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i..; *.


Visitors of the Month
,{nd here's the priceless ne\'s 01 tne munrh: -{t long la.r. plen. lor the long-at-aited WOODY HORN REUNION were actualll' launched if informally at 118 T'enna. q'hen tho should Aye. this month Woody Horn himself. Woodl rvas in the Gu:rdalcan:rl, Green lsland Rougainville and Ne\r Caledoni.r campaigns (not to lnention time spent in Ne\\' Zealand and othel Pacific hotspots) to come backafter ll2 r)ronths in the Pacific Theatre a Lt. Colonel. An oliginal Hornefronter, \\-oody ha-r bccn with Horne{r'ont since he tas a 1st Lt. back ir1 '42. lt tas in llorre

drop in but none other


R?rttle of Surigao Strait. It \ras here that a Jap Kamakaze plane lealll' gave the ole can (and the boys) a hald tinre. \\'hen the sui-

Sherdy toid tbe storl': Theil tin can \1'as lirst in the Palau canr paign and then got into the initial Iandings on Leyte and also the

of the Bisnrarck


cide plane hit, the bols lost llll their clothes (the] could'\e lost l lot nlore) and *'hen thel tlicd to find 'erl all the]'1ound \!as the door to theil lockel up on ihe Iar

tail: The ole can proccctled under' its onn posel to Nlllnus for re pairs, and it las here tbat Sheldl nret Dick Wells. Thr ship prrrceeded back to Le) te and

:r convo! up to Lingayen (,1ulf

the| took

front's \iol.

tion for a leunion of all Blue Valley nlen in the seNice. Now that reunion becomes something of :r reality. Accor.dinA to present plans the reunion \\'ill take the folm of real old - fashioned out - of - doors
picnic and rvill indude those events

1, No. 2, th:rt appealed Wood-v's (then optimistic ) sugges-





games, contests $'hich made the
events they once u'ere.
old - fashioned



parades, sports,


ans Spanish Anerican War, World War I and World War ll-

picn;cs the real -{ll \eter-

rvill be invited-*'ith their families. The event, accordjng to initial p)ans, u'ill be held jn the spring of this coming vear; .rnd it
is Woody's and Editors'Nish that servicemen start thinking about jt
and making the suggestions neces

sary to its success; for it \\'ill be a reunion for and bl all serrice men! And a great event it sill bel I['ho should drop into Honrefront this month but ol€ G. Z. (Granville Zerth) Baldy Holland, str'right lrorn t\\'o ]'ears in the ETO \\'her'e Baldy r.eally got alound: sa\\' Ire

Jand, Scotland, Walcs, France, Belgiuln, LuxeInbourg and Ger'many, and picked himsell

tlal Ilu.ope and Rhineland canr paigns. But Raldl- is lot rvearing
the bronze stars these days

bronze stars for the Normandl', .\rdennes, Northern France, Cenhe's

oflr fe\

in civties. Yeppir: Home front's Yisitols lecistet' sure did glittel this fionth. Her'e are thlee other colorful Hornefronters to drop o1l at 118 I'enna. -{ve., since the latest issue: the Three Tinothel adopted son). -{nd
canners! 'T\\as Sherdy Stancombe, Bob McCarthy (adopted son) and Sherman (Wimpy) Minard (anthese

three young salts sarv and did

ferv things in the past 15 months.


n Cul) oI T.tt: Ittlt,tio l'!r,t\

Woody Horn

Luzon and then to llindoro. Covered a landing at Nasugbu, Luzon;

then proceeded

the beach-head and to Subic Ilay and operated fol the landings on
re-supplied into hot stulf here {or theirs *as

raid) 15? times. The boys give the air corps a lot of credit for cooperation at Okinarva. After they Eot the rvord of Jap surrender,

Rataan and Corregidot. Reall.f* got


proceeded to GuaDr. None could sleep here, for' all the ships

the only can to touch the beach at Cou'egidor. But the ole can \!as

still rarin' 1or action and the-v colered the landings at I'trnay,

ererything they had; and ever,]'Nhere there was teening excite-

in the harbol


up *'ith

Joe E. Bro$'n putting on a shol\ in the bat close b!. On May 1ll, the ole can joined a squadron for the Okina\la caDrpaiRn \\'here they (ere on picket and fire directjon

Guilnaras and Negros and then at Polloc Harbol on Mindanao. Once Nhile covering a londing they sa\\'

nlent, men $'aiting for the neu's of final surrender. The can then proceeded back to Okinarva and, de-

spite the \\ar's end, really had

hard time here

one, but four no$'-rvorld-famed

for they hit



Okinarva typhoons; and Sherdy repofts these typhoons were worse


J:e and Doris Pritchard

dutl'\'hich Sherdy savs was plenty lugged. They \\ere out 42 days and had to run to General Head quartels (cver]' time there was a -.-,@ Ftt

than any air attacks they had eYer been exposed to. They \{'ere at
Okinarva untii September 5th $hen they shot full steam ahead for

rearing the Presidential Unit Cita tion presented by Secretary of the Nar]' James Forrestal in Washington for the Claxton's work in the Solomons campaign. Besides this their fruit salad consisted of the Anlerican theater, European-\frican, Asiatic-l'acific \\ ith seven stars and the l'hilippine Liberation

honre. The three tincanners *'ere

And another ) faithful ole Homefronter scrarvled his nanre on Homefront's register this nronth after a long absence the person of Franklin May. -in rvas t\\'o lears in the ETO Frank
Eet cauqht"
and saw England, Scotland, Wales,

t'ibbon rvith t\\'o lltore stars. 'Course all the boys were \yearing the Good Conduct lledal (as Bill Floly once said, thet- just "didn't

Ft'ance, Gen:ranl and Czechoslo, Anselo and Anthony Corvino

lakia. Rut his ulost
Franklin (Pete) May

\rhom he spent a furlough. ir_*o, F|ank rvasn't in the Infantry, nor the Ack acks, no| the Field Artillerr'. This guy May rr-as in an out6t no GI on this earth rvould ever Nant to be in-a Bomb Disposal action
Squad, and onc

mer)lorable criperience \\'as in the Battle of the Bulge. Frank had only kind rvord fol Slitzcrland and the S\\'iss \rith

and duties of a BD squad, Home

of the first in in lJurope. Intsead o{ :rttempting to explain the activities
front. in earnest tribute to outlits, simpl]' reprints a


frolrr the "Stals and Stripes":


Iision, revealing that the unit
art of turning a batch of high explosives into souvenirs.

I,i'f O ordnance stripped the secrecy from its bomb disposal di-

practically had revolutionjzed the
So adept did the bomb squads

THIT THREE TINCANNERS: Sherman (Wimpv) Minard, Sherdy Stancomb and Bob McCarthy

become during the European cam, paign, ordnance said that the





and unexploded bombs per man per month. About 1,600 tons of explosives were removed from Paris alone, shortly after liberCasualties among

three and a half tons of munitions

the disposal of six Dercent during the Frince invaslon but many i"o- i ,ui
men jumped to a high


lhe BD men often were working in

than """"rt"a bomb remova),


enemy fire.

of th. infantry,


The William M<;orer and Son


was streamlined fron a truckload to a 40-pound kit.

for neutralizing

bombs ffve_ton

was carried on by IBb officers and 1,110 enlisted men, mosl of whom learned their dangerous and exact-

fuses, and about 200 types of artillery fuses of all nationalitiesIn the ETO, bomb disposal work

among the Army's most hishlv trajned specialists and had to- be able to recognize and deactivate between 200 and 900 German

BD men,

was pointed out, are

Jay AcLcrman and Johnny Vicrrio

with 82 points to his credit. Angelo
was sporting frve bronze stars and one bronze arrowhead. He extend-

ordnance declined to tell how the mechanical dehydration was accomplished. but other deeds of the formerly secret drvtsron were made knov/h. Since D-Day, bomb disposal personnel have removed an averaee of

For security reasons,

ing work at the Aberdeen Provine
Ground, Md.

his discharge at Indiantowr

After serving for 2? months with the infantry in Africa. Italv. France, Germany and iustria. A.ngelo Corvino recently received

ed congrats to his brother philip
on his promotion to S 1/c.

about her work in a convalescent hospital. She received her training at Des Moines, Iowa and Denver,
Sqd. D, Box 200, Santa Ana, Calif. Jos is stationed at Elizabeth, N. C., at a blimp base and he too likes his lvork especially the liberties every other night. He said hello to

Ana, Calif., is quite

Doris, who is a medical technician attached to the Air Corps at Santa

Doris and Joe Pritcf,ard were fortunate in being able to have their furloughs at the same time,

Col, Doris' address is: pfc. Doris Pritchard, 1040 AAF, Base Unit,

Congrats to Bill Moore on his promotion to Sergeant, Bill was shipped to the ETO risht afrer completing his basic trainine irr

Joe's address is: Joseph pritihard S I 'c USNAF Sqd. t2-4, Sqd. Barracks B, Elizabeth City, N. C.

Carl Jones and Evcritt


August, He

was with Penna,s 28th Division but lvas later transferred

April and remained there until

to the states and was to be shipped to the pacific when the war ended. Bill is now stationed at Camp Lee, Va.. and his address is: Sst. Wiltiam Moore, 5?th Quarterriaster Co..
1Oth Bn., Camp Lee, Va.

ticipared in the campaiens of ien_ tral Europe and the Rhineland, He

to the Field Artillery. Bill

was reluctant

Kenny Dutt, Earl Dutt, JHS, paulie Owen.


