This department has two parts: production planning and production control.

There are a number of lines and number of machines per line in each of the units. Unit Number of lines 22 9 12 8 8 MACHINES/L INE 42 33 40 45 45

Faridabad Sarai Okhla A-5 E-10

The planning is done for all the lines of all the above units. While planning, they consider a planned efficiency slab for the purpose of estimating output. This efficiency slab is based on the order quantity and is as follows:

Style wise order quantity Efficiency to be considered:
Style wise order quantity 1500-3000 3001-10000 10001-20000 20001-30000 30001-50000 More than 50000

Efficiency to be considered

30% 40% 51% 58% 63% 65%

. unit is allocated i. trims.E. the ex factory dates are decided. production team and the merchandiser prepares details about the item. there are five teams in this department segregated buyer wise. Industrial engineering specifies the costing through the run through time. i. The OAD checks the patterns and other techniques. Complete accessory follow up with merchant and sub store. Also. ordering is done. If it is approved. hanger. and ex factory. This umber is used by the merchant to communicate with buyer. order quantity. A final chart is prepared and the PD team then divides the order quantity to the production team. the particular style is going to be made on basis of the order quantity. pictures. 7. it is determined in which factory unit.D. Organizing a pre-production meeting prior to production to discuss critical issues. The roles and responsibilities of production control people are: To supervise smooth execution of the order in the unit. any item can be checked by the other department but cannot be altered.10 days before the planned cut date. Next.. WORKING OF PPCIn order projection a style sheet is received which has a style no. These people are responsible for the execution of order in the unit. trims. The PCD (Planned Cut Date) is decided and 40% of all the materials should be enclosed by this date. If the order quantity is less than 5000 pcs. Production File (It has details about the marker. Supervising the entire production process to ensure timely execution of the order. A style number is decided upon. tech pack. Complete fabric follow up with merchant and the fabric store. This is received by the product development department. 2 samples and 2 files are received sealed from the buyer.) is given to the OAD (Order analysis department). thread etc.e. the 100% of the materials should be enclosed. color of thread. Thus the total cost is achieved.PRODUCTION CONTROL For the purpose of production control. the garment is sealed and sent to the I. Production team specifies the item number and then the production structure is developed.e. Final sample received from the buyer and PDS is updated. Next. specification sheets etc. After the cost sheet is signed. Through movex.

MAIN KRATo ensure proper feeding in the lines To prepare a bills of materials To calculate the average i. HO reports Production Variance Reports (PVR) . the consumption of material in a garment Follow up of the processes To ensure regular flow of materials in a line DOCUMENTS MAINTAINEDDaily production reports Production File Internal Movex reports Conversion costs for units Planned vs.e.

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