chance that nothing gets to them. What would you ask for if it were you? A little help? There are plenty of events coming to the area and it‟s starting to fill my calendar‟s planning of the summer. I see I will be traveling more this year than in the past few, so I hope those gas prices remain where they are or even a drop of 20cent or so would be nice…..just more wishful thinking. It was just last week that I was researching a project I had once started some time ago. It was fascinating to see the details I had discovered back then. When I was re-reading this, I realized how much I had also overlooked on a few details, for it has been a few years since I had thought of it. Again, you catch yourself thinking of the „what-if‟s‟ and so on. Even just 10 yrs. ago. When you look back on things you were once passionate about, it moves you. And then suddenly it reappears as a dream in the night. Only to stir up a force. The feelings from within you are what made you. The way tenacity and one‟s desire to succeed stems from that inner dream which makes it a strong trait for one to carry. Do it. Back some time ago things felt as if they were overwhelming. It is amazing to see where this newspaper once was and where it is today. Yes, we have gone through a few changes to say the least. When this newspaper was a 50cent per copy paper there was a question from a few of the businesses about the number being sold, compared to if it were free. Everyone takes something that is Free they say. After down-sizing and the other adjustments needed since BP, I decided to ensure those businesses that every copy is in someone‟s hand. Free. Guaranteed exposure to the max for businesses who advertise with us! I see people getting their copy as soon as I get them out. I have worked diligently to ensure a fresh edition delivered on Wed for over 3 and a half years now. Many of you have written in and encouraged me with ideas and story material. When we get more advertisers I will increase the number of pages again soon. I can always use an extra hand if you know of anyone. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Just like us small businessmen, we desire to offer you a good service at a great price so that you return to use our business anytime you have the need for us. No matter what type of business you have, you can only offer what you can. It‟s not always about the profit margin. Good work and hard efforts do become rewarded through longevity, even if it‟s only from a feeling from within. When you know you done your best and are proud of the product you built. That is what the American dream is all about. It‟s what we do for you that counts. Frank

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Thursday, March 8, 2012


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Dear Editor, Please allow me space to convey findings still going on related to the BP oil spill. I am writing As reported by WZEP AM1460 this first-hand, on the spot. Local resident J. B Hillard has questioned the need for a second U.S. I wanted to give you and your readers a quick update on happenings along the Gulf Coast for 2012. Since June 23, 2010 I have been out researching along our shoreline about impact from the BP oil 331 bridge at this time and how the offer from the Florida Department spill which happened to pollute my backyard. of Transportation was made. The Walton County Taxpayers AssociaEven today, we still have persistent oil lingering along the shoreline and buried all along the tion asked the Walton Commissioners to delay the ballots for the speNorthern Gulf of Mexico. cial vote to ask residents if they want to use a half cent tax hike to pay Walton‟s FDOT required $75 million share of a new second bridge. Thankfully, there are still BP clean up crews present from Walton County all the way west includHillard was invited to attend a meeting with the highway officials Mon- ing Alabama too. day morning. He reports there were 13 people in the discussion includI flew to DC to testify before the NRDA Trustees at the Commerce Building (along with the ing Representative Brad Drake. Chairman of SURFRIDER and their FL liaison) in what was the final hearing for input regarding Hillard says Secretary Prasad met with the Walton group for 1 1/2 the BP damages and suggested restoration efforts that should be followed as we recover from the hours. He felt the meeting was not rushed, that everyone who wanted to DWH oil rig explosion. Also met with 11 of our legislators to discuss the RESTORE ACT funding. speak had an opportunity and says he was not interrupted or made to The RESTORE ACT intended for 80% of the fines from the BP oil spill to be sent down to the feel what he had to say was not heard and considered. Hillard said he Gulf states for use in recovery and restoration efforts. From what I have been told, however, many was able to express his opinion that a tax referendum would most likely in DC did not agree and created an Amendment, tacked it onto the Transportation Bill in hopes of fail. He also says the Secretary understood this possibility. bringing those monies here. In over simplified terminology, this is what has happened- to vote for According to Hillard, Secretary Prasad and District Secretary Barfield the money to be directed here, our legislators had to also vote for: were candid and made it very clear on what they face during these -Opening up the Gulf of Mexico to deepwater drilling in the eastern portion funding times. He says they not only covered the Walton issue in detail of the Gulf. but discussed other similar situations around the state including the -Approve ARCTIC drilling expansion Pensacola Bay bridge. Hillard says this helped the group to better un-OK the controversial KEYSTONE pipeline which would transfer the tar sands from Canada to the derstand state and federal funding. Gulf Coast for processing. Imagine the difficulty in agreeing to this type of arrangement? Sure, you New proposals were offered by the Secretary. A letter will be drafted can have your 80% monies, BUT, we need you to approve more pollution expansion across the US and sent to Commissioner Brannon, Chair of the Walton BCC, outlinwhich in turn will help you clean up your pollution from the BP disaster. ing these proposals which will include new commitments by FDOT. It took 4 years to see unsalvageable damages from the Exxon Valdez disaster in Alaska that the eco Hillard says the BCC will have to regroup and all the players will system began collapsing. This is indeed our worry here too. have to take another look at new options. He says the public will need to get more involved and have a better understanding of the issues involved. Hillard says there is no question the group, including Secretary Prasad and District Secretary Barfield, were committed to finding a way to get the 331 issue resolved. Hillard says more information should be released soon. He says he hopes we can bring the 331 issue to a final and just conclusion for Walton County.