4 t

American Defense and Good Con-

to tell aay oi his the ribbons he re_ ceived tell quite a story. He re_ ceived the Philippjnes Liberation Ribbon with 2 batLle stars. the

months in the Pacific. Althoueh he

"CLitta" Lugs is back after


He $'ill handle, in addition, a complete line of frozen foods includ ing complete frozen meals, frozen pies, cakes, bread, etc., for retail or wholesaie sale. Producers may have fresh foods frozen and stored

r complele processing ol meats, fruits, vegetables and almost any other edibles imaginable.

Ruth and Milton Frey

recently got his discharge from the Air Forces at March Fietd, Catif., after almost four years in the service. While $'elcoming Johnny back, Jay Ackerman dropped in. Jay

duct ribbons. the Asiatic Pacific ribbon vrith t!vo battle stars, the Bronze Arrowhead for assault landings, and the World War II Victorr* Medal. He also lr,'ears a hash matk and seven "Hershey bars." "Chitta" received his discharge at Indiantown Gap. And another original Homefronter paid a visit at 118 this month-in civvies. Johnny Vicario

in. Kenny, an original Homefronter, sweated out a stretch of four and a half years in this man's .{rmy, served with the 10th Armored in the Ituropean theater, $'as taken seriously ill in France and floq'n home to receive fufthel hospitalization in this countr]'. Nou' out of the ser-\'ice, Kenny has picked up his old form and is in great shape. Brother trlarl also had his stretch in the ETO:

fronters (now in civvies) to 118 this month u'hen Kenny and Earl Dutt and Paulie Owene dropped
Joe Font€, Mike De Lesio

business will be kno*'n as "Frozen Food Service." Came three more good Home-

in bulk. Individual consumers may have foods frozen and stored in individual lockers. The nerv


Scotland, Enqtand,

France, Belgium and Holland lvith

luckt' to be home. Paut, after fighting thlough France and Belgium, found hinself last summer: in Calas Staging Area, Marseilles, headed for the Pacific. But V-.1

the Lucky ?th Armored; says he's


is still in the selvice and is stationed at Pine Canrp, N. Y. TakArmed Forces Institute Courses, Jat- expects to take a crack at college rvork upon his release from
the service.

ing advantage of the


And came also the Howard Oyer6 thi-q honth. Bud, \'ho r,r.'as aboard the U.S.S. Johnnie Hutchins, :r deltroyer escort, has seen most of the hotspots of "the \\'hole

Pacific area." He received his dis charge papers from the Nal'y recently at Bainbridge, Md. And another rarebit on Woody tablished that Woody and his fami)y (his wife, the former B€tty McClure of Kittanning, Penna., and son Roger, four years) rvill "settle" in the ltood ole tslue Valley; so the otiginator of the fanous reunion rvill be right on hand to prornote the event. Yeppir, the Colonel is going into business, right in Bangor, or rathel several yards

Horn. It is no*' pretty \\ell


outside Woody

Kaiser Co. on South Main St. Here, for producer, consumer, retailer and rvhoJesaler, Woody will

large, modern frozen foods plant just beyond the Cro\\'n plant of the

the southern boundary. is going to construct a

The Howard lBud) Oyers





Vinccnt Cartellucci and his

Editors extend best wishes to

across. He was on the U.S.S. Fhiladetrphia, which escorted the U,S,S. Augusta when it transported President Truman and the American delegation to the Berlin Conference from Newpod News to Antwerp, Belgium. Vince met Thomar DiF€dc and Georee HacLman, who were aboard the Augusta, a! Antwerp, Belgium. tr{e said hello to his brother "Blackie" and brotherin-law, Joc Sylv..ter. Having just completed his boot

the former Ann Gcntilcorc of Washington, D. C. Vince stopped at Homefront a fe.rr days before the wedding, having just rcturned to the states after seven months

Wilmcr Rothrock

Vinc. Ca.tellucci and Sitt€r

training at Great Lakes, Milton Frey was home on a sevenday

Day came in the nick of time.

leave, He said hello to Elmcr Hert-

Paulie was discharged the 18th of

Editors have some aPPreciation of what it must've been like to sweat Penna. Ave. threw a sPasm this month when, lo and behold, whc pops in (or uP) but Dourc William!. Wiih Douse was Fairest Ellcn Joncr. A Marinette, Ellen is working in the Post ofice at Parris Island, S. 'C., and expects her discharge from the service in
out the Pacific at Calais. The ole visitors' register




zell, Gordon Bonney, Carl Vorhecr and Carl Jackron. Milt was repofting to O.G.U. Don Toth was a visitor during the Pacific and Europe and with the parachute troops.
the month, having received his dhcharge on October 16th at Indiantown Gap. Don spent 38 months in



Comes an invitation addressed to Blue Valley folks or sewicemen

February. Douse, who was a Prisoner df the Germans, is now sporting two brand new bars, is alleg' edly instructing at the ArmY Air
Base at Greensboro, N. C.' but right now is on an "extended" durlough.


in or

around Los Angeles, Cali

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Capobianco
and Miss Lucille Capobianco have put out a cordial welcome sig!, say they "would be very happy to see anyone from Fennsylvania" and invite all Slatebelters to look them up at
838 E. 104th Street,

Homefron'ter, Lcroy Godrhalk, on his promotion to CorPoral. LeroY



another original


.fourteen montl* in Haltaii with the Coast Artillery. Jim Kcnt .ltlas in the same outfft. This was Le-

rece;tly returned after


DaYid Miller

Los Angeles 2, Califomia

roy's second tirne to serve in Hawaii, having served two years right trdore Pearl Harbor q/as attacked' Ile was wearing the American Theaire, Victory, Asiatic-Paciffc,
Conduct Ribbons. Leroy said he'llo to Johnnic Schnaitmen and hopes

Pre,Pearl Harbor and the


he gets home soon, He received

his discharge at Camp Attcbury,


was a Homefront visitor, He said he spent twelee v€eks in Calcutta

Medics over there, John Ryrnen

Just back from India a4ter 32 months with the

and didn't think very much of India, It is very dirty and they have plenty of snakes there. John said hello to JHS and to all the boys. IIe receiYed his discharge October 29th at Indiantown Gap,

Lcrtcr PyrLcr


5 |

Domcnic Srbetino, Victor Frlconc





!"q.LcoNE KII,LED IN ACTION g in action since tbat date (Homcfrort, January,
rvas reported missi





1944). According to a letter received from the War Dept. by Michael's parents, Mr. and ]frs. Philip M. Fal-


cone of 725 Pennsylvania Ave., Bangor,

according to word received ftonl thc \\''ar L)epartment by his parents, iur. and trfrs. A. Wolfi of 218 Sourh
Sccond Strect,

ator $hich participated in a

rvhich stated that their son was a member of the crew of a B-24 Libercombat

Bangor. lt was learned

Come unto ne, aU

re that labor

and you

mission on November 8th. 1944. $rhile over the Alicante Airdrome at the extreme northwcst of Negros Island in

nre h(aty laden, and r?rr--N{atrhcw t t:28.

r uill give

that thc car i which Irwin was fidins overturned on thc road resulting in his death. He was attached to the

the Philippines, the aircrafr was damaged from enemy fightcr plan€s, Witb half the right wing gone and the rest of the wing burning, ir fell ro rhe earth

in a spin and on striking the


756th licld Artillery. Irwin, who vras a graduarc of the Univcrsity of penn_ sylrania, r,ould have been twenty_four years old on January 20rh. Hjs brorher, Sgr. La$Tence l,Volfi, is stalioned in lndia rLith rhe India-China Division of

exploded. Besides his parents, he is survived by two sisters and a brother, Antoinctte and Joseph at home and
Mrs. llamic Hoagland of Bangor.


Il'oifis. i\ho operare thc pen

the Army Transport Command. The

rU,lling Company. rormerly resided in I'a(erson, N. J.

Christ Evangelical and Reformed Sunday School, Stone Church Joel Rogat Shirt Co. Pen Argyl Junior Woman's Club A Friend (Allentown) Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Falcone Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Young (Easton) Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Horn (E. Stroudsburg) Belfast Methodist Church Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Figlioli Fidelity Class-Presbyterian S. S. Portland Blue Ridge Textile Company Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, Roseto Well Made Novelty Co. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Hayes Richmond M. E. Sunday School Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Emes

r. a1d Mrs. Earl Bafteau ( Allentown ) Mrs. Kathr_yn Winter Mr.. and Mrs. J. Lawrence Davis mlvn H. Evans Post No. 3?8 B. P. O. EIks No. 1106 Fashion Robe Co. Mrs. Flora Lobb Obrecht Adult Bible Class of St. Matthews United S. S. Ackermanville Falcone's Grocery Store Frierdship Circle of Mt. Bethel Presbyterian Ch urch Mrs. Lewis Yohe Roger Weidlich Kuth Hase Sam Hicks H_arvey Miller Henry Fremount rvl rs. Ada -tsowers Bob Smith n{rs. Lena Cipher Anonymous !.llls Roberts Bangor Tri-Hi_y


Homelronl 7

-\ng.l(' \'allctl , :rtanding tourlh ftrnn right. and ]lembers ot thc I'ost \fortcru l)oggics'Bascl)all


Affention: Men Of 317th lnfqnlry, 80th Division
Pvt. Elmer Yohe of ihe 2nd Battalion,31?th Infantry, 80th Division, was killed in action, 6 October 1944, at Lorraine, France. Anyone who knew Elmer Yohe,

C-O Postmaster
Melvin Mover': address


Melvin Moyer, 33625631, 7l2th Evac. Hosp., A.P.O. 403, c/o
Postmaster, New York, N. Y.

