The Blue Book Of Reflections

In the name of Allah, the most Merciful, the most Compassionate, we pray that Allah (Exalted is he) assists us and showers mercy upon us even though we are not deserving of it. May all of mankind bless the best of creation Muhammad (may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him) as he sacrificed much for us even though we are heedless. This text is a reflection of a nobody. These are thoughts that came to us over the period of six months in 2003-4. We reflected on the works of many authors and we were openly reading whatever came to hand.

Chapter one
Faces and recompense I seen the faces of many different people and they told me, without the means of words, that Allah (The Exalted) loves them. The eyes of these people who pray and do good works shine a light that does not need language. Not the kind that will scare or frighten you but a light which will comfort you. And you’ll know that this person is loved by Allah (Exalted is he). As He does all his slaves even if they obey their master or not. Know he is the King of all masters. Many times in my life have I heard the complaints of the people about the work and effort they have out into a project. At places of work where they expected recompense for their work. They are often left disappointed and disheartened. Like us all we expect what we do to acquire a reward for. There is one only one who will pay you back for your works as you earned them and sometimes even more. Who is it? Allah (Mighty and Majestic). And He will not pay you a little He will recompense you more than your action, in good. How amazing is that? How amazing Allah (The Exalted) is, He will pay you back more than you deserves, if you go back to him. Be a servant of Allah (The Exalted) and you shall see the good in this life as well as the next, how sublime is that? Salvation

from distresses comes when one disappears from this world to turn oneself to everlasting paradise. How can anyone even being to imagine or write, in words, about the magnificence of Allah (The Exalted). As it says in the Quran, “Though the sea became ink for the Words of my Lord, verily the sea would be used up before the words of my Lord were exhausted, even though We brought the like thereof to help.”1 Imagine the sea as ink, it takes a month for a seriously committed student to use one pen. How many centuries would it take to praise Allah (The Exalted) with this ink? How much ink is in that pen? There is almost nothing. Think about the small amount that is in plastic or metallic pen. It would take an endless amount of time. We would exhaust ourselves but we could not get anyone close. The praise of Allah (The Exalted) is rightfully an action that mankind cannot justify do even if they spent their whole life’s praising Allah (The Exalted). Allah (The Exalted) deserves this and much, much more. He never places a burden upon us more than we can bear. “Allah tasks no soul beyond its scope.”2 How grandiose is the mercy of Allah (The Exalted)? He sends us something that we can bear with and not something that we cannot bear. Yet at

1 2

Quran. The Cave 18:109. Quran, The Heffer 2:286.

times people cannot bear with this. We need to realise that we are approaching Allah (The Exalted) through this. If we are burdened then it because of our own actions not because of what has been placed upon us. Sometimes we are unable to cope with anything. Allah (The Exalted) is a not an oppressor. “Allah is not an oppressor of (His) servants.”3 The punishment we receive is earned by actions. Even then if we turn to Allah (The Exalted) and request his assistance it will not be far away. How amazing Allah (The Exalted) is! Many people are in a heedless state about Allah (The Exalted) with their immoral belief in science and technology. How many of us have turned and fled from Allah (The Exalted)? I can see in the faces of these people that there is nothing left in them. They say that the eyes are the window of the soul and the soul is suffering under the burden of their sin. See the difference in the eyes of the person with Allah (The Exalted) and the person without. The eyes of a person without Allah (The Exalted) are dead and the eyes of a person with Allah (The Exalted) are alive. Consider this an atheist solider is facing an onslaught on opposing forces on foot. He is sitting in his tank, very comfortable but when he tries to fire his weapons they do not work. He tries to fire his rockets and they do not work. All the while the opposing forces are advancing. He is sensing

Quran, The Family of Imran 3:182.

that the faith that he put into technology was futile. He gets out of his tank and tries other weapons and they do not work. And when he nothing left to rely on he says what his heart denies, “Oh my God.” Deep down he knows that there is only one God and only He can save us from ourselves.

Good and evil
Chapter two We earn evil, we earn our problems through the means of our sins. We surely do reap what we sow but are we aware that we do? We sometimes drift in and out without realising what we are doing or who we are harming. Sometimes we harm people without realising that we have done anything wrong. According to our upbringing we haven’t done anything wrong. But we have done something we should not have and will realise the error soon. Allah the exalted says, “And whatever calamity befalls you, it is according to that which your own hands have earned and Allah forgives much.” 42.30. Allah forgives much there is so much that Allah could take us to task for yet he has shown us mercy. Let not the mercy leave you by taking others to task for what you think is wrong when it might well be something that is allowed. When bad occurs to you ponder for a moment. Did I do something to deserve it? When something befalls you is out of mercy that you are not taken to task for it in the next life and his justice that you are taken to task. The reward for a good act is another like it and the punishment for wrong act is another like it. So if you want to break the cycle of sin then repent and stay away from the sin.

“The recompense of evil deed is an evil deed like it.”4 Would you like to do goodness and reap goodness? Know that we are able to control our own thoughts but we have to observe them like a guardian and remove those bad thoughts. Try not to dwell on sins or envisioning yourself doing something that you cannot. We must repent form our bad thoughts sometimes and we must avoid acting upon them. As acting upon them leads to completing the sin and allowing your naafs free rein when it’s best for it to be reined in. Whoever you are, you are never out of God’s reach. And you’ll not realise this until it’s too late. Also let’s not fall into the trap of thinking that we are free from punishment if we do some things only repentance does that. Only repentance frees you from the recompense of a bad action. As the punishment of a bad action is another like it and the only way to escape from this cycle of sin is to repent. Break this cycle and set yourself free to roam in the oceans of obedience. Is it not high time that things changed? Is it not night time that you change? Know we shall be given our due. During the time of the Prophet (may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him) a man died a martyr on the battlefield. His mother proclaimed him a martyr. The Prophet (may Allah bestow peace and blessings be upon him) advised her not to comment on

Quran Counsel 42:39.

things she did not know. This is very subtle we have hopes but we cannot be sure. Many of us have group mentalities and follow our misguided leaders and the sins that they commit. That is blind fellowship and some groups have this and those groups are not from one faction. Beware of falling into the sins that their groups entrap you in. Salvation is not based upon membership of a particular group other than the Muslims. Yet we all call to our respective groups as if they are the only ones who can draw water from the well. We must not fall into this trap as Allah loves the person who turns in repentance but we can sometimes be unrepentant because of membership.

