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Key Differentiators


Team LOpex TORO COOLING SYSTEMS PVT.LTD. Talegaon Dabhade, District Pune MH

LOpex Ambiators are distinctively different type of multi stage evaporative cooling units>the document lists some of the important differentiators. High efficiency and absolute reliability are the hall mark of this unique product line. LOpex Ambiators use most refined control logic for trouble free and fail safe operation besides being the cost effective Low Energy Cooling Solution

Key Differentiators
1. Blow Through design All conventional systems use belt driven DIDW forward curve fans due to their low cost. Poor efficiency of belt driven fans was an acceptable option when the energy prices were as low as 25% of present day costs. Lopex Ambiators use plug flow fans in Blow Through mode to reduce the operating costs, provide uniform flow over the heat exchanger face area, enhancing the heat transfer besides lowering the equipment noise to minimum. 2. No scavenger fans required. Lopex Ambiators do not require additional external scavenger fans as the scavenger air is provided by the highly efficient primary air fan. This unique design eliminates multiple maintenance points besides reducing unit height, saving energy and offering optimum equipment performance. 3. No belts hence no transmission losses Belt driven fans have two serious problems. First issue is of transmission losses associated with belt drive. These losses can vary from 4% to 10 % or more. Managing belt tension calls for special and continuous maintenance effort. Replacing of belts and damage to the bearings, due to the poor maintenance of belt tension, could be another matter of serious concern for the facility owner/manager. 4. Direct driven fan with taper plug boss. All LOpex systems use exclusive Taper lock fan boss fitting to enable easy removal of fan assembly from the motor shaft. No pullers are required. No need for hammering hence no damage to fan or motor even if the motor-fan assembly requires replacement for any reason whatsoever. 5. VFD & PLC process control integral All Lopex Ambiators are fitted with an Integral Control panel to control the unit in auto or manual mode operation. Unique start up and shut down logic controlled by a programmable Logic Controller, protects the heat and mass exchangers from supporting undesirable bacterial growth and related odour problems. All safety and fault conditions are indicated on the PLC by a scrolling display. 6. Temp. Controller suitable for stand alone or with BMS duty for saving energy Lopex Cooling Systems being building ambient connected, state of the art machines are compatible with all types BMS systems used in modern buildings. The Systems have stand alone PI Temperature controller to save energy by modulating the air volumes based on the space loads and favourable ambient conditions.

7. Humidity Control by Chilled water Option Lopex Hybrid Cooling Systems can maintain desired Humidity conditions in the space by using a small quantity chilled water for dehumidification. Condensate from dehumidification process is reclaimed to reduce the water consumption for sensible cooling besides recovering the latent heat from the cold condensate. A gasketed plate heat exchanger is used for cooling the sump water for the open cycle process of Hybrid Ambiator on one side, with closed cycle chilled water from a chiller in the other circuit. 8. Totally protected and safe supply air fan and motor in dry area All LOpex systems have motor and fan assembly working in blow through mode and hence installed before the direct /indirect evaporative cooling process. The dry operation ensures that fan and motor are protected from rusting and insulation damage due to humid environment common to all conventional cooling systems. 9. Zero reheat of supply air by motor and fan assembly . All LOpex Cooling Systems having motor and fan assembly before the cooling process, save the supply air temperature from rising by 1.5 C unlike the conventional draw through systems. As the IDEC system work with T of approximately 6C, saving of 1.5C amounts to energy savings of the order of 25% due to this special feature. 10. All Wet components made of FRP Conventional systems are fitted with just the water tanks made of stainless steel. All the other wet parts are often GI or painted steel. Stainless used for tanks is mostly of questionable quality with equally poor welding quality, Whereas, all wet parts of LOpex systems are joint free and manufactured from industrial grade FRP resins for long and corrosion free life 11. Lowest Noise level All Lopex Air Handling Units are Blow Through type and use heat and mass exchangers having large surface area. By default, these components act as noise attenuators. Due to this unique configuration, Lopex Systems offer lowest noise level compared to all other contemporary systems. 12. Properly sized Sensible heat exchangers LOpex Ambiator designs are based on years of painstaking research and use proprietary En3 polymer plate, Air to Air, cross flow heat exchangers to match diverse applications. The heat exchanger depth is computer selected and is based on heat balance to meet the specified design compliance. 13. Proprietary coatings The En3 heat exchangers are coated with proprietary coatings to impart hydrophilic properties to enable thin film evaporation of surface water. 14. Component Interchangeability

All components are manufactured using dies and moulds hence having interchangeability by default. Dimensional accuracies are maintained within 3mm 15. Structural Tube section Skids All AHU skids are welded and power coated tubular steel construction. Fasteners used for holding the AHU components are High tensile special bolts anchored with clinch nut imbedded in the rectangular tubular section. Structural Tube section Skids 16. Controls All Lopex Ambiators Programmable logic controller for proprietary control logic for start and stop procedure besides controlling humidity an temperature in the conditioned space. Control panel also houses audio visual output for fault indication and alarm. Motor and pump controls and their protection is standard.