Merrill Reddinger, who is sta' tioned in Tarcento, Italy, has a change of address. It is Pvt. Mer-

rill J.

A. T. Co. 35oth

lnfantry, A.P.O. 88, c,/o Postmastcr, New York,

Reddinger, Sr.3397?034,

killed, is requested to communicate rvith Mrs. Le\\ is Yohe,
Bangor, Penna. R. D. No. 1

about the action in rthich he was

or rvho could offer any inforrnation



BIue Valley beauty, Betty Dentith, should have been one of Homefront's Fairest several years ago' but every time Betty 'lr'as to appear as such, something snafued' Seems there wete snafus and gremlins in civilian life, too. But now Editors with fingers crossed, trusting they've swePt away all the gremlins, try again. So here is Betty-in all her quiet brown charm' For she is a brownette: hair and eyes' And she is petite too: five feet two and but 112 pounds. A graduate of Bangor High, Betty exclaims she is "not the domestic type"; but the statement dissipates quickly in the light of the fact that het chief hobby is sewing and that also she makes all her own clothes, which, trust Editors' are plenty chic. Previously serving as a secretary in the Pennsylvania State Legislature, Betty is now employed in the offices of Bangor Mills, IncShe is a member of the First Methodist Church, Bangor, and is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Dentith with whom she resides at 607 Penna. Ave., Bangor, Penna.

Mrs, Yohe rvill deeply appreciate anf'response to this request.

George McCammon, right, and Buddv

Homefronf 8 |




Merrill Reddinger

Earl Mensch and Girl from

Anthony Pagano Editors add that such innovations might seree as antidotes for the goose-step and say also to Melvin:

rvho reports a change of address in

Homefront, let me say once again,

Swell missiYe from Neil Catalino

Germany. Neil's now just south of Kassel at a P.W. camp where his one duty is guarding German prisonets of war. Neil says that's ihe

it sure seems funny to lvake up in the morning and find one of them building fire in the
adds that stove, another sweeping the floor, and others in the messhall prepar-

only duty they pull, for the cermans pull all other details; and he

York, N. Y.

"Carry on!" For all the boys still oYerseas always await your arrival." Neil's new address is: Pfc' Neil Catalino, Btry A, 142 A.A.A. cun tsn., APO ?58, c/o P.M., Nevr

vin sends his regards to Williams, Carl Blitz, Bill

Cones a great letter from Melvin Moyer, rvho's with the 112th Evacuation Hospital. MelRcd and

ing the meals. Neil reports that the entertainment there is really snafu, that they "are situated in a remote part of Germany; no city is close enough to take in a show, so that all there is in entetainment is ivhat can be picked up on the radio. Neil adds this choice morsel: "My buddies and I read Homefront so many times I'm beginning to think the Blue Valley will be their second home, To

brings a man closer to home than anything he's knorvn in his overseas expe ence. Reports an interboxin6J and many other favorite American sports are being intro-

ers-jnlaw) and to all the boys "\!ho have retumed to the Blue Vatley after service with Uncle Sam." He adds that Homefront

Spere and Jim Lamson (his broth-

Davanzo goes places, sees things and meets people. Latest friendship Joey struck up was with none other than Bobby Brcen. Joey net Bobby in Ulm, Gerrnany, while the singing star was touring the ETO circuit. Editors' thanks to Carol and Don Spry for the Christmas greetings. Last heard from, Don was in Germany, but was expected to be on the way home ,,in the near future."

"thanks for the season's greetings." Melvin's address is: Cpl. Melvin Moyer, 33625637, 112th Evac llosp., APO 403, c/o P,M., New York, N, Y. . . . . This Joe

esting sidelight : Football, baseball,

he is now in Austria on occuDational duty. In a jebter received
Tony Pagano has moved


duced and taught



Neil Catalino

Joe Davanzo and Bobby Brecn

Honclronl l0 |

Service AAen Attend Belfast Banquet
held at the Reformed Church at

A Father and Son banquet


Belfast on November 15th. Dr. Charles Freeman of Doylestown .was one of the speaken of the evening. He outlined the kind of a church essential when the boys come home. Dt. Georqe Brong, formerly of Bath, related his experiences in treating the wounded at rhe front, before being sent to the hospitals, A very inspiring siglt was the group of servicemen Lcrtcr Hartman
from Tony he enclosed a leiter he received from a family in llolland. Mclvin Moyer

While fighting in Holland Tony and his buddy went back for a test at Ve lo and lived with these people. The letter reads: "Dear Tony and

Rullell Williams is a member of
the 449th Ordnance Company now operating at the Delta Base Section with headquarters at Marseilles, France. This base section

in the group from World War II were: Capt. Kinsey Reagan, Pfc. Donald Sloyer, Cpl. John Lilly, Sgt. Harold Achenbach, Russell Frable, GM3/c, Pvt, Clark Repsher, Pvt. John Humphaey, A/S
Thomas Jones, Cpl. Elwood Colver,

from World War I and World War II seated at one table. Included

Bill: When I write you for he first time there is peace in Europe. I hope and trust that both of you, and ell of your friends who have

Sgt. Ralanond Walters, Lt. (j.g.) Allan !'lorey, Pfc. Virgil Easton, T/4 Byron Schmidt, Prt, Law-

inger, Capt. George Brong,

renc€ Young, Sgt. Charles Breid-



know how to show our appreciation. All of Holland shall rcmain grateful; therefore, the day o'f
liberation shall be a day orf thanks

Iived with us for a short time, are well, healthy, and unhamed. P€ace at last, after five years of oppression and bomlrings and killings and plunder by the Germans. For the liberation of lfolland we thank you too, valiant soldiers of the gth Army. You have given us a great present FRXEDOM. We don't

handles all t]re units performing the work n€cessaly to supply and maintain troops in the area, and also the redeployment df troops to

Gerald Meyers; also veterans of World War I: Pfc. George Stettler, Pfc, Wilson Hawk, Dr. Charles

Freeman. There were eighty-six

in attendance.

the United States through this port. Russell served in England,
France, Germany and Belgium,

Le3ter Hartman is now with the 553rd Field Artillery Battalion at

Camp Washington, near Laon,

Homelront is a non-profr, cnaleavor ol the Churches and peoplc ol ,h. Bluc Vallet lor lhe bencf.l of thcir mdt in the Armed Forces. It is published Irom I 18 PENNA. AVE.,

to God, but also

liberat€d, saved from hunger, At last Germany is defeated and shall never xnore, I hope, g€t the occa-

soldiers, My parents and family in the west of Holland are also





I have worked a short time as dishwasher in an American Mililary Kitchen on the airffeld. Tomorrow tr am going to Eindhoven {or a job €.s instrument maker. Do write soon and Please send me a few pictures you had taken of our children. Kindest regards from your fraiends in Ven1o." (signed) Cor. Billy and the Twins." Tony's address is: Pfc. A. Pagano, Co. M,329th Inf,, A.P.O. 83, c/o Postmastei, New York, N. Y.
very well.

world misery, hunEer a4d tortures. My 'lvife and I and the twins are

to stand up and bring


"Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands. Serve t}le
Lord with gladless: come before His presence with singing," Anthony Renaldo, Lneeling, with His Boxing Team


100 r1-2.

I Hcncfrcnf lI


Top: The Bernard Reimers: Barly and Betnard, Jr., Bernard Reimer, Sr.. and lfrs. Reimer. Ccnter: }{rs. John Duvall and son Jack; the tr{enill Reddingers and sons N{errill, Jr., and Gary; Roy, son of Pfc. and Nfrs. trlmer Lob-b. Boftom:
of Cpl, and Mrs. Voo Rut[.
Nancy Carol, daughter of the late S/Sgt. John Racciato ard Mrs. Racciato; ]Irs. Lerio Llliar)o and carv Lee; Betty, daughter

Homclroni 12


With the World,eE . . .

Editors (both oI'em now) start this column by greeting a great
new yeat.

pastor and chaplain, Lt. (j.g.) Harry T. Well" and by wishing Mrs. Wells and him the best of a

taina,ble. Bob enclosed wiih his letter a picture of their mascot, a Chinese bantam. This bantam has put in over 30,000 miles of sea duty, Botr extends his thanks to
those making Homefront possible and says, "I .incerely hope it will be as great a magazinc in peace time as it \^'a^s in days of trouble,

good pay and the best food ob-

"Bob" Miller has been in the submarine service for three years and says he likes it a lot-receive$

phoon, which did as much, if not more, damage than all the Jap air attacks we had heie. The air base where I am no^l| stationed was almost wiped out by the storm. By norw we are gradually, with the help of those never-say-die, Sea Bees, getting back to our pre-storm

after he made his historic flight when he d,ropped the ffrst atomic bomb. Then along came the ty-

about I was very hap,py. I also mn across Col. Paul Tibbetts, whom I knew back in tlre States-this was


has brouglt great relief to bol's away ftom lome, and lelped them to keep in touch with their school

mates." Bob rrould like to hear from Lej Sreinmetz, also his biothers Roy and AI.

