INT. DINGY COMEDY CLUB - NIGHT The comedy club is small and run down.

A few older couples sit in the seats. Nobody says a word to each other as they sip their drinks. THE M.C. walks on stage. He’s an older man wearing an out of style, untailored, and uncoordinated suit. THE M.C. How about that, comedy fans? That was Walter Chambers everyone. Give it up again. A few scattered claps, but mostly silence. THE M.C. (CONT'D) Our next comedian goes by the name SEAN DAVENPORT. He’s kind of a rookie, so cut him some slack, people. But without further ado, here’s SEAN. Some scattered applause again as SEAN walks on stage. He is an above average looking mid-twenty year old. He is of slim build, clean cut, and dressed well, yet casually. He waves to the crowd and grabs the microphone. SEAN How’s everybody doing tonight? Nobody responds. SEAN (CONT'D) So I walk into the post office the other day, and I see one of those signs that says no food or beverage allowed... INT. DINGY COMEDY CLUB BAR - NIGHT Sean is sitting at the bar, nursing a glass of straight vodka and looking dejected. The bar is completely empty except for SEAN and the bartender, who’s getting ready to close. The M.C. approaches from the rear and takes a seat next to him. THE M.C. Tough night, huh kid? Sean doesn’t respond, continuing focus on his vodka. THE M.C. (CONT'D) Where you from? Midwest?


SEAN Long Island. THE M.C. It’s tough in Manhattan, kid. When I was your age, I was living out of my car. Now look at me. The M.C. gestures towards himself and smiles. As he does this, he notices some dust on his shoulder and attempts to brush it off. THE M.C. (CONT'D) Look, tonight didn’t go well. Nobody’s going to tell you it did. The M.C. puts his hand on Sean’s shoulder. THE M.C. (CONT'D) But stick with it, you’ll get there. And if not, don’t be too hard on yourself. The big city’s not for everybody. Sean downs his drink and pushes the empty glass away. THE M.C. (CONT'D) Don’t worry, this one’s on me. Sean stands up and reaches into his pocket. SEAN It’s cool. THE M.C. No really, I insist. As the M.C. says this, he notices Sean pull his money clip out. Attached to the clip is a large stack of hundred dollar bills. Sean intentionally flips through them before slapping one down on the bar. SEAN (To the bartender) Keep the change. Sean shoots the M.C. an expressionless look, leaving him with a look of shock and embarassment on his face. INT. SEAN’S APARTMENT - VARIOUS ROOMS - DAY MONTAGE


A buzzing alarm clock reads 7:30 AM as Sean hits the off button, still half asleep. Sean is in the shower, shampooing his hair. Sean is shaving in the mirror. Sean opens the closet, revealing a selection of fine suits. Sean tying his tie in the mirror. He takes in his image and lets out a soft sigh. Sean fully dressed, takes a last once-over of his trendy apartment. It’s minimalist with exposed brick and a cookie cutter furniture set. The walls are littered with vintage black and white photographs of old New York. Standing alone is an oversized and colored picture of George Carlin with a small autograph in the corner. SEAN exits. END MONTAGE EXT. LEXINGTON AVE - DAY Sean is making his way down a heavily populated Lexington Avenue. He makes a brisk left from the sidewalk and into his office. INT. NEW AMSTERDAM REAL ESTATE OFFICE - DAY Sean walks into the office, his focus on his iPhone. DAN (O.S.) Hey Sean. Sean looks up as Dan rises from his desk and begins clapping. In no time, the entire office is giving a standing ovation. Sean offers a half-hearted smile and nods his head. EXT. 3RD AVENUE - DAY Sean is exiting a deli with a giant shopping bag full of sandwiches for the office. He pulls out his iPhone and dials BRAD. INTERCUT WITH:


INT. SLEAZY STRIP CLUB - DAY Brad is in a private room in a strip club in the middle of getting a raunchy lap dance from an indifferent stripper named AMBER. Brad is in his mid-20’s, unshaven and wearing a high quality yet unpressed and haphazardly thrown together suit. He answers his phone as she continues. BRAD Brad. Go. He winks at the stripper who rolls her eyes, continuing the dance. SEAN Was that for my benefit, or do you seriously answer your calls like that? BRAD What’s going on man? SEAN Just wanted to know what you like on your sandwich. BRAD You closed? SEAN Nah, I just felt like buying 20 plus paninis. BRAD Holy shit! As Brad overzealously yells this, he nearly drops Amber off of him. He offers an apologetic look, and pulls her back on, slipping a dollar into her g-string as she continues. BRAD (CONT'D) That big condo yesterday? The one in Chelsea? SEAN Pretty cool, right? BRAD Dude, this isn’t another Murray Hill rental. This is a condo sale. How much commission did you make?


