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Saung Angklung Mang Udjo
A Heritage of Bamboo Music Instrument

Several months ago, I went to Bandung to meet Ican, my old friend. When arrived there, I didn’t have any plan what places that I have to visit. Still no recommendation where to go at that time. Finally, Ican asked me to go to Saung Mang Udjo. “Ok then, I’ll join it” responded the invitation. On the day, at four o’clock arrived in Saung Mang Ujo. Located on Padasuka area, the direction is the same of destination when you want to go to pasar suci or masjid pusdai, then keep go on that street. I realized, it’s a little bit difficult to find it, but on that street you’ll find a signboard with “saung mang ujo” to help the visitors to reach the place.

Ican, a friend of mine has a good relationship with the owner of the place. Because of that linked, we got free entry. Lucky us, it saved 50000 rupiahs for the ticket. By the way, Saung Mang ujo is one-stop cultural workshop, consisting of: performance venue, bamboo handicraft centre, and bamboo instrument workshop. We saw some “Angklung” players stand tidily on the stage, it’s a music tool which made from bamboo, it should be shacked to produce the sound, and the sound is unique. The angklung players were variety in their ages, started 6 years old to adult. They’re all very expert to play the angklung. “Wow fantastic!” came from my mouth when the little girls there, joining the music performance with dance on the stage. Number of tourists were present more than local people, some of them from japan, Netherland, Australia and etc. After the show, one by one the angklung given to all the visitors there, we’re al tried to play it. The song of “ibu kita kartini” and “halo – halo bandung” was play in conducted by Mang Udjo personally. At last, we played a “ungu” band song, and I forgot the title of the song. Too bad. It's really happened amazingly, the atmosphere there made us united among the visitors by playing angklung. Music doesn't have any boundaries! yes, I agree with that. The most excited thing, on the top of hours… the children danced and invited all the visitors there to dance together and take on the stage. It’s so fun and surprised me. To memorize it and story to tell at home, at Saung Mang Udjo is available souvenirs to take it home. The prices are costly enough for me. So, anyone want to visit this place? You might need to stay in Bandung or other West Java areas for couple days to enjoy other interesting places. Don't forget to book your hotel earlier. It was very excited for me. Angklung is amazing and very experiencing! Source:

Location: Padasuka Bandung, Jawa Barat Indonesia

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