Locals Asking For Another 331 Option

WC School Board Approves Calendar
At a special meeting last Tuesday, the Walton County School Board approved the 12-month employee calendar and the 2012-2013 school calendar. Walton schools will start August 8th of this year and end May 24th of 2013. The calendar includes teacher work days for the instructors to work in classrooms and several early release days for professional development. The Christmas and Holiday break will start on December 20th with an early release and professional development time and go through January 3rd. Spring Break will go from March 25-29. Graduation for the 2013 seniors will be May 18th through the 24th. The Board also took care of several expulsions and discussed a wall. The Board approved a plans and specifications by the architect for a 3rd Grade wing wall at West DeFuniak Elementary. This includes exterior wall repair and renovation of 3rd grade wing as presented by Mark Gardner. This also included the approval to advertise for a bid on the renovation project. The calendars and more information can be found on the Walton School District‟s website. Irish Toast It is better to spend money like there's no tomorrow than to spend tonight like there's no money! St. Patrick's Day Toast Here‟s to a long life and a merry one. A quick death and an easy one A pretty girl and an honest one A cold beer – and another one!


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Health Post
George Roll P.A.-C Seagrove Medical Clinic Call # 850-231-6200 Walk-ins and Appt.s Send health questions or comments to: P.O.Box 1133 Freeport, Florida 32439


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Freeport Mayor’s Post
Freeport Mayor
Mickey Marse 998 Bay Dr.
Santa Rosa-Beach, Fl.32459 To post a comment or question for the Mayor,
E-mail : Frank@

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License # CF-C057978


A Study Finds That the Longer a Person Has Diabetes, the More Their Risk of Heart Attack Rises. The risk for stroke is known to be two to four times higher among people with diabetes compared to people who don‟t have the disease. What has been less clear is whether that risk peaks with the onset of the disease or if it gradually increases over time. “This study solidifies the idea that duration is also an important factor, beyond sort of the „yes or no‟ of having diabetes,” says one specialist in Ohio. “Over time, diabetes, probably through elevated blood sugar, injures the arteries. And [blockages] probably develop over time at a higher or more rapid rate in people who have diabetes, The study also followed nearly 3,300 seniors who lived in an ethnically diverse part of New York City. None had ever had a stroke. About 22% of the people had diabetes at the start of the study and another 10% developed diabetes during the study. Over an average follow-up period of nine years, there were 244 reported strokes. The study confirms that the risk of stroke is elevated in people with diabetes. It also shows that when compared to people who don‟t have diabetes, the risk of stroke increases significantly every year a person lives with the disease. After 10 years of diabetes, the researchers report that stroke risk triples. Those risks remained even after researchers accounted for other factors known to influence stroke risk, including age, smoking, physical activity, a history of heart disease, high blood pressure, and cholesterol. In addition to the study also underscores the importance of diabetes prevention, through a healthy diet and regular exercise.


We reserve the right to refuse publications of any questions for the Mayor. Thank You.

We lost one of our long time Freeport residents last month. Ms. Irene Garrett passed on and has started her next journey. She will be remembered and missed by all. Our pipe construction is almost complete going to the west. The contractor has done a very good job on this one. I have very few complaints on construction. The Little League baseball season opening ceremony was scheduled for Saturday, March 3rd, but it was rained out. Our parks director, Shane Supple, has been busy this year at the park. He just finished a baseball tournament up week before last – they had 39 teams playing in it! Most of them were out of state people. This is a great economic booster for Walton County. They spent money all over our county with motels and food. There will be a Car Show and Easter Egg Hunt at the Freeport Regional Sports Complex on April 7. Come and join us for the fun. We are putting in a solar panel array at the Regional Sports Complex. This will generate some electricity to help run the park. We are also doing a meter split to divide the park lights between several meters rather than just the two that they are now operating from. What we are trying to do is reduce the energy consumption per meter to eliminate the demand charge that Chelco has in place. This should save the City about $25,000 a year in power bills. The Freeport City Council meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday and 4th Thursday of every month at 7:00 pm at the Freeport City Hall. Come participate in your local government. Mayor Marse

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Emerald Star News, Inc.

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331 Costs
As reported by WZEP AM 1460 As reported by WZEP AM1460

Cogon Grass
At the recent DFS City Council meeting, Chuck Lawson, a local Master Gardener, talked about Cogon Grass. This is one of the 10 most invasive plant species in the world. Craig Overstreet, another Master Gardner, former teacher and a scientist with the government said it is illegal to sell, posses or move invasive species. With no natural enemies and nothing bothering them, the plants thrive. Kudzu is another invasive species, number two on the plant. Number one Cogon grass arrived in Mobile in the 1930‟s as a packing material and them as a potential forage material. The grass is spread by seeds and roots. It has also been spread by road crew equipment and has been used as an erosion control. Overstreet says it chokes out everything else and is not edible. It is also seriated like a steak knife. Animals eating it have problems digesting. Cogon Grass has a yellow color, grows in patches, chocking out everything else and the center line on the blade is off center. Its bloom is a feathery white plum and it turns brown in the winter. The grass is called dangerous. It burns very hot, much hotter than regular grass and this will kill trees. It is very hard to kill due to the underground stem. The Council and audience was asked to help prevent spreading the grass and use methods such as disking and spraying to kill it. Local areas where you can see the grass is near Bob Sikes and 18th, in the Pickett‟s Crossing area along 331, down Bruce and off Hubbard. If you need more information, call the Extension Office at 892-8172.