Chapter 3
Perfection, death Know that you can never be a ‘perfect Muslim’ you can only do your best. Sometimes it’s good and sometimes is not good enough. As long as you keep trying then you are on the right path. When you think that you done enough or that you stop trying then satan gets happy as his plan is in place, don’t you see? Perfection is not for you or me. If this happens ask Allah for forgiveness and then continue on your way. Richard Nixon said, “Never be afraid to go to God on your hands and knees.” Whatever someone may feel about him he never spoke a truer word than this. One day in our lives we’ll have to face death. This will be hard for you and for every single person to know that one day your life will come to end. There is a reason for your existence and that’s going to be made clear to you because you knew along but ignored the signs. Your does not keep going it comes to end. Allah says in the Quran, “Every soul thing shall taste death.”5 This is a fact, we are alive now but as a child grows to adulthood he begins to die. Take a day, a week or even a year to realise this but do not become hopeless Muslims are not a hopeless people. We hope that one day that our sins will be forgiven and that we will die Muslim thus attaining salvation.


Quran 29:57.

We may not even see the reward for our actions in this world but as Shah Waliallah said, “Everything perishes but your deeds.” We hope to take those good actions to our graves and we hope that they will help us in it.

You may be in a state of confusion or complaint the only cure for situation is prayer. How long as it been since you recited the Quran? The minimum that a Muslim should finish the Quran is twice a year. How many of us do not even finish it once a year. The Muslims in our time are more concerned with the worldly purists and all but abandoned pursing the afterlife. So many of us are lost without the knowledge of what we are losing. One scholar said, “If you don’t understand Arabic then read the Quran in English. If you do not understand it then read it in French, Spanish etc.” Its good advice read it in a language that you can engage with. Learning Arabic is achievable but this is a long term goal it cannot be done overnight. The point is keep trying even if you think that you have achieved nothing. Know that the intention is worth the same as the result, even if it is not achieved.

Chapter four
Mercy Why is it that we cannot be merciful to the non Muslims in our area? We have lived in the west for decades almost forty years yet Islam is still not yet established here. We still speak in our native languages and we are unaware of how to tackle the problems that our children face. Aren’t these people part of Bani Adam? Why can’t we expose some of them to some light? Many us watch the International media and are shocked are our portrayal. Why are you surprised that people who hate us portray us badly? There are people who can trust but there are people we cannot. Are you surprised that the some stations show crazy bearded people attacking people. This is part of the big plan so don’t be hopeless or sad. Know that Allah is the best of planners and his plan is going as planned.

Chapter five
Sins of others Many us are obsessed with the sins of others. We judge the people and we are unaware of the damage that we are doing. We have to give them a piece of our mind. We have to tell them off but it’s not about haram or halal it’s because they are not part of the same group as you. The weakness that we see is the reflection of our weaknesses so know that they are looking in the mirror. The problems that we see outside the problems that they are inside. Know that it’s your sins that you should be concerned about as those are the sins that you’ll be questioned upon. There is a time and place to warn people but wisdom has to be used. Know that Allah can forgive sins and all you have to do is ask sincerely. But do not be deluded into thinking that you can do anything you want then ask for forgiveness. Stay away from the sin and the inclination will go eventually. Allah the exalted says, “And whatever calamity befalls you, it is according to that which your own hands have earned and Allah forgives much.” 42.30.

Chapter six
Grasshopper Allah says in a Hadith Qudsi, “A believer maintains performance of voluntary acts until Allah loves him; then when Allah loves him; he becomes his eye with which he sees; his ears with which he hears.” At this stage you have reached a level in which you are tune to the sacred law and you are protecting yourself from the harm that can reach you from organs. What is entering your ears, is it backbiting or are listening to the Quran. What are you looking at? Lower your gaze. You realise that Allah has created everything and you are creation that has realising its servitude. Allah has planned for things in your life that you cannot imagine will occur. Do you remember the story of the grasshopper and the ant? It was a story that I heard during childhood. Let us remind ourselves of it. the grasshopper eats whatever he wants when during the spring and summer seasons. In complete heedlessness for the coming seasons. He sings, “The world owes me a living.” The ant on the other hand is busy storing food for the winter. The next season is autumn where there is little food for the grasshopper but the ant has its stories of food. Then winter comes and the grasshopper has nothing to eat because he

has not prepared for this season. Yet the ant is ready with his stories and has plenty of food because he prepared. Now which would you rather be? The ant or the grasshopper. Now change the picture and see the grasshopper as a disbeliever and the ant as a Muslim. The grasshopper is enamoured with the world and cannot see beyond it. The ant knows that he has to put work in now before he can enjoy the winter. The spring and the summer are the time of the life in this world and the autumn is the grave. The winter is day of judgement day and Paradise. Muslims should be like ants by storing good deeds for use on the last day. Let the grasshoppers be disillusioned into thinking that the spring and summer will last but you know it won’t last forever. When the time comes he will be lost but you the ant will reap the seeds that you have sown. Yet look now at some of us we want to be just like the grasshopper and without knowing it we are wasting our time. Some Muslim countries look at their crowing past and forget that it was Islam that made their country great. The reason why Islam spread so fast because it was championed by those people who were just and loved Allah totally, prayed, fasted and did not care about worldly things. So many of us have slipped into a mode of thinking that they should have the world like the grasshopper. This is a real problem love of the world, love of power, love of money, love of position. These are all diseases and we still wonder where it went wrong.

