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EhLib history Version 5.6 * Fixed handling of the global variable OldStyleFlatBorder.

In previous versions, if OldStyleFlatBorder = False (default value is False), then if TDBEditEh.Flat = True then drawing boundaries of TDBEditEh in Flat style never worked. In this version, if OldStyleFlatBorder = False then drawing boundaries of TDBEditEh in Flat style will work when the Windwos is in the Classic style and drawing Flat border will not work when the Windwos is in Themed environments and application use Themes. + Added a Images property in the class TEditButtonEh (TDBEditEh.EditButtons[i] .Images) of a TEditButtonImagesE type. TEditButtonImagesEh = class(TPersistent) published property NormalImages: TCustomImageList; property HotImages: TCustomImageList; property PressedImages: TCustomImageList; property DisabledImages: TCustomImageList; property property property property end; ols and columns of TDBGridEh. Images are drawn when TEditButtonEh.Style = ebsGlyphEh and TDBEditEh.EditButtons[i].Images.NormalI mages is assigned. + Added EmptyDataInfo property in DBGridEh. If this property is enabled and Da taSet is Active and it contains no data, then DBGridEh draws <No data> text in the center of the client area. You can specify the inscription for each DBGrid or set a global variable DBGridEhEmptyDataInfoText that is located in the module DBG ridEh. + Added EmptyDataInfo property in the TDBEditEh, TDBNumberEditEh, TDBComboBoxE h, TDBLookupComboBoxEh. Use TDBEditEh.EmptyDataInfo.Text property to display the text that will be displayed in the Edit control when it contains no dat a. + Added standart property Touch (supported in Delphi 2010 and higher) for DBGr idEh, TDBEditEh, TDBNumberEditEh, TDBComboBoxEh, TDBLookupComboBoxEh, TDBDateTime EditEh. + Added the ability in design-time to open the Edit buttons collection editor (EditButtons) in TDBEditEh, TDBNumberEditEh, TDBComboBoxEh, TDBLookupComboB oxEh, NormalIndex: Integer; HotIndex: Integer; PressedIndex: Integer; DisabledIndex: Integer;

Now it is allowed to draw Images from ImageList in EditButtons of Edit contr

TDBDateTimeEditEh controls. A menu item to open the collection is in the context menu of the component that opens on the right mouse button. + In TDBCheckBoxEh added the ability to set Empty value ('') for properties ValueChecked, ValueUnchecked. This allows you to set the state of CheckBox for Null value of DB field. + In DBGridEh added OnDataGroupGetRowParams event. The event is used to customize information for group records (when Grid works in data grouping mode - Grid.DataGrouping.Active = True). In the event you can specify color, font, text and pictures for the group r ow. + in the module DBGridEhImpExp added a global procedure - ExportDBGridEhToOleE xcel. The procedure is designed to export data from DBGridEh to MS Excel. The procedure uses OLE to export data which means the MS Excel must be inst alled on the computer to allow this procedure work. + At design-time a context menu of TDBGridEh component displays information ab out the version of the library. + Added global procedure - DrawProgressBarEh. The procedure allows you to draw a picture in the form of a progress bar (ProgressBar). It can be used to display progress bar in grid cells. See example of use in the DEMOS\DEMO1 project. Version 5.5 + Added support of Embarcadero RAD Studio XE2. + ThemeTitleFillElement property add to the TDBGridEhStyle class. property ThemeTitleFillElement: TGridThemeTitleFillElementEh; TGridThemeTitleFillElementEh = (gtfeHeaderItemEh, gtfeSplitButtonEh); This property defines Themes element that will be used to fill the backgroun d the grid titles when property TDBGridEh.Flat = False. * TDBGridEh.Flat property has no effect of filling of then title background under RAD Studio XE2 when TStyleManager.IsCustomStyleActive is True. In this case the grid fills titles using Themes style that is defined by DBGridEhDefaultStyle.ThemeTitleFillElement property. * The filling of the grid titles uses thHeaderItem Theme style rather then ttbSplitButton style from version EhLib 5.5. Set global property DBGridEhDefaultStyle.ThemeTitleFillElement to gtfeSplitB uttonEh for filling the title in the old style. Version 5.4 + In DBGridEh. Checkboxes can be shown in the indicator column. Checkboxes is used to select records in the Grid. Also it is needed to customise properties of the Grid to allow selecting records: dgMultiSelect in Options, gstRecordBookmark

s in AllowedSelections. + In DBGridEh. IndicatorOptions property of TDBGridEhIndicatorOptions was adde d. TDBGridEhIndicatorOptions = set of TDBGridEhIndicatorOption; TDBGridEhIndicatorOption = (gioShowRowIndicatorEh, gioShowRecNoEh, gioShowRowselCheckboxesEh); gioShowRowIndicatorEh - have same meaning as dgIndicator in Options. gioShowRecNoEh - have same meaning as dghShowRecNo in OptionsEh. gioShowRowselCheckboxesEh - show checkboxes in the indocator column. + In MemTableEh. The principle of storing data for Calculated and Lookup field s was changed. Now values of these fields are stored in a special buffer for each record, and they are not recalculated each time when the data in the grid is repainted or scrolled. It allows to increase speed of showing data of Lookup and Calculated fields in the DBGridEh. Calculated and Lookup fiel ds are recalculated only when the MemTableEh is opened or when record is updat ed. * Changes in the MemTableEh. If the MemTableEh is connected to DataDriver and fields are created in Design-Time (as Persistent Field Components), then the MemTableEh creates internal structure of records taking descriptio n from Persistent Fields rather than taking structure from the DataDriver. On loading data from DataDriver it is not necessary that types and number of fields in the MemTableEh have the same structure as records which are delivered from the DataDriver. Version 5.3 + Added support of Embarcadero RAD Studio XE + Added Options property in MemTableEh of TMemTableOptionsEh type. TMemTableOptionsEh = set of TMemTableOptionEh; TMemTableOptionEh = (mtoTextFieldsCaseInsensitive); mtoTextFieldsCaseInsensitive - Defines whether string fields should be compared in a case-sensitive or case-insensitive manner when data is sorting and filtering. + Added printing of grouped data in TPrintDBGridEh when Grid.DataGrouping is active. Use TPrintDBGridEh component to print and preview data. + Added CommandTimeout property in TADOCommandEh component. Version 5.2 + Added feature to group data in the DBGridEh. It is allowed to make grouping at run-time and design-time. Grouping works only when the grid is connected to TMemTableEh dataset. Use next subproperties of Grid.DataGrouping property to adjust grouping Active: Boolean - Set this propery true to active grouping. DefaultStateExpanded: Boolean - defines initial expapnding/collapsing state of new created elements of the grouping tree. GroupLevels: TGridDataGroupLevelsEh - Collection of group levels. Use this property to create template of the grouping.