WCSO Responds to Medical Emergency
Walton County Sheriff's Office Deputy Jason Hall provided life-saving assistance this past Sunday to a 62-year-old Alabama man who collapsed while participating in the annual Seaside Half Marathon Event on County Highway 30A. "These law enforcement officers should be commended for their professionalism, care and cooperation," said Sheriff Michael A. Adkinson, Jr. "Their training and quick response aiding in saving the life of a Walton County visitor." Deputy Hall was "flagged down" at approximately 9 a.m. by a citizen who stated that a man collapsed. Deputy Hall determined that the man had no pulse and immediately administered an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) after Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Special Agent Mike Duffey administered CPR. The revived man was transported by the South Walton Fire District to a local hospital where he was evaluated by medical professionals.

Man Arrested For Stealing FD Funds
An administrative assistant with the North Bay Fire Department is charged with stealing more than $81,000 from the department over a five year period. The Okaloosa County Sheriff‟s Office has charged 59-year-old Ralph Banegas of Niceville with grand theft and fraud in connection with the misappropriated funds. Fire Chief Joseph Miller contacted the Sheriff‟s Office after an audit of the agency‟s employees‟ payroll showed a discrepancy. That initial audit indicated more than $23,000 was missing. When confronted, Banegas admitted to the Chief that he would manually write himself a check and when the Chief left the office, go in and stamp the check using the Chief‟s signature stamp. A subsequent, more detailed audit showed the missing amount at $81,829.75. The thefts took place between June 7, 2006 and September 28, 2011.

Bonnie McQuiston, President of the Walton County Taxpayers Association says her request did not include a match by Walton County, rather just the entire amount to complete U.S. 331 to I-10. McQuiston and others say the Walton Commissioners were responsive to their request. According to McQuiston, she asked the commissioners for the printing of ballots to be delayed two weeks to allow time to meet with legislators and the Florida Transportation Secretary. McQuiston says the plan is to request $78M be allocated to Walton County to complete widening the segments of Highway 331 that are not funded in the state's 5 Year Work Plan. McQuiston says these segments are interspersed with segments that have funding, and the entire segment is from I-10 to north of the 331 bridge. She further says they are not suggesting any local funds for this project. She says the $78M is $100M less than the bridge project. McQuiston says that with 100% funding from the state for the remainder of 331 from I-10 to the bridge, the state is left with extra money for other things and Walton is not left with a local debt, no toll and no tax and no loans. She says they will work to get the bridge expanded when the Highway 331 widening is completed. One need for the bridge to be widened is to make sure people can evacuate southern Walton. Sheriff Mike Adkinson and his staff have said they do have a plan to shift the direction of travel to provide two northbound lanes in the case of an evacuation. According to the Florida Department of Transportation‟s Five Year Work Plan, the segment of U.S. 331, also known as State Road 83, from north of the relief bridge at the bay to just south of Highway 20 is funded in 2012. The FDOT shows the project will let for bids in May and construction should began in September with completion in the spring of 2015. The cost is $38.4 million. Walton Public Works Director Starsky Harrell agrees and says there are also funds for a small segment north of Nokuse to Woodlawn. A small section is currently under work from north of the by-pass to Nokuse. The additional two lanes for the Freeport by-pass need funding as does the section from Woodlawn to I-10. Funding includes purchasing needed right-of-way, engineering and design as well as the actual construction.

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jayne Swift, with CH2MHILL OMI told the DFS City Council they have been getting calls due to the water line reworks. This can cause discoloration in the water. She said they respond and flush the lines to take care of the problems. The company had an inspection from OSHA, and staff is actively working on any concerns. Swift also gave the annual report. Major maintenance items include testing backflow devices, replacing chlorine devices, painting buildings and changes in the monitoring systems. Swift says they have worked to stop excess water loss. She said sewer flow is up a little, but solid disposal is down due to efforts made by her staff. They also recycle wire, paper, plastic and glass and have worked to reduce electricity usage. One problem is the amount if grease removed from lift stations. This is an ongoing problem in the system. The local office has won several awards, including safety awards. Swift says they are also involved in the community, giving time and more to causes like the Boys and Girls Club and helping with the Marvel of Flight event.

Not Just Google - Now Facebook and Yahoo spy on you, too
Internet giant Facebook is accessing smartphone users' personal text messages, an investigation revealed Sunday. Facebook admitted reading text messages belonging to smartphone users who downloaded the social-networking app and said that it was accessing the data as part of a trial to launch its own messaging service, The (London) Sunday Times reported. Other well-known companies accessing smartphone users' personal data -- such as text messages -- include photo-sharing site Flickr, dating site Badoo and Yahoo Messenger, the paper said. It claimed that some apps even allow companies to intercept phone calls -while others, such as YouTube, are capable of remotely accessing and operating users' smartphone cameras to take photographs or videos at any time. Security app My Remote Lock and the app Tennis Juggling Game were among smaller companies' "apps" that may intercept users' calls, the paper said. Emma Draper, of the Privacy International campaign group, said, "Your personal information is a precious commodity, and companies will go to great lengths to get their hands on as much of it as possible." More than 400,000 apps can be downloaded to Android phones, and more than 500,000 are available for iPhones -- with all apps downloaded from Apple's App Store covered by the same terms and conditions policy. According to a YouGov poll for the newspaper, 70 percent of smartphone users rarely or never read the terms and conditions policy when they download an app.

