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SyncMaster 795DF

Samsung CDT Monitor

The SyncMaster 795DF is a renovated design product with the OSD control buttons dramatically moved to the right panel. The 795DF is utilizing Max. 1,600 1,200@68Hz resolution, and decreasing eye strain by applying Multi-Layer Coating. MagicTuneTM allows Auto Adjustment or the user's environment can be precisely controlled by mouse. Proven to be the best environment friendly monitor, the slim and ergonomic design of the 795DF will increase your perception.

SyncMaster 795DF
Samsung CDT Monitor

795DF has enriched color realization, improved white uniformity and excellent focus by adopting DynaFlatTM CDT. Of Course, DynaFlatTM gives distortion free and razorsharp pictures with extraordinary clarity.

Specifications Summary
CDT Size Face Deflection Pitch Surface treatment Video signal Sync signal Horizontal Frequency Vertical Frequency Pixel Frequency Signal Connection Max. (based on VESA GTF Timing) 17 (16.0 Viewable) DynaFlatTM 90 0.20mm(H) Multi-Layer Coating RGB Analog Separate H/V 30 - 85kHz 50 - 160Hz 185MHz 15pin D-Sub 1,600 x1,200 @68Hz 1,280 x 1,024 @79Hz 1,152 x 864 @93Hz 1,024 x 768 @104Hz 800 x 600 @131Hz 640 x 480 @160Hz 1,024 x 768 @85Hz 1,280 x 1,024 @75Hz 312 x 234 325 x 244 3/8 modes AC90-264VAC, 50/60Hz 80W 2W @Off State EPA/VESA DPMS Brightness, Contrast, H/V-Moire, Degauss, Reset Color Temperature (6500K/9300K) Color (Red, Green, Blue) sRGB H-Position, V-Position H-Size, V-Size Pincushion, Pinbalance Trapezoid, Parallelogram Rotation DDC 2B/2Bi UL, CSA, TUV, CB, NEMKO, Korea EK CCIB, PSB, NOM, GOST, CDRH, IRAM FCC, CE, VCCI, C-tick, BSMI, Mic, ICES TUV GS, MPR II,TCO 03 (Option) Windows2000/ME/XP 401x410x378 14.3kg / 16.2kg Install Driver Manual MagicTuneTM Natural Color ProTM

Input Signal

To control the screen size, the brightness, the contrast, and the MagicBright's detailed color of a monitor, a mouse is used instead of using front OSD (On Screen Display) buttons


Natural Color ProTM

The colors seen on the monitor are portrayed as more natural colors and will perfectly match the colors produced by your printer. This software uses true colors, so what is expressed on your monitor will be printed exactly the same way on paper. What you see is what you get.
Recommended Display Size Mode Power Typical(mm) Max(mm) Factory/User Supply Consumption(nominal) Power Management Regulation Display DirectorTM

TCO 03
TCO certification is granted only to high level products that have passed stringent tests in the evaluation of picture quality, environmentfriendliness, and user convenience. Samsung has again renewed its TCO certification for the SyncMaster in 2003. Rest assured that Samsung monitors are environmentally friendly and safe.

User Control

Multimedia Stand
A stand-type Audio System without extra personal speakers, the Multimedia lets you easily experience the dynamic sound of multimedia entertainment! (Option)
Feature Regulation Plug & Play Safety & X-ray EMC Enviromental/Ergonomics Windows Logo Set(WxDxH) [mm] Set/Box Software Kit

410 401

Set Size Weight Accessory


* Design and specifications are subject to change without notice

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