GroupPanelVisible: Boolean - Set this property to True to show special panel at the top part of the grid. Then the panel is thisible it is allowed to form group levels by mouse. Drag title of the requaried column to the group panel and drop it onto panel. Font: TFont - Controls the attributes of the default font of group records in the grid. Color: Tcolor - Default background color of the group records. See demonstration project of grouping in Demos\DataGrouping directory. Version 5.1 * The type of RowPanel property was changed. Instead of Boolean type, now it is an object property with subproperies: Active: Boolean - Defines if it is possible to place cells under each over and if every propetry can have personal hight. + NavKeysNavigationType: TGridRowPanelNavKeysNavigationTypeEh defines the order of navigation over cells in the grid when keys Up, Down, Left, Right are pressed. rpntRowToRowEh - (by default) Keys Up, Down move current cell to next or previouse record of dataset. Keys Left, Rigth works as Tab and Shift-Tab rpntCellToCellEh - Keys Up, Down move current cell to under or above last position from the current cell. Keys Left, Rigth move current cell to left or right position from the current cell. TabNavigationType: TGridRowPanelTabNavigationTypeEh defines an order of going through cells of the grid by Tab key rpntUpToDownPriorityEh - Go, at first, from top to bottom, than from left to right. rpntLeftToRightPriorityEh - Go, at first, from left to right, than from top to bottom.

+ A program for automatically installing library in Delphi/C++ Builder IDE is added. The program is located in Installer\EhLibInstaller.exe. In time of installation the program creates folder, copies files, compile required packages and register packages in the IDE. + crpRowPanelColPlacementEh value is added in TColumnEhRestoreParam type, grpRowPanelColPlacementEh values is added in TDBGridEhRestoreParam type. Now, procedure RestoreGridLayout can restore cell positions then RowPanel is active. + Propery RowDetailPanelControl is added in public section. Use this property to add components on panel of detail information at RunTime. Use next code: MyControl.Parent := DBGridEh1.RowDetailPanelControl; + Next subproperties were added in propery Grid.STFilter: InstantApply: Boolean - defines if filter will be applied on chanching or clising of droped down list of filtered values (STFilter). Location: TSTFilterLocationEh - defines the location STFilter. Under the title (stflUnderTitleFilterEh) or in the title (stflInTitleFilterEh). When in the title then STFilter doesn't support edit line to enter filter expression. + The interface of droped down list of SubTitleFilter was changed. Now it is allowed to select requaried values in the list unsing checkboxes.

The Item (Custom...) was added in the list of commands of filter droped down list. When selected, the simple filter dialog appeares to enter filter expression. + When the list of items for droped down filter list is formed, the current filter takes in account (Only when grid is conneccted to TMemTableEh). + Global variable DBGridEhShowInTitleFilterBox was added. It contains keys shortcut to open droped down list of the STFilter when STFilter.Location = stflInTitleFilterEh. By default it contains 'Ctrl-T'. + New type of event was defined: TDBGridEhFillSTFilterListValuesEvent = procedure(Sender: TCustomDBGridEh; Column: TColumnEh; Items: TStrings; var Processed: Boolean) of object; The event of this type was added in Grid (TDBGridEh.OnFillSTFilterListValue s), in the grid column (TColumnEh.OnFillSTFilterListValues) and in the TDBGridEhCenter (TDBGridEhCenter.OnFillSTFilterListValues) Write this event to fill list of droped down list of STFilter cell. You can can call default event handler DefaultFillSTFilterListValues. Every item of list Items must consist from to elements: String Items[i] and Object Items.Objects[i]. Items of Object type must be inherited from TPopupListboxItemEh type and must be created as a global objects. There are already next global variable that are inherited from TPopupListboxItemEh and that you can use them to assign to Items.Objects[i] property: PopupListboxItemEhSortAsc: TPopupListboxItemEhSort; // Item of the list shows sorting item Asc and executes sorting in ascending order. PopupListboxItemEhSortDes: TPopupListboxItemEhSort; // Item of the list shows sorting item Asc and executes sorting in descending order. PopupListboxItemEhLine: TPopupListboxItemEhLine; // Item of the list shows horizontal line. On choosing doesn't perform any actions. PopupListboxItemEhClearFilter: TPopupListboxItemEhSpec; PopupListboxItemEhAll: TPopupListboxItemEhSpec; PopupListboxItemEhEmpties: TPopupListboxItemEhSpec; PopupListboxItemEhNotEmties: TPopupListboxItemEhSpec; PopupListboxItemEhDialog: TPopupListboxItemEhSpec; PopupListboxItemEhApplyFilter: TPopupListboxItemEhSpec; PopupListboxItemEhData: TPopupListboxItemEhData; // Item of the list shows text that defines text of filtering. When it is selected, it is checked by checkbox and it is put in the list of items of values that is needed be in the filtered records. Procedure DefaultFillSTFilterListValues calls DatasetFeatures.FillSTFilterListDataValues to fill list of the unique values of the column. Realization of tha last procedure depends of the type of DataSet. Currently onle TMemTableEh type of DataSet can fill unique values of the column. Rewrite TDatasetFeaturesEh.FillSTFilterListDat aValues method to fill unique values for other type of DataSets. See info about TDatasetFeaturesEh in Ehlib documentation and EhLibMTE.Pas. + New properties added to TDBGridEhCenter class:

STFilterDefaultStringOperator, STFilterDefaultNumberOperator, STFilterDefaultDateTimeOperator, STFilterDefaultBooleanOperator. Use this properties to set default operator that will be used when string in the STFilter doesn't containt operator. The operators can be assigend appart for String fields, Numeric fields, DataTime fields and logical fields. Version 5.0 + At design-time grid can show such components as DataSource, DataSet, DataDriver in its the bottom left part. These components can be selected in object inspector by mouse clicking. It allows to find quickly and select components which is connected to the grid. + New mode - RowPanel. In this mode grid allows to show out cells of record one under another and change height of every cell separately. + Grid can have special panel of detail information for record. It is allowed to put any control from component palette on this panel. At run time, panel is hidden and user can open it by pressing on a '+' sign which is shown at the begining of every row. + Grid can scroll data smoothly and by small steps of one pixel size. Grid can scroll data smoothly vertically and horizontally. + Hot track. Grid can highlight a cell or a row under mouse cursor. + Grid can show vertical line in gradient mode between data rows and bottom part of the grid. + In mode Column.AlwaysShowEditButton grid shows EditButtons in shadow mode. It doesn't irritate eyes by big amount of edit buttons in the grid. + New property EditButtonsShowOptions is added in the Grid of type TEditButtonsShowOptionsEh. TEditButtonsShowOptionsEh = set of (sebShowOnlyForCurCellEh, sebShowOnlyForCurRowEh, sebShowOnlyWhenGridActiveEh, sebShowOnlyWhenDataEditingEh); When Column.AlwaysShowEditButton is True, this property allows to customize, in which cases it is need to show EditButtons. : See detail information of new features in file AboutEhlib5.txt. Version 4.51 + Added support of Embarcadero RAD Studio 2010 Version 4.5 + Added TextEditing property in the TColumnEh object. Use this property to ban showing text editor in the data column cell. + Added OnHintShowPause event in the TColumnEh object and TDBGridEh . Write th is event to set duration pause before showing hint. + In TColumnEh object and TDBGridEh is added OnDataHintShow event. Write this