By M. Vreeland

Besides being beautiful, the kitten you see above is both lucky and smart. When she was hurt and afraid, our lovely Lorena knew just who to turn to for help. One of our extraordinary volunteer angels stopped along the side of the road after she spotted an errant Labrador puppy. When the dog‟s owner came out to retrieve her wandering pup, she told our angel that there had been a cat hanging around her house lately and that the animal had an injury to its tail. Right on cue, Lorena came running up and planted herself at our angel‟s feet. Angel to the rescue, kitty to Alaqua Animal Refuge. After being examined by our awesome doctor, she decided that the damage to the tail was so severe that most of it needed to be removed. Lorena has recovered nicely from her surgery and even looks quite cute with her abbreviated tail. A little shy but extremely affectionate, she purrs with contentment as soon as she is picked up and cuddled. This sweet little cat needs a forever home and a special someone to love her and keep her safe. Like all of us, Lorena deserves a second chance. Please consider inviting her into your heart. "Northwest Florida's Premier Animal Sanctuary and Adoption Center" Alaqua Animal Refuge is a non-profit, nokill shelter, located at 914 Whitfield Road, Freeport. We welcome you to visit all the adoptable animals at our beautiful ten acre sanctuary any Tuesday through Sunday from 12:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. For more information you can call us at 850-8806399 or check out our website at www.aarflorida.com.

Dear Aunt Ruby, I have been divorced for two years and am friendly with a man, “Bryan,” whose friendship I value. A few weeks ago we decided to explore a dating relationship. Unfortunately, the past couple of weeks have been busy for me. We haven‟t been able to spend as much time together as either of us would like. Last week Bryan texted me, saying he “knew where this was going” and thought we should “talk about it.” He subsequently said he thinks I wasn‟t being honest about wanting to spend time together. When I reassured him, he explained that he has abandonment issues. Now I feel I must be careful not to do anything that might cause him to panic. Should I back off now and try to salvage the friendship, or should I give the romance a chance? His paranoid actions so early into this stage of our relationship have made me uncomfortable. It‟s as if he‟s asking for a guarantee already. Uneasy in DeFuniak Dear Uneasy, I don‟t blame you for having second thoughts. Bryan appears to be someone who also has trust issues, and that he would tell you he thinks you haven‟t been honest with him is cause for concern. That is a sign to recognize. Back off, because the only person who can resolve his insecurities is Bryan. I feel your instincts are correct. Dear Aunt Ruby, I'm a 40-year-old working mother raising a daughter who is the joy of my life. Once in a great while I'll accept an invitation to go on a date and hire a baby sitter to watch my daughter for the evening. My question is, do you think it‟s fair for me to ask for the man to split the cost for the sitter or even contribute? -Tight BUDGET DEAR Budget, Paying for your daughter's sitter is your responsibility. When you become involved in a steady relationship and the cost of a sitter becomes a financial burden, discuss it then with your boyfriend, who should be willing to share some of the cost. A gentleman would probably offer some kind of cash to help you shortly after dating a few times for in help with the babysitter expense.

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Thursday, March 8, 2012


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‘Happenings’ in DeFuniak Springs
Update From Sen. Greg Evers
As reported by WZEP AM1460

Emerald Coast Children's Advocacy Center Opens New Office in Walton County Open House Housewarming Planned The Emerald Coast Children's Advocacy Center a local organization that helps child abuse and neglect victims throughout Okaloosa and Walton County has opened a second location in DeFuniak Springs to better serve child abuse victims and their families in Walton County. An Open House Housewarming is planned for March 30 at 11:30 a.m. "When we first opened our doors in Niceville a decade ago, we knew we eventually wanted to have a second location in Walton County. We finally did it," CEO Julie Hurst, said. Services offered at the Centers are provided to child abuse victims at no cost to the families served. While the Center has always provided services to both counties, it wasn't until last year that families could start to receive some services right in Walton. Previously all families needed to drive to Niceville. "By having a physical presence in Walton County the agency team members are better able to work together to provide services and more education is being provided in the community on what the signs of abuse are and how to report your suspicions," Hurst continued, "We suspected we would see an increase in the number of victims and we have. We've seen a 40 percent increase in the services we're providing to Walton County kids. We're saving and healing more child abuse victims than ever before." The Open House Housewarming will include a ribbon cutting ceremony, refreshments and tours of the new facility. The open house will run from 11:30 a.m. -6 p.m. with the ribbon cutting at noon. The Walton County Center is located at 256 Highway 90 near the intersection of Hwy 331 and Hwy 90. "We're looking forward to sharing our new space with everyone in the community. We have had so many generous volunteers and supporters that have worked together to make this day possible. We want them all to come out and celebrate with us." Hurst said. About the Emerald Coast Children's Advocacy Center The Emerald Coast Children's Advocacy Center (ECCAC) provides services to help identify, treat and support children in abusive situations. The organization helps prevent child abuse through education, protects child victims from future abuse, and provides resources to restore the lives of the child and the child's family. The Center is a non-profit organization with locations in Niceville and DeFuniak Springs, Fla. For more information or to support the Emerald Coast Children's Advocacy Center please visit http://www.eccac.org. If you suspect abuse, call the Florida Abuse Hotline 1-800-96-ABUSE.

WCSO Busts DeFuniak Springs Meth Lab
The Walton County Sheriff's Office (WCSO) arrested Sherry Brown, 59, and Teresa Greene, 45, both of DeFuniak Springs, Fla., on methamphetamine drug charges. They were arrested Feb. 24. The WCSO executed a search warrant Feb. 24 at a residence located at 1135 Smith Road. During the search of the residence, the WCSO discovered what appeared to be a clandestine methamphetamine laboratory inside a cooler in one of the residence's bedrooms. The WCSO recovered items consistent with ingredients and tools used to manufacture methamphetamine. The WCSO recovered a plastic container from a vehicle containing a white substance which field -tested positive for methamphetamine. Teresa Greene was charged with one count of trafficking methamphetamine, a first-degree felony; one count of production of methamphetamine, a seconddegree felony; one count of distribution of a listed chemical, a second-degree felony; and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia, a first-degree misdemeanor. Brown was charged with one count of trafficking methamphetamine, a first-degree felony; one count of distribution of a listed chemical, a seconddegree felony; and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia, a first-degree misdemeanor. They were booked into the Walton County Jail.