Jack william!

ting a break in the NarT' at lastafter three long years. It really sounds like a good set-up, too. His letter reads: "Well, here I am in

"Bud" Barnum says he is


celebration here on Okinawa. When it started I,was plenty scared as we'were on the alert fot a Jap paratrooper suicide attack. When I finally found out what it ryas all

F.P.O., San Francisco, Calif. trn a recent lefter from Robert Leopold he reports he,s ,,sweating away" on Tubaboa, a base next to Samaura. Bob left Frisco on the 2?th of September and says they had a rough voyage, besides pass-

condition. Tell .,Fritz" Joncr, Chibbq and the rest of the gans to either write to me, or if they are eyer around here to drop in and see me in Field Operations. I rwish to say "Merry Christmas,' to all you who have done such a swell job on the "I{omefront',.', Bill's address is: Lt. j.g, W. A. Caweir, Naval Air Base 11?5, c/o

letter continues: ..The water situation is'lousy,and the ants are num€rous-I'm all ibitten up. Had
a pleasant surprise at chow today

jng two mines on the wav-


I am enjoying it no end. Of course you know I wanted to go to California very much, ;but tlat's the Navy fo! you. Will have
years, and

months. At last the Navy is giving me a ,break, after three long

sunnv Miami for the winter

Trlr N,lval Rlsnnvr

Orrrcl:ns Tn-lr^*rxc Conps

permanent slore patrol duty hete until I am ready to be discharged, Where I am staying is a ver.y nice Iocation-about a firfteen mirlute



annoutrces thc Couurssro^*rNc AND Co.lrMtilrcE]tENT

too rnany service men like in Nelv

Miami. The people down here seem quite friendly-there aren't

walk ,from the business district of

York City or Frisco." Bud sends regards to "Spider" Miller, Earl


Messinger, Abby Housden, Walter Rei6E, Rev. Wrisht and J.H.S. His address: C. O. Barnum, Cox, Hdq.


or Ocroglt

?th Naval Dist., Shore


Miami, Fla.

on NIonda1., October thc trventy-sccond
Nineteen hundred and forty-five

(j.g.). Last heard from, Bill was still on Okinawa, where he wrote: "I just received my Victory Edi. tion of Homefront here on Okina.wa. I spent quite a few enjoyable hours on it so far, and intend to spend plenty more pouring ovet its pages of good old home town news, I enjoyed the pictures of the peace celebration you had there, but we also had quite a

upon his promotion to Lieutenant,

Editors' congrats to Bill Cawein



.} Homelronf 13


is up here in the Blue Valley. He rras hoping he would be ab:le to see the Turkey Day game, but it was quite impossible. .,Doc" is still aboard the same destroyer escot and at ihe time of his letter they were tied up at llayport, Fla., a small Naval Air Base, and expected to be there for a while. "Doc" extends his thanks to the folks making Homefront possible and wishes all a very Merly Christmas and a Happy New
at home and in the service, and w.ould enjoy hearing from them, especially would like to hear from
his brother-in-law, Maurice Hugheg. Doc's address is: Granville O. Jennings, RdM 3/c, U. S. S. Jenks, (D8665), E.P.O., New York, N. Y.

Year. Also says hello to his friends,

Alleu Bray

Joroph Ruggcrio

-Lester from rne.

spent the day talking over old times. Last Monday in chow line I also met one of the Shanahan boys. It sure was a grand old Bangor reunion," Bob's address is: Robert Leopold, S 2,/c, R,/S Narlr No. 3!49, c/o F.P.O., San
Francisco, Calif.

He pulled in from a PT base, which is of no more use. 'We

Repcher sat down across

From the Island of Samar, P.I., "Bud" Serfass reports, "I am attached to the Naval Station waitslightest idea what is going to take place next. 'Chow on this base is ceiving station in Tubabao-plenty of fresh meat and vegetables, and ice cream twice a weeb. No complaints coming tlere, but I can't

ing for an assignment to duty of one kind or anotler. f haven't the

though." "Bud," an original Homefronter, has missed fou! Turkey
Day games, and says he can hardly remember what a rcal Thanksgiv-

much better

thal over at tle


,fass, TtrI2,/c, Naval Station, N. 3149, c/o tr'.P.O., San Francisco,


is. His address is: H, P. Ser-

Calif. The following card was received from "Pere" Hilliard: "Hello !

new address: Carl J. Dorsey, AMM 3/c, VR-4, c,/o tr'.P.O., San Francisco, Calif. Carl Jaclron has certainly been getting around out there in the

The following is Carl Dorsey's


In a lefter written

the fello'ws in my old squadron. They are EettinE ready to burn tle boats. The old 'Rambin'

see any good in a)l this loafing around, doing nothing. Last Sunday I was ove. at the P.T. base to

frorn Tokio. Been here


job on it. Hope Howie is home for

days. Our bombers sure did a neat


Guam he says he has been to Pearl Harbor, Tokyo Bay, Okinawa and

the 243 boat, is doomed io die by ffre. I also tried to ffnd my cousin,

Reck', as


affectionately called

good. It took us 21 days flom San Francisco, Nice fall veather here. Hope io see you in a few months." Pete's address is: K. C. Hiniard, MAM2,/C, R.S. Navy 3256, FFT,
c,'o F.P,O., San Francisco, Calif.

China. He is hoping to run into Henry Harding out there, and io get into port some[vhere where he
can meet some of his other buddies.

His letter continues: "I'U be back to good old Pen Argyl in March

'Les' Repsher, but his squadron war already decommissioned, and he had been sent over to the Receiving ship where I just carne from. I undentand George Hardtion. I have my
eyes open

ing is also here at the Naval Sta-

ging" his way to fame down in Tennessee. He recently participated in a contest and he and his partner won second prize-a big pumpkin pie. Bill's address is: Bill
(continued on page 16)



is "jitterbug-

can't wait. I'm hoping tlat this carrier is made into a troop transport. A few Jap snip.
day, and in China our planes were covering some trouble, The Boxer
ers were shot

I just

for him,

in Guam only yester-


"Showboat" because our skippe! wants to fight a war. Ife was dis-

is one good ship-they call it
appointed that tle Boxer didn't get into battle. We just missed ihe typhoon in Okinawa-just got the end of it, but our destroye$ lost

Given about two inches in height, Brownette Lorraine Eilenberger could toss her brown hair around in the realm of the statuesque. Five feet six and a half and ll8 pounds, Lorraine, now 17, might still get those few necessary inches. A senior at Pen Argyl High this year, and musically inclined, Lorraine is a member of the school musical organizations and plays also in the Roseto Band. But she is all-around and goes in strong for skating, dancing and sports generally. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Eilenberger, her address is:

of our mail from Okinawa, sure hated that." Carl's address is i C. W, Jackson, ABM 1,2c, USS Boxer CV 21, V-1-H. Div.,



c,/o F.P.O., San Francisco, Calif,

port, Fla., wondering how tie

Rcimer upon his promotion to Coxswain. Bernard was receltly trans. ferred to BanaDa Rivel Fla. "Doc Jennings" is dowa in May-

Editors' congrats to Bernald

tlontlronl 11 |

Arch and Main Sts., Pen Argyl, Penna.

I Hcmlrcd lt

long time now just where you manage to continue getting all the Fairests. It doesn't seem possible that the supply can go on and on as it has been doing. You and all the people have done a superb job o{ getting oui the trIomefront, and

stead I'11 revelt to the civilian language and call them walls, floors, ceilings or windows and doors. I've been u/ondering lor a

every issue finds a new group of pretty faces as a little something extra to brighten the lives of the

ple of the Blue Valley who work

fellows au'ay from home. The peo-

the 'silent padners' ,behind them
Ralph DicLison, left, and Buddy Counterman, S2,/c, Brks. 18, P.S. C., N.A.T.T.C., Memphis 15, T€nn. It certainly was swell to receive who make each nelw issue possible, are to be cong?atulated. It would take an eloquent orator to put into

tirelessly on each publication, and

rrords the praise which
cerned deserve.

to give my best regards to aU at home and in the service (yet?).
Also say hello to 'Chibbs' Joneq JacL Williams and I hope Alex Bocko and Albert Newton made

all conIn closing I want

Bill Counterrnan, Lee Snyder
wishes to all his friends still in the service and to the members of the class of '43, Pen Argyl I{igh. By this time Editors can be expecting a visit from ole Homefronter, Bud Barnum. The ole sa*i $'ho became a deep-sea diver is

Serfars within a few days, His second letter reads, "One of those very rare ard unusual things is now going to take place-my second letter to you within a few days. The rea. son for this is the rain-it has been

two letters ftom "Bud"

out all right in that typhoon at

raining steadily here all rnorning,

and as always happens,urhen that Victory Edition through from cover to cover. One would imagine that seeing pictures of old familiar faces and places would cause
homesickness, dread 'disease'.

occurc, I dig for my reading matedal. This morting I read the

line to Task Force 38 and other Fleet units when they were striking at the head of the Jap home
campaign rvas among the operations in which the shjp took part.