All these reformers of Islam try to convince us that Islam failed us so we must change Islam. No, Islam did not fail us we failed Islam. We failed and changed our circumstances that caused our downfall. The reformers all lied. Have you wondered why all the Islamic reformers came from countries that were occupied by foreign forces at the time? Is it me or were they funded by the foreign forces? Muhammad Abduh was exiled by Egyptian authorities but the British brought him back and made him head of Al-Azhar the most prestigious university in Egypt.

Chapter seven
Worldly desires Imam Ghazali said in Deliverance from Error (p.59), “Worldly desires were striving to keep me by their chains just where I was...” “While the voice of faith was calling, ‘to the road, to the road.” “All that keeps you busy, both intellectually and practically, is but hypocrisy and delusion. If you do not prepare now for the eternal life, when you will you prepare? If you don’t sever their attachments now when will you sever them?” Is it not strange that we strive for temporary gaols and have forgotten to put anything away for our permanent abode? We work so we can buy things we do not need to fill in pieces of jigsaw that does not fit with afterlife. We work so hard but we are working for the world all this will disappear and when we are buried six feet below the ground we will have nothing but our good actions. But if we do not have good actions what will we have? It’s only our actions we take into the next world not our wealth. All our wealth gets left behind, we leave it all behind. We get so caught up with things, events we totally absorb ourselves in things and forget about Allah. We find meaningless tasks as major and we overlook everything else. We forget Sunna, after Sunna after Sunna. We sit and amuse ourselves to death, disappearing into computer games, music, and activities that only draw us further away from

Allah. We are so heedless sometimes that we if someone tried to wake up we would not wake up. The problem is that we do not know it. It starts off as harmless games, past times and pretty soon the person has submerged himself into it. Lost in the web caught in the spiders trap. We need to break free from the chains of this world which prevent the soul from elevating itself to a higher purpose, the purpose of knowing Allah.

Chapter Eight
Materialism Materialism is something that is now plaguing the Muslims we see non-Muslims with Dunya and we want what they have. We want what he has. Do you we want to dress like him, talk like him, act like him and be like him? What he has is worthless and perishing. If the world meant anything do you think Allah would give it someone doesn’t believe in him? Don’t you think he would give something meaningful to those who love and believe in him? Yes. The world is worthless so do not envy those who possess what it worthless. If we want to be a like a Kafir then does that mean we want to be a disbeliever? Where are the Muslims now? We used to be leaders of the modern world, leading lights in mathematics, science, geography, philosophy, architecture and others. Now we look at our past and wonder about its delights. Would it not be better for us to do something like that now? Why do you think Allah gave us so much? He gave us much because Dunya didn’t mean anything and it’s less because it harbours too great a place in many people hearts. Allah is not punishing us now he is not an oppressor. He is removing our sins or raising us up. We were grateful, we practiced, we went to pray, we fasted, we paid the poor their due and went to hajj. We recited the testification of faith with firm conviction. Go back to what Imam Ghazali said, “If you do not prepare for the eternal life now when will you prepare?” Just before you die is too late

you have to start as soon as possible because the more you plant the more you’ll reap. But if your reap nothing then expect your eternal reward to be nothing!

Chapter Nine
Preparation When someone prepares for work the next day they will prepare themselves in different ways. He will either get up early or do everything with plenty of time to travel to work. Or he could get up late, rush to do what he has to and arrive late to work. Or he can do certain things before he sleeps so he is able to get up with ease that most of his preparation is done the day before so he does not need to rush. For example he could iron his clothes or prepare his lunch. As Muslims we need to get to the highest level which is the latter suggestion. We prepare well for things that we see the benefit for but we are heedless of the benefit of doing actions. The sleep the night before resembles death and the next day is the day of judgement. If we have prepared well then won’t have a problem as long as death is upon Islam. The first suggestion is trying to prepare for something when it’s too late which is on the day. The second suggestion is trying to do things when the time has passed so there is no validity to his actions. Only the third has some validity because he had his preparation before the day came. Prepare for eternity or sooner or later you’ll ask the question what am I doing with my life? But do not become hopeless as Allah is merciful.

Chapter ten
Mercy part two Let us now consider the mercy that Allah gives us without our being worthy of it. Consider all the provision you have received throughout your life. Rizq/Provision is anything that you use. Your clothes, food, housing and all your possessions. A mother may give to her offspring at certain times but Allah is more merciful than this he gives to you all the time. Even though you may be heedless of what is being given to you. Breathing, sight, hearing, movement of the body, health and there are so many innumerable gifts that we cannot fathom. Why is some disbelieve in Allah when they ask and not given? They think that just because they are not given something that there is no gift giver! Just because there is cloud cover over your head does not mean that there isn’t a sky beyond. Do you just know Allah as a giver and if they do not give then you do not know Him? So when he gives to you, you believe in him but when he doesn’t you turn away. What does that say about your faith? It says that your faith is dependent on receiving with means you did not believe in the first place. You failed the test! Sometimes not getting what you want is better than getting what you want as there is much harm in it. So remember that when you are troubled by the least thing when most of the time you are not troubled by anything. Blessed are those with little food as they know the real value of provision that is something that most of us have forgotten.

As we take the blessings of Allah for granted then we cannot bear even the smallest hardship. So many of us walk the earth without considering this fact.

Chapter eleven
War This generation, unlike other generations, before has moved into an uncertain world. Children all over the world are being brought up with hate. Sooner or later they will use the only thing they know to others. This is nothing but wrong and tragic. I see these times as a period where a single veil has removed but many are still in the dark. Some people see the world and its people for what they are and someone people see it for what it is. Others say it has always been like this and only now do others see it. So where do the Muslims stand? There are some who said we should fight and other say we should discuss. Many feel powerless but we are not powerless the power of dua’ means we are never powerless. Hate needs to be erased from our world. John F Kennedy said, “Man must put an end to war or war will put an end to man.”