DFS Council Member Questioned On Minutes
As reported by WZEP AM1460

Florida State Senator Greg Evers talks about the possibility of a toll to finance the Pensacola Bay Bridge expansion. Evers says he can understand the importance the bridge plays in the Panhandle, but cannot and will not support placing a toll on residents to pay for the project. Instead, he believes that exploring other opportunities, such as having the Florida Department of Transportation provide enough additional funding to cover the cost of the project that cannot be provided by local governments, would be a better way to go. Evers says this will be an ongoing discussion that he will continue to be a part of, as it will be at least 5 years until the actual project gets underway. Evers says by then, he is sure they will have come to a solution within their financial means that will not require imposing or levying a tax or toll on residents. In bill news, Evers says he is supporting an amendment to House Bill 463 that would make the reckless discharge of a firearm in a residential neighborhood unlawful. The Senator says his amendment language was crafted by the National Rifle Association and has the NRA's full support. The language seeks to strike a balance between protecting an individual's Second Amendment rights and providing for greater safety of residential communities from the reckless discharge of a firearm in a neighborhood. Evers says it is unfortunate the acts of a few people in our local area, Martin and Hernando Counties, have forced the Legislature to step in to enforce by statute what ought to be common sense and responsible gun ownership. He says he believes we are applying the appropriate measures to safeguard residential neighborhoods and families and he is very grateful to the National Rifle Association for helping and supporting him in this effort. Finally, Evers says he would like to extend his prayers and condolences to the families of Capt. Ryan Hall, Capt. Nicholas Whitlock, 1st Lt. Justin Wilkens and Senior Airman Julian Scholten. These four members of the 1st Special Operations Wing at Hurlburt Field were killed after completing a mission in Africa. The U28 Hero‟s Fund has been established at First National Bank & Trust to help defray funeral costs and travel expenses for the airmen‟s families. It is brave men and women like them who fight every day for the freedoms we enjoy. Evers says these heroes paid the ultimate sacrifice and he is honored by their service. The story and family approved pictures of the heroes are on our website under News at WZEP.com.

At a January meeting of the DeFuniak Springs City Council the members reviewed and approved past minutes. Outside of the vote, Council member Ron Kelley stated there were some other issues, but he would get with the Clerk later. This statement has now become one of concern for some citizens who feel Kelley was confessing to changing the minutes after they were voted on. The Florida Sunshine Laws requires minutes to be taken at meetings open to the sunshine. The minutes do not have to be verbatim, but do need to reflect the general discussions and what was said and who voted. You are not required to record most meetings, but if you do these need to be kept and made open to the public. Staff has been placing the audio on the city‟s website since the first of the year. As soon as a meeting is over, the minutes are the official minutes, even if a vote of approval has not been taken. Once a vote of approval is made, the minutes become the official recorded minutes. At the end of a meeting, a member of the public can ask for a copy of the minute taker‟s notes and summary so far. They are the official minutes. The minute taker can retype and prepare the minutes, but can not make changes to the context of the summary. Again, the summary is not verbatim, rather a reflection of what was said and done. If a recording is made, the whole recording must be preserved and sections can not be taken out or altered. City Manager Sara Bowers confirms her staff does not make changes to the context of the minutes after approval. She says any changes would only be to spelling, grammar or formatting, not to the summary of the meeting.

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Traffic Stop Leads to Meth Arrest
The Walton County Sheriff‟s Office (WCSO) arrested Teresa Ford, 44, of Crestview, Fla., on methamphetamine drug charges. The investigation began March 1 after a WCSO Canine Unit Deputy and Nero, a certified narcotics detection canine, conducted a traffic stop near the intersection of Highway 90 and Highway 1087. A probable cause search of the vehicle was conducted after Nero alerted the deputy of the possible presence of illegal narcotics in the vehicle. During the search, the deputy recovered what appeared to be tools and ingredients commonly used to manufacture methamphetamine. The deputy also recovered a plastic bag containing a substance which field-tested positive for methamphetamine. Ford, the passenger of the vehicle, was charged with one count possession of methamphetamine with intent to sell, manufacture or deliver drugs, a second-degree felony; one count of possession of precursor chemicals, a second-degree felony; and one count of possession of drug paraphernalia, a first-degree misdemeanor. She was booked into the Walton County Jail. Look, I really don't want to wax philosophical, but I will say that if you're alive, you got to flap your arms and legs, you got to jump around a lot, you got to make a lot of noise, because life is the very opposite of death. And therefore, as I see it, if you're quiet, you're not living. You've got to be noisy, or at least your thoughts should be noisy and colorful and lively. - Mel Brooks

Obituary for Jerry DeLane Davis
Mr. Jerry DeLane Davis, age 70, of DeFuniak Springs, Florida passed away Tuesday, February 28, 2012. He was born November 28, 1941 in West Bay, Florida to Horace and Winnie Nolin Davis. Mr. Davis was a resident of Walton County. He was Baptist by faith. He worked at Showell Farms for over 40 years before retiring. He enjoyed Dominos and he also enjoyed Drag Racing. Mr. Davis is preceded in death by his father and mother, his wife, Diane Davis, one sister, Elouise Brown and one daughter, Patricia Newby. Mr. Davis is survived by one daughter, Jona L. Trammell and husband Michael of DeFuniak Springs, Florida. He is also survived by 6 grandchildren, Ashley Wise, Brandi Thorn and husband Kenny, Joshua Newby, Jacob Newby, Jeremy Newby and Diana Trammell; 5 greatgrandchildren, Yazmin Wise, Javius Nettles, Trinity Thorn, James Thorn and Brayden Thorn. Floral arrangements are being accepted. You may go online to view obituaries, offer condolences and sign guest book at www.claryglenn.com. Clary-Glenn Funeral Home is entrusted with the arrangements.