James Swan, seryed on the oiler USS Cowanesque, and participated in maintaining the 900-mile supply

islands and Okinawa. The Okinawa

now sweating out a dischargerhile doing shore patrol duty in Green Cove Springs, Fla.-which he thinks should come 'round the mountain "about the 1st of the year." Buddy is stationed at Lee Field, r'hich is an auxiliary air station destined to be decommissioaed in the near future, Says at this point is about three miles wide and is being used as an anchorage for ships of the Atlantic Fleet Reserve. These ships-DE's,
(continued on paEe 18) Bud about the environs of his present station: "The St. John's River

but in my case I find it a wonderful cure for that iiat Eives my morale a bigger lift to read in iblack and

Editors'congrats to Jack Williarns, rvho was recently commissioned an ensign. Trained at Drevr

I can think of nothing better ( either ofi-hand or

have been built for a dryer

lellows who have been on this island for a longer pedod of time than I have, this is the rainy season. If this is not the rainy season, I hole that I am not here bejorc jt really takes place. Many times people have been heard to say tley 'dodged the raindrops'. Previously I've never seen it done, but I'm actually dodging the raindxops no'w. The tent I am living in must climate, My sack is underneath an

white what goes on back home. As far as I can gather from the

University and the University of Virginia, Jack is now assigned to a seaplane tender and is at Seattte, Wash., awaiting orders for overseas shipment. Sends his best

LST's, LSM's, LCT's, APD's and



Trim, petite Peggy Kee is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Villiam J. Kee of Bangor, and is presently employed as an ofiice secretary in the Clinton Engineering Vorks at now-famed Oakridge, Tenn. Five feet four, 110 pounds, Peggy is blonde, has grey eyes and just 18 years. She is a member of Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church and is a graduate of Bangor High (Class of '45) where she played not a mean game of basketball. Still interested in sports of all kinds, Peggy is jitterbugging. FIer especially keen about bowling and
address is;

of canvas where the holes to have been amassed for an attack, Tle result of this work of nature against man ls a wet sack and damp gear. But, who am I to
(around March or April) I plan on ibeing 'Johnny Civilian', theh I'll live in a house qrith a roof, on

i4 a few



it. What a blessing that will beno more bulkheads, decks, overheads or portholes and hatches. In-

112 E. Vashburn Circle,

Oakridge, Tenn.

Honelronl 15 |

t Homelronl 17

him of another Pen Argylite on Calicoan Joe Bianco. Reports

Daly, who's at Leyte and who told

also he had a letter from Sherwood Snyder *'ho's on the USS Acontius

'*'eeks in a ro\\' to see him but with no luck" He did, ho!\'ever, meet "a

)AGP-12) "just on the other side of the island." Carl's tried "tivo

fellou' from Nazareth, found out it was Wilson Hild€brandt, who's on an L.C.I. (669)." Concludes Carl

"I'm looking forward to


Valley gridiron classic." Carl's address is: Carl S. Davis, F1/c, 249-35-52, Navat Supply Depot, Navy No. !)L49, c,'o F.P.O., Div.
Jack Jones

Homefront's pictures of this r-ear's Blue

jl4, San Francisco, Calif. Woody John:on is norv taking graduate ['ork at Han'ard University, leading to a degree in
Electronics. . . . . Rig.ht about this

Robert Leopold
,A.mong those he's met are Normie

other landing craft u'itl be decomThey will be tied up here in the cove like the Navy ships of the first World War. The Navy, from latest reports, expects to store
missioned and treated against rust.

time Editors can be expecting a Homefront Yisitor in dress blues. Bob Hotrman, dorvn at Banala River in Florida, reported recently he has chances of getting home for
the Xmas holidays, and that if they materalize he "u'ill sure drop in." Bob takes occasion to thank the people of the Blue Valley for all

Olivette and Floyd Liero. Charlie tinuation of Homefront.
-rhouts loud and stronE

for the


Getting discharge papers

about 700 craft here." Bud re-

something in itself, but Allen Bray got a little surprise package with

ports he has visited the ancient and

historical points of interest in and

around St. Augustine, including the Fountain of Youth. He expects his Harley Davidson "61" in Jacksonville "any day norv," so by this time, Homefronter tsud is probably roaring around the Florida highu'ays making the people of Florida as psychoneurotic $'ith his
daredevil antics as he almost made several good Bangorians. Comes a booster frorn Okinawa. It's a missive from Homefronter

they've done for the men

service. Bob's address is:



Hoffman, S 2/c, :]4?-07-45, N.A.S., Yard O....ce, Box 19, Banana River, Fla.

Editors' congrats to Paul Rirsmiller, u'ho's neq' rating is Machinist Mate 2/c. l'aul seNed in the South Pacilic $'ith the Seabees.. ... Great little letter frorn Charlie
De Nardo I'ho for five long months no*' has been sl1'eat,ing out ,,a transfer into civilian life. Charlie'-. doing his sweatinE at the Naval

his: a prolnotion to Chief Mate, Chief Allen served 3? months in the Navy, 26 of rvhich u'ere spent overseas. The Brays are residing at ?32 William St., Pen Argyt. ... A really tricky Christmas card from Bill Ross, no$ stationed in Tsingtao, China, which Bilt describes as much "better than Tokyo will ever be. Editors must repeat

little lerse on front of Bitl's card:
Too muchee Long time no see, One flend acloss the sea, One little Chit nre sendee you, Year too.

"thanks for that shot in the arm." Says Bob: "The typhoon here on Okinau'a was really rough; much worse than the one rvhich Nent

Bob Rasely, and Editors


Talkey Xlel)y Ktisimas, and Ne$ Bill's address js William Ross S 1/, 5 Division. USS Wilkes-Barre CL-

through the Blue Vallev. While sitting in ny tent that night m) thoughts \\"ere all back there in

Receiving Station in I'hiladelphia and says that there are many bor-s from the Blue Vallej' around there.

10ii, c/o FPO, San


that Rlue Valley \r'hich means everything to me. For some unknorvn reason our tent \ras still
must admit

standing the next morning. I I really hit the jackpot the past tNo days at mail call; received a HomeJront at each one. tso1', I was really one happy guy.

Thanks :rgain for making it pos,cible for me to receive the greatest

nagazine I knorl' of. Keep 'em coming." tsob sends his regards to

Rudy Davidse, Gus Froehlich and; Pee-Wee Matthews. He's doing l'eoman \York wjth the 86th Seabees and his address is:

Rasely, S 1,/c, 86th USNCB,


R. Co,

C4, F.P.O. San Francisco, Calif, -{nd a nervsy little morsel fr.om Carl Davis lvho's on Calicoan Is-

land in the Philippines. Catl reports he had a letter from Alfred




Bob Miller, left, and Buddy with Chinese Bantam



Arthur Bray
mas greetings, here are a few morae


And speaking of Christex-

from Homefront's salts and

salts (sounds like a cathadic) and for which also Editors are very liratefulr there's Bernice and Bill Naval

Jackson'a beauty, carrying a color

L€hr's (Bill is stationed at the Air Station at Whidbey Island, Wash.); and there's Carl

reproduction of the U.S.S. Boxer (Carl's address is: C. W. Jackson, U.S.S. Boxer, CV-21, V-I-H Divi-

sion, c./o FlrO, San Francisco, Calif.); and Claire and Markley Reichard's (llark)ey is nolv home as repofted irl the Visitors columns); and Gertrude and Charles Smith's (Bub is also home from

the sea); and Mona and Paul Henry's (Paul is expected home

within an hour of this \r'riting; the Henrys rviil probably take up their

grats to Joseph Ruggerio on his promotion to MM 1,i. No doubt by
this time Jce is in Japan.






Tommy Lewis-Earl Couch


Homcfront (lr8) Won Firrt Prize

t Homehonl 19


t. ]J
Frank StenlaLe

,t il
cart Brown
Clarence Barnes Pac., cro F.P.O. San Fran-


I'nr better known here as the 'Inforner of Good
sonnel Ofiice.
Joe Vonelli, itationed on Guam, lrlites: "I'm stationed at the Tran:ient Center, Ca-.ual Llattalion l'er

. . . . . Clarence Barnes, stationed in T-ringtao,
eisco, Celifornia China, with the Sixth Marine Division, describes some of the in.idents occurring in his area. His

stationcd in Tsingrai, China, says hello to all his buddies. Carl Brown

C. S. Frutchey, rvho is


buildel of an organization, but the informer runs a second to no onc here. The new: the informer carries, the neis that men nearly go bezerk lv'aiting for and reach u]1precedented heights of hl'sterical

News'to the thousand-i of llarines $'ho come through our center daily. A chaplain is u:ua1ly, if not in alJ case-:, :he recognized rnorale

joy upon its publication is

tained in tilree \\'olds, "You're Go-


ing Ilome." Keep up youl good .!\ork at home, for the maD!' Slate Belt
am sure look folrvard to one of the

again. On guard here in China we musl rl'ear full greens with 1eggings and everyone must be ex ceptional!y snappy to impre-rs the Chinese. Last night $'hen I went by jeep to relieve one of my meD rvho rvere guarding -some Jap prisoners. I found him lying on the glound Nith a bullet rround in his shoulder. There hal'e been quite a few \Iarines rvounded around here lately. I hope they get us out of here before we get intoanotherwar.-...