event to set text, font, color, position and other parameters of hint window for every data cell in the the grid column. This event is call only if Grid.ShowHint is True. + In TColumnEh object and TDBGridEh added OnAdvDrawDataCell event. Write this event to draw data in the data cell of column. This event calls always regardless of Grid.DefaultDrawing property. Set Processed to true to define that you processed drawing in the event code. Otherwise grid will call default method for drawing. You can, if need, change parameters ARect and Params and call Grid.DefaultDrawColumnDataCell or you can leave Processed in False and don't call Grid.DefaultDrawColumnDataCell. In last case OnAdvDrawDataCell will work like OnGetCellParams event. + In TColCellParamsEh class added properties: BlankCell: Boolean. Set this property to force show cell as a blank 3D cell. SuppressActiveCellColor: Boolean. Set this property to suppress color of the active cell by the color that you set in the Background property. TextEditing: Boolean. Set this property to ban showing text editor in the data cell. TColCellParamsEh class is used in such events as OnGetCellParams and OnAdvDrawDataCell. TColCellParamsEh class is used as a type of Params parameter in such events as OnGetCellParams and OnAdvDrawDataCell. * Some bugfixes. Version 4.4 + Added possibility to move the column by in the grid at Design-Time. + Added possibility to select the column in the Object Inspector by clicking on header of column. + Added property DrawGraphicData: Boolean. When property is True, the grid draws image from TBlobField with BlobType = ftGraphic in graphic mode. + Added OnGetRowHeight event. Write this event to set height of every data row in the grid. The Event is caused when data is changed in DataSet. The Event is caused only when grid is connected to TMemTableEh and MemTable not in TreeView mode. + Added dghAutoFitRowHeight in TDBGridEhOption type (OptionsEh). In this mode the grid calculate height of lines dynamically using text in data cells for a columns that TColumnEh.WordWrap = True. This mode works only when grid is connected to TMemTableEh and MemTable not in mode TreeView. Grid updates the height of the lines not in all cases. For instance, grid does not update the height of the lines when you change Grid.Font property. In this case you need to call Grid.UpdateAllDataRowHeights where this is necessary. + In the mode when dgRowSelect is in Options, scrollbar works in smooth mode. (The Step of runner is not limited by the olumn width). + Added dghColumnMove and dghColumnResize in TDBGridEhOption type (OptionsEh). Now you can control of resizing and moving of columns separately. + Added dghShowRecNo in TDBGridEhOption type (OptionsEh). Set this value to sh

ow record number in the indicator column. It works only for DataSet which IsSequenced = True. + Drawing of 3D title cells in Flat mode is changed. When ThemeServices.ThemesEnabled = True, grid draws 3D cells in gradient style. * Some bugfixes. Version 4.3 + Added support of CodeGear RAD Studio 2009 * Some bugfixes. Version 4.2 + Added support of Delphi 2007. In DBGridEh + Added IndicatorTitle property of TDBGridEhIndicatorTitle type: The Upper left cell can react as button, draw the badge-triangle, and display the dropdown menu on mouse clickling ( with possibility of drawing global menu, which adjust using global property DBGridEhCenter.IndicatorTitleMenus and IndicatorTitleMenus.OnBuildIndicatorT itleMenu). IndicatorTitle property has a next subprotperty: DropdownMenu: TPopupMenu - The Local dropdown menu, appearing when you press the upper left cell of the grid. ShowDropDownSign: Boolean - Specifies whether to draw the badge-triangle. You can set this property to show that the pressing on upper-left cell will show the droped down menu. TitleButton: Boolean - Specifies whether the upper left cell will act as b utton. Besides the DropdownMenu will be droped down only when TitleButton = Tru e. UseGlobalMenu: Boolean - Specifies whether the global DBGridEhCenter.IndicatorTitleMenus property will be use when building me nu. Added OnIndicatorTitleMouseDown event. Occurs when the mouse click on the upper left cell of grid. The Cell must be adjusted in state of working as buttons (IndicatorTitle.TitleButton = True). You can call DefaultIndicatorTitleMou seDown method in this event to pass control to a global object - DBGridEhCenter. Added OnBuildIndicatorTitleMenu event. Occurs when need to build list of men us before menu is shown. You can call DefaultBuildIndicatorTitleMenu method in this event to pass control to a global object - DBGridEhCenter. Added OnCellMouseClick event. Occurs when mouse click in any cell of grid. Event pass coordinates of the cell and offset of the mouse for upper left corner of the cell. You can call DefaultCellMouseClick method in this event to pass control to a global object - DBGridEhCenter. + In module DBGridEh.Pas appeared the new global object DBGridEhCenter of

TDBGridEhCenter type. This object is intended to manage a behaviour of all objects of TCustomGridEh type or inherited from it. For instance, in DBGridEhCenter you can specify the list a menu to be appearing in the drop-down menu of the all grids when clicking on top left grid cell. Besides, you may write the event of this global object and it will be caused at activations of the similar event in any grid of the project. Global object - DBGridEhCenter has a following properties and events: IndicatorTitleMenus: Is the list of menu, which will be formed when clicking on upper left cell of grid is occured. This property of the global object will work for all grids, which IndicatorTitle.TitleButto n = True. (itmVisibleColumnsEh, itmCut, itmCopy, itmPaste, itmDelete, itmSelectA ll). OnBuildIndicatorTitleMenu: Occurs when need to build list of menus befor e menu is shown. OnCellMouseClick: Occurs when mouse click in any cell of grid. OnIndicatorTitleMouseDown: Occurs when mouse click upper left cell of gr id. + Added global variable - DBGridEhCenter. This variable controls the part of behaviour of the grids. You can set properties, or events of this variable to change the behaviour of all grids. Changes in the other objects and procedures. * The Corrections in ADODataDriverEh, SelectCommand, UpdateCommand... properti es now have a TADOCommandEh type. * The parameters of OnAssignCommandParameter and OnGetBackUpdatedValues have b een changed in ADODataDriverEh object. * All dfm files stores data in the text type. * Fixed drawing lines in the gride when TColumnEh.HideDuplicated = True. * Fixed memory leaks in the search box TDBGridEhFindDlg. * Fixed error in the search dialogue, when invisible columns is present. * Added support ftWideMemo. * Fixed error of the recirculation in TPrintDBGridEh component when printing the rows with height above of the page height. * Fixed error when developer create new TDataDriver component on Form using Popup menu 'Create DataDriver...' of TMemTableEh components. + In TDBLookupComboboxEh, Added support of the Memo fields. * Fixed error of entering values from previous record (using Ctrl+') when DBGridEh is connected to TMemTableEh. Version 4.1 + Added support of Delphi 2006 (Under VCL.Win32 and VCL.NET). * Fixed a error of the grid twinkling in the tree mode on opening a node. * Fixed a error of filling a list of values in the filter when PickList and KeyList properties for the TColumnEh is filled . * Some other bugfixes. Version 4.0 * This version does not support Delphi 4 and C++ Builer 4 anymore.