Chapter Twelve
Condition Know that Allah wants us to be purified from our sins. These trials and tests are a means to remove worse things that we could have faced if we did not receive them. We must bear these but we must also fulfil our duties which are worshipping Allah to our upmost. Realise no one person can change the world but a person can change himself. Strive to serve your community and become an excellent example. Follow the Quran and Sunnah through the vision of the scholars of the nation and you can never go wrong. The Muslim nation, at the moment, is like a battered wife who complains bitterly when she is attacked. Who does she complain to? The attacker. Does he care? No, he doesn’t. We need to stop thinking like this. “Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change their condition.”6 Muslims look to our great past, innovations in science, philosophy, architecture and long for those days. Have you forgotten something all those scientists were practicing Muslims on the whole. They prayed, fasted, went to hajj, gave alms and believed in Islam. We want to be like those


Quran the Thunder 13:11.

people who abandon our religion so we can ahead in all fields. The Muslims of that time were in a place where piety existed and it was seen as wonderful quality to have. Now people who follow Islam are made to feel small and backward. We went to Egypt and were made to feel small by the people because of my beard. Even though I wore western clothes on like them. Do we really deserve to back on top ruling the world when we see our religion as backwards? We must deserve and earn the right only when that occurs will it return. When Allah is pleased with us and we are grateful for our unfathomable blessings then we shall receive more.

Chapter thirteen
Good and evil 2 When you have dictionary you have no excuse for not knowing what a word means; we should look into the Quran to find out what being a Muslims means. “And there may spring from you a nation who invite to goodness, and enjoin right conduct and forbid indecency. Such are they who are successful.”7 At the same time Ibn Taymiyyah said in Enjoining right and forbidding wrong (p.5), “Let your enjoining of good be good and let not your forbidding of evil be evil.” From this we can see that if say to someone that x is no something they should be doing then we should do it in a way doesn’t distance them from Islam. Wisdom is needed when you command the good because if you use anger then this has a negative effect. Consider this there is a king who wishes to give a man rewards but the man does not act justly. So the king withholds his rewards. The man being very arrogant does what he likes and the king waits to see if he’ll change but the man is stubborn and continues to disobey the king. The man is in open war with the king eventually the king gives him one last chance but he does not repent and is killed. This man died in a state of clear aggression without repenting. Does he

Quran the Family of Imran 3:104

not know that he was rebelling in the kingdom and the king was aware of his actions? Consider another man who obeys the king. The king is pleased with him but does not give him what he wants and instead gives him tests and trails. Even people come to him trying to persuade him to disobey the king but they do not convince him. The king is pleased with him and gives him rewards and when the man dies he is in a state of submission and peace. Which would you rather be? The man in submission dies Muslim and the man in rebellion died nonMuslim. When you pray you attain a peace that the wealthy can never afford. Allah loves those who love him; it’s as simple as that.

Chapter fourteen
Fate and destiny Know o tired eyed reader that when and destiny play their part they do not wait for accolades. It all falls into place. Nothing and no one can prevent the decree of Allah taking place. No one can take anything from you that you did not own. They don’t take from you what was supposed to come to you, it was never supposed to come to you. If it was meant for you it would come and no one could stop it. Everything has and order and everything has a place. Just as Allah decreed, so not despair or lose hope. Or go back to the way you used to be, you have left the evil you were accustomed to so do not go back. I.e. things you used to rely on other than Allah. Turn your whole body away and direct it to Allah and say how you feel. And Allah will heal you. this is part of Allah’s mercy to his creation.

Chapter fifteen
Ramadan What an amazing month Ramadan is. People who were not practicing their faith before now are like the best people that you could ever hope to meet. Men and women seem to be so much better in this month. We see that the soul knows who it belongs to and where it is going to return so it going to prepare now without the usual distractions. The bodily motions add the system into turning it from something that it once was to what it could be. The rewards are great for this month but so are the punishments because you are refusing the hospitality of a special guest. In this month be who you are, a Muslim.

Chapter sixteen
Dust Once I stayed in a hostel for a few months and I a copy of the Quran on some shelving. Without knowledge the shelf was a little dusty. The Quran was in a leather zip cover which protected it from anything. Every time I picked up the Quran to read some dust came off the shelf. This kept occurring until the section that the Quran was clean all the dust had gone. This is how minds are and hearts are and if we keep going back to the Quran it will clean parts of our soul that we did not know were dirty. Slowly the dust will go and the rust will remove itself then the heart can truly shine. All praise is truly due to Allah who has given the gift of the Quran to clean our souls from the filth of the world.

Chapter seventeen
Praise Allah Have you ever considered why Allah praises himself at the end of Quranic verses? He is telling and informing you to praise him by his attributes which are his beautiful names. He is reminding you of his names which have no boundaries of perfection. Allah is reminding you to give him praise when you have so much, be grateful to gift giver. Be grateful to the one who looks after you night and day. He gave you everything and more. He prepared things for you that you haven’t even thought about. Yet the more we receive the more ungrateful we are, I am ungrateful. Allah arranges our provision yet we are greedy. Remember all journeyed end with Allah. And don’t be arrogant as you’ll repeat the same mistakes again and again. The pious believer will examine everything and at least consider his position. The arrogant will never learn and is destined to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. May Allah save us from being arrogant.

Chapter eighteen
Grief Grief is something very real and unknown to us things we have buried in years of memory suddenly surface without warning. We find it difficult to control and we can lash out or cry out. This is true for all of us we get confused and frustrated by momentary lapses then lose control of our ration senses. Then when we realise what we have done we become full of remorse and regret. At these times we can say too much or too little in these times of desperation we should leave others and seek Allah and beseech forgiveness from him. Keep remembering Allah and read the Quran until you can think clearly. Making a decision quickly often means paying for it for a long time. Losing my temper and lashing out is something that I have been guilty of many times. I have gained control over it mostly but sometimes I slip, I am human but the important thing is that I repent and return. Keeping your emotions under control is not something that is easy. Grief does strange things to people self destruction is one the worst paths someone can walk on because of the grief they feel. Satan is an open enemy to you and him waiting for the opportunity to present it so he can pounce. Then begin to speak his wretched words let his actions be in vain. Ignore him and seek refuge in Allah. He’ll come suddenly and sometimes he screams.