Obituary for Sandra ―Sandy‖ Pereira Weddington
Sandra Pereira Weddington, June 19,1955February 27,2012 was a resident of Freeport, Fla. Sandy, as she was known to her friends and family quietly passed away after a long and courageous struggle with Multiple Sclerosis in the loving presence of her family. She is survived by her husband of 38 years, Stuart Weddington and their 3 children, Rachel Weddington Reese, Joshua Stuart Weddington, and Adam Dale Weddington and their 7 grandchildren, Jesse Reese, Sara Reese, Noah Reese, Maggie Reese, Nolan Weddington, Liam Weddington, and Camilla Weddington, who knew her as "Precious", Sandy's brother Dennis Pereira, and sister Susan Pereira DeRouen. Sandy will be laid to rest at Gulf Cemetery in Santa Rosa Beach, Fla on Friday March 2, 2012 at 10:00 AM in a private family service You may go online to view obituaries, offer condolences and sign guest book at www.claryglenn.com. Clary-Glenn Freeport Chapel Funeral Home is entrusted with the arrangements.

Kindergarten Registration
will be held Monday-Friday, March 5-16, 2012 from 8:00-2:30 p.m. at all Walton County elementary schools for any child who will be five (5) on or before September 1, 2012 An official birth certificate is required. You may obtain an official birth certificate for any child born in Florida at the Walton County Public Health Unit for $12.00. Before entering school in August, each child must have a physical examination and up-to date immunizations. DOH 680 – Florida Certification of Immunization (blue card)

Tots, Teens and in be-Tweens,
Pensacola's Premier Consignment Event, will have its Spring-Summer Sale March 14-18. The sale will be located at 3616 North Palafox Street, just one block north of Fairfield Drive and next to the Casters Building. The hours will be: March 14-15 10AM-6PM, March 16 10AM-7PM, March 17 9AM-4PM (50% off), March 18 1 PM-5PM (50% off). Our sale specializes in new and "gently used" clothing ranging from Preemies to Womens sizes. We have a good selection of teen clothing (both boys and girls) as well as maternity clothes. Swimwear will also be a favorite at this sale. We also carry baby equipment, furniture, toys for inside and outside, books, shoes, jewelry, purses, and much more. There will also be vendors on site to visit with you and give you samples of what they sell. This sale is the collaborative effort of motherdaughter team, Myra Martin and Leigh Wienert. They have years of retail experience and they pride themselves in offering a sale that saves you, the customer, money and makes your shopping fun and enjoyable.

Walton Community Health Improvement Partnership Hosts
Health Summit
"A Healthier Walton Begins Today" The Walton County Health Department encourages your participation in the Walton County Health Summit on March 14, 2012 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The purpose of this groundbreaking meeting is to develop a Community Health Improvement Plan leading to a healthier future for the people of Walton County. The Health Summit will be at the Walton County Health Department at 362 State Highway 83 in DeFuniak Springs, FL. If you are a citizen interested in the health of our community or if you represent an agency or organization working toward improved health and well-being of our residents, you are invited to engage in this community-wide, strategic planning session to identify and prioritize public health and medical issues in Walton County. Community assessments completed in the last six months will drive development of a community-owned health improvement plan. More information about the Walton Community Health Improvement Partnership and community health planning and improvement, is on the Walton County Health Department website at: http://www.doh.state.fl.us/chdwalton/ Community_Health/Community_Health.htm. To learn how you can be involved in improving our community's health and to RSVP for the Walton County Health Summit on March 14, 2012, please contact Laura_Brazell@doh.state.fl.us (850) 892-8040 x 1163 or Ewa_Bearden@doh.state.fl.us (850) 892-8021 x 1137.

It's only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth -- and that we have no way of knowing when our own time is up -- that we will begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


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The good karma you accrue is priceless. Opportunity's knocking -- so greet it with a smile (and more, if it's of the romantic variety!). Involve issues surrounding who's in charge. Are you ready to negotiate when it comes to a certain situation or relationship? Feelings, situations, relationships -- they're all intensified by the stars as the week gets under way. Things can get tricky -- will it be in a getting fooled or an 'oh, I get it!' way? Not everything's on the surface, and this trend continues. Let your subconscious speak now -- in dreams, in fanciful thoughts, in free-form writing or brainstorming. You're especially responsive to your physical surroundings. Why not go places that inspire you -and take someone inspiring along? It looks like you're sticking to your guns as the week gets going, and you've got the smarts to make an insightful argument for your point of view, too. A logical approach works wonders. 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Rt. 30A Antique &Vintage Car Show
Rosemary Beach, FL: For the eleventh year, Hilltop Productions will line the lawns of Rosemary Beach, FL, with a variety of antique, classic and vintage cars from years gone by. The date has been set for March 24, 2012, from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m., with registration beginning at 9 a.m. on North Barrett Square. We will once again be adding awards presented in the categories of best engine, best interior, best exterior paint and People„s Choice Award. These categories will be judged by a panel of professional judges. Once again, there will be entertainment, gift bags for all those participating, commemorative posters, and demonstrations. Entry fee is once again $20 in advance and $25 the day of the show. Proceeds raised from the event will go to benefit various charities in and around the Florida Emerald Coast. The 11th Annual Rt. 30A Antique & Vintage Car Show is sponsored by Hilltop Productions, H & M Tent and Party Rentals, and Rosemary Beach. For more information, call Hilltop Productions at (850) 951-2148, or log on to www.hilltopproductionsinc.com

Libra 9/23 – 10/22 Scorpio 10/23 –11/21

Sagittarius 11/22 – 12/2 Capricorn 12/22 – 1/19

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Dear Parents, The March issue of Recipes for Success is now available on the school website under the Parent Link. The flyer is available for parents in Spanish and English and gives strategies for helping students at home. The flyer is designed to reinforce or enrich learning that takes place at school. The school website address is located below. http://www.walton.k12.fl.us/schools/fes/ index.htm.