+ New components: TMemTableEh - dataset, which hold all data in memory. TDataDriverEh - Delivers records in TMemTableEh and processes changed record s. TSQLDataDriverEh, TBDEDataDriverEh, TIBXDataDriverEh, TDBXDataDriverEh and TADODataDriverEh See detail info in AboutEhlib4_0.Txt + Added Action property or TBasicAction type in TEditButtonEh. So edit buttons of the Edit controls can be associated with action. Version 3.6 + Added support of Delphi 2005 (Under VCL.Win32 and VCL.NET). + Added Tooltips property in TDBEditEh, TDBDateTimeEditEh, TDBNumberEditEh, TDBLookupComboboxEh. Allows to show the whole text of the edit control in special hint window if text does not fit in visible area. Text is displayed when the mouse cursor situated above the edit control. In TDBGridEh + Added OddRowColor and EvenRowColor property to draw odd and even rows with different colors. It works only if sequence numbers are availabl e for DataSet(DataSet.IsSequenced = True) and DataSet.RecNo return valid inf o. + Added dghRecordMoving value in TDBGridEhOption type (OptionsEh property). Allows to move records in dataset. Record is moved by striking and moving mouse over indicator column. By default grid calls TDatasetFeaturesEh.MoveRecords, where code save values of record, delete record and insert new values in the position specified by RecNo. + Added OnMoveRecords event of TGridMoveRecordsEventEh type. TGridMoveRecordsEventEh = function(Sender: TObject; BookmarkList: TStrin gs; ToRecNo: Longint; TreeLevel: Integer; CheckOnly: Boolean): Boolean of ob ject; BookmarkList is a list of bookmarks which need to move. ToRecNo is a destination RecNo. TreeLevel is a destination level in tree list, used only when grid connect ed to MemTableEh. CheckOnly - determines whether the function have to return result, are the re enabling to move BookmarkList to ToRecNo, but does not move BookmarkList. + Added OnSelectionChanged event. Occurs when multiselected area has been ch anged. * In AdvTech\MemTableEh: Added possibility to filter data in TreeList mode; usage one array of records by the several datasets; moving records in TreeList in dghRecordMoving mode. Version 3.5

+ Added HighlightRequired property in TDBEditEh, TDBDateTimeEditEh, TDBNumber EditEh, TDBLookupComboboxEh and TColumnEh, TColumnDefValuesEh. Determines whether n eed to draw dotted red line under the text editor for empty required field (when TField.Required = True and field is empty). + Added OnCheckDrawRequiredState event in TDBEditEh, TDBDateTimeEditEh, TDBNu mberEditEh, TDBLookupComboboxEh and TColumnEh. Write event need to change if need to dr aw a condition RequiredState (dotted red line under the text editor). + Added property Layout: TTextLayout in TColumnEh. Specifies the vertical pla cement of the text within the grid cell. + Added property HideDuplicates: Boolean in TColumnEh. Determines whether to hide duplicated values in the column. * Changed image of 3D borders in grid when the Windows XP themes active in ap plication. * Procedure ExcecuteDBGridEhFindDialog is renamed to ExecuteDBGridEhFindDialo g. * In AdvTech\MemTableEh: Added indexes and autogenerating the list of values for dropdown box in filter cells. Version 3.4 + Added support of Delphi 8 (VCL.NET). In TDBGridEh + Added property ToolTips in Footer and ColumnDefValues.Footer. + Added property SumValue: Variant in TColumnFooterEh. + Added property ShowImageAndText in TColumnEh. Allows to show Image from Ima geList and field Text in grid cell simultaneously. Set ImageIndex in OnGetCellPara ms event. In TCustomDBEditEh + Added property Images: TCustomImageList. Images from imagelist can appear a t the left part of TDBEditEh, TDBDateTimeEditEh, TDBNumberEditEh or TDBLookupCombobo xEh. + Added event OnGetImageIndex: TGetImageIndexEventEh. TGetImageIndexEventEh = procedure(Sender: TObject; var ImageIndex: Integ er) of object; Event is called when Text or Value in TCustomDBEditEh is changed. Set new I mageIndex depending on Text or Value. Version 3.3 For TDBGridEh

+ Added new form 'DBGridEhFindDlgs' - find dialog in DBGridEh. Dialog allows to find text in the grid: In specified column or on whole grid; From any part of field, Whole field or From beging of the field. Set new dghDialogFind value to OptionsEh to allows find dialog in DBGridEh. Default shortcut to show find dialog in the grid is 'Ctrl-F'. When dghIncSe arch also included in the OptionsEh then first pressing 'Ctrl-F' enters the grid in the Increment Search mode and holding 'Ctrl' press 'F' again will show the find dialog. In TDBGridEh + Added dghDialogFind value to the TDBGridEhOption type (property OptionsEh). In TSTColumnFilterEh + Added KeyField, ListField, ListSource properties. Now you can adjust combob ox in SubTitle Filter cell. If Column.STFilter.ListSource is not empty then gr id will create combobox for such filter cell. ListSource defines the list of v alues in drop-down list, ListField defines field whose values are displayed in drop-down list, KeyField identifies the field in the ListSource dataset who se value will takes to build filter expression. In TSQLDatasetFeaturesEh + Added SupportsLocalLike property. Determines if the dataset supports 'Like' keyword in Filter property. Modules from DataService directory of EhLib arc hive rewrited to support this property. In TMRUListEh + Added AutoAdd property of Boolean type. Determines that the edit control wi ll add new Text in MRUList automagically when control loses focus. Default val ue for property is True. You can use it (set to False) to fill MRUList manuall y, for instance from database table. * Some bugfixes. Version 3.2 In TDBGridEh + Added ability to fill cell by the value from previous record. You can use "Ctrl+'" key to do it. + Added dghDblClickOptimizeColWidth value to the TDBGridEhOption type (property OptionsEh). Adding this value to OptionsEh property allows grid to set optimal column width (to fit text in cells of column). on double-click on ColSizing line. + Added ability to show special row (under title) where you can enter expressions in cells for filtering records in dataset. (Expression in the cell can look like: "1", ">=1", ">1 AND <=5", "%TestStr% ")

When cursor reside in the filter cell they can press ENTER to apply filter. For automatically filtering data in dataset need to add one of the units EhLib... (EhLibADO, EhLibBDE, EhLibCDS) to 'uses' clause of any unit of you r project. Now EhLib have objects to filter data in the TClientDataSet, TQuer y, TTable and TADOQuery. You have to write and register your own object to fil ter data in DataSet that not present in this list or you can write TDBGridEh.OnApplyFilter event for every grid. Added property - STFilter: TSTDBGridEhFilter with subproperties: property Local: Boolean - grid does not use it, but object that perform filtering can determine whether it will filter locally in dataset or on the server (by adding filter expressions in SQL 'WHERE' clause). property Visible: Boolean - Specifies whether the filter row is visible. + Added OnApplyFilter event. + Added ApplyFilter function in TDatasetFeaturesEh class. In TColumnEh + Added new property - STFilter: TSTColumnFilterEh; with properties DataField: String - Specifies the field name that use to filter data if Column.FieldName is not fit for it. Visible: Boolean - Specifies whether user can enter expressions in filter row for this column. ExpressionStr: String - text expression in StFilter cell. Expression: TSTFilterExpressionEh - coded expression in StFilter cell. Version 3.1 * Changes in TRegPropStorageManEh: 'Key' property moved from 'published' to 'public' part. (C++ Builder does not support HKEY type in published part). Added RegistryKey property of TRegistryKeyEh type. + Added (in source included version only) preview version of the TMemTableEh component. Dataset, which hold all its data in memory, furthermore can fetch data from other dataset's, unload changes back to dataset and support special interface, that allow to view all data without changing active record. See detail info in AdvTech\MemTableEh\readme.txt dir. + In DBGridEh: Added support of IMemTableEh interface in DataSet that allow to view all data, without changing active record. Version 3.0 In TDBDateTimeEditEh + New values in TDateTimeKindEh type (property Kind). TDateTimeKindEh = (dtkDateEh, dtkTimeEh, dtkDateTimeEh, dtkCustomEh); + Added EditFormat property. Now you can type custom date/time format using

