FALLON NEWS BROADCAST AUGEST INTRO Montage of random FSU pictures. RHETT (V.O.) It's Aug 2012.

College is back in session and you know what that means. Shot to Rhett. RHETT (CONT'D) (Close up) Theatre Season has begun. Rhett Snaps and theatre pictures appear behind him. Wide Shot of pictures all around Rhett. RHETT (CONT'D) But with a city as big as Tallahassee containing so many theatres how could anyone... Shot gets father away RHETT

(CONT'D) Hope... Shot gets so far Rhett is small RHETT (CONT'D) To keep up with it all. Rhett claps his hands and a box appears. All the pictures fly into the box. Mid-shot of the things going into the box Rhett is holding. The pictures Fly in and Rhett closes the lid. RHETT (CONT'D) Let us help with that. Rhett Shows the front of the box to the camera. A screen is on it and the intro is cued. CUE INTRO VIDEO. Cue in Anchors at their desk. Anchor 1 will be more serious than Anchor 2. This will help show we can be professional and not boring at the same time. ANCHOR 1 Hello I'm.... ANCHOR 2 And I'm the better looking... ANCHOR 1 This is Fallon News. Cue graphic of Fallon News logo.

ANCHOR 1 (CONT'D) A News station ran for the students by the students in hope of being the central location for all theatre events. ANCHOR 2 You name it... Cue OS graphic of News agenda ANCHOR 2 (CONT'D) Shows, Auditions, Events, even student parties honestly we don't give a bleep. If it's Theatre related email us with the details and we will post it in our next show! Cue Email Graphic. ANCHOR 1 That's right we will broadcast

once a month to let you know what's in store for the month ahead. ANCHOR 2 Speaking of next months show if you want to join the Fallon News Crew you can with low and high commitmen t depending on the job you choose. Look for the next meeting to be posted on the facebook group. Cue Facebook Graphic. ANCHOR 2 (CONT'D) Www.faceb ook.com/fsu fallonnews And now heres ... with our main story! ....

Cue split scene graphic of Anchor 1 and Main Reporter MAIN REPORTER Thank you ... and ... here I am on location at the Fallon Theatre building. This is the segment where we will broadcast to you are main stories. As you can see it is very lively here for the summer. Lets see if we can get inside to watch their summer showing. Shot of blank stage. Mid shot of Reporter in audience looking like he's in deep thought. Shot of Blank Stage. Close up of Reporter in deep thought. Shot of blank stage. Shot of the room being empty except for the reporter. MAIN REPORTER (CONT'D) I get it! Mid shot of Main Reporter.

MAIN REPORTER (CONT'D) It's a methphor for a college students bank account! This director is a genius. Cue split graphic MAIN REPORTER (CONT'D) Now that's art! ANCHOR 2 Righttttttt... .. ANCHOR 1 We now move on the our upcoming shows. With ...... Cue intro for upcoming shows. UPCOMING REPORTER 1 Thanks guys. This is the segment where we will tell you every show that has been

submitted to us by email. Cue Email graphic. UPCOMING REPORTER 2 So please let us know a month in advance so we can broadcast it to all of FSU. As of the shows we do know about now. Cue show graphic. UPCOMING REPORTER 1 Tallahassee Little Theatre is currently performing "39 steps" from now to September 2nd. Better go now while you have the chance! UPCOMING REPORTER 1 (CONT'D) FSU will be showing Crimes of the heart. The musical about how

to get the promotion, the corner office, and the girl….witho ut really trying. Show times are Oct 5th to Oct 14. In the Fallon Theatre. UPCOMING REPORTER 2 And at the same time Oct 5th to Oct 14th the Lab theatre will be featuring Crimes of the Heart we're we will meet the MaGrath sisters who are having an exceptionall y bad day. UPCOMING REPORTER 1 And of course their are so many other shows coming up. So please

whoever you are tell us about them so we can share them with everyone. UPCOMING REPORTER 2 And now we turn it over to ... for Auditions. Cue Auditions Intro JIMMY Hello everyone I'm Jimmy. In this segment we will tell you all the auditions we have received from viewers like you. Cue TCC graphic JIMMY (CONT'D) To start off with Tallhassee Community College is holding general auditions for "Sylvia" and "The Curious

Savage" on Wednesday , August 29 & Thursday, August 30 at 7:00 p.m at TCC's Turner. The auditions are open so you can just walk in the Fred Tuner Auditorium. Prepare a monologue not to exceed 90 seconds. Resumes and/or headshots are welcomed but not required. If you Don't know where that is just follow this map from FSU. Cue FSU Cue JIMMY (CONT'D) And A course FSU is having it's General Auditions Aug 26th. How unlike TCC you must sign

up before hand. JIMMY (CONT'D) Well that's all we have for auditions this month but remember you can always tell us if you are having auditions for something. I'm Jimmy back to you .... And.... Cue Transition for Anchors. Anchor 2 walks in the middle of the trasitions and pauses it. DAVID Whoa guys...I got this one. David jumps into the scene playing a guitar hero controller. Close up of him stroking controlling and music waves coming out. Electricity sounds the guitar and the shoots out to spell. Misc. David does one final dramatic stroke. DAVID (CONT'D) But seriously this is the Misc. Sections.

Where we can add parties, events or just anything that's theatre related but not a show or auditions. It's like the classified pages in a newspaper. ..but free! Cue Transition to Main Studio. All the cast is gather around Rhett like Saturday Night Live. Camera starts on Rhett and slowly zooms out revealing all the cast behind him as they walk on to the set. Credits will roll during this. RHETT (talking fast and kinda improving) Thanks for watching everybody. I'd like to thank the whole cast that volunteered today ..., ..., ...., Jimmy you did an amazing job, James for the

location, Reda for keeping me sane, and anyone else I forgot, Goodbye everybody!

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