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

"Erica's Movie Reel"

Have a Great Time, but always use Safety around the Grill

Wanderlust, Shark Night, In Time
If you enjoy any of Paul Rudd‟s comedy movies, i.e. Role Models, Dinner for Schmucks, I love you, Man, etc., than you will love Wanderlust. This film is about a couple from New York who are settling into their marriage with a hopeful future, but they are unexpectedly rattled when Paul Rudd loses his job. This causes the couple to sell their brand new apartment and move in with Rudd‟s older brother. During the drive to their new future they decide to get off the road and get a good night‟s sleep before continuing their drive, they unexpectedly pull into a rural commune where free love rules. Overcome by the feeling of being free from worldly struggles they stay at the commune and immerse themselves into this new, unknown, world of communal living. Things take a turn when the smoke clears and the realities of communal living, and all of its negative aspects, are presented. Wanderlust is rated R for a reason, so be wary, if you are a fan of the inappropriate comedies that Paul Rudd is famous for, then you will not be disappointed by this film. Shark Night is not a thriller film for lovers of slasher or gore filled horror flicks. However, if you are a fan of the stupid teenagers who go swimming in a lake knowing that a sea creature just ripped off their friends arm two minutes ago, then you will love Shark Night. The story plot is a little surprising, but it doesn‟t make up for the fact that the characters go where they know they shouldn‟t go, and trust people they know they shouldn‟t trust. This film was surprisingly clean in the nudity department, which usually is a crutch for these types of films. It has a PG-13 rating so if you let your child watch Lake Placid then this film should be okay. If you enjoy films like Piranha then you will not be disappointed by Shark Night. I put off seeing In Time because I thought the premise looked so ridiculous, “time is money”, yeah tell me something I don‟t know. However, my husband (a closet Justin Timberlake fan) had to rent it once it hit Redbox. I was very surprised at this film. In this utopian type future, people stop aging at 25, when their „clocks‟ start. However, you have the means to earn time, as you would earn money today. There is a cost of living, and you pay for everything in time. The only way to die is by an act of violence or by running out of time. The cast of this film was very well put together and executed. I loved the story line, and the many parallels between their world and how we are currently living today. If you like the action adventure type films like Surrogates and The Island then you will enjoy In Time.

BY Colin Richards Colin@FlaPanhandleBBQ.com
Although preparing and using an outdoor grill for cooking is not a complicated process, one of the most important aspect to be mindful of at all times is safety. The following safety tips should always be considered when using an outdoor grill. When in use, always keep outdoor grills away from the walls of buildings, tailgating tents and from under low hanging tree branches. Never use outdoor grills inside a garage or other outdoor building. Grills should be positioned in an area that is level, such as a patio or designated lawn space, but should never be used in similar areas that may be covered with a roof. If a grill is to be used on a wooden deck, a large piece of metal or a fireproof patio/deck protector should be placed under the unit. If the deck is attached to a building, the grill must be positioned as far away from the walls of the building as possible. Rings or kettles designed for wood burning (onto which a cooking grate could be placed) should never be used on a deck. When using a charcoal grill, never add starter fluid to coals that are already hot. This can create a very dangerous situation. When using gas grills equipped with automatic ignition, the burners should not be lit when the hood is closed. The build-up of gas that can occur within the confines of the closed hood prior to igniting the burners may cause an explosion once the burners are lit. Outdoor grills should not be used during periods of high wind. A grill should never be left unattended and children and pets should always be kept away from the grilling area. Never use chemically treated wood, such as scraps of pressure treated lumber left over from an exterior building project, as fuel for a fire meant for grilling. A fire extinguisher or water source should be readily available. New Barbecue Season Coming With the new barbecue season coming up soon please let me know if there is anything that you would like me to cover in the upcoming months. I want to make this column as informing and interesting as possible for you the reader.

Walton County free TaxAide will start the first week of February and continue to April 17. If you are a shut-in or in a nursing home and need a counselor to come to you, leave a message at any of the sites and you will be contacted. Please bring the following information with you: Last Year’s Return, Social Security Card, Picture ID, Real Estate Taxes paid on your home and all tax documents that you have received such as W-2’s, 1099’s and social security. Below is a list of the locations and schedule for each. CALL FOR APPOINTMENT! Walton County Council on Aging 1145 W. Baldwin Ave. DeFuniak Springs Tuesday 12:30 to 4:30 Call 892-8165 for an appointment and directions Life Enrichment Senior Center 312 College Ave DeFuniak Springs Thursday 12:15 – 4:15 Call 892-8746 for appointment and directions Freeport Library 76 W Hwy 20 Freeport Thursday 10:00 to 4:00 Call 835-2040 for an appointment and directions

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Thursday, March 8, 2012 Freeport Elementary School Kiwanis Citizen of the Month


