Dear Mitt Romney I am writing this letter to clarify something that you contentiously say to the media… Americans

are not attacking you because of your purported success. Your claims are no different from the assertions made by the right-wing when they claim that President Obama is playing the race card. The truth is, like opponents of President Obama, I simply disagree with your policies. Mitt you are like the spoiled girl whose mother has told her she has no friends because everyone is “jealous of her” to make her feel better about her horrible personality. The truth is that Americans don’t like you because of what you bring to the table; Divisive politics and more of Dubya’s policies; along with 18 out of 24 of his senior advisors. Americans don’t like you because we cannot discern your goals for anyone in this nation except the 1% of Americans who are willing to pay to elect another puppet. I can’t respect you as a candidate for president because you have corrupted the process with the hand up your back. Americans don’t like you Mr. Romney because flip-flopping is a sign that your goal is to win popularity, not stand on the conviction it will take to lead this country. I can’t support you Mitt Romney because you have shown that this America of yours does not include the middle class and others like me, despite the fact that we have worked hard and acquired the keys to the American Dream. You’re like the kid who teaches the game to a friend then lies about the rules when they start beating you at them, making those keys of education, hard work, and entrepreneurship ineffective and obsolete. You have also lied about who the real job creators have been traditionally. The 1% is actually 22%...22% of Americans used to fall within the category that would once be included as job creators. These people were solidly middle class, employing 2-5 people each from their communities or families, and historically, they have built and sold the brands; some to the top 1%. The rest of the middle class that worked hard to build companies with these middle class job creators but those jobs have vanished. Unable to compete against our own countrymen shipping jobs and dreams overseas. Even while corporate profits have risen, every year since 1974.

The difference is that the middle-class job creators had a stakeholder viewpoint on America instead of a shareholder outlook. As President Obama attempted to say, Stakeholders recognize that they have a fiduciary duty to the community that provides the resources in which they operate. And, they know they couldn't do it without the support of a good staff. For example, the transportation of their goods depends on public roads; the safety of its employees in the conduction of business and the protection of its assets depends on policemen and women and firemen paid for by local taxes. They know their future employees are educated in local schools; and their suppliers and vendors are local companies. This 22% knew that their customers are their employees and neighbors. And that no business operates in a bubble from its community. But this 22% is shrinking and is now practically gone because they have underwritten the taxes of men like you! And then we have the other 1%. Not content to take the profits generated by responsible and ethical business practices. Raping the community it operates in and then leaving the carcass behind as they move on. Your wife asks us to trust you Mr. Romney but I don’t. If I were an American that profited from the backs and hard work of others, I could SO trust you. Did I mention, You have arrived here with 18 of the 24 men that advised us into this mess and you have refused to give ONE example of a policy you would propose differently once you entered the office of the Presidency. I cannot trust you because you have stated time and time again what you would do to a woman’s body and as a survivor of child sexual abuse; I will not allow anyone to dictate what happens to my body again. I cannot trust you because the only thing you have remained firm on is your refusal to release your tax returns. And now, we have medicare and your desire to throw millions of seniors that will include me to the wolves in my old age in an unregulated system to purchase healthcare insurance for $6,000 a year or be forced into a system you have gutted. Maybe you don't know that as a healthy young woman I can't get health insurance for under $6,000 a year, or maybe you just don't care. Pay your fair share of taxes.

Americans do not resent your success Mr. Romney, they do not envy you. Americans resent your sense of entitlement to our monies. In fact I have nicknamed you R'Money because you want to spend OUR money, but you won't spend (or give us proof) that you are spending the same percentage of your's. As a candidate for a four-year office, you should be willing to release at least that many years’ tax returns to verify that you have done what you will be asking Americans to do… Americans are paying your tax bill while you may or may not invest the money we have paid on your behalf in jobs or in horse feed, there is nothing guaranteeing one or the other…it’s your money. Isn’t this the worst type of welfare Mr. Romney? And in fact, aren’t we now looking at welfare fraud since you could have paid your own tax bill and you didn’t create new jobs? Instead you ask the middle class to pick up the check and then you call them cheap because they won’t continue to do so. Shame on you Governor. Mitt we don’t like you because you are constantly putting your foot in your mouth. For example, your latest remarks about President Obama not being able to appreciate the shared Anglo-Saxon heritage of white Americans and the British. The sheer audacity of such a statement is mind-blowing. It is divisive politics at its best and a perfect example of why even those who support you don’t like you. I’m sorry Mitt, wealth and class have nothing to do with your likability; especially since you have one and not the other. Your arrogance and complete lack of regard for 99% of the United States of America makes you unlikable Mitt Romney. Not your money.

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