next format elements: 'YY', 'YYYY', 'MM', 'DD', 'HH', 'NN', 'SS'. Library is divided to design-time and run-time packages. EhLib[XX] - run-time package and DclEhLib[X] - design-time packages, where [XX] is digit number of VCL version: [40] for Delphi 4, [50] for Delphi 5, etc; And EhLibB[XX] with DclEhLibB[XX] for C++ Builder. Upon installation, all components is placed to the separate page in components palette with name - 'EhLib'. Note that Delphi IDE does not move components to the new default place when you install new version of same component(s). So if you already has EhLib installed, then installation new (3.0) version does not move EhLib components to the 'EhLib' page on components palette. To force Delphi IDE to move compontes to the default place on components palette do next: Open menu: Component->Configure Palette. Select '[All]' line in Pages listbox. Click 'Default Pages' button. New componetns: TPropStorageEh, TIniPropStorageManEh, TRegPropStorageManEh. Components realize technology to store components properties to/from settings storage such as ini files, registry etc. + Added (in source included version only) design-time ClientDataSet edit window. See detail info in AdvTech\CDSDesign\readme.txt dir. Version 2.6 + Added Windows XP themes support (Only under Delphi 7). + Added (in source included version only) preview restricted version of EhLibCLX - EhLib under Borland Component Library for Cross-Platform. See detail info in AdvTech\EhLibCLX\readme.txt dir. + Added (in source included version only) preview version of technology to store components properties to/from settings storage such as ini files, registry etc. See detail info in AdvTech\PropStorage\readme.txt dir. Version 2.5 + Added Delphi 7 support. + New units: CalculatorEh - TCalculatorEh, TPopupCalculatorEh DbUtilsEh - Utilities to sort data in DataSet from DBGrid EhLibADO - Register object that sort data in TADOQuery EhLibBDE - Register object that sort data in TQuery EhLibCDS - Register object that sort data in TCustomClientDataSet In TDbGridEh + Added possiblity to sort data in DataSet after sorting markers will be changed. You have to add dlgAutoSortMarkingEh to OptionsEh, set TColumnEh.Title.TitleButton to True for required columns,

keep OnSortMarkingChanged event empty, add one of the units EhLib... (EhLibADO, EhLibBDE, EhLibCDS) to 'uses' clause of any unit of your project. Now EhLib have objects to sort data in TClientDataSet, TQuery and TADOQuery. You have to write and register your own object to sort data in DataSet that not present in this list. + Added SortLocal property in TDBGridEh. Objects that sort data in DataSet can use this property to determine how to sort data, on client or on server. + Changed highlight coloring in TDBGridEh for multiselected cells and active cell when TDBGridEh have not focus when color mode have more then 256 color. I recombinate you to use dgAlwaysShowSelection in Options and dghRowHighlight in OptionsEh. If you want to keep old method of highlighting for all grids set DBGridEhDefaultStyle.LuminateSelection to false (at run time). In TDBNumberEditEh and TColumnEh + Added dropped down calculator in TDBNumberEditEh and TColumnEh for numbered fields (need set TColumnEh.ButtonStyle to cbsDropDown). In TColumnEh + Added DisplayFormat and EditMask properties. In TColumnFooterEh + Added DisplayFormat property. Version 2.4 + Added MRUList property (Most recently used values) in all edit controls and TCloumnEh. If MRUList is Active then in time of edit text the special listbox will be dropded down where users can select last entered values. When user leave edit control or inplace editor in the grid the value will be added in MRUList. MRUList: TMRUListEh = class(TPersistent) property Active: Boolean - MRU list will drop down in time of edit text. property CaseSensitive: Boolean - take into account char case. property Items: TStrings - list of items. property Limit: Integer - max count of items. Old will be deleted. property Rows: Integer - Count of rows in dtop down window. end; To distinguish MRU dropdown box from other, all other dropdown boxes have 3D b order. + Added new component - TDBCheckBoxEh. Can works as in data-aware mode as in usual not data-aware mode. If DataField and DataSource properties is not assigned then checkbox works in usual not data-aware mode. Have Flat and AlwaysShowBorder properties to show in the flat mode. In TDropDownBoxEh (TColumnEh.DropDownBox, TLookupComboBoxEh.DropDownBox) add ed property + ListSource of TDataSource type. This property will be used when lookup inplace editor in the grid or LookupComboBox have focus. It allows to have different list of lookup list values for different records of master data.

In TDBSumList + Added OnAfterRecalcAll event. Event is call after SumList recalculate aggregated values. In TDbGridEh + Added OnSumListAfterRecalcAll event. Version 2.3 + Added C++ Builder 6 support. In TDBDateTimeEditEh and TDBComboBoxEh + Added OnCloseUp and OnDropDown events. In TDBGridEhScrollBar class (DBGridEh.VertScrollBar, HorzScrollBar) + Added property ExtScrollBar: TScrollBar. Now you can attach external scrollbars to the grid. DBGridEh.VertScrollBar can be show in three mode: Always show, Never show, Auto show. Use property DBGridEh.VertScrollBar.VisibleMode. INCOMPATIBILITY: To be more look like DBGrid component the DBGridEh component select row (multiselect) on first mouse click when Options have dgMultiSelect value and AllowedSelections have not gstRectangle value. Version 2.2 In TDBEditEh + Added properties WantTabs and WantReturns. INCOMPATIBILITY: In TColumnEh all published properties moved to public section . New TDBGridColumnEh object added that inherited from TColumnEh and have properties in published section. TDBGridEh uses TDBGridColumnEh to create columns. You can have incompatibility if you inherit TColumnEh object. Use TDBGridColumnEh object now. + Dropdown box in TDBLookupComboBoxEh and TColumnEh for look fields now inherited from TCustomDBGridEh. Now dropdown box can have MultiTitle, can fit columns width to window width, can have column lines and row lines, allows to change column widths, can have sortmarkers in titles, have event that calls when user press title, allows to change characteristics of individual column. RESTRICTION: In EhLIb compiled under Delphi 4 or CBuilder 4 dropdown box can not resize or move columns or click the titles. + Added new unit - DBLookupGrid.Pas, contains TPopupDataGridEh component that uses as Dropdown box in TDBLookupComboBoxEh and TColumnEh for look fields. In TColumnEh + Added property DropDownBox of TColumnDropDownBoxEh type TColumnDropDownBoxEh = class(TPersistent) property AutoFitColWidths: Boolean; property ColumnDefValues: TColumnDefValuesEh; property Columns: TDBGridColumnsEh; property Options: TDBLookupGridEhOptions; property UseMultiTitle: Boolean; end;