Our thoughts are constantly changing and this is the internal dialogue satans words come all of a sudden. Satan did not whisper into your heart something that he did not see a desire in you for. Listen out for the call of your Lord and follow the path that has been shown to one. Do even the smallest bit of good even if it’s putting one pence into the charity box do not put it off.

Chapter nineteen
Disease One of the worst diseases of our time is heart disease but not an illness more a sickness of the desires that are rooted there. We live in a world were almost anything can be brought this causes the heart to desire more and more. It is never satisfied and the sickness of the heart kills it as it was not made to carry darkness it was made to carry light. The untreated heart carries layers and layers of darkness that need to be removed before light can come in. When someone desires a thing especially a person of power or money they’ll attain that what they desire quickly. Yet this leaves the heart with more darkness that it has to overcome. So when the heart get was it desires it is disastrous as when a man’s eye falls onto a lady and it is not reciprocated his heart can become troubled. We try to quick fix everything but the heart needs to be treated not fixed temporarily. And the really sick heart flies into fits of rage when it cannot get what it wants. Satan then gets to work he whispers into this man’s soul that he has nothing. He plays with all his feeling trying to get a reaction out of him. We must control our hearts because if we do not then we risk breaking this muscle. We live in a time where things readily available, if you have the money, and technology have spread across the globe. People compete desperately and this is disease is the desire to get what others do not have. They want that house, that car, that extension, those clothes

etc. They lose sight of what life really is and unfortunately, Muslims has also fallen into this trap but it’s not too late to late to change things. The heart must be controlled, limit it to halal things and prevent it from what it can never have. We need to show seeds of humility and hope that they grow but we need to water them by hard work. The Messenger of Allah (may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him) said, “There is a morsel of flesh if it is sound then the body is sound...” “Is it not the heart?” (Al-Bukhari). We need to reflect on this point and or come back to the work we need to do. Do not be like the people who have two eyes but use one or do not use either. Because they are unable to see the bigger picture which allows them to see the bigger picture. Be true and work on that heart. Getting music out of your heart is one step to moving away from darkness as some music pours hypocrisy in the heart. We all know our journey is to Allah and that this is time in which we have to prepare. Our journey is prepared by acts of worship. We hope to bring much with us for use later. So how should we be in the world? The Prophet Muhammad (may Allah bestow peace and blessings be upon him) said, “Be in this world as a stranger.” (Al-Bukhari). Don’t know the world more than you need to and do not make it all know. Realise that you have to interact with it but not at the expense of your religion. Look after your deen and your Dunya will be easy but if you do it in the wrong order then it could cause great harm.

When the prophet Muhammad (may Allah bestow peace and blessings be upon him) entered Medina one of the first things he did was build the masjid then asked where the market was. Deen first then Dunya that’s the necessary order.

Chapter twenty
Blessings We are totally unaware of the blessings that we are in every moment of every second of this life. It’s such an amazing blessing to have your health. The Arabs say, the healthy have a crown on their heads that only the ill can see. It is not strange that we call blessings normal? How can all we receive be normal? It that because we are totally unaware of the blessings? We need to wake up and give gratitude as much as can and then you’ll increase. Know that just as the body needs sustenance so does the soul and that can only be fed by acts of obedience to his creator. This man has shown you the way now it’s your time to walk this path and reach paradise. So many blessings that we are totally unaware of.

Chapter twenty one
Fear and hope

I would like you to know that there is no need to fall into despair about the state of the world. Nor is there a reason for you to be hopeless. Do not allow your soul to plague your with thoughts that you have not achieved enough. Be content with what you have because wanting more can lead to sorrow. Maintain your religion in your job and if you are on the first steps then keep going. Know that Allah has placed a natural order in everything and you are part of that order. You have a gift that if you cultivate will outshine others without pressure. Some people are meant for certain professions over others but not everyone was meant to be a fisherman because there would be no fish in the sea. Allah has already planned out your provision so do not fear that your provision will never come to you; it has already been written for you. You may have doubts in what you are doing but sometimes what you are doing has so much good that you are unaware of its benefits. Ask for guidance when you feel hopeless because Allah shall be your source of hope. Everything that you were to get, you shall get and do not worry you won’t miss anything. Try not to compare yourself to anyone else because you waste a lifetime comparing yourself. Their life has been different to yours. Parents who give their children a good start give them a good platform to

move from and parents who neglect their children put their children into pits. It takes time to crawl out of pit and know parents are not aware of the needs of their children. Allah has put wisdom in your whole life so try to understand that some things that did not happen did not happen for a reason. So be careful because at this point satan might be warming up his plan but don’t worry part of satan’s plan is part of Allah’s plan. So he cannot do anything without the permission of Allah. Your own doubts need to be removed from your heart. Do not worry about what is out of your control. Don’t forget to speak to the experts before making hasty decisions. Realise that your success ultimately is in your performance of the five pillars. Assisting your parents is one of the most excellent things that you can do. There are countless blessings in looking after children. You can either fly with wings of hope and fear or you can have fear during your life then end your life in hope. Fear should stop you from doing wrong but do not let fear stop you from doing something good.

Chapter twenty two
Value This is an event that occurred to us that Allah (the Exalted) allowed me to see much wisdom. We were in the masjid after the prayer was finished. I got up to leave then some money fell out of my pocket. And I thought about the strangeness of this occurrence as I had never had money fall out of pocket since I was a child. Maybe there was some wisdom in this event. I pondered for a while, metaphors coming to my mind. Then Allah blessed me with the real value of this world which is worshipping Him. It does not cost you anything but through it you can attain much wealth. The majority of this wealth is lost on the people of this time.