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join a co. of friendly local people? Would Walton County Coastal Branch Library will be celebrating reading with a you like to offer great deals with the young adult program on March 19, Monday from 3:30-5:00 p.m. in the community room of the library. Readers of Suzanne Collins, "The Hunger Games" series will be challenged with Hunger Games Jeopardy, invited to get artistic drawing a Hunger Games mural and join in with Story Teller, Susie Arnold as she introduces students to the art of theatrical skit using the Hunger Games theme. Join Library Staff serving up food and fun for all! To receive email notifications of future library events visit http://youseemore.com/ walton. Walton County Coastal Branch Library, 437 Greenway Trail, Santa Rosa Beach, FL. For more information please call Linda Thompson (850) 267-2809 For more details call: 850-585-0262

The Emerald Star News office # is: 850-585-0262 Located in Freeport Florida

Got an item you want to sell? March blood drives in the Walton County, Destin area

I am coordinating a community based yard sale in Freeport at the regional sports complex on April 14 from 8-noon. This yard sale focuses on maternity and kid items. There is no fee to participate and sellers will keep all of the proceeds. There will be kid based activities like car seat and bike helmet fittings. There are some sellers signed up but there is room for more. I am hoping you can assist by sharing this information. The contact person is Donna Free at 892-8015 Monday through Friday 8-5. SIX WEEK SMOKING CESSATION PROGRAM (West Florida AHEC) Beginning Thursday, March 8, 2012 from 5:00 - 6:00 p.m. Walton County Health Department 362 State Highway 83 DeFuniak Springs, FL 32433 For more information or to pre-register, please call (850) 398-6965 or (850) 678-6766

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Thursday, 8th – South Walton County Offices at the Coastal Library, Santa Rosa Beach – 1.30 pm to 4 pm Saturday, 10th – Lowe‟s Destin, - 12 pm to 3 pm Monday, 12th – Coast Guard, 2000 Miracle Strip Pkwy., Destin – 9.30 am to 2.30 pm Friday, 16th – Sacred Heart Hospital, Emerald Coast, Sandestin – 9 am to 4 pm Wednesday, 21st – Walton High School, 555 Walton Road, DeFuniak Springs – 8.30 am to 3.30pm Thursday, 22nd – Freeport High School, 1261 Hwy 331 S – 8.30 am to 3.30 pm Wednesday 28th – Crystal Bay, 2400 Crystal Cove Land, Miramar Beach – 12 pm to 4 pm

Walton County Coastal Branch Library.
Free Coupon Classes with Julie Kline of Coupon for Dummies. Join Julie for a free coupon class designed to educate people on the tremendous savings we all have right at our fingertips. Our goal is to help you cut your grocery bill in half or less. This class is free to the public and will meet in the community room of the Coastal Branch Library on Saturday, March 24th 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. No registration is required. Please call Linda Thompson at the Coastal Library for more information 850-267-2809. 437 Greenway Trail, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459 or visit the calendar for email notifications www.youseemore.com/walton<http:// www.youseemore.com/walton> The

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

6 ACRES IN PORTLAND - SHORT SALE Near Eglin AFB Reservation. Over 1,600 sq. ft. w/3BR/2.5BA. Updated kitchen, s/s appliances. Pole barn & more. $174,900

BAY ACCESS 4 acres w/Choctawhatchee Bay access! Unrestricted and cleared. Mobile homes ok and horses are welcome. $75,000

READY-TO-BUILD WATERFRONT LOT Bay Harbour lot being offered at an unbelievably low price. Not a short sale! Owner Financing Available. $149,000

10 ACRES UNRESTRICTED Vacant land approximately one block from the Choctawhatchee River in Bruce area. Well & septic needed. NOW $54,900

THE FLORIDA GOOD LIFE 3BR/2.5BA, 1,836 SF cottage on LaGrange Bayou. 1st floor Master BR. Open kitchen w/ granite countertops. Dbl garage. $374,900

LAGRANGE BAYOU - WATERFRONT 4BR/3.5BA w/over 2,100 SF on 1.3 acres. 9 ft. ceilings & new Florida rm. Oversized garage + studio. Covered boatlift. $519,000

Caribbean Fun On Black Creek!
EMERALD SHORES - MALLET BAYOU Protected water with easy access to the Intracoastal & Choctawhatchee Bay. CW&S available. Tremendous potential! $168,900

2 BR/1.5 BA, two-story bungalow directly on Black Creek. Dock w/electric. One ac of land w/78‟ on water. Dbl carport, 12‟x24‟ metal storage building, laundry & half bath on first level. Bedrooms, kitchen, & family room on second level. Don‟t miss the great screen porch! NOW ONLY $ 1 8 9 , 0 0 0

RIVER RENDEZVOUS 1st class cabin on Choctawhatchee. 3BR/3BA, approx. 1,700 SF. FP, vaulted ceilings. 50’x70’ metal bldg. across street included. $299,800

East Side / West Side / Corners

For Sale or Lease on Highway 331 South We Have the Most Ready-to-Build Land to Meet Your Business Needs. CALL TODAY!

WATERFRONT DEAL! Almost 1 acre on Mallet Bayou! 3BR/2BA home with 1,514 SF. Dock w/ power & water, fenced yard. $236,500

NEW LISTING! Bayou Bend S/D interior lot with water access to LaGrange Bayou. Beautiful oak trees. Restricted. CW available. $29,900

BAYFRONT ESCAPE 3BR/2BA, 2,200 SF, w/Florida rm. Dbl gar, carport & workshop. Guest quarters w/ 3BR/2BA. Dock & boat slip. $439,000


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