using properties of DropDownBox property you can control dropdown box for inplace editor of columns that connected to lookup fields. In TDBLookupComboboxEh + Added property AutoFitColWidths: Boolean; property ColumnDefValues: TColumnDefValuesEh; property Columns: TDBGridColumnsEh; property Options: TDBLookupGridEhOptions; property UseMultiTitle: Boolean; in TLookupComboboxDropDownBoxEh object (TDBLookupComboboxEh.DropDownBox property) In TColumnEh and TDBLookupComboboxEh + Added events OnDropDownBoxCheckButton - Occurs to define is there title can be pressed . OnDropDownBoxDrawColumnCell - Occurs when the dropdown box needs to paint a cell. OnDropDownBoxGetCellParams - Occurs when the dropdown box needs to paint a cell. OnDropDownBoxSortMarkingChanged - Occurs after changing sortmarker. OnDropDownBoxTitleBtnClick - Occurs after clicking on title button. Version 2.1 Added new file EhLibConsts.Pas - contains resource of strings. Added partially support of BiDirection. Added partially support of the Double-Byte Character Set. In TDBGridEh + Added property FieldColumns; property FieldColumns[const FieldName: String]: TColumnEh; default; So you can use next syntax to access column by filed name: DBGridEh1['FieldName'] In TDBEditEh, TDBDateTimeEditEh, TDBComboBoxEh, TDBNumberEditEh and TColumnEh added property + EditButtons of TEditButtonsEh type. Class TEditButtonsEh is a collection of TEditButton classes. So the edit controls and columns can have several edit buttons. In TDropDownBoxEh added property + SpecRow of TSpecRowEh type. In TColumnEh added property + DropDownSpecRow of TSpecRowEh type. TSpecRowEh = class(TPersistent) property CellsText: String; property Color: TColor; property Font: TFont; property Value: Variant; property Visible: Boolean; property ShortCut: TShortCut property ShowIfNotInKeyList: Boolean; end; TSpecRowEh represent the special row in dropdown box for lookup fields in column of DBGridEh and in TDropDownBoxEh class of TDBLookupComboboxEh component. This row will be active when lookup

field or lookupcombobox have value equals specrow value or when value not in list of key value. * In the OnButtonClick TDBLookupComboboxEh, TEditButtonControlEh syntax to access the Version 2.0 EhLib 2.0 does not support Delphi 3 or C++ Builder 3. In TDBGridEh + For columns that attached to lookup Fields it support possibility of changing values if TField.KeyFields and TField.LookupKeyFields is kept a list of several names of fields (list is separated by semicolon). + In TDBGridEhOption type (OptionsEh propery) dghRowHighlight value is added - it allows to highlight current record. + Added crpDropDownRowsEh and crpDropDownWidthEh values in TColumnEhRestoreParam type, it allows to save and restore DropDownRows and DropDownWidth properties of TColumnEh in/from the registry or ini file. + Added property AllowedSelections: TDBGridEhAllowedSelections; TDBGridEhAllowedSelections = set of (gstRecordBookmarks, gstRectangle, gstColumns, gstAll); Defines what types of selection is available in grid. dgMultiSelect value in Options property also affects available of selection. + Added property ColumnDefValues: TColumnDefValuesEh TColumnDefValuesEh = class(TPersistent) AlwaysShowEditButton: Boolean EndEllipsis: Boolean AutoDropDown: Boolean DblClickNextVal: Boolean ToolTips: Boolean DropDownSizing: Boolean DropDownShowTitles: Boolean Title.Alignment: TAlignment Title.Color: TColor Title.TitleButton: Boolean Title.EndEllipsis: Boolean Title.ToolTips: Boolean Title.Orientation: TTextOrientationEh defines default values for newly created colonies. In TColumEh + Added OnNotInList event. Operates when user enter a text not kept in the list of values. If this event is assigned then user is automatically allowed to enter a text not kept in the list. Event makes sense if row is based on lookup field or PickList is filled or PickList and KeyList is filled. + Added OnGetCellParams event: event for TDBComboBoxEh, TDBDateTimeEditEh the Sender parameter is object. Use TEditButtonControlEh(Sender).Parent edit control whose button have been clicked.

TGetColCellParamsEventEh = procedure (Sender: TObject; EditMode: Boolean; Params: TColCellParamsEh) of object; TColCellParamsEh = class property Col:Longint; property Row:Longint; property State: TGridDrawState; property Font: TFont read FFont; property Background: TColo; property Alignment: TAlignment; property ImageIndex: Integer; property Text: String read; property CheckboxState: TCheckBoxState; property ReadOnly: Boolean; end; Requests the parameters of cell before draw/editing. + Added OnUpdateData event: TColCellUpdateDataEventEh = procedure(Sender: TObject; var Text: String; var Value: Variant; var UseText: Boolean; var Processed: Boolean) of object; Operates when writing data from InplaceEditor in DataSet field. You can change text or value, UseText defines what parameter is used for writing: Text or Value. You may themselves write data to the field and sets Processed in True. + Added OnEditButtonClick event: TButtonClickEventEh = procedure(Sender: TObject; var Handled: Boolean) of object; + Added OnEditButtonDown event: TButtonDownEventEh = procedure(Sender: TObject; TopButton: Boolean; var AutoRepeat: Boolean; var Handled: Boolean) of object; TopButton - when style of the button ebsUpDownEh, defines that pressed upper button. AutoRepeat - repeat events if mouse is keeping pressed. In TDBSumListProducer * State Of working group operations goCount is changed. When in TDBSum installed by GroupOperation = goCount and FieldName <> '' that SumValue will contain an amount of records for which field <FieldName> is not Null. In TDBLookupComboboxEh * Component has changed an ancestor, so possible inconsistency of functioning with the preceding version. + Supports working with lookup fields that containing in TField.KeyFields and TField.LookupKeyFields properties the list of the several names of fields, in the same way possible enter a list of several names of fields in DataField and KeyField properties of combobox. List of field names must be separated by semicolon (For instance: 'CustNo;EmpNo'). + Added OnButtonDown event: TButtonDownEventEh = procedure(Sender: TObject; TopButton: Boolean; var AutoRepeat: Boolean; var Handled: Boolean) of object; TopButton - when style of the button ebsUpDownEh, defines

that pressed upper button. AutoRepeat - repeat events if mouse is keeping pressed. Added 4 new components: TDBEditEh - to edit text values. TDBDateTimeEditEh - to edit date or time values. TDBComboBoxEh - to edit text values with capacity to select values from list. TDBNumberEditEh - to edit numeric values. Common features in all components. Can works as in data-aware mode as in usual not data-aware mode. If DataField and DataSource properties is not assigned then component works in usual not data-aware mode. Have Flat and AlwaysShowBorder properties to show in the flat mode. Have Text (String type) and Value (Variant type) properties. Moreover Value can accept Null value or: String type for TDBEditEh and TDBComboBoxEh, TDateTime, TDate, TTime, Double type for TDBDateTimeEditEh, all numeric types for TDBNumberEditEh. Have an OnUpdateData event that occurs before writing data in DataSet field or in internal variable when not data-aware mode. Event is call when component lose the focus or when DataSet send PostData event. Individual features of components. TDBEditEh, TDBComboBoxEh and TDBLookupComboboxEh have WordWrap propertiy to show and edit multiline text. Don't forget to hang up AutoSize propertiy if you want to change and fix a height of the control. Version 1.7 + Added Delphi 6 support. In TDBLookupComboboxEh + Added AlwaysShowBorder propery. * Some bugfixes. Version 1.61 In TDBLookupComboboxEh + Added OnNotInList event. Event occurs when the user enters a value that isn't in the lookup list. In TDBSumListProducer + Added group operation goAvg to calculate average values. In TPrintDBGridEh