SEAN Enough. (hearing loud music) What are you doing right now? BRAD It’s noon. I’m with a client. What else would I be doing? SEAN Is that “Pour Some Sugar On Me”? BRAD Screw what I’m doing. What are we doing? Let’s do drinks at the office to celebrate. SEAN I have an appointment a little later...but yeah, I could use a drink. BRAD Alright. So I’ll see you in a bit? Sean’s smile fades as he sees his ex-girlfriend OLIVIA and a male companion walking his way. Olivia is strikingly beautiful and wearing a trendy outfit. Her companion is tall and well built, also with runway good looks. He’s texting on his phone as they walk. SEAN a bit. Look, I gotta run. Sean hangs up the phone. BRAD Alright man. (turns to AMBER) Hey sweetheart, feel like coming to an office party? AMBER Amber gets up and walks away. Brad pulls a flask out of his jacket and takes a last swig. Sean puts his phone away and runs to the curb to hail a cab, desperately trying to avoid Olivia. No cabs are in sight. SEAN Shit!


OLIVIA Sean? Sean turns around and feigns enthusiasm. SEAN Olivia! OLIVIA Oh my god! This is crazy. How are you? What are you doing over here? SEAN You know. Picking up some lunch. Sean holds up the oversized bag of sandwiches. OLIVIA I can see that. SEAN So what’s up? Playing hooky from class? OLIVIA You remember that I have class on Tuesdays? SEAN (embarrassedly) Doesn’t everyone have class on Tuesdays? Olivia awkwardly smiles. OLIVIA Oh, jeez. I forgot. SEAN, this is my...this is BRENT. SEAN Hey man, nice to meet you. He holds out his hand. BRENT does not look up from his phone. BRENT Sup? SEAN (to himself) Nice. OLIVIA So how’s real estate going?


SEAN It’s great. Really great. Just closed my first sale. OLIVIA Congratulations. SEAN Yeah. Big condo in Chelsea. No big deal. OLIVIA Awesome. And what about your comedy stuff? SEAN (hesitates) Also great. Had a gig last night. Totally killed it. OLIVIA Sounds like things are really going well for you. SEAN Yeah. Yeah they are. So why aren’t you in class right now? OLIVIA I actually dropped out of law school. SEAN What? Why? OLIVIA It’s not that I don’t like it. SEAN Then what is it? OLIVIA My modeling’s actually really taking off, and I kind of want to ride it out. As Olivia speaks, a bus pulls up behind her. On the side of it is a scandalous fragrance ad for “Sin” cologne, featuring Olivia and BRENT. Brent is shirtless, and Olivia is scantily clad. Their faces are close, about to kiss. OLIVIA (CONT'D) That’s where I met Brent actually.


Brent still does not look up. OLIVIA (CONT'D) We did a campaign together last month for a cologne calledSEAN Sin? OLIVIA Oh my god! How’d you know? Did you see the ad? SEAN Yeah. I thought I recognized his pecs. Olivia smiles. OLIVIA (sarcastic) Ha ha. BRENT Olivia, you going to talk to this guy all day? I need a pack of cloves before the shoot. OLIVIA I gotta go, Sean. We should definitely catch up some time though. SEAN Yeah. It was good seeing you. OLIVIA Maybe we’ll get to see you perform at the Garden soon. Olivia and Brent walk away. As they leave, Brent gives Olivia a smack on the ass. She giggles and puts her arm around his waist, leaving Sean looking despondent. INT. NEW AMSTERDAM REAL ESTATE OFFICE - DAY TRACEY is sitting at the front desk on the phone. She’s a very attractive, yet overly made up girl in her early 20’s. She appears bored as she pays more attention to Facebook than the phone. SEAN enters the office, still looking dissapointed from his encounter with Olivia. Tracey’s face lights up when he enters.


TRACEY Could you hang on a second? She puts the phone on hold and jumps over the desk, into Sean’s arms who half-heartedly returns the hug. SEAN Okay...that’s a...that’s a hug. TRACEY I’m so psyched for you, Sean. SEAN Tracey, I just saw you this morning. TRACEY I know, but I’m still so excited. You’re like a rockstar! She says this as she plays with his tie, blatantly flirting with him. Sean’s clearly not interested. SEAN Yeah, rock and roll. Sean makes a show of fixing his tie. TRACEY You have to come out tonight. We’re going to close the club down! SEAN On a Tuesday? TRACEY You could come watch us dance on the bar. The phone rings. TRACEY (CONT'D) Ugh. I have to get that. So you’ll call me? SEAN Yeah, I’m sure I have your number. Tracey steals a quick peck on the cheek. She returns to her desk and picks up the phone, continuing to scroll through her Facebook pictures. Sean starts to walk away.