Chapter twenty three
Cold During my education stay somewhere in this globe I was forced to stay in shared accommodation. At the same time an American and British man joined me. They witnessed the state of the fridge which contained many out of date and half used products. They wanted to be rid of this mess. They emptied it contents and then threw away what was no longer fit for human consumption. After this they dictated new rules to be followed by everyone who was going to use the fridge. When the job was complete they decided to reward themselves with alcohol it was something very strange to witness. If only they knew it was punishment. Is the fridge Iraq and what’s inside oil? The people who it affected were the population of Iraq who had no choice. We life in times were truth has been covered up and economics is paramount. The truth is the least and cheapest thing that nobody cares about. It’s now about how loud some people shout. Rather than blame others Muslims need to look at our own faults because blaming others is an easy escape goat but only when we look at ourselves can really start to do something about our situation.

So even in the strangest things wisdom is hidden but only those of understanding and patience have access to deeper meanings. Of course this is all the gifts of Allah (the Exalted) who he gives to whoever he wills. Do people look beyond the surface of things anymore?

Chapter twenty four
Living I have been around people who have Dunya and those with little. I prefer those who have little money but in the end you have to leave it all. I have seen the difference between the Muslims of the East and the West. Muslims in non oil producing countries have Dunya hard and the Muslims of the West have Dunya easy. As for the religion Muslims in the west have deen hard and Muslims in the east have Dunya easy. Although at the same time there are Muslim countries which are run by tyrants. Remember that a bad person never questions himself, he never remonstrates with himself; he does however he feels and does not care. This is an awful state to be in for anyone never mind a Muslim. If you are in that state then look inward you might be scared but that should give you incentive to change. You may find answers that may not accept because you are not ready. You can either life with it or do your best to change your state and this is part of the path. Once you step on this path you’ll avoid a big trap that you may not be able to escape from. Question your motive behind every action and ponder every moment of everyday. Is this for Allah or is it for me?

Chapter Twenty five
Attitudes We all think that this is one life and that’s all we have. You have one life and you have to live it to it to its limits. We stay addicted to our addictions and are unable to let go because we think that this life is all we have. There is a life to come which is endless and the only chance you have to prepare it is now, this life. Have fun with your life and then do you die and that’s it? No there is a life coming in which you’ll hope for an end if you lose. Why do people abuse their bodies with all the things they do to it? If you loaned something out someone and they returned it damaged would you be happy with them? This is the same with your body. Allah has given you it in perfect condition and if you are constantly abusing it then you are abusing a gift of Allah. A man who treats his tools will get the best out of them. Know that if you mistreat your body eventually your body will no to you. Even if you desire to say yes. When your body says no you’ll realise the true extent of the damage that they have done. On the other hand ponder the one who obeys Allah and he will see blessing of looking after his body.

Chapter twenty six
Fast One thing that keeps re-surfacing every now and then is people who are busy with the sins of others. This leads them to forget about their own sins. Once I witnessed someone else’s praying during my own and then forgot where I was! Many times we are committing sins that are either similar to worse than the ones we warn others not to do. Yet this is not the whole story as some of see other committing sins and feel good that we are better than them because we don’t do what they do. We cannot excuse ourselves for feeling good that we do not do the same we must accuse ourselves. This is not a simple matter have pride is still a difficult matter and will slow someone down on their spiritual path. Do we know all the circumstances that the person is facing as there may be a weakness that he may be facing? You should thank Allah that you do not have the same problem and if you can help. It’s easy to judge them as it is easy for them to judge you, so beware. What good does it do if we upset each other? Muslims have a duty to be good examples to their families and to the world around them. leading by example is the main method that this noble religion spread. Imam Abu Hanifa had a drunken Jewish neighbour who used to disturb him late at night because of his drinking. The Imam bore this

without complaining eventually the Jewish man was locked up. When Abu Hanifa realised he went to the caliph and demanded his release. The Jewish man was so shocked and surprised he became Muslim. We can lead but we should not be bothered if they follow us or they do not because that is their issue, we have done our bit. As for those who see others praying and do not pray themselves citing the excuse that those who pray are sinful in other ways. This is a copout you should not let someone’s bad practice affect your practice. Ignore the man who prays five times a day in the mosque but cannot tell the truth for one moment. He is sinful for his lies but not let his sins make you a sinner as well by using it as an excuse for not praying. The more we turn to Allah and rely on him the more Allah will love us and there is nothing better than that. So use eyes of compassion when looking at your brother/sister as you could be in their place, drinking, taking drugs, committing fornication etc. Give them a way out of their mess and don’t block the way by making them hopeless. You could quite easily dishearten someone’s resolve to practice by your behaviour I have several times. If we think we are here to eat, drink and procreate then we have lost sight of our final abode.

Chapter twenty seven
Hijra and Sunna We were listening to a lecture on the Hijra the teacher explained that all the Muslims who could leave for Medina from Mecca left. With the exception of a few who could not leave and the Prophet (may Allah bestow peace and blessings be upon), Abu Bakr and Ali (may Allah be pleased with them). When the pagan Quresh found out about this sent out an assassin from every tribe to kill the Prophet (may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him) at the behest of a scholar of Najd (satan). When they appeared before the house of the Prophet (may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him) he instructed Ali (may Allah be pleased with you) to sleep in his place by covering himself in his cloak. He advised him that if Ali did that no harm would come to him. The lecturer managed to extrapolate from this that if Ali did as the Messenger (may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him), no harm would come to him. This is speech stuck in my mind for the next few days. Following the Sunna protects one from all harm of the world because whatever afflicts does not matter as you with Allah. Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) was told to copy the Prophet (may Allah bestow peace and blessings be upon him) so he was telling him to follow the Sunna. After the Prophet (may Allah bestow peace and blessing be upon him) escaped from the would-be assassins who were queued up outside his front door by reciting Sura Yasin and placing sand on their

heads. Ali slept in the place of the Prophet (may Allah be pleased with him) without a single hair being harmed even though there were assassins outside the home who thought Ali was the Prophet (may Allah be pleased with him). This manifest miracle became even more dazzling when the next day Ali woke up unharmed. Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) would later become a caliph and was always a lantern of guidance for the Muslims, due to his fellowship. Following the Sunna is not just two extra units after Zuhur prayer rather it is the actions and speech. He never told a lie in his entire life, do you lie? If you do then you are not following the Sunna! He never struck a woman, child or slave, do you? If you do then you are not following the Sunna. Compare how you are to him and you will find yourself always wanting. Unless you lie to yourself then you’ll be convinced that you are following the Sunna. Otherwise admit that you are not following the Sunna, be honest! In the Prophet’s (may Allah bestow peace and blessings be upon him) farewell speech at hajj he warned people to cling onto the Quran and the Sunna. This is the essence, the source that we need to cover our lives with Sunna but we have to following the Quran which are the basis for our actions. Realise that covering yourself in anything means disaster and can lead to unbelieveable unease.