+ Added OnBeforePrint and OnAfterPrint events to write specifyed action before or after grid have been printed/previewed. In TDBGridEh + Added possibility to set aggregate fields in footers at design time. So you can use more powerful mechanism of aggregate values imbedded in TClientDataSet component. * Some bugfixes. Version 1.6 + Added new component TDBLookupComboboxEh: Provides all functionality of TDBLookupCombobox and adds several new features as follows: Can have flat style. Allows assign values as to KeyValue property just and to display Text property. Allows to type (assign) values to Text property not contained in data list (Style = csDropDownEh). Allows to hold KeyValue and Text as not affecting to each other values. Take effect when KeyField, ListField, ListSource, DataField and DataSource properties is empty. Drop down list can: Show titles, Have sizing grip, Automaticaly set width as sum of DisplayWidth of the list fields (Width = -1), Automaticaly drops on user pressed the key. Edit button can: Show DropDown, Ellipsis or Bitmap image. Have specified width. Have additional events: OnKeyValueChanged, OnButtonClick. In TDBGridEh + In Flat mode shows edit buttons just as flat. In TColumnEh + Added DropDownShowTitles property. * Some bugfixes. Version 1.58 In TDBGridEh + Added dghIncSearch and dghPreferIncSearch values in TDBGridEhOption type (property OptionsEh). dghIncSearch value allows to do increment search in grid. dghPreferIncSearch value determine that the grid prefer increment search to cell editing. At run time you can use next key for increment searching: Ctrl+F - to begin increment searching. Ctrl+Enter - to search next matching. Ctrl+Shift+Enter - to search prior matching. If dghIncSearch in OptionsEh and column is read only then grid will set increment search mode automatically on first key press and will set normal mode after 1.5 sec. In TColumnEh

+ Added Tag property. Tag has no predefined meaning. The Tag property is provided for the convenience of developers. + Added DropDownSizing property. Set DropDownSizing to True to allow users to resize dropdown lookup or picklist window. * Some bugfixes. Version 1.57 TPassthroughColumn class has been unloaded. In csDefault and csCustomized state uses the same class TColumnEh. It allows to inherit TDBGridEh class and add new properties in TColumnEh class. In TColumnEh + Allows to show tooltips text for KeyImage based columns. When you adjust column properies to show bitmaps depending on field values you can fill also PickList propery by values of tooltip text. Set also Tooltips property to True and ShowHint property of DGBGridEh to True. At runtime by moving mouse above image will forces to show text from PickList in tooltips window. In TColumnTitleEh + Added property Orientation: TTextOrientationEh; TTextOrientationEh = (tohHorizontal, tohVertical); Allows to draw text vertically. Only single line text support for vertical orientation. * Some bugfixes. Version 1.56 Added new unit "DBGridEhImpExp.pas" that containt objects and routines: 1. To export DBGridEh at next formats: Text, Csv, HTML, RTF, XLS and internal format for interchange between DBGridEh's (VCLDBIF). procedure SaveDBGridEhToExportFile( ExportClass: TDBGridEhExportClass; DBGridEh: TCustomDBGridEh; const FileName: String; IsSaveAll: Boolean); procedure WriteDBGridEhToExportStream( ExportClass: TDBGridEhExportClass; DBGridEh: TCustomDBGridEh; Stream: TStream; IsSaveAll: Boolean); Where the ExportClass parameter is one of the next classes: TDBGridEhExportAsText, TDBGridEhExportAsCsv, TDBGridEhExportAsHTML, TDBGridEhExportAsRTF, TDBGridEhExportAsVCLDBIF or TDBGridEhExportAsXLS. IsSaveAll parameter indicates whether to export whole grid or only selection. 2. To import DBGridEh from Text and internal format (VCLDBIF). procedure LoadDBGridEhFromImportFile( ImportClass: TDBGridEhImportClass; DBGridEh: TCustomDBGridEh; const FileName: String; IsLoadToAll: Boolean) ; procedure ReadDBGridEhFromImportStream(ImportClass: TDBGridEhImportClass; DBGridEh: TCustomDBGridEh; Stream: TStream; IsLoadToAll: Boolean); Where the ImportClass parameter is one of the next classes: TDBGridEhImportAsText, TDBGridEhImportAsVCLDBIF. 3. To Copy, Paste, Cut DBGridEh to/from clipboard. procedure DBGridEh_DoCutAction(DBGridEh: TCustomDBGridEh; ForWholeGrid:Boo lean); procedure DBGridEh_DoCopyAction(DBGridEh: TCustomDBGridEh; ForWholeGrid:Bo

olean); procedure DBGridEh_DoPasteAction(DBGridEh: TCustomDBGridEh; ForWholeGrid:B oolean); procedure DBGridEh_DoDeleteAction(DBGridEh: TCustomDBGridEh; ForWholeGrid: Boolean); In TDBGridEh + Added property EditActions: TDBGridEhEditActions. TDBGridEhEditAction = (geaCutEh, geaCopyEh, geaPasteEh, geaDeleteEh, geaSelectAllEh); TDBGridEhEditActions = set of TDBGridEhEditAction; Specifies actions (inherited from TEditAction) that grid can update and execute. + Added some functions to support edit actions. * Although this version of EhLib can export to XLS (Biff) format, MS Excel can not accept this data from clipboard. Probably I don't completely correct write to this format. Please let me know if you have detail information about Biff f ormat. Version 1.55 In TDBGridEh + Added dghTraceColSizing value in TDBGridEhOption type (property OptionsEh) . dghTraceColSizing: Determines whether the column size changes before mouse button is released. dghTraceColSizing is not supported under Delphi 3. + Procedures SaveColumnsLayout, RestoreColumnsLayout, SaveGridLayout, RestoreGridLayout overloaded to support TCustomIniFile in addition to TRegIniFile. + Added OnColWidthsChanged event. Occurs immediately after the column widths change. + Added Flat property. Makes the grid 3D borders more thinner, makes the grid rows more narrow, makes the fixed line gray. In TPrintDBGridEh + Added support of the macro "&[Pages]" in PageColontitles. &[Pages] substitutes the count of pages. Version 1.54 + Added C++ Builder 5 support. In TDBGridEh + Added dghEnterAsTab value in TDBGridEhOption type (property OptionsEh). dghEnterAsTab: Enter key behaves as Tab key. Version 1.53 + Added allows to set focus to and resize of the frozen columns. In TDBGridEh + Added property FooterFont: TFont. Controls the attributes of the default footer font. + Added property FooterColor: TColor. Default background color of the footer.

