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Changed the "about" for the page to include "ICAV is not an open forum welcome to provaxxers", so there should not be any more confusion about that (even though it already says the same thing on the description)... some people still don't realize it and decide to give me a lecture on how I should admin. *ahem* Pro Vax Trolls will be unceremoniously and unapologetically drop kicked off the page, now you know ;p
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Informed Citizens Against Vaccination TY Mayo. Yesterday at 4:23pm · Like · 1 Lauren Janisse Watson yaaay deleting people! i had to do that last week on my page too :) Yesterday at 4:26pm · Like · 1 Informed Citizens Against Vaccination lol! Yesterday at 4:27pm · Like Karissa King But now what will they do with all their extra time usually spent trolling?!? Maybe researching! ;) Good job. Yesterday at 4:28pm · Like · 2 Informed Citizens Against Vaccination Haha I wish!! Yesterday at 4:30pm · Like J Marie King YaY!! TY ~ getta nuffa that roun' here already :/ Yesterday at 4:31pm · Like · 1 Informed Citizens Against Vaccination YW J Marie King! I feel that way about other pages all the time, that's why I made this one different. Thanks to all who appreciate it :) Yesterday at 4:32pm · Like · 2 Robert Bolender Yeah, they have plenty of forums already. Yesterday at 4:49pm · Like · 1 Jacklynn Pierce Love it. Wish other pages would do the same. Yesterday at 7:54pm via mobile · Like · 1 Beth Reed Bento ♥ it. Yesterday at 7:55pm · Like ·

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Informed Citizens Against Vaccination Thanks Jacklynn and Beth! :) Yesterday at 7:58pm · Like Kori Bourne Woohoo Johansonhappy :) thank you Chris makes me Chat (11) Yesterday at 9:59pm via mobile · Like · 1 Debbie Tittle I've posted twice to warn about a certain pro vaxxer that got ppouc page taken down, stole the name and is mocking us. I don't see it on the wall though. He's targeting this one next. 19 hours ago via mobile · Like · 2 Debbie Tittle His name is Craig Egan and he created Embarrassed cousins of proud parents of unvaccinated children's fb page. 19 hours ago via mobile · Like Colleen Lea Maybe change description to stress that yiu cannot give medical advice, or sokething similar. I saw on NN that an autism website in the UK was just taken down. Our freedoms are disappearing one click at a time. I seriously advise the admin to have copies of all important/ relevant info so you can be up & running again if need be 17 hours ago · Like · 1 Crystal Greco Im sick of that Craig guy showing up on every "natural style" parenting page making dumb unfounded comments. He needs to get a life and stop spreading his ignorance. 15 hours ago via mobile · Like · 3 Informed Citizens Against Vaccination Narcissistic Personality Disorder I bet. 14 hours ago · Like Debbie Tittle He's a divorced Dad. God I hope his ex has the kids. 8 hours ago via mobile · Like · 2 Write a comment...

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Changed the "about"...



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