Dress yourself in the clothes of the Sunna and make your flesh the Quran. Whatever happens or does not happen will not affect how you lead your life. Consider yourself as someone who is cold at night and you have a cloak that you can use to cover yourself with. If you do not use it you will shiver but you have to make some effort in order to use it. This cloak will keep you cool during the day and warm during the night. This is the cloak of the Sunna wear it and no harm will come to you except what was prescribed to you. If you forget this whole book remember this point and really consider why we are shivering the whole night.

Chapter twenty eight
Smoke Compare the world to a man smoking. The cigarettes are the Dunya and man is Muslim. He cannot give up smoking because of his habitual addiction. He likes the taste, he likes the way people look at him, when he smokes, especially the women. He likes to be asked by strangers for a light he forms relationships over cigarette smoke. Together in the torrid guilt of misery loving company. When the Prophet (may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him) said, “They will take from as someone takes from a bowl.” It was asked, “Is that because we are few?” he replied, “No you will be many but you love the Dunya and fear will be removed from the hearts of your enemies.” The smoker loves the Dunya and hates to give it up. He is too weak but he knows that his health will get better and that people will like more if he gives up. Yet he cannot give it up he cannot let go of the Dunya. How many of us are brave enough to leave out additions for the sake of Allah? If we do we get something better in its place. Is not that a good trade not just to get the like of what you gave up but to get better? That’s a deal of a lifetime! O’Muslim know that the Dunya is bad for you and will cause you pain if you love it. If you deal with the Dunya in a halal way then it will benefit you in this life and the next.

“Be mindful of Allah and Allah will be mindful of you,” said the Prophet (may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him). Do not think you have time to repent later, do it now whilst the iron is hot and the time is right. Because we not live long enough to repent and your life could end at any moment even before you finish this book.

Chapter twenty nine
Heart Know that your heart is like a towel and that the wetter is it the heavier it is. The longer you use it and you don’t clean it the worse state it becomes this illness can spread across the body. Soon you’ll be like the towel. So what needs to be done to solve this situation? Clean the towel and make it light by adding light. What do you clean your heart with? Dhikr remembrance of Allah cleans the parts of the heart that nothing else can do. This keeps your heart clean from illness as you do not realise how this sickness hurts you as it does those around you. Quranic recitation is the best medince and that’s your starting point then look at supplications of the men of Allah as they are moving. The heart need constant refreshing like the oil in your car without a service that oil will slow you down your car and it won’t work as it did. Know that your nafs is always commanding to evil so when you hear its commands ignore it by forcing yourself to do good actions. When you are in a gathering ponder the reason why you are speaking and if there is no benefit then don’t speak. As there will always be someone who disagrees with you. You nafs wants all the credit for things it did not do and it wants all the Dunya all that did not work for. Eventually constant actions will reduce its effect and the bad thoughts will lesson but this takes work. Are you prepared for hard work?

Chapter Thirty
Speedy There are those who are progressing quickly in the deen and are working away. Some people wish to be like them and others envy them. It’s only permissible to envy someone if you want to be like them and you do not want their blessings to diminish. People are travelling to Allah at different speeds some are crawling, some are walking and some are speeding. Some people like to go faster than others and some people like to take it easy one step at a time. Others will start then stop without reason. Others still do not think they need to ride but they are lost in the markets and shops. The city in which we all live is crumbling and only those moving can see it as for those others they cannot see what is before their eyes. The next town is not close and the journey is difficult. But have to get help before you go otherwise that journey will be difficult. The other town is your death and the city is your current life. Your footsteps are very important because that shows people where you have been and what you have done. So tread carefully and walk in a way that will harm others or yourself. Keep your eyes open and your footsteps quick and light.

Chapter thirty one
Knowledge Men of knowledge are few and far between in this time so when you find one stick to them like glue. We are in a time in which misinterpretation and misinformation are widespread at times we are unable to decipher which is which. Ali ibn Talib (may Allah be pleased with him) said something that if you understand it then it shall benefit you throughout your life; he said, “The truth is not know through people; know the truth and you shall know its people.” You will hear all sorts of calls that will confuse all of them claiming to follow the truth. Find the truth and you’ll be able to figure out who are the bearers of the standards of truth. Know they are not limited to nationality or birth right rather its creed. Respect those with knowledge and try to get as much out of them as you can. But do not respect those unrighteous people because a person is not respect wothry because of the wealth he has. People possessing knowledge should try to teach with and try to avoid the traps of satan who opens doors of arrogance. This can cause corruption which is dangerous for the scholars and the students. Knowledge is a gift from Allah and this gift can be given to anyone and the door from which this is given is the door of righteousness. Realise that some people will never listen to what you have to say. Sometimes the matter in which it is presented does

not matter anyway. Try to be with those of knowledge and practice, know that these people are very rare.