In TColumnEh + Added property ToolTips: Boolean. Allows to show hint for text that don't fit in data cell. + Added property Footers: TColumnFootersEh. Allows to assign individual foote r parameters for multiple footer rows. In TColumnTitleEh + Added property ToolTips: Boolean. Allows to show hint if text don't fit in title cell. In TPrintDBGridEh + Added pghFitingByColWidths, pghOptimalColWidths values in TPrintDBGridEhOption type. pghFitingByColWidths: allows to fit grid to page width by changing column widths (not scaling whole image). pghOptimalColWidths: change column widths to fit text in the cells. + Added BeforeGridText: TStrings property to print/preview the rich text before grid. + Added AfterGridText: TStrings property to print/preview the rich text after grid. + Added procedure SetSubstitutes to set substitutes for BeforeGridText and AfterGridText. Version 1.52 In + In + + TPrintDBGridEh Added possibility to Print/Preview of the selected area of TDBGridEh. TDBGridEh Added property TitleImages to show bitmap in titles instead of caption. Added property AllowedOperations: TDBGridEhAllowedOperations; TDBGridEhAllowedOperation = (alopInsertEh, alopUpdateEh, alopDeleteEh, alopAppendEh) to forbid/allow insert, append new records; delete, update records. TColumnEh Added cbsDropDown value in ButtonStyle property. TColumnTitleEh Added Hint property to show hint text above title for narrow columns. Added ImageIndex property to show bitmap instead of caption text.

In + In + +

+ Mouse wheel support in TDBGridEh and TPreveiwBox * Some bugfixes. Version 1.51 In TDBGridEh + Added allows to create one title for several columns in frozen and nonfrozen zones simultaneously (in MultiTitle mode). * In RowSelect mode change column widths don't move view to first column. + Added selecting a columns and rectangle areas Added property Selection: TDBGridEhSelection; TDBGridEhSelection contains next properties SelectionType: TDBGridEhSelectionType; TDBGridEhSelectionType = (gstNon, gstRecordBookmarks, gstRectangle, gstColumns, gstAll); Columns: TDBGridEhSelectionCols; Rect: TDBGridEhSelectionRect; Rows: TBookmarkListEh;

see EhLib.hlp and DEMO1 for detail. * Clicks on left top cell in grid sets SelectionType = gstAll, but not selects all records. + When DragMode = dmAutomatic and dgMultiSelect is included in Options the grid enters in Dragging mode only when user pressed mouse on multiselected data area (not includes title, indicator and footer areas). This version don't support print and preview of the selected area yet. * Some bugfixes. Version 1.5 IMPORTANT FOR C++ BUILDER DEVELOPERS ALL COMPLETIONS "EH" ARE REPLACED BY "Eh" * Help file compiled under english localization settings + Added Delphi 5 support. + Added new component TPrintDBGridEh for printing and preview of TDBGridEh. + Added new component TPreviewBox for customizing preview form. + Added new object TPrinterPreview to direct printable stuff to the preview box. In TDBGridEh * Highlighted frozen cells in rowselect mode * Allows press title buttons and move columns by left mouse button simultaneously. In TColumnEh + Added cbsUpDown value in ButtonStyle property. + Added Increment property. Works when ButtonStyle = cbsUpDown. * Some bugfixes. Version 1.03 New help file that can be inserted in Delphi help system. Included support Borland C++ Builder versions 3 & 4. In TDBGridEH + Added dghAutoSortMarking, dghMultiSortMarking values in TDBGridEhOption type (property OptionsEh). dghAutoSortMarking Automaticaly marking title by SortMarking images. dghMultiSortMarking Allow sortmarking multiple columns. At runtime use Ctrl + Mouse combination for multisortmarking. + Added event OnSortMarkingChanged : TNotifyEvent; + Added procedure SaveGridLayout(ARegIni: TRegIniFile); + Added procedure RestoreGridLayout(ARegIni: TRegIniFile; RestoreParams:TDBGridEhRestoreParams); + Added procedure SaveGridLayoutIni(IniFileName: String; Section: String; DeleteSection: Boolean); + Added procedure RestoreGridLayoutIni(IniFileName: String; Section: String; RestoreParams:TDBGridEhRestoreParams); In TColumnEH + Added property Checkboxes: Boolean. Determine need show checkboxes

enstead of text. Checkboxes automativcaly true for boolean field. For non boolean fill first line of KeyList for checked checkboxes. Second line for nonchecked. * Some bugfixes. Version 1.02 In TDBGridEH + Added multyline editing. + Added edit of memo fields. + Added dghHighlightFocus, dghClearSelection, dghFitRowHeightToText values in TDBGridEhOption type (property OptionsEh). dghHighlightFocus Highlight a focus cell dghClearSelection Clear selected rows after selecting dghFitRowHeightToText Fit row height to height of text lines + Added multiselect by the mouse. + Added trace a focus cell by the mouse. * Some bugfixes. Version 1.01 In TDBGridEH + Added HorzScrollBar and VertScrollBar properties to control the scrollbar in grid. + Added OptionsEh properties to specifies various display and behavioral properties of grid. + Added SaveColumnsLayoutIni and RestoreColumnsLayoutIni procedures to save and restore some grid parameters in/from ini file. + Added support to show drop down calendar for TDate and TDateTime fields. In TColumnEH + Added DblClickNextVal property to set next value for some type of column on double mouse click. + Added KeyList property to show bitmaps from ImageList depending on field value and to show text from PickList. + Added ImageList property to show bitmaps depending of field value. + Added MaxWidth, MinWidth property to limit column width. + Added NotinKeyListIndex to show image for null field value. In TDBSumList + Added support to work with no sequenced dataset as with sequenced. * Some bugfixes. Version 1.00 In TDBGridEH PROPERTY ROWSHEIGHT WAS RENAMED TO ROWHEIGHT. EVENT ONDRAWFOTTERCELL WAS RENAMED TO ONDRAWFOOTERCELL. + Added Footer property in TColumnEh object. Now you can sum values without using the TDBSumList component. + Added procedure InvalidateFooter. + Added procedure DefaultDrawFooterCell; + Added function GetFooterValue; + Moved function CellRect to the public section; + Added property SumList : TDBGridEhSumList; + Added event OnSumListRecalcAll : TNotifyEvent; + Added event OnDrawFooterCell : TDrawFooterCellEvent; + Added event OnGetFooterParams : TGetFooterParamsEvent; * Fixed a bug with an exception at design time when a column is

selected in the object inspector and form while TDBGridEH is closing. * Fixed a bug while renaming a Column.Title.Caption in UseMultyTitle mode. * Fixed bug with unceasing redrawing of the grid if Column.ReadOnly = True for second columns in title on several columns. * Fixed bug that does not redraw data rows for some grid colors. In TDBSumList + Added property Active : Boolean. + Added property ExternalRecalc : Boolean. + Added event OnRecalcAll. + Added procedures Activate, ClearSumValues, Deactivate. * Fixed bug that does not recalculate when changing DataSet.Filter string. * Master/detail support.