letter read, in partt "l'm on gual.d

in Tsingtao, China, say,s repofts that he received the September issue of Homefront, \r'hich he, an'l thc rest of his section, enstationed

and Clarence Barnes are


c'o F.P.O. San Francisco, Calif. Frank Stenlake is stationed at San l)iego, Calif., and ]ris address is: Pvt. Frank Stentake, 57694i], Eng. Sec. Base Depot, M.T.R.C., Camp Eliott, San Diego,44, Calif. Ne\\s! bit from Lloyd "Arizona" Emes tells that he rnet good friends, "Jock" Rumble fronr I)en

joyed very much. His address is: Pfc. C. S. Frutchey, Hq. Co.,3r'd Bn. 22nd llarines, 6th Nar. Div.,

boys scattered orer the r.orld,


wHo t5 THtS GIRL?
\ r'cirl. I>c'tLralrs shc hasrr'l catcu as urrrh. or. \lneri(irr llicrrtls ar.r-oss thc sca: but shc chcl.islrrr lorcs Lhc s.rrrrL ltcrrLrrrrr. h.r,, tlrt \.ure hul)(5, silll tll( sanlc I)rr\al-s, an(l rrierlrc lrtorr'r r iitrlr tn,,rt r.,.l,r.,rl. ,, iittlc rrtolc oi sa.rifi(c. FIr:r itk,nrirr'tln a\ririr lllc grcirt i!sLrc ol Horrclronr. lh,rt lrill bc thc lorrlth .\nrrivt r,iar.r' \rtirr]rcr. corlirru u1r. She is one ol tn:tlv lcrrtrrrcs irr rlr. 1rr,,sl,i ,rrrs ol rhr' \c,l Horrrclrout, st:rrtc(i ilt tllis a()ulllr\ :rrtrl btrrigl inlo r.t,rlitr on th<. contincDl ol Lrrr'o1xr. 'I hc .\rrnircrslrlv Ediriorr ol IIolrclr-ortt this vrrrr tr.ill bc lr contPositc oI tltc -\nnircr-srrr-v lcaturcr ,,1 thc ,,r isinrrl H,,rrrr'lr,rnr .rrrd thc colofful lcatrrr-cs oL thc lr'osl)cctu\ ol tlte \c.lv Horlclrrrtrr. Ir lill crrrrrbinc Lh(, leatrrtcs ol thc lrntrirclsur.i Hontclr-orrt irncl tltt, gala arrcl color-ftrl lt:rrrrrlcs of rr "Rihcar-sul Isstrc" of thc New
Shr"s firrc-;rrrrl slrt
ki:p1 as
irs llcr_ thc sanrt ick,als,

of I'eading, 'Homelr.ont'." Joe's address is: Pfc. Joseph Vonelli, Hq. Co., Ca-rual fln., TC, flariana Area,
mbst entertaining pieces


Joseph Vonelli


20 |

'I hc lllrrc \rallcl is :rskccl 1o stillt(l bv Holtrclront in its ncrr atlrcl tLnc. For thc ict' Honrr:fr<;nt rr ili 1,. lrul,lishccl iI n,,r br rht, l)rol)lc of thc IlltLc \';rllcv, b" tht 1,L,o1,lc ,rl rher r:rll, v rhL:rc rhc sho<k oi rltc xtonlic bonlb has J,cclr l(lr ntu!r kttrlr .utrl I <lo ll',1 Ir'.rlr ,1, r iallr Hir,,.ltir :r. For- thc tlrouslncls of fightilg ltrcn l.clurning hotue to thcir Blue \rallc\, l'H-\NKS 1o rhc "l I(rrncfi-onr liairhLu]s': for. rhcl havc Iolgccl $hat rrrig)rt bc<:onrc one,,1 llre urcar rrrirrionr r,, lti.,- ,,rrt oI this rvar. For i]tc laallant rncn 1!h() rrill not r-ctru.n to tlrtir IlltLe Vallcy. I \Lalt1 to sav: I rill contirruc irr rhc causc ol llclrrrrlr-onr rhvars. _-IHS




Homelronl 2l

feeling fine and is just taking it easy do*'n at Camp Croft, S. C.
Joreph D'Alessio report-q he is


training at Sheppard Field, Tex., is

after a siege of


now doing

t$'elve-weeks-course Chanute Field, Itl. ; says it's a good deal; he goes to school six hours a day and

in Weather Observing at
has the rest


His address is: Pfc. Joseph P. D'Alessio, 33835643, Hdq. Co.
Casual Section, Camp Croft, S. C, Editors' congrats to Anderson B. Andrew upon }is promotion to Captain. Andy is at the Los Angeles Port of Embarkation, $here he is assigned to Arny Transportation Corps Installation. His \\'ife

of the time to himself. Courses include Surface Obsen'ation, Meteorology, Plotting Auxiliary Chats and Charting

\!as the former Dorothy Kametz of Rethlehem. They are residing

at :l73rl Walnut Ave.,
Beach, Calif.


The follor,r'ing is Jay Ackerman's new address: S,/Sgt. Jay R.

Ackerrnan, 33483165, Hqs. and
Hqs. Det.., 1209 SCU Station Compliment, Pine Camp, N. Y,

Willard Greger \Yas discharged from the Army on the 24th of

Joseph D'Alessio

is now living in Liberal, Kansas. Willard, u'ho formerly lived in Bangor, received the Homefront while he was in the service. Says
he would like to continue receiving

September, at Fort Dix, N. J., and

i.eather station in the East for duty after his couises are finished. Is glad to hear that so many of the boys are Eettinq home "with their papers." His address is Sqdn. N, Barracks ll?4, 3502 A-{F Bn., Chanute Field, Itl. Right about nou' Paulie Dodd should be making the ote trek home. Word is, Paul expected to receiYe his discharge papers soon after the Xmas holidays. Paul is presently stationed at Fort Meade, Md. Editors' thanks to Paul for
while on the subject of Chrjstmas greetings, here are still a ferv more
the Christmas

Surface Charts. Says they have to study hard, lo$'ever, to stay on the ball and he hopes to get sent to a

ama and Trinidad before going to Europe.



Bobbv Gorofalo r;r'as discharged from the Army after 51 months of

from Honefront's GIs and


as long as it is published. His address is: W. E. Greger, Box 132,



with the Ninth Division, 47th Infantry. After being n'ound-

36 of which he


Dockins's (Al's been a civilian now for some time. The Dockings are

GI's: there's Jeanne and Albert



Editors' congrats and best wishto Mr. and Mrs. Harold Joner, who rvere married r:ecently in Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Rectory, Roseto. Mrs. Jones ll'as the former Kay Ronco. Harold was rccently discharged from the U. S. Army after serying four years overseas. Louis Caiazzo is stationed at Fort McClellan with George Edwards and Ernest Mariano, train-

itary Police duty. He served as general clerk, u,'orking in the Provost Marshal's ollice, handling rec-

ed in the African campaign he was re-classifred and transferred to Mil-

residing in Springfield, Mass. ) ; and there's one from the Joseph Del Baccos and son Ronnie (Joe
was a Camp Van Dorner and 63rd

ords of prisoners-of-rvar, aliens and displaced persons. He n'as maried in Africa last month and his wife is expected to arrive in
Bangor in January.

Division man with one of Editors and must now be a civilian, for his card is signed Mr. and Mrs., and it comes from Brainerds, N. J.); and there's Jim Pritchard'. (Jim is also out of the service and is pres-

ently studying law in the

ing in the I.R,T.C. Louis sends resards to Joseph D'Alessio, John Pollicelli and Michael Stampone. He would like to ]rear from John

Homefronter Chuck Dawis. "Old the news that JHS js no$'home,
Chuck" declares he's glad to hear

Comes the regular missive from


George Edwards


buddies. Louis says he appreciates Homefront and hopes thelr $'ili continue going out to the boys still in the armed forces. His address is: Pvt. Louis Cajazzo, 43043170, Co. D., 23rd Bn., ?th Reg., Fort Mcclellan, Ala. George Ed{'ards' address is the same, and his
serial number is 430431?4. Willard Serfass, u.ho t'as discharged from the service on September 20th, received the Purple Head recently for r,r'ounds re'*'as held by the Germans as a pris-

hello to Bull Pareons, Jimmy Baskwill, Dick Powell and all his other

but reveals in the same breath that he himself has joined up for another three years. Editors think, b'gosh, they've at long last found the Blue Valley's "thirty-yearman," More po\ler to Chuck. His

Johnny and Jeanette Heard'! (Homefronter Johnny is also out of the service and is attending Rider College at Trenton, N. J., these days); and one fron another faithful Hohefronter Jimmie Schlegel-u'ho's no\y stationed at
as a civilian; and a beauty signed

otrices of Woodley and Davis, preparatory to entering larn' school);


509 E. Main St., Pen Argyl, Pa.,

is: R. D. No. 1, tsox 256, Hilton Village, Va. . . . Old Homefront faithful and adopted son, Francis J. Socev, Jr., noq' a Sergeant, reports a change of address. The ne*' one is 325 Columbus Ave., Valhalla, N. Y, . . . . Ralph Falcone's fathet got an indirect hint recently that Ralph may be home soon ['hen he learned that
his son's buddy, Tech, Sgt. Frank

laconically "The Plu:h, Jr. Family," meaning, of course, George


little family (George is

also a civilian these days, recently

becoming one of those common varieties without an appendix.


in action in Europe.


oner from December, 1944, to Ap l, 1945, and then {'as liberated by the Russians. He had 33

of foreign service in


is on his way. Frank is from Easton and has been receiving Homefront fot several years from Ralph's father, Michael Fal. And a change of address for Sgt. Leorard Cannavo: IIq. and Hq. Det., SCU 1447, PW
Camp, Fort Benning, Ga. . . . Ralph

Editors got some real boosters this month by x'ay of Christmas greetings. Here ate some more greetings to add to those already acknowledged in the various ner,r's columns: there's one from Mr.
and Mrs. Herbert Felker (note the




mister); and there's "The Steinmetzes"-Eddi€, Beatrice and Eddie, Jr. (Eddie, still in the service, is at Fort Story, Va., and his full address isr Pfc. Eddie Stein-

Jesu,.. He has been rudely


aside and His claims have been derided and set at naught. He has been cro$'ded out of the highest place, \rhich is His by royal

right, and has been compelled to take rvhat \ras left for Him after human selflshness had taken the

The human heaft is like the inn in Bethlehem preoccupied. It has man,i_ rooms, but none aTe vacant.