Chapter thirty one
Money (Dunya) Money is something that we in the world need for various things like food and clothing. But money should not be your primary concern. Allah has provided for you at every step so put those concerns to bed. The money people have the more concerns they have in maintaining it and the more concerns they have in keeping it. “We will test you with a certain amount of fear and hunger and loss of wealth and life and fruits. But give good news to the steadfast.”8 Realise this is a promise and tests will come so know. Be careful in your wealth from excessive spending in a much and least. Be neither use the middle way; reach a medium between two extremes. Know that someone’s bank balance does not make a person . it does not having bearing on you as a person. People who have less in this world have less accounting on the day of judgement. Say Allah Karim when you realise the blessings you have.


Qur'an the Heffer 2:155.

Chapter thirty two
Less and less We live in a time where people dress less and less. What is this turning man into? Animals do not need clothes they have fur to keep them warm. Humans need clothes so why are revealing ourselves in ways in which we cannot understand. The more flesh we show the animal like we become but even then animals have an excuse but we should know better. The undressed state of people seems to be calls to procreate. We mark our territories and yet we do not know who we are. If we were to be like animals then we would not have been given the gift of the intellect. Through this gift can we understand our religion which means to become the best human being possible. A good Muslim benefits humanity not just his brothers and sisters in faith. We are not like scrooge we are people of justice, truth and honesty but where is this now? Islam accommodated all people who were under it banner. Islamic states allowed non-Muslims the right to do as they wish within a given a frame. They were not allowed to propagate their beliefs but there were no forceful conversions. They were allowed to chose which is something that people now seldom remember about Islam. I am not talking about assisting people in wrong but in the greater good. Muslims were at the forefront of assisting humanity to live better lives. Sitting having the intention to reach people and going out to the public to speak to nonMuslims is a different thing altogether. Many of us fear

reaching out because of our attachment to worldly positions. The path of a lofty rank in paradise is not about having the correct belief and waiting for our death.

Chapter thirty three
Silence Many scholars have said staying silent is best and if you cannot do that use few words but get to the point quickly. Think before you speak and arrange your thoughts before speaking. If you speak before thinking then this may cause you a major problem. The wise people speak little and the fools speak all the time and this is means of discrimination for you all. How is it that some of us want to continuously repeat one hadith to everyone yet forget other hadiths. Islam is not based on one hadith alone! This attitude of one man forcing his understanding onto others is not the way of Islam. This is like the man who crosses the street and sees some dirt. He avoids it but forgets the bigger picture which is his own safety when he is crossing the road! If he does not look out for the traffic there is strong chance of him getting run over. So rather than getting caught up with minor things we should be looking at the bigger picture. We need to open our eyes and look at the bigger picture of what the Muslims need. We may need to use other people ears as our own are not appropriate. Serving is one the highest actions in Islam something we have lost now as we have many leaders but no followers. There are things that need to be studied and explained to us and if we do not do this then we risk misrepresented the very

thing we are trying to propagate. We must know that arguing is not the way of Muslims. Arguing is the practice of the ignorant not the knowledgeable. Learning from a pious scholar can speed up your learning and is necessary for those who desire to connect themselves to the tradition system of learning. This may be hard at first but you’ll find ease in it later.

Chapter thirty four
Restaurant (2) I was sitting in a restaurant in the east and after ordering some food I sat down. The food was cheap due to the exchange rate. Nearby was man who had a scruffy appearance with a baby in his arms and his wife at his side. Thinking about my own position as a foreigner being able to afford most things here in a foreign land comparing this to a native who could barely afford food, which one of us was the wealthier? I had money but he had a wife and a child which I had neither. So he might be looking at me with mercy because has what I do not yet I may be looking down on him for not having wealth. I realised that Allah blesses people with different things appropriate to their geographical area and what they are doing. Some of us have what others have but some of us do not. Whilst others are convinced that others have more blessings than them but what seems like blessing can also be seen as something negative. We need to look very carefully at what we are blessed with and try to give thanks to Allah. As Allah has showered us with infinite blessings that are innumerable by even the most sophisticated computer. Being happy with a current condition is a treasure than is unfathomable. We should not be angry about what others have or what we do not have. Sometimes not having something is better than having it. The man had a partner and a child; I had my health and more wealth than him (not much more!). the Prophet (may Allah

bestow peace and blessings upon him) said, “Envy consumes good work like fire consumes wood.”

Chapter thirty five
The house (Dunya 3) Imagine this there is a house in a city and in this house people from all kinds live, Muslims and non-Muslims. Some people like to engage in vain discourses and comment about women and watch inappropriate television. They make lots of noise that disturbs the other people in the house. They disobey the rules in the house and the rules set down by the owners of the house. The staff who work there complain to others in the house but they do nothing. Then another group come from the owner reminding them to obey the rules that they agreed to. But they carry on regardless of this and bluntly refuse to cooperate. The groups try to sleep but to no avail as the noise is too much. One person prays for their guidance and for god to show them the correct way. These people know they have to wake up the next day and they need the sleep. The noisy refuse as they are caught in the moment and are unable to see anything else. Some join them to see what the fuss is about and they get blinded like the rest into their passions. The house is the Dunya and the people who deny the rules are the disbelievers and the people who obey are the believers, as they are concerned about the next day, the last day. Those who joined them are Muslims who let the Dunya lead them astray. They were mislead into believing that the Dunya is something and like a mirage it disappears. And the people who came to ask them to be quiet and remind them

where the Prophets and Messengers but they remained heedless.

Chapter thirty six
Witness The Prophet Muhammad (may Allah bestow peace and blessings upon him) is a witness to his nation and know Allah said in the Quran, “We never punish until we have sent a messenger.”9 So when all his nation are given birth then the punishment will begin as for all others prophets it came after their message was rejected by their nation but his nation has yet to be born so their punishment is delayed until the day of judgement. And that is why they all go to him on the day of judgement because he is their prophet! That is why he intercedes for us all and says, “My nation, nation.” We are his nation and if he obeys the rules of Allah we be granted unlimited bliss of paradise and if we smash the house we are in we won’t deserve another everlasting abode other than an abode of punishment. Allah will not punish them until they realise who they rejected and when they realise that, it will be too late but then the absolute punishment comes and no one can avert it.


Quran the night Journey 17:15.

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