SEAN (CONT'D) Oh, Tracey, could you fax... Sean looks at her monitor. A picture of a puppy in a pink dress is succeeded by a photo of a scantily clad group of girls, including Tracey, chugging liquor bottles and making out in seductive poses. She clicks again to a close up of her face, completely intoxicated, make up smeared with a cigarette hanging from her mouth. SEAN (CONT'D) He continues into the next room where Brad, MITCH, MATT, and Dan amongst others are waiting for him. Mitch is tall and lanky, dressed professionally and neat but with a slight geeky vibe. There are a few bottles of liquor sitting on the table. Sean sets down the bag of sandwiches and smiles, slightly detached. SEAN (CONT'D) You guys know I have an appointment later, right? MITCH Sean, did I not tell you you’d be good at this? SEAN Yeah, like over a year ago. Brad walks up and throws his arms around both of them. BRAD You losers going to have a drink, or what? SEAN Dude, you smell like a strip club. BRAD What? We’re partying. MITCH You got here like ten minutes ago. We haven’t even opened the bottle. SEAN (to Brad patronizingly) Really?


BRAD You know what? I don’t appreciate your tone. I’m getting a drink. Brad walks away. MITCH So how do you feel, man? SEAN (half-heartedly) I feel great. Really great. MITCH Come on. Show some enthusiasm. This is a huge deal. SEAN No I’m happy. Really. MITCH Dude, I’ve known you since 3rd grade. Seriously, what’s up? SEAN ...I saw her. MITCH Where? SEAN She was just walking down the street, right after I bought lunch, with some male model asshole. Of course everything’s going great for her: living her dream, on the sides of buses. MITCH Of course, sides of buses. Look, she broke your heart, that’s it. It’s over. SEAN Yeah but it was half my fault. I don’t know, I just can’t help feeling likeSean is cut off by MITCH’s Hava Nagilah ringtone. SEAN looks disappointed, knowing that it’s Mitch’s lame girlfriend, PAIGE calling. Mitch looks embarrassed.


MITCH ...I have to answer. SEAN You can’t call her back? MITCH She’s not feeling well. She had 2 spritzers with dinner last night. SEAN Are you a doctor? MITCH 5 minutes. Promise. (picks up phone) Hello? Hey baby. Mitch makes the 1 minute gesture to Sean, who gives him the middle finger in return. Sean walks over to where the rest of the guys are sitting. MATT So Sean, what’s up with the human happy hour over there? SEAN Someone should put a leash on that girl. BRAD Really, man? Now I have to go home and wack it. Everyone laughs. DAN Wouldn’t be the first time today. Everyone laughs again. BRAD nods in acceptance. JAMES enters from the corner office. He is the broker/owner of the firm in his mid-50’s, yet dresses much younger than he is. JAMES What’s up, boys? We getting our drink on? BRAD What’s up, boss? JAMES Let’s line up some shots for Sean the closer over here!


SEAN I’ll have one, but I still have work to do today. JAMES Oh, you’re right. Gotta be professional. Right boys? I always say that. But right now, we’re doing a shot. James starts to pour them out. MATT Look, it’s LARSON. They turn to the front of the office as Larson enters and converses briefly with Tracey. He has a large and imposing presence with classic good looks. DAN What’s he doing here in the middle of the day? BRAD It’s like spotting a snow leopard. Sean shoots Brad a quizzical look. JAMES Hey Larson! Come here. Larson looks up from his conversation and heads toward them. BRAD Here, take this. Brad shoves his drink into Dan’s hands and begins fixing his clothes. Larson approaches them. LARSON Mid-day party? JAMES Larson, you know Sean, right? LARSON Yeah, I’ve seen him around. Larson shakes Sean’s hand. BRAD Hey Larson.


Larson looks at him for a moment, then resumes attention back to James and Sean. Brad looks completely disheartened. JAMES Sean closed a 2.1 million dollar sale yesterday. LARSON Oh yeah? Congratulations. How’d you close? SEAN The Ben Franklin. They ate it up. LARSON Ah, using my material. SEAN Whatever works. LARSON Glad someone listens at the meetings. JAMES Wait and see. Sean will give you a run for your money some day. LARSON Oh yeah? I hope so. JAMES You could use a little competition. The phone on a nearby desk rings, indicating the office intercom. James walks over and presses a button. JAMES (CONT'D) Yes, Tracey? TRACEY (O.S. AND FILTERED) Larson, there’s a girl here for you. The guys all instantly jerk their heads toward the front desk. There’s an extremely attractive woman waving to Larson. LARSON I guess that’s me. Congrats again, Sean. Keep it up.


