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Banking sector and money in circulation I came to know through my father and others that loan sanctioning through banking industry does business which you all also know about . but fact is this loan sanctioning is clueless as to the direction of nation. government either state or central doesnt use arsenal of ads of banking industry to give direction as to where entrepreneurship should be guided to and need necessity of country is thrown at the hands of incompetent managers of the banks promoting whoever comes to their bank asking for loans just to satisfy their minimum quotas of loans disposal inorder to pay to saving depositors money cash which they promised to give jagadish states that money in circulation and knowledge to banks in 21st century and beyond can be satisfied by giving each of the banks a particular industry to groom up so that knowledge and specialization and grooming up of nation can be done easily. with each bank like punjab national bank grooming up agro based industry and knowledge of it to itself is a big plus point to nation and finance ministry can easily get knowledge as to where each sector of industry is moving ahead they can redirect finance to each of the banks through RBI and groom up whichever way they feel like as per need of the nation and money in circulation is also given direction to manage in the society and to the nation and to nations knowledge thought of the day : RBI and its role towards its banks in giving direction to industrial sectors ---- knowledge NEXT scarcity of land and solar electricity project I was browsing through wikipedia for knowledge and accidentally came across the solar project of jawaharlal nehru which is also called as national solar project of INDIA very popular in states of maharashtra, andhra pradesh and orissa As per jagadish is concerned these projects have to be taken up by central government as quickly as possible because of done count is that of scarcity of land in INDIA. if this type of thought process isn't there to look out for scarcity of land automatically solar project construction and maintenance can never be taken up in near future allocation of land to this type of project has to be done well in advance before population explodes in that particular state . then solar dependency can never be achieved and the population has to eat peanuts.

other states with their intelligent chief minister would be way ahead and those foolish chief ministers would eat raw bananas who could have allocated land when it is available but now have to tussle out for land space in their states with public pressure of real estate other way to look out for is to construct in places where land has become barren and agriculture to take up is very difficult.

thought of the day : think on these lines ? NEXT Christianity and following it recently i was going to railway station and as i was going in vehicle of my father i encountered a peculiar habit of burial grounds in one remote place. i was pondering over it but suddenly i thought like a bullet of what i saw these burial grounds are in homage of those who were dead. i honestly respect the christianity religion and have no hatred for it . but when i made a comparison with usa christianity with indian christianity . i horribly realized if INDIA was like usa their would never be a scope of land or real estate business to look out for think why i said just now ? ponder for few minutes christianity ----- burial grounds ----- real estate did you find any tension solving this problem is an insult to christianity but looking it from the view- point of those who live in this world is an insult to mankind. dead people are never cried upon . humanity lives for those who are alive. this maybe of mine a bold statement but if looked through justification it is a sincere concern for christianity people who are alive i am not against christianity in not following its religion but came to one conclusion and solution if brotherhood is understood from my view point . i am not from christian community but from a hindu community. but still think all religions as same the solution which i would give now maybe an insult to christianity following community but alas it is honest viewpoint of mine to give solace to people who are alive my sincere advise is a human being in philosophy terms is responsible till he becomes a grandfather . having grandchildren under his belt is the last thing he sees before death overcomes him .

my view point is if society agrees with confirmation of supreme court notice those people who come before our century those burial grounds should be removed and used for those who die in this century . century wise demarcation of land if is acceptable to public then in near future real estate tussle would never become a hindrance for growth of mankind.

thought of the day : small suggestion to christianity people think what is said and if acceptable ask supreme court of INDIA ruling over this matter thank you NEXT Salary of employees and money in circulation today i was thinking of banking industry as i do always every now and then . money in circulation is the catchword. to make it money in circulation , inflation shoots up in the market because of excess infusion of capital into the market spoiling demand and supply of raw materials , finished products spoiling the correction in the economy. it's a huge tension for government wing. being dangerous situation economy going haywire without any control mechanism. intelligent people would always say control in hands of institutions economy is safe. without control of money in society , poverty would become rampant with raw materials , finished goods catering to high class society only and poor people in society rampant creating havoc in retail stores balance of mind gone haywire---- inflation without control is death to society think ??? to have control in the society not to see dark ages in any countries economy how to control it should be the question ??? any control is done through companies having salaries paid to employees. the more they pay the salary package with bonuses the more the money is their in people account, the lesser they pay of the salary the lesser is the bank balance of people control of purchase !!!! thought of the day :

i am not a person who gives verdict to public that this much of salary should be their for this type of class of society so : instead of me deciding the fate of salary sanction , i ask : public to make a discussion with each other on this topic :--NEXT

Rich class community and Mumbai city mumbai city is bread and butter for all states and a huge timepass with immense contribution coming from films . i was slowly pondering over hotel industry which is service industry of mumbai and was stunned to realise as to what intricacy knowledge i could deliver to myself it is known fact that riches if you want to earn go to mumbai, “yaha pe time ka matlab hai paisa” is the famous quotation of nau do gyarah movie of bollywood of my famous actor “nana patekar” now to save mumbai why ? rich class community if maximum are there if i am correct about mumbai having huge money inflation automatically shoot up in mumbai easily with huge amount of demand for products would increase in relation to supply of goods as people have plenty of money to purchase but finished goods are less got the point !!!!! having middle class in cities is much more happy state than rich class community of both corporate and film industry in one area of jurisdiction now what happens outsiders can never enter mumbai why? because they aren’t sure how much of salary they have to earn to spend in mumbai hence doubting mind set so fear of entry and live a poverty lifestyle in mumbai praising mumbai that it is a costly metropolitan city of india if these outsiders don’t enter mumbai , people become old, youth discarded mumbai because of lack of knowledge about expenditure list , hence old people are in plenty and no income to government in near future from mumbai and economy is in shatters

companies charge hefty sum of money from public of outsiders to manage funds , hence dissatisfaction of hr and huge tension !!!!! now think on above lines as you all consider yourself smart people of india and world think !!!!!!

solution if you are looking for from me as usual is two fold 1) alternative do substitution of mumbai with pune and nagpur etc within state 2) shift to other states benefit of shifting in relation to mumbai is you pay less money to get finished products in other states or within maharashtra compared to mumbai you are unnecessarily butchered to go on doing job just to sustain life in mumbai think !!!! thought of the day is you work just to sustain or you work to have leisure !!!!!!! NEXT INDIA AND OPERATING SYSTEM recently while discussing with my brother who is a microsoftian came to me and said in a statement wise that microsoft is back on track with latest microsoft operating system which is totally a new experience where start menu which is sole of os has been removed many of our countrymen and people aspire for operating system and it is desire even for me to see INDIA as os giant because it is also a super power nation. question is if countries of super power nation like INDIA become os giant with their huge population what would happen to psychological dependence of research scholars and books to be written suppose for example INDIA becomes an os giant by creating 60 os in one stroke what are the repercussions it has to face most of the books which are coming free because of poviding employment to western world through INDIA would become costly and payment made to them would eat away revenue of INDIA and later on inflation would shoot up and INDIA might collapse is one theory i have coined which is yet to be proven

secondly, mental balance within INDIA would change and not having intricacy knowledge as good as western world , we look out for advice and western world might say groom up in INDIA within as you are a giant in operating system so whole of INDIA would be under severe tension and lose spiritualism this theory is also yet to be proven being dependent with huge population is sole happiness of western nations as western nations look out for big countries to satisfy their intellectual knowledge stuff and a huge time pass for them and seeing their books we get excited thought of the day IS OPERATING SYSTEM AN EVIL TO INDIA OR NOT !!!!!! THINK ??? END

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