1. 1 Pa is equivalent to A 1 N m2 B 1 m N-2 C 1 N m-2 D 1 m N2

2. Figure shows a wooden block on a horizontal surface. The block will exert maximum pressure on a horizontal surface if it is resting on its face
A STUV B TWXU C WXYZ D UVXY The smallest surface area will produce maximum pressure

3. The diagram shows a block with the dimensions of 1 m x 2 m x 3 m. The weight of the block is 1000 N. What is the maximum pressure that can be exerted by the block on the floor? (2005) A 100.0 N m- 2 B 166.7 N m -2 C 333.3 N m - 2 D 500.0 N m -2
P = 1000 / (1 x 2) = 500 Nm-2

4. The mass of a boy is 60 kg. The pressure exerted by the boy on a floor is 2 x 10 4 Pa. What is the area of contact between the shoe’s base of the boy and the floor. A 1.2 x 10 –2 m2 B 3.0 x 10-2 m2 C 4.5 x 10-2 m2 P = (60 x 10) / A = 2 x 104 -2 m2 A = 0.03 m2 D 6.0 x 10 E 8.0 x 10-2 m2

5. Which shoe would exert the least pressure on the ground when worn by the same lady? (2004)

6. Diagram below shows four different shapes of shoe heels worn by the same lady. Arrange the heels based on the pressure exerted on the ground, in ascending order. (2006) A. P, Q, R, S B. S, P, Q, R C. R, P, Q, S D. S, Q, P, R

7. Which of the following wooden rods exerts the highest pressure on the floor if each load and each wooden rod has the same mass respectively? (2007)

8. Diagram 6 shows a durian and a coconut of the same mass placed in two identical plastic bags. Why does the plastic bag containing the durian tear more easily? (2008) A. The surface area of the durian that is in contact with the plastic bag is larger B. The force exerted by the durian on the plastic bag is larger C. The pressure exerted by the durian on the plastic bag is larger D. The volume of the durian is larger

9. The following diagrams show four different postures of an elephant performing a circus. Which posture exerts the maximum pressure on the floor? (2010)

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