Larson pats Sean on the shoulder, nods to the rest of the guys and walks away, throwing his arm around the woman as he exits the office. DAN Wasn’t that girl blonde last week? MATT I think that was a different girl. (turns to James) Is it true he made over a million his first year? JAMES Larson’s a regular guy. You’ll get to know him. SEAN Yeah he seems cool. JAMES So what’s the deal with this appointment? SEAN Loft in Gramercy. It’s not for a while, but I’m going to run to the coffee shop to do some paperwork first. I’ll see you boys later. BRAD I’ll walk you out. JAMES Knock ‘em dead, Sean. You’re the future. Sean and Brad walk towards the exit. As they reach the desk, Mitch walks up to them still on the phone. MITCH (into the phone) Baby, hold on a second. (to Sean) Were you just talking to Larson? SEAN Yeah. It was kind of cool. MITCH Nice. (back to the phone) was 2 seconds!


Mitch walks away again, continuing his phone call. Sean shakes his head and makes his way towards the door. BRAD So you going to close this one too? SEAN A guy’s gotta eat, right? BRAD You’re making us all look bad. SEAN Yeah? Go take another shot. They both laugh and shake hands. BRAD Later, man. Tracey calls to Sean from her desk. TRACEY Remember to call me later, Sean. SEAN Yeah, sure. Maybe. Sean exits abruptly, avoiding a legitimate response. BRAD Hey, Trace, I’m not busy later. TRACEY Ring ring! (to Brad) I gotta take this. Tracey picks up the phone and pretends to have a conversation. Brad finishes his drink in defeat. EXT. CORNER OF 23RD STREET AND 3RD AVENUE - DAY Sean is waiting on the corner, pacing. He looks over to a nearby bus stop and sees Olivia’s “Sin” cologne ad again. He checks his watch and walks over to a newsstand. SEAN (to cashier) Pack of Marlboro Lights.


MELANIE approaches from behind him. She is of slender build with slightly pale skin and wearing a long, bohemian skirt and carrying a large crocheted bag. MELANIE Sean? SEAN jumps and turns around, forgetting about his cigarettes. SEAN Hey...Melanie, right? How’s it going? MELANIE Good. I figured it was you when I saw the suit. SEAN Good strategy. Except this is Manhattan. Sean and Melanie pause awkwardly. SEAN (CONT'D) I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. MELANIE Nope, you’re right. That was an awful strategy. SEAN (laughs) I’m just having a rough day. MELANIE Girl problems? SEAN Among other things. MELANIE It’s always a girl. We’re all bloodsuckers. SEAN I should have realized that years ago. MELANIE Nice guys never do.


SEAN Nice? Have you forgotten the whole suit ordeal? MELANIE (smiles) I’m over it. Sean laughs, followed by an awkward silence. Melanie breaks it. MELANIE (CONT'D) ready to show me this place? SEAN Let’s go. INT. VACANT LOFT - DAY Sean and Melanie walk through the open space as Sean unenthusiastically gives his sales pitch. SEAN So with a loft, you put up your own walls so it’s mostly about space, the kitchen, and the bathroom. Sean notices her handmade bag. SEAN (CONT'D) And the East Village is only a stop or two downtown on the 6 train. Melanie reaches into her bag and pulls out a massive professional grade camera and begins snapping pictures. SEAN (CONT'D) That’s quite a camera you have there. Usually people just take pictures with their phones. MELANIE I actually just bought it a few weeks ago after my old one broke. SEAN Are you into photography? MELANIE I like taking pictures.


SEAN (laughing) Well, I like photography. I actually decorated my place with a few Berenice Abbotts. MELANIE Nice name drop. Are you some kind of artist? SEAN Nah, I’m a real estate agent. They both laugh. SEAN (CONT'D) Actually, I guess I’m a bit of a writer. I always wanted to be a stand up comic. MELANIE That’s so cool. Do it! Sean looks around the loft and sighs. SEAN Maybe one of these days. Melanie’s phone rings. MELANIE Sorry. (she picks up her phone) Hello? Oh yeah, that’s fine. I’ll be there in a few. Melanie hangs up and turns to Sean. MELANIE (CONT'D) I’m sorry, Sean. I hate to admit it, but I’m actually checking out another place in a few minutes. SEAN It’s cool. Just out of curiosity, where is it? MELANIE I’m meeting the guy right down the block. SEAN Perfect. I’ll walk you there.


MELANIE You sure? SEAN Yeah, it’s fine. We can talk more on the know, about the place, or whatever. MELANIE Yeah, definitely. EXT. MANHATTAN STREET - SUNSET Melanie and Sean are walking down the street, talking inaudibly. DAVID is standing on the corner waiting. DAVID Sean? Sean sees David and attempts to hide his hatred. SEAN Hey, David. It’s been a while. DAVID So we’re sharing clients again? MELANIE You two know each other? DAVID Yeah. We used to work together. Sean tries to hide a look of disgust with a forced smile. DAVID (CONT'D) By the way, Melanie, I just spoke to the management company and they’re going to knock the rent down to $3200 a month. How much was your place, Sean? SEAN 35... DAVID That’s a shame. I know you’re on a budget, Mel. MELANIE Melanie. Mel’s my grandfather.