One is occupied by business, another b!'pleasure, another by am-

bition, others by selfishness and

Men and lr'omen find their lives so crowded by other things that
ther_ have no room

Ernie Mariano and Joe

metz,33:J60832, Btty D, H.D.G.B.,

But Jesus is seeking admission to your heart today, as Mary and Joseph sought admission io the inn in Bethlehem. Hear Him say "Behold



Fort Story, Va.); and from Ellen
Jones, r']rose address is: Sgt. Ellen


tLe Tfta"th

Jones, WR Bn., P.O., Parris IsJand, S. C.; there's also one from Mr. and Mrs. Charles Snyder and lon !!-ho are residing at 13? East Center Street, Nazareth, Pa.; and frorn Raymond Jones u'ho is on the same ship as his buddy George Weidman and Nhose address is: R. W. Jones, AMM |c, U.S.S. Cul'tiss, A V-4, \i-Div., c o Fleet I'ost Office, San Francisco, Calif.; and another fronr Emrys Rowlands rvho has been hospitalized at the O'Reilly General Hospital, Ward

by Rev. W. Sheridan Dawson

of The Methodist Churche* of Eart Bangor and Richmond Text: "There was no room for them in the inn."-Luke 2:?. The happiest period of all the J'ear is at hand. In the notes of jo]' encircling the Norld we hear the echo of the angel's song, reminding us of God's greatest gjft to the world "A Saviour, \\'ho is
Christ, the Lord."

I stand at the door and knock. any man hear my voice and open the door, I will come in." Make room for Him and let Him cohe in and He {'ill bring the real


Christmas joy. The true spirit of Chrjstmas is the Spirit of Christ, .{s *'e approach this Christmas season let us make this our prayer "Come into my heart, Lord Jesus ! Come in today, come in to





into my heart, Lord

Gollqnt Lodies

A-8, Springfield, Mo., for


though heralded

We are also

ren1inded, that,

sonle time, but is norv enjoying a furlough in the Blue Valley; and from Elinor Schankel rvho is look-

rvere accompanied by a multitude

by angels v'ho


ing forrvard to receiving her discharge and l\.hose address is: E. Schankel, C.Y.,417 Riverside Drive, Neu' York 25, N. Y.; also

to God in the hjghest, and on earth peace, good u ill to D1en," that "He canre to His orvn and His own received Hinl not."

heavenly hosts singing "Glory

from Sst. and Mrs. Sheruood Mitchell. Sherwood is stiil in the 392nd A.S.F. Band at Edgewood Arsenal, Md., and a beaut

Though Mary was, as tradition says, a princess in her orvn right and Joseph \'as of the same royal line of David, there was no welcome

from that old salt, Walt WarricL, and his wife Lynne. (Walt is no$' a civilian and living at 39 Rector Street, Ne\r'ark, N. J.); also from Kay and Pete Horn (Pete is still

for them in the "City of David," and no place rvhere Mary
might Iay her ner.ly-born babe but in a manger in a stable. Art has lingered long and reverently over the stable scene, hiding $'ith exquisite draperies the boldness and meanness of that place; but it has not been able to

from Eleanor, Granville, Judy and Johnny Evanr. "Fat" is arvaiting
his discharge.



York); and


hide tlre fact that there r.as no room for the Son of God when He came, and that the best the

Joan Brewer to Newlyweds

Due to mechanical difficulties in this issue, u'hich made it impossible to publish theh, the greetings signed by many Blue Valley folks, and obtained b)' members of the

Tri-Hi-Y Club, x'ere omitted, but will appear in the next issue.


ll'orld offered Him rvas a man6ler bed in a stable. The Gospel of Luke tells us why Jesus u.as born in such a lowly place: I'There was no room fot them in the inn." The proud l!.orld did not welcome Jesus. Leading men in Jerusalem did not even know of His advent. Had they known, they would have taken little interest in the lowly family from Nazareth, The world has never welcomed

Pearl Hess, r.,'ho served a.:s a lieutenanL in tle Army Nurse Corps. Both bride and bridegroom have just been discharged from the service. Mrs. Awin '\r'as an Atmy

IIr. and Mrs. Eugene -{rvin. l{rs. Arvin was the former

Editors' congrats and lest wisles

flight evacuation nurse and

for t'\,!'o years and six months. Joan Brewer has entered the Cadet Nurse Corp and is at the School of Nursing, St. Lukes'IIospital, Bethlehem, Pa.


. Hanclronl


ll'itlt Ilotnpfrtrnl trl lh.'

BT,I-E f





l'^ I

r,L E l- (_'r.^,lss I ('






Wilh Hometront ot ihe



L;ir'legL C^'w.: ll :.aB Lo:.t tlctr}:'J..1 ;lrss:o,
f :ii.:i

sr:r* Sl,.*l p€np:l* j*lr;it*.i t:ls :j:;r.ir** 'ri* i:et's i:iyr 6*t.3tf Si)lits j:].t]l:i. r]f i_ i :i) lt;r.l $i** Vu1L*y l,l.;jt.i:.yn, .li.i ,' r, : Li ,::. ; .:_ l--:i: r,_ ,,,;:,.a _i.\ | .. .,: i'ral ,ra1$ist Jt.ln*', .Llne,c:l:stl, i;r liti e.
f *r1,11.1"1:r

! l.E- Sar;* h* Ci.lr



{"'..' ' o,



{rn PllI*f






Home'loni 26 i

Wilh Homelronl al lhe












With Hornefront ol tfie




. ,-,t,1

erlclc, Bangori nahe a noie of [ayor r L^..a l\ ...,,,.,nf tf :.amst conf idence sml1a. Abovo Dr' W1l1larn E, Mutb dhares hnnde \{1 ch Ted




Ruth and l.rr. and

lte1ls" - &r.lvo at ihe
BanFior CorulunliY Park


ealrlng conf l"dence.


llomelroof 18 t

Wilh Hometronl at lhe






Wilh Honelront at the



Honefronl 30 'l

Wilh Homelronl ol tfie






s*lr'" t*

Wifi Honefronl ol fle



Wilh Homelront sl lhe



--3 ;i-onettori


Wilh Homefront ol lhe






I '.r


;'l-lrc.l.. a


li lilr

.,. | -

.;t r,: l


i ,I :,.1.f



"':.. , . ,.' '..


Hc*tfrrri ill *

Wlth Honelronl al ihe

.... BtuE vAtLEY


tu:eh ,i1.1Ll.rlrri


tt$,i L00Kflt!*
il * X


ey iinil *.r

S*niiy 'f.i:-11tans


l llitg*$l*i *eo, tr" Slrd$,':il1[ I

With Homelront ot the








r '!- "rr * -",-

... .,.....,,.



.., ,,' l, .-.



tlllth Homelront at the



t Honclrcd 3l


ilh Homefronl ol lhe



ii r':ii


i:., i.if.r::',.t ll: :riilr.,

;.:1r 'l::

, l liil

!: u :..1'8ti,ri :tif,r!


38 *

Wilh Homelronl ol lhe



wrfu ffiffi

sglknw(sJ +-!!"a t![" N%. fet!il''0,/,



u{ll's Fair .
[,r . .rrD \[ns. \\:AnRr,:N J()H^-soN

(\lrs..fohnson l'as thc Itrrncr \lartha XIvlin)

'l HL (ill\Rl-r.i
(NIr-s. OblccJrt \\'ur



tllc l.r-r)rcr IloriL l,oblt)




ILrp: I'\r. rn.l \lr! \1i(llrcl llorrkirul: Ro\r ]'JrL ro I'h. I)r irl \lrr (ir,). (.nrLr l \I l,lrrrl 1.,1,r,r lr .h ( ltrr(rl,( Rrtl tsarnum. Ilortonr: i|. I:tl\.rr,l \\'igncrr \1r.. \\rgr.r rrsr rhe lcrmcr ll.rl! l'rl.I\ : arnr rnri \Ir. \r,lernJf Il. \r,Lrc(


1l t

With the Bog$ . . . ALL OVER THE GLOBE
Japan and Other Pacific Areas
Don Smith, now on Okinarva, writes: "Since the war is over I can now tell what we are doing over here on the Island of Okinawa. On Oct. 10th we boarded A.P.O.37?, c/o Postmaster,
Francisco, Calif,
comes frorn Joe

Happy New Year." Donald's address is: Pvt. Donald tr'. Smith,

the troop ship U.S.S. Gen. Butner and left the same day for destina-

Another letter from Okinawa Emrick. Joe says: "I have done a lot of traveling since I last sarv you and I don't know if I am going to be settled here or not. I reported to FoIt
Meade after my furlough and from there was shipped to Camp Adair for a couple weeks, From Adair I rreni to Washington, and on the gth of October boarded the boat at Seattle. We aEived at Okinawa

tion unknown to us. We stopped at Pearl Harbor for trvo days then
proceeded westward. We landed on

Charlic Schoch the 163lst Engineer Bn. but I am not assigned to them, although I hind on the home town news since I left the States, so I look forward
may be in a few weeks.

Okinawa twenty-two days from the day we left Seattle, Washing-

ton. I

am with a swell bunch of fellows here. This is the ?26 M.P. Bn. and our duty is guarding the 'Sobe'prisoners of war camp. We have twenty-six hundred Japs here behind a wire stockade. Our camp is on the x'est side of the island, facing the China Sea. The climate is ideal, being warm with an ever present breeze during the day and cool enough at night to sleep under blankets. There isn't anything left of towns or the once thriving capital city of Naha. Dverything has

the 28th of that month and debarked November the first. The trip over was uneventful and dull, especially the four days that I was


am be-

seasick. This island isn't much of a place and all that's here is what the Army and Navy has built. It is very rough and overgrown, but the climate is good now, it is about the same as Florida. We are living in tents, but we have some conveniences such as hot shorvers and

to gettirg Homefront. Keep up the good work, if possible, as there

but a few native Okinawan villages. To the fello$'s at the Cro\vn plant, also my friends in Bangor, a Merry Christmas and
been leveled

electricity, and the food isn't bad. I haven't done a thing since I've been here, but I expect to be assigned to an outfit soon and I'll probably get settled and get some work to do. I am at present with

are some of us who won't be coming home for a while yet and we will look forward to receiving the magazine. There are some of the boys from home on the island with Ine, but they are scattered out a bit. I have located M. Kirhcart and a couple boys frolrl Easton and P'burg, but I haven't run across Paul Lobb yet. I would like to find some of the other boys from town who are here. My regards to

John Emrich and Forert Sandcrcock who were in the Philippines the last time I heard of them. With

best wishes for the Holiday Season and may the New Year bring many happy returns." Joe's address: Pvt. Joseph Em ck, 339??885, Co.

C., 519 M.P. Bn., A.P.O.331,


went to church on Sunday and

Postmaster, San tr'rancisco, Calif. Comes an cxtremely interesting letter from Darien Smith, now stationed irr Tokyo. Darien says he

tl|$ l?gt Trt






found an exceedingly "appropdate congregation" made up of Christian Japanese and American GIsof both the white and black races. The congregation was approp ate because of the chaplain's sermon which dealt with the abolition of hate between races and struggled



a lasting peace." Adds

"The fellowship and love between men comprise the only solution to


ageless truth:

"the Chaplain had something: political ideologies offer no answers whatever. Religion and real understanding bet$een men ofer the ultimate and only answers." Darien's address is I 33977002, Legal Section cHQ, S.C.A.P.,
APO 600 Adv. Ech., c/o P.M., San Eraic Pylc Monum.nt on Ic Shima-Sont in by Ollic Shocmakcr

I Honolectl 1l

you so much for Homefront, it's
been the best magazine

I ever received overseas." Editors say
"thanks" for them thar kind words. And 6till another swell Christmas card conveying wishes for "A Merry Christmas and a HapPy New Year from the Philippines from dress
Homefronter Pctc Frcy. Pete's ad33488932, Hq. Co., Supply' SubBase R, APO ?3, c/o P.M., San Francisco, Calif.

across in Okayama. In his spare tirne he and his pals visit the various towns and ta.ke in the sights.

vatching Bangor beat Pen Argyl 20-0 than over ther€, His address is: Pfc. Sherwood M. Parsons, Co.

But he vrould rather be


it: Sgt Arthur Frey,


G, 21st Inf., A.P.O. 24, c/o Postmaster, San Francisco, Calif. Jorcph Figlioli, nos, slationed in Japan, has
Joseph Giglioli, 13194519, Co. B, 174 .Ens. C. Bn., A.F.O. 901, c/o Postm€ster, San Francisco, Calif.

a new

addl€ss: Pl't.

Jimmy Lamron has arrived in Japan. IIis letter, r 'ritten from Furumaki, Ifonshu, reads: "Just arrived in Japan and if you can pronounce the name of the to1,vn you're pretty good. I'm located
Floyd Wagner

pped into Homefront this month
Some really celebrated visitors

Armistice Day. Nara is about 50 miles south of Tokyo. Floyd's address isi Pvt, Floyd M, Wagner 3397?005, Hq. Bttry, 923 F.A.Bn., APO 98, c,/o P.M., San Francisco, Calif. , . . . Prul Evanr is now in

ncr arived in Nara, Japan,


Floyd Wagon

Kure; Honshu Island, with the
4171st Q.M. Depot Co, Paul's been

with the same outfit through both
the European and Paciffc theatres. His APO is 317. . . . . D. F. Ronco,

You should have seen the Japs sutround us ryhen we got of the L.S.T. They came around us like flies. Give me the good old U.S,A- any tirne, The town \rhere rwe docked was pretty well bomibed. We came 40 miles to our camp by Japanese transportation." Jimmy expects to be home

-they pretty good heating systems.

near a naval air bas€ called Misawa Air Base and it is plenty cold, We are sleeping in Jap 'barracks and have they're not too ibad

Among these Homefronters were

drcpped into Homefront this month-but alas, too late to make much mention of their visits.

MrrLlcy and Cleirc Rcichard (Markley just received his dis-

charge papers from the Seabees artd was on Okinawa and in Japan) ; Doctor and Mrr Bcnny Frl-

conc (Doc, always a faithful
Homefronter, recently was discharged from the Army in vhich and none other than
he served as regimental surgeon);

reporting from Kumagaya Airfield, Japan, says that his Homefront was hore than welcome in "this strange country of Japan."

Shcrwood Parronr is

saying "American soldier very kind." IIis address is: hrt. D, F.
Ronco, 33835020, Hq. Co.,97 Division, APO 445, c,/o P.M., San Francisco,

Says the Japs bow, salute and keep

Japan, and is getting quit€ a kick out of what he calls "The Slonteyed Beauties of the Orient." In one df Sl.erwood's recent letters he told of the-big parade the 24th put

it out" in



and Editors don't mean maybe. It vrill appear in the next issue of

other Benny, recently discharged from the Army after a stretch of four and a half years). Thar's a real story on Benny and Louise,

lauic Intyrc and Bcany Frlcoac



Homefront-with pictures


ings from Angelo Vrllcttr "and
the boys of the baseball team, 'The Post-mortem Doggies." Editors say thanks and trust the boys will like the way they handled the pic. Angelo says the team has a really good aecord for a comlany team. Angelo's add"ess is: S,/Sgt. A. Val-


Come greet-

letta,33616803, Co. L, 386 Inf., APO 445, c/o P.M., San Fran-

Pacovich. Just received Ilomeftont today and was mighty glad to get it, and as usual everyone in my section was glad I got

waiting for my boat to come to take rne home. I expect to be home by Christmas; I trust I'll make it." According to that, the rest ol Willard's letter may be very old news by this time; but he continues: "So far, I haven't met any of the boys from the Blue Valley yet, but I hear that Harold Tccl is here in Yokohama and I'm going to try to see hirn. Would like to send my regards to Tony Pavon and Johnny

ciibo, Calif.. .. . And a swell letter from Willard Achcnbach, who's in Tokyo, or was, for he says: "I'ru

it too, Thank


tU I

Peul Evane, front row, rccond fronr right

with this division, 1Mho started nrith it, than anyone else. That is why I expect to be back in January with my outfit as a unit. I hope to see Spcro when I get to Yokohama." His address is: Ffc. James Larson, 33369853 A. T. Co., 321st Inf.

A.P.O. No. 81,
Francisco, lCalif.

c/o P. M.,


Edmund Brohman says that although he is not from the Blue Valley he enjoys Homefront very mucl, as he is able to get "seconds" on it after twenty other fellows have read it.

thrilling expedences yet. As I was walking down to my barracks I came face to face with none other than Bob Doney! We talked about 30 minutes in the same spot-and all about the Blue Valley. I told him about Bangor beating Pen Argyl, and doggone, he thought that could not be, but when I showed him the clippings on the same, he believed me. He looks fine and seehs just as I remembered him

camps. And he adds enthusiastically: "Today I had one of the most

"Billy" Brown, who has been overseas since March, 1944, is serving as a production record clerk in a unit near Tacloban, Leyte.
battle stars for the New Guinea and Lelte campaigr, the PhiliF. pine Liberation ribbon, and the
Good Conduct ribbon, Editors' thanks to A'.thur "Pete" Frey for the Xrnas Greeiings from Pete's address is: Sgt. Arthur tr'rey, Jr. 33488932, Hq. Co. Supply, Sub.Base R., A.P.O. ?3, c/o Post-

Paciffc Theatre ribbon, with two

Billy is entitled to 'wear the Asiatic-

in '44 before he went overseas.', Lloyd says "hello" to Guido, Archy, Cacey and Frar* (Barney) Stenloc}, Jock and John. . . . His address is: Pvt. Lloyd I. Emes,
5?6952, Hq. Co., H & S Bn., MCB, BJdg. 29, San DieEo.40. Calif.

Sherwood Parsonr, Ieft, and Buddy

Batangas Cathedral, Philippines.

master, San Francisco,

new address rtras received for Vito

Calif. A

Schievone,2809th Eng. Pet. Dist. Co., Det. "A", A.F.O. 72, c/o Postmaster, San Francisco, Calif.

S. Schiavone,

It isr Pvt. Vito


Argyl and John Gist from East Bangor, there at San Diego, Cal,
where the three Blue Valley Leath-

(continued from page 20)

ernecks are stationed. Lloydie reports that both Jock and John were

attending the Shoe and Textile School on that base, but that they are both noq/ trarsferred to othel

J. Pasano, N. Bucci, D. F. Ronco, Nick Ronco Meet on Luzon

Angeles lnvilqlion


cordial invitation to Slate Belrers in the Los Angeles section to vrsrt T ne Crrr r,oto P.uso^-s

I"ror.tr one o{ the Blue Valley's gr_eatest Homcfronters comes a

3729 Olvupreo Dnrvr,
L()s,\NGELtrs, Carrrorrre.

the ricst coast to cngaee in'busincss interests. Editors' bet is that Cliff is rnissing the Blue Valler aplenty rhese days, but nor as rnuch as the ole vallev is nissing him.

flont's circulation managerr recentl! lefr the Blue Valley for

Clifi, for three

,vears Home-

Donald Branch and Robert Horn Mcet on Mindanad





in Tribute to Passing of Great